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There’s slightly more than a month separating us from the start of the ninth ESL Pro League Finals. Yet still, we only know half of the participating teams (four NA and four EU). No worries, there hasn’t been a schedule mix-up or anything like that. Nope! The second round of ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is just about to start. And once it ends, the remaining teams will all be known.

All four regions (Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia) are slowly turning their attention to the business end of the regular season. After all, there’s still a total of eight spots available at the Finals. Since we can expect a bunch of great CS:GO matches in the next few days, ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips are a true must.

Needless to say, betting on ESL Pro League Season 9 has become quite popular. Ever since Astralis took home the ESL PL S8 win and snatched the $1,000,000 from Intel Grand Slam special, the ESL-organized CS:GO league started getting even more attention. And I’m not just talking about the fans, I’m talking about esports betting enthusiasts and bookies too.

With all that in mind, why don’t we take a closer look at the best esports betting sites you should use for betting on ESL Pro League Season 9? There’s a bunch of names you should know about, so let’s stop beating around the bushes and check them out!

Where to Place Bets | Best ESL Pro League Season 9 Betting Sites

Typically, the best esports betting sites are those featuring the highest odds, fastest payout times, and biggest arrays of betting options. Furthermore, aspects such as customer support, banking options, and bonuses are important too, but they’re often overlooked by esports betting enthusiasts.

If what you’re looking for is an excellent all-around bookie that doesn’t settle for compromises in terms of odds and bet variety, then make sure you check out our article featuring a detailed list of the best esports betting sites.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Interesting Facts

  • ESL Pro League Season 9 is hosted in four regions, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia. Each region will have its representatives at the S9 Finals. European teams get eight spots, the Americas get six spots, and Asia and Oceania get a single spot each. This amounts to a total of 16 teams set to compete at the ESL Pro League S9 Finals event.
  • For those of you not in the know, ESL Pro League S9 Finals kick off on 18th of June and last until 23rd of June. They’ll be played in Montpellier, France, in two gorgeous venues. The Exhibition Center will host Group Stage matches while the Sud de France Arena will host the Playoffs.
  • ESL Pro League Finals tournament features whopping $750,000 in prize pool money, the standard amount of ESL PL Finals. Additionally, this tournament is also a part of the Intel Grand Slam, an exclusive type of CS:GO competition that awards $1,000,000 to the team that manages to snatch four ESL or DH Masters wins across ten tournaments. The first Intel Grand Slam season was won by Astralis in late 2018, after winning ESL Pro League Season 8.

ESL Pro League Season 9 EU

The EU side of the story is still pretty much open for everyone to contest. As mentioned earlier, the EU region has eight tickets to the Finals with just four handed out in the first round. That said, the second round will see both group winners and runners-up qualify for the Finals in France, so there’s a lot of tension to talk about.

That said, let’s kick things off by checking out the teams that have already qualified!

Qualified Teams

  • Mousesports
  • FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports
  • Astralis

Round 2 Teams to Bet On

Since there are eight teams remaining in the competition, they’re divided into two groups. Once again, winners and runners-up advance to the Finals in Montpellier, so there’s a lot to fight for next week. Teams such as Fnatic, Na’Vi, BIG, and North still haven’t qualified so they’ll be hoping that changes by the end of the second round.

Let’s take a quick look at both groups before moving on with our ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips and predictions!

Group A Group B BIG
Fnatic Heroic
HellRaisers Natus Vincere
OpTic North

Both groups are pretty well matched, there’s no doubt about that. Each of them sports three teams that will pose as tough contestants, ensuring dramatic matches across the board. As far as group A is concerned, I believe Fnatic and OpTic will be traveling to France next month. Fnatic finished the group stage with just three points after losing to G2 and Na’Vi, but I’m sure Brollan and the guys will lift their heads up and qualify for the Finals with ease. Their biggest threat will be OpTic. HellRaisers too, but OpTic has a better track record thanks to in-form k0nfig.

Natus Vincere should take the group B first place without too many issues. If s1mple has his game on, of course. The second place will see a huge battle between three teams, North, BIG, and Heroic. Even though many people think Heroic is an outsider in this group, I wouldn’t count them out that fast. They might not end up making it to the Finals, but their upset potential could take crucial points away from BIG and North. With a bit of luck, perhaps this fiery Scandinavian team led by blameF and friberg will create a surprise and qualify for the Finals.

ESL Pro League Season 9 NA

Alongside EU teams, the NA side of the story is complex as well. There weren’t too many surprises in the first round. Team Liquid took their group without too much of a hassle. NRG, on the other hand, took the W in a three-way tie with eUnited and Renegades. The biggest surprise was in Group C where Luminosity also ended up on the winning end of a three-way tie with MiBR and Cloud9. Now, the likes of MiBR, Renegades, and C9 have to battle for the last remaining ESL PL S9 Finals ticket. And it’s going to be one heck of a battle, that’s for sure!

Qualified Teams

  • NRG Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • DETONA Gaming

Round 2 Teams to Bet On

Teams from the Americas region have just two remaining tickets for the S9 Finals. That means only the group winners will get the chance to prove themselves in France next month. Let’s take a look at the groups real fast, before jumping to the ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips.

Group A Group B
Complexity Cloud9
Isurus Gaming eUnited
MiBR Ghost Gaming
Renegades Infinity Esports

From the looks of it, group A seems like a much tougher contest than group B. Complexity, MiBR, and Renegades are all great teams. Especially the latter two! Chances are the crucial Group A match will be between MiBR and Renegades. That’s the last group A match and most likely the one that’ll decide the group winner.

Even though, on paper, MiBR looks like a stronger contestant, their recent oscillations in form might make them vulnerable. Especially against a team with such great cohesion like Renegades. Jks and jkaem are enjoying themselves out there, but their teammates will have to step up their game if they want to have a chance against the tough Brazilians.

Isurus and Complexity are solid at best, but I can’t see them contesting for the first place. That said, my ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips for group A are as follows: Bet on MiBR and Renegades in the first two rounds and bet on Renegades in the last match if they end up needing it to qualify. If not, I reckon MiBR will be at the pole position and cement their Finals’ ticket with a blast.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Oceania

The second round of the Oceania group stage will feature the four remaining teams. Needless to say, the biggest favorites are Grayhound, ORDER, and Chiefs. All three of these teams have plenty of international experience and roughly equal chances of advancing to the Montpellier tournament.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Betting Tips | Oceania

Since this section is titled ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips, I guess I have to share my final thoughts. Judging by their most recent spell of matches, I reckon the most important match will be the one between ORDER and Grayhound. Both of these teams are great against Chiefs and Athletico, so their head-to-head match should be the decider here.

Moving forward, I just have to give Grayhound the advantage. Their recent track record against ORDER is just too good. Two victories during IEM Sydney Oceania Closed Qualifiers should give GH the upper hand coming into the second group stage round of ESL PL S9. Hopefully, if they qualify for the Finals, they’ll create several upsets such as that majestic win against FaZe in Sydney.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Asia

The Asian Group Stage Round 1 went by in a surprising manner. Sure, the Chinese Group saw TYLOO and MVP PK reaching the second round, according to everyone’s expectations, but Southeast Asia was packed with surprises. After surprising losses to Alpha Red and Lucid Dream, B.O.O.T. found themselves knocked out and without a chance to play in the second round.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Betting Tips | Asia

At this point in the tournament, we’re left with two Southeast Asian and two Chinese teams. Lucid Dream and Alpha Red representing the former, TYLOO and MVP PK representing the latter. Need I remind you, only one team from the Asian qualifiers gets to play at the Finals. So, which one will it be?

Even though Lucid Dream showed off the best form during the first round of group stage matches, I still believe TYLOO will snatch the ticket to Montpellier. BnTeT has been on a massive roll during the last three months, and I’m positive he’s going to be the difference cometh the crucial Round 2 matches. MVP PK has solid chances too, but as far as my ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips regarding the Asian region are concerned, I just can’t go with anyone other than TYLOO.

Approaching the Finals

As we approach the Finals, there’s more and more tension in the air. And what better way to cover it than with several ESL Pro League season 9 betting tips? Based on the Finals, of course. Don’t miss out and make sure to place your bets at the best esports betting sites.

So, let’s talk about the team that ought to be considered the heavy favorite once again, Astralis, unless something drastic happens and they lose their #1 spot before 18th of June. Even though Astralis is still at the top of the CS:GO world, their brilliant track record is no more. After suffering terrible defeats on BLAST Pro Series Miami and barely qualifying for the ESL PL S9 Finals last month, many believe the era of Astralis is coming to an end.

If Astralis won’t win the upcoming ESL PL event, which team will take their performance to the next level and settle at the throne? Well, judging by the currently qualified teams, the biggest threats are Team Liquid and FaZe Clan. TL has been the second-best team for quite a while and with the addition of Stewie2K in their starting roster, they might finally have everything they need to take Astralis off the throne.

FaZe Clan, on the other hand, is still battling with terrible consistency. If they can sort those issues out, they might pose as a proper threat to the likes of Astralis and Team Liquid. Na’Vi, a team which still hasn’t qualified for the S9 Finals, definitely has the firepower needed to take the big W. s1mple is still at the top of his game and capable of deciding matches singlehandedly. And, obviously, that’s a big plus for the Ukrainian/Russian team.

As you can see, ESL Pro League Season 9 betting tips will be pretty tough to call correctly. Especially if Astralis flunks down early on and we’re left with nothing but promising challengers to take the throne. Be that as it is, the Great Danes’ performance flop might just be a temporary thing. Perhaps their dominance isn’t over just yet and they’ll win the S9 Finals too, which would make them just a step away from taking the Intel Grand Slam Season 2. And the $1,000,000 as well…

Yep, as I said earlier, ESL Pro League Season 9 betting is going to be really difficult to predict. Esports bettors are in for an exciting season!

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