LCK Spring 2019 Preview

by Pavo Jurkic
on January 14, 2019

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With the China LoL Pro League installment (LPL) already underway, the focus of LoL fans will slowly switch to the Eastern hemisphere. But it won’t be just because of the crazy LPL matches. Nope – there’s another player in town – LoL Champions Korea.

Popularly known as LCK, the South Korean Professional LoL League iteration is set to start on Wednesday, 16th January, just two days after LPL. All ten competing teams have completed all of their off-season transfers… and boy was there a bunch of them!

The average LoL betting Joe’s are set for quite the surprise once they lay their eyes on the team rosters. Luckily, LCK Spring 2019 preview covers all that!

We’ll be taking a closer look at everything regarding this year’s LCK Spring Split. From the best betting sites, tournament format, and interesting facts, all the way to outright betting predictions and team overviews. There is plenty of stuff to discuss so let’s jump straight to action!

Where to Bet on LCK Spring 2019 – Best Esports Bookies

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Interesting Facts

  • LCK is arguably the strongest League of Legends region out there. In fact, out of the last six LoL World Championships (the most prestigious LoL competitive events), LCK teams have won five. Talk about consistency, huh?
  • LCK Spring 2019 is divided into two phases – group stage and playoffs. It’s the same format that’s present with all other LoL Pro League iteration. For more info, please check out the tournament format section.
  • South Korea has a history of producing the greatest talent in the game. New sources suggest Nuguri could be the next big thing. He showed his learning process through the entirety of 2018 so we can definitely expect great things from him this year!

Tournament Format

Like all other LoL Professional League iterations, LCK follows the same 2-phase tournament format.

  • Regular Season
  • Playoffs

Here is a more detailed approach to both of them:

Regular Season

It all starts with the regular season. Ten teams are set to compete in a double round-robin league (everyone plays each other twice) with all matches scheduled for best of three series. The regular season kicks off on day one and lasts until March 21st. Ten weeks of thrilling LCK matches, to be precise.

As for the end-of-the-season placements, only the top five teams advance to the playoffs. The 5th and 4th place teams start from the wildcard, 3rd placed starts from the Quarterfinals, and so forth. Basically, the regular season winner needs to win just one playoffs match (the finals) in order to qualify for the MSI 2019.

Lastly, two bottom teams are placed in the Summer Promotion tournament. Once there, they’ll have to prove their worth to be able to compete again in the LCK Summer Split.


The seeding system has already been explained above so let’s move straight to the schedule and format. Playoffs start just three days after the end of regular season. On April 3rd through April 13th, to be exact. It’s played as single elimination king of the hill (that’s the official seeding system name) with the wildcard match being bo3 and all remaining ones bo5.

As always, there’s a lot on the line! A ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational is the sweetest prize here, to say the least. Also, the top four teams are qualified for the Rift Rivals LCK vs LMS vs LPL, which is a sensation in its own right.

The money isn’t bad either, although we don’t know the exact amount just yet… All things considered, none of the teams will lack the motivation. That’s for sure!

Talking about teams, why don’t we take a closer look at the top contestants; those which are most likely to take the silverware.

LCK Spring 2019 Teams Overview

In this section, I will be guiding you through the top three teams that, at least in my opinion, have the highest chances of seeing LCK Spring 2019 through. They’re the obvious bunch, no worries…


The recent KeSPA Cup showed off the brilliance of the new generation of South Korean teams. As you all know, Griffin emerged victorious after defeating Gen.G in the grand finals. Teamfighting, laning, counter-picking – everything was going Griffin’s way.

With such a powerful roster (Sword, Tarzan, Chovy, Viper and Kabbie/Lehends, Griffin seems like the driving force of LCK Spring 2019! Will they be able to build on their LCK Summer 2018 and KeSPA cup performances? Hopefully yes…

Afreeca Freecs

Luckily for Afreeca Freecs, not only have they managed to retain their last year’s star player Kiin, but they’ve also signed KT Rolster’s former mid-laner Ucal as well. This completes their huge, 10-man roster which looked rather threatening in 2018.

As far as LCK Spring 2019 preview for Afreeca Freecs, I reckon they’ll be right up there with Griffin and SKT1. In all honesty, it’s going to be a dead race between these three teams, filled with mesmerizing, fast-paced aggression matches.


SKT1 had a terrible season last year. They were among the first teams to force drastic roster changes in the off-season. Now, their roster finally looks strong enough to take them to the next level. Alongside Faker, the most crowned LCK team now also has Mata and Khan.

With some of the greatest talent on each position, SKT1 looks to have set its eyes on the LCK Spring 2019 title. But they won’t be getting it without a fight, that’s for sure!

Outright Betting on LCK Spring 2019

Here we are guys – the last stop of my thorough LCK Spring 2019 Preview. As the text above suggests – we’ll talk about outright betting predictions here.

Despite all that team-related information above, predicting the LCK Spring 2019 winner is still a tough task. Griffin seems to be the main favorite in the eyes of many. Their fast-paced playstyle and booming talent could be the deciding factors here. Off-meta picks could be their strong suit this season, tricking the opposition and pushing them into unknown waters.

Currently sitting at +175, Griffin seems to be the safest bet here. If, however, you’d like a bit more risk to your outright winner bet, SKT1 at +250 seems nice too.

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