League of Legends Championship Series Picks for Friday 7/14

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G2 Sports vs Splyce (EU LCS)

The first game we’ll cover today is a game between G2 eSports and Splyce. The game starts at 11 a.m. EDT.

G2 is probably the best team in Europe. They’ve had their ups and downs, but through it all they’re as strong as ever.

In the last few games, G2 didn’t look their best. At the moment, they are the third-placed EU LCS team, with a 3-3 score. G2 lost against Misfits (the second-placed team of group A), Fnatic (the first-placed team of group A) and Unicorns of Love (the first-placed team of group B). The good news is that they managed to win against teams in the lower part of the bracket.

Spylce is doing really well this split. At the moment, they have a 4-2 score. Not too bad for a team that was expected to be in lower part of the bracket. They even managed to win against Unicorns of Love.

Let’s get deeper into the analysis. First, we’ll talk about the players, and then we’ll talk about playstyles.

G2 has one the best, if not the best, roster in EU LCS. Perkz is just dominating everyone in the mid lane (even little-known guys like SKT1 Faker). The bot lane is just out of this world. The Zven-Mithy combo is extremely deadly. They’ve manhandled pretty much everyone in the past two years, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. At the moment, G2 has only one weakness, and it’s their jungler. G2 Trick isn’t as good as the rest of the team. He lacks consistency, and he lacks the ability to perform under pressure. However, they are a great team, and they are still holding the record for the longest winning streak in EU LCS.

Splyce, on the other hand, isn’t as good. Splyce’s bot lane can be described with a single word – terrible. Their ADC has one of the worst laning phases in the LCS, and I’m still kinda shocked that they didn’t replace him. Even worse, Riot nerfed items like the Blade of the Ruined King and Doran’s shield, meaning that ADC’s don’t have a defensive option for a safe early game. This can’t be good for any ADC, and especially for an ADC that keeps getting beaten early every game.

Our pick: -1.5/G2 @ 2,500 (Pinnacle)

This is a bit risky, but I just can’t see Splyce winning a single game against G2. Every single player on G2’s team is better than their Spylce counterparts. If nothing else, G2’s bot lane will carry this game.

Unicorns of Love vs Misfits (EU LCS)

The game starts at 2 p.m. EDT, and it’s going to be awesome. Misfits Power of Evil is going to play against his former teammates. I believe that he is going to be extra motivated in order to show them that he still has what it takes. During his time with Unicorns of Love, they had a love/hate relationship, and I think he is still holding a grudge. He has the perfect opportunity to get back at them tomorrow.

Let’s start by talking about the Misfits. They have a great team. I already mentioned their superstar, Power of Evil, but they also have one of the best junglers in LCS. Misfits Maxlore is an all-around great player. His playstyle is very aggressive, and he loves to counter-jungle his opponents. Also, he is a huge fan of warding deep inside the jungle. He is going to be the key to success for Misfits because Unicorns of Love are focused on getting a good position for a group engagement. That’s a pretty hard thing to do considering your opponent has your entire jungle warded.

We can’t start talking about Unicorns of Love without mentioning their performance on the Rift Rivals. In the first few games they looked solid, but after that everything fell apart. Unicorns of Love got destroyed by Team Solo-Mid without winning a single game in a best-of-five. Their top laner, Vizicsacsi, looked great throughout the tournament. It’s pretty safe to say that he was the only bright spot for Unicorns of Love. Vizicsacsi played his heart out but it just wasn’t enough. His teammates (especially UoL’s support Hylissang) just kept making the same mistakes over and over.

This game is also special because a lot of the fighting will happen in champion select. Unicorns of Love showed a very small champion pool (except for Vizicsaci). Also, it’s kinda funny that even though Unicorns of Love’s bot lane always picks Rakan and Xayah, nobody even thinks about banning them. I think that says a thing or two about the quality of Unicorns’ bot lane.

Our pick: +1.5/Mistifts @ 1.543 (Pinnacle)

Overall both teams are pretty even. The Unicorns of Love usually focus on getting an item or two before they start looking for a fight. The Misfits, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They start looking for a fight as soon as the game starts, and that’s the perfect way to beat Unicorns of Love. If the Misfits manage to find an early kill the game will be over before it even began.

Unicorns of Love is a great team, still they lack one thing to catch up with the other top teams – communication. If they manage to get past the laning phase without dropping the ball, they will have a pretty decent chance of winning the game. In order for them to win they must survive more than 10 minutes without giving away any free kills (I’m looking at you Hylissang).

To summarize, this is a game between two drastically different teams. The winner of this game will be decided in first ten minutes. Looking back at both teams past performances, I’m going with Misfits. I think Unicorns of Love will slip at least once in a best-of-three.

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