LEC 2019 Spring Preview

With the Asian championship series already in full flow, it’s time to give you guys our take on the LEC 2019 Spring Preview. After all, it starts in just a few days so now is the best time for all you early betting birds to get your tickets up and going.

There’s been a whole heap of news regarding the future of EU LCS during this offseason period. In the end, EU LCS got rebranded with a fancy new name – LEC – and the franchising system is up and running. Yup, this means there are no more relegation or promotion tournaments – just pure LEC featuring franchises as permanent league titles.

Obviously, this news angered many people, but it was a long time coming. The success of the NA LCS franchising system meant EU is bound to follow in their footsteps. And it happened – case closed!

But amidst all this mess, I actually think this is a good move. Sure, it sucks for lesser-known teams with no big sponsors behind them, but for the LoL competitive scene, in general, it’s essentially great news.

But I wouldn’t like to go into too much depth with that topic. Instead, why don’t we focus on the betting side of the deal and check out the best betting sites for LEC 2019 Spring Split!

Where to Bet on LEC 2019 Spring: Best Esports Bookies

The best choices are obvious right off the bat:

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Interesting Facts

Let’s start off with the most interesting facts! The offseason brought a lot of changes so there’s definitely a ton of stuff to talk about…

  • EU LCS finally got rebranded and is now called LEC (short for League of Legends European Championship). In addition to the name change, the league now incorporates the popular franchising systems. Teams are now permanent League partners, bringing them increased profits and more stability.
  • There will be a total of ten teams competing in LEC. The league will still be divided into two splits, just like all other regional championships. Obviously, relegations and promotions are now a thing of the past. These ten teams are here to stay. No worries though – all of them are already well-established!
  • There has been a lot of transfer movement back and forth. The offseason was a huge hit apparently – six teams are set to play completely new rosters with four remaining teams adjusting their current lineups in one way or another.

Tournament Format

Needless to say, new brand and new name are bringing forth a new format too. This is still a 2-phase competition but there are some minor alterations we need to discuss.

For starters, the regular season has remained the same. It’s still the same double-round-robin system in which each team plays a total of 18 matches (twice against each other LEC team). The playoffs, however, received quite a few changes.

The total number of teams in the playoffs hasn’t changed – there’s still six of them. However, the tournament seeding has changed. This is the new system starting from LEC 2019 Spring Split that incorporates a total of three rounds plus the grand finals match.

First Round

The third-place team will get to pick between fifth- or sixth-place teams for their first-round match. The fourth-place team will have to play against the team that didn’t get picked initially. Winners advance to the second round while losers get eliminated, as simple as that.

Second Round

First-round winners will play against each other in the second round. The winner of this match advances to the third-round match dubbed as the losers’ finals.

Third Round

Third round features two finals – winners’ and losers’. First- and second-place teams from the regular season play against each other in the winners’ finals. The winner advances straight to the grand finals while the loser gets another shot via the losers’ finals to get there.

Lastly – the grand finals match! The winners of both finals (winners’ and losers’) will play in the grand finals to win their ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational 2019. It’s going to be an epic match, that’s for sure! Oh, I almost forgot – all playoffs matches are played in best of five series meaning there won’t be a single dull moment.

LEC 2019 Spring Teams Overview

This LEC 2019 Spring Preview continues to the next topic which is the overview of most notable teams. Yeah, we know there’s a total of ten teams competing at the upcoming LEC Spring… but don’t you think that’d take too much space? After all, this is not “LEC Spring 2019 Teams Overview” but “LEC Spring 2019 Preview”!

That said, I’ve put together a short list of the top five LEC teams to bet on. They are, at least in my opinion, the top of the line at the moment. You should definitely keep an eye out on them when slapping your bets together!

G2 Esports

G2 Esports, the former European Champions, will definitely have an interesting start to their 2019 season. They’ve signed Caps from Fnatic which is a tier A mid laner. Perkz, who was playing mid for G2 Esports thus far, announced he’ll be transitioning to the AD carry role. This isn’t a first in the world of competitive LoL, but it’s not that common either.

As far s G2’s chances are concerned, it all comes down to Perkz’s ability to transition to his new role. The adjustment period will play a key role here – the shorter it is, the better G2’s end-of-the-season standings will be. However, even if Perkz doesn’t turn out to be the best AD carry out there, I still reckon G2 Esports will take one of the first two spots leading to the winners’ finals.


As the majority of you already knows, Fnatic are the reigning European champions. Their last season wasn’t just great domestically but internationally too. They were inches away from lifting the LoL Worlds trophy for the second time. Needless to say, that’s something only the best teams can brag about.

That said, it’s difficult to expect them to repeat last year’s success. Everyone’s aware of it, even the players themselves. With South Korean teams rallying in the offseason after a terrible LoL Worlds 2018, 2019th iteration will be a tough nut to crack for everyone else.

As far as LEC 2019 Spring Preview for Fnatic is concerned, I’d say they’ll qualify straight to the winners’ finals alongside G2 Esports. In what order? That I really can’t decide at the moment…


Still living on their old fame (2017 was their best season), it’s safe to say Misfits failed to deliver last year. Sure, they had a solid track record but didn’t really look that impressive throughout the season. In 2019, however, they’ll be looking to create a proper boom, ready to make waves thanks to their huge offseason signings.

Right now, their roster looks absolutely terrifying. They got a mixture of veterans and fiery, young blood with an impeccable sense for every aspect of the game.

If everything goes in their favor, I can see them securing a strong playoffs seed. They’ve already shown us they can put up a proper fight, but can they spice up their consistency through the entire season? Well, that’s the real question here!

Team Vitality

Team Vitality’s story is one of those “from zero to hero” fairytales. Going from the Challengers Series to LoL Worlds in a single season is a marvelous feat in its own right. Qualifying for the Worlds for the second season in a row, well that’s borderline madness… But madness is what Team Vitality is all about, it seems…

The biggest problem with Vitality in their early 2019 matches will definitely be their jungle. They rely heavily on their jungler’s ability to create clean kill opportunities and sow fear in the enemy’s lanes. With the newest addition being a jungler (Mowgli), it will surely take some time for the team to adapt to his playstyle.

Despite this, I can still see them battling for points at the top of the sheet. Going through to the playoffs should be the bare minimum for this team, but we can expect even greater things if Mowgli adapts in a short time span.

SK Gaming

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat – I’m not incentivizing you to bet your money on SK Gaming. Even though I’m including them in this list, they’re nowhere near the likes of above-listed teams. But why is SK Gaming here then? Well, in all honesty, I just wanted to put SK Gaming on the radar.

Veteran EU LCS fans surely remember the name SK Gaming… Does the name Ocelote ring a bell? They were a force to be reckoned with back in the days. And now they’re back in business!

But we can’t really expect a lot from this team. Especially now that the European LoL Championship adopted the franchising system and there were numerous upgrades all across the board. SK Gaming’s roster consists mostly of futureproof European talents. Experience might not be on their side, but the thirst for trophies sure is.

As far as betting on SK Gaming is concerned, I might place a tenner on them to qualify for the playoffs. That’ll be a true wonder, but I just can’t say no since it’s currently listed at +600.

LEC 2019 Spring Preview: Outright Betting

After going through the five most notable LEC 2019 teams, it’s time to shed some light on the betting matter. Outright betting is still active on all of the above-listed bookies. Now is the best time to put your money where your mouth is.

For me, that’d be G2 Esports. They really seem like a well-rounded side that isn’t keen on making stupid mistakes. Don’t even get me started on their last year’s performance…

Their laning phase is strong and their individual team talent is outright scary. True, Perkz can’t seem to get enough of bad publicity… but knowing the warrior he is, he’ll come back stronger and kickstart his team’s LEC 2019 Spring glory.

At the moment, you can place an outright bet on them at around +200. Not too bad, don’t you think? Fnatic is at roughly the same with the third team (Misfits) at +333.

Pavo Jurkic

Pavo Jurkic has been in the esports betting industry since 2015, actively writing content related to this rapidly growing industry. A dedicated father by day and an avid gamer by night, Pavo Jurkic aims to bring you the freshest esports news and betting predictions.

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