LEC Summer 2019 Split Betting Sites, Tournament Overview, Power Rankings, and Betting Predictions

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There are a lot of things happening in the frantic world of competitive League of Legends. After G2 Esports lifted the MSI 2019 trophy in Taipei, many people began wondering, “Is Europe at the top of the region ladder?”

European LoL Championship Series experienced a grounds-up rebranding at the start of this season. EU LCS goes down in history books and in comes LEC. It’s basically the same level of competition but with a set of different rules. With G2 as the MSI winners, it seems as though LEC’s inaugural Split yielded a lot of success.

However, I don’t want to go into too many details regarding the LEC rebranding since, after all, this is a LEC Summer 2019 betting sites article. Not to be mistaken with A Brief History of EU LCS Branding, mind you.

Poor jokes aside, LEC Summer 2019 is set to kick off soon, and I’m here to bring you up to speed on all things esports betting. Together, we’ll go through the best LEC Summer 2019 betting sites, tournament format, transfer news, and power rankings. Heck, we’ll even discuss the most valuable LEC betting options.

Buckle up, cowboys! We’re in for one hell of a ride!

Where to Bet on LEC Summer 2019 | Best LoL Bookies

Let’s start off with the main focus of this article, the best LEC Summer 2019 betting sites. As some of you know, there’s been a lot of turmoil in the esports betting industry. A lot of new names started appearing seemingly out of nowhere. And, in all honesty, they’ve racked up solid numbers, despite the fact many of them aren’t that generous in terms of bonuses and profit margins.

That said, if you want the best possible LoL betting experience, we might have something for you. If you’re willing to dedicate 10 minutes of your time to thoroughly read our page on the best LoL betting sites, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of useful information.

LEC Summer 2019 Preview |Interesting Facts and Transfer News

  • LEC Summer 2019 returns on Friday, June 7th. It’s set to feature a weekly dose of LoL action (nine weeks in total), with each team playing a total of 18 matches in the regular season. It is followed by the playoffs which decide the first ticket to the LoL Worlds 2019.
  • The biggest news in LEC waters is last month’s G2 triumph in Taipei. A quick reminder, Caps’ team won the trophy in front of the strongest international competitors. Their successful campaign is a good sign of LEC’s inaugural season. If the franchising system continues yielding successes at the international level, LEC will prove to be an even better upgrade than most of us expected.
  • Excel and Rogue, two bottom-place LEC Spring Split teams, have decided to make roster overhauls for the Summer Split. Rogue will rely heavily on their youngsters while Excel rests their hopes in Hjarnan and DLim as their new coach.
  • Top-flight teams haven’t made any switch-ups to their starting rosters. It seems as though they’re mostly satisfied with their Spring Split performance and are abiding the good old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Tournament Format

As far as the tournament format goes, there are no changes to talk about. Everything runs in the typical fashion, double round-robin group stage with 18 matches per team across nine weeks. All of them are Bo1 and only the six best-placed teams advance to the playoffs.

Playoffs bear the same exact format as the Spring Split. As some of you already know, LEC rebranding brought forth a revised playoffs system. Personally, I think it’s an appropriate change since this new playoff system features a more dynamic bracket and gives a slight advantage to the two best teams in the regular season.

LEC 2019 Summer Power Rankings

If you’re looking for the best LEC Summer 2019 betting sites, it means you’re interested in LoL betting. If you’re interested in LoL betting, there’s no doubt you’re ready for the freshest power ranking list right before the start of first week matches.

  • G2 Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Splyce
  • Origen
  • Vitality
  • SK Gaming
  • Schalke 04
  • Excel
  • Misfits
  • Rogue

Realistically speaking, G2 Esports is the toughest European team. Their resilience, tenacity, and relentless displays of power were a proper sight to see during the MSI. They came up victorious in several matches which saw them as the underdogs. Still, with brilliant performances by Caps, Perkz, and the rest of G2’s starting roster, they deservingly lifted the trophy. With that in mind, they belong to the top of the LEC Summer 2019 power rankings!

Fnatic and Splyce are right behind them. Fnatic’s poor Spring Split start must’ve left a sour taste in their mouth. However, hopefully, their players will be motivated by their end-result rather than focusing on the bad start. Splyce will also be hoping of contesting the playoffs zone. Need I remind you, Splyce finished the Spring Split at the fourth spot. Kobbe was spectacular and Splyce fans must be expecting more of the same from their all-pro team AD Carry.

The bottom three places still belong to the helpless Spring Split trio, Rogue, Misfits, and Excel. However, the order is all messed up, isn’t it? Well, with Rogue’s attempt to rejuvenate their starting roster with graduates, I reckon their first Split won’t go so well. Excel, on the other hand, is strengthened by the arrival of DLim (coach) and Hjarnan, hoping for a chance to sneak into the playoffs zone. And lastly, I expect Misfits’ flop to continue. With no new roster switch-ups, I expect them to fall even lower than the eighth spot.

LEC Summer 2019 Week 1 Betting Predictions

Let’s waste no more time and jump straight to the LEC Summer 2019 first-round predictions. I’d like to emphasize a couple of interesting matches that ought to have a solid betting presence.

Rogue vs Misfits

The first match I’ll be talking about here is Rogue vs Misfits. I’ve already mentioned these two teams several times, and unfortunately, not in the best connotations. As some of you know, Rogue was the last team at the end of the Spring Split with just two wins on the scoresheet. Misfits’ end-season score was much better (eight wins), but their placement wasn’t as impressive. They finished at the eighth spot behind the likes of Schalke and SK which only had one extra win.

LEC Summer 2019 Betting Tips Rogue vs Misfits

Coming into this match, Misfits are considered as the heavy favorites. BetWay has Misfits to win at -500 which is less than on G2 vs Splyce. Even though Misfits’ roster is miles ahead of Rogue, I still think this could be a trap. Especially with this new Rogue roster that’s set to rely on youngsters. The thing is, with youngers you can never predict their initial performance on top-tier leagues such as LEC. They might turn into a proper sensation or end up as the laughingstock. Luckily for these Rogue youngsters, it’ll be really difficult to repeat the awful Spring Split performance with just two wins to their name.

In all honesty, -500 on Misfits is just not worth it. Rogue, on the other hand, actually seems much better at +300. I know Rogue winning this match is kind of a long shot, but with such an unpredictable factor looming in Rogue’s youngsters, I’m afraid I’ll have to play this one in a mid-stake LEC Summer 2019 accumulator.

Rogue to Win at +300

Vitality vs Origen

Vitality vs Origen is going to be the beauty of the first round of matches. Both of these teams want to start off on the right foot by snatching a win right off the bat. They were both in the playoffs, although Vitality got eliminated in the first round while Origen got destroyed by G2 in the grand finals.

LEC Summer 2019 Betting Tips Vitality vs Origen

As far as this match goes, I’m certain we’re going to see a battle of wits. Both of these teams had solid players on all positions, so realistically speaking, they’re neck and neck. However, Origen’s aspirations ought to be a bit higher than that of Vitality. Vitality is a team focused on securing a playoffs spot with hopes of going a bit further down the playoffs with each passing Split. Origen, on the other hand, wants to try and contest the European Championship. Taking the throne from G2 Esports is surely the first thing on their to-do list.

Knowing their intricate playstyles, I reckon we’ll see a marathon of a match. They’ll want to keep things slow and won’t rush into global objectives before making sure they can win the early-game team fights. Looking back at their Week 7 LEC Spring Split match, Origen came out on top with great performances from Patrik and Mithy, their bottom duo. In all honesty, I believe the outcome will be somewhat similar here. If Alphari and Patrik get fed early on, there’s nothing Vitality boys can do to stop them from snowballing into the late game.

Origen to Win at -182

G2 vs Splyce

And finally, G2 vs Splyce. The current European and MSI champions up against the fourth-best team in LEC Spring Split. Even though many people think this is going to be a proper blowout, in my opinion, it might be a tightly contested match. Both of their Spring Split matches were intense, 40-minute long battlegrounds. Each team took one win, so it’s pretty clear that Splyce should not be underestimated. And yeah, for all of you who are thinking of placing a match-winner on G2 at -400, let me stop you right there. It’s not worth it, trust me!
LEC Summer 2019 Betting Tips G2 vs Splyce
I know many of you stay away from the first blood betting options, but I just have to mention them here. As stated above, G2 to win at -400 just isn’t worth it unless as a part of a lengthier mid-stake accumulator. If you want something that could yield more profit with a pinch higher risk, perhaps go with Splyce first blood at +120. It’s slightly riskier, I know, but definitely worth more than petty -400 on G2 to win.

Splyce played offensive early game in both of their Spring Split matches. Their jungler, Xerxe, took first blood on both matches with his aggressive jungle approach. Even though G2 must’ve learned something from their mistakes, I still believe Xerxe will push very early on to get his team the advantage they need.

Splyce First Blood at +120

Outright Betting on LEC 2019

The majority of proper LEC Summer 2019 betting sites offer Outright Winner and Reaching the Finals betting options. These lengthy bets are a great way of spicing up an entire tournament with a single bet. Plus, they often bear great value, especially if you’re expecting a Cinderella story.

Obviously, G2 Esports is still the heavy favorite to lift the LEC Summer 2019 trophy. Bookies have them at roughly -110, which holds pretty good value considering their Spring Split and MSI 2019 performances. Caps, Perkz, and the boys are followed by Fnatic at +250 and Origen at +600. As far as the lineups are concerned, neither of these three teams have made any changes to their starting rosters. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

In all honesty, I can’t see Origen contesting the title. Even though they were the second-best team in the Spring Split, I expect a slight decline in form with both Fnatic and G2 finishing above them. Who knows, perhaps even Splyce will, if Kobbe continues to shine in the ADC position.

If G2 Esports fails to deliver, I can only see one team being in touching distance of the trophy. I’m referring to Fnatic, of course. Despite a particularly rough patch of matches at the start of the season, Fnatic’s roster managed to turn things around and win eight consecutive matches, only to finish third in the regular season. However, they’ve shown massive improvement, and their roster will surely be fuming with confidence coming into the Summer Split. At +250, Fnatic is a worthy outright esports betting option. It’s worth a shot on a smaller stake, if you ask me.

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