Luke Cage Premiere: The Punisher and 7 Superhero Shows That Need to Happen

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Two thoughts always escape the brain when the next superhero TV show pops up on your couch-entertainment radar:

“This is awesome”

“I wonder how they’ll mess this up”

The same could be said for the pending Luke Cage, which profiles a guy with superhuman strength that struggles with his role as a vigilante/hero in society.

Comic book nerds know all about Cage, but the regular world was first exposed to him in the fantastic Jessica Jones, another Marvel show run by Netflix geniuses.

Following in the flawless footsteps of mega hit Daredevil, Jones was surprisingly spot on and featured a quiet, yet physically loud Cage in bits. Now he’s set to get his own show and it has us wondering – what other superheroes deserve the limelight on the small screen?

It probably isn’t totally fair to run through the list of every big name superhero – especially with Hollywood tossing so many of them onto the big screen in blockbuster films. However, from the barely known to the ones who just haven’t gotten enough credit, we have a list in mind of superheros that would make for fantastic shows:

The Punisher

Thomas Jane made this into an over the top, ultimately forgettable movie with John Travolta as the main bad guy, and it was widely agreed that it missed the mark. The Punisher could make for an awesome – albeit ruthless – turn on the small screen, though, and it’s rather arguable that at least some type of adaptation is long overdue.

Jon Bernthal left us wanting more in his short stint as The Punisher in season two of Daredevil, while many of us remember him from his days on The Walking Dead. Bernthal digs deep into the many layers of The Punisher, making him both human and grotesque at the same time.

The reality is we already know Bernthal works as The Punisher and if you watched him in Daredevil, you only knew you wanted to see more. Netflix should fast track this series – especially with the obvious success of their three biggest Marvel shows yet.

There has already been chatter about more Bernthal runs as The Punisher and what we hope to be a stand alone series, so that’s solid momentum:


It sounds weird to dive into the dark world of Gotham so soon, especially since the show Gotham is a thing and it wasn’t too long ago that we journeyed in and out of the darkness with Christian Bale. In fact, Ben Affleck brought his own spin of the dark knight in Batman vs. Superman and promises to continue that role in stand alone films, as well as a Justice League movie down the road.

Not everyone has a state for Affleck, though, while Gotham – as cool as it is – doesn’t focus on an adult Bruce Wayne that enjoys putting on a cape and terrorizing (protecting?) the city? There is so much you could do here that hasn’t been touched on at a high level and if the production and direction is anything like Daredevil, we could make it raq, unique and best of all – believable.

The only real-life Batman show ever made was admittedly a joke, while the best TV series was a cartoon. It may be too early to step on the toes of Gotham, but most can agree that a (done well) Batman TV show would draw the masses.


The obvious thing we need to push aside is the fact that no one else but Ryan Reynolds should (can?) play Deadpool effectively. It’s also clear that this is a massive cult classic already, both because the comics are so popular and Reynolds has helped this normally barbaric anti-hero take on a momentum of its own.

This is a special character and performance, though, and with probably 1-2 feature films left in its future, it could make some good sense to squeeze out every successful drop we can get out of this franchise. Reynolds still has a youthful look in him and that never dying charm, so if show-runners went in with an idea of 3-4 legit seasons, we could get one hell of a show here.

Piecing together Deadpool’s world wouldn’t be easy, but part of the sell are the jokes and Reynolds being himself. The obvious setback could be Reynolds’ actual interest of handcuffing himself to a series, but he loves the character and attention it brings. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities – at least we should hope not.


We have origin stories for a ton of superheroes out there that never go anywhere and we have shows about characters like The Arrow and Flash that most people don’t even care about.

Why has there been no improvement on the X-Men franchise?

Your favorite mutants thrived as a cartoon series over a decade ago and the biggest reason why you haven’t seen them hit the small screen has likely been budget and big league draw. Simply put, Hollywood is still cranking out movies with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and just about everyone else, and they’re turning them into sustainable hits.

As long as that goes on, we can probably forget about getting the band together for a lengthy series that explores more day to day obstacles, rather than long-term drama. The other issue would be a mild rebrand, as the usual suspects like Jackman and others are too big of stars to stick around for years on a TV show.

The Black Panther

It’s unfortunate that we still don’t have enough roles for African Americans in today’s society, but what is good is that Luke Cage helps rectify that and we don’t have to stop there. The Black Panther is arguably an even better superhero, as he has a rich history in the comics, has his fingers in numerous affiliations and is a very complex character.

Comic book fans know all about The Black Panther, and this would be a perfect example of a TV show that acts on the world’s love for superheroes, but doesn’t give in to another obvious character. Much in the vain of The Shield or The Flash, we’d get an awesome character with an even better story and it wouldn’t be the same run of the mill superhero stuff we’re used to seeing.


The movies were awesome for three killer reasons: vampires, awesome characters and filthy good action. With today’s technology and storytelling, Blade is destined for the small screen, where can witness the battle between humans and vampires on a weekly basis.

Wesley Snipes won’t be needed here, but as long as the new show-runners don’t mess this idea up as much as they did with the initial Blade TV show back in 2006, we should be fine. Perhaps a bigger network other than Spike taking this on could have it be darker and a little more authentic.


Casting is so huge for every superhero show or movie, which is why some of the ideas we’re broaching haven’t worked in the past. Zatanna is one to think about, as it’s not so over the top as a Superman or Batman, but instead details the journey of Zatanna, the stage magician who uses her legit magic to fight off the bad guys.

Zatanna has a massive cult following, partially because she’s probably one of the coolest female characters in the comics, and also because it’s an awesome character and world, in general.

Again, casting is very key here, and the CGI would also need to be spot on. Less Green Lantern and more Game of Thrones, if that makes sense.

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