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Are you guys ready for another set of CS:GO betting picks? This time around, we’re proud to present you with MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions, focusing on the last Flashpoint S1 match before the grandiose finals. It’s going to be another spectacle, rounding off the inaugural season of FACEIT’s Flashpoint after a series of drama, roster changes, and whatnot.

Luckily, for CS:GO betting enthusiasts, there are lots of additional events just around the corner. As you may have heard already, a ton of drama surrounded the upcoming Rio Major, after forcing teams who’ve already qualified to go through the qualification process yet again. Yes, I know the Coronavirus pandemic hit the industry hard, and I can understand that online matches and events have to be played, but punishing smaller teams out of the blue simply isn’t the right way to do it.

Sorry about the rant, guys. From now on, I will focus solely on MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions… nothing more and nothing less!

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ESL One Road to Rio Just Around the Corner

In addition to the aforementioned MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions, more ought to follow soon. Why? Well, because there are several notable events kicking off in just a matter of days. Primarily, we’re talking about the Rio Minors. More precisely, they’re dubbed as ESL One: Road to Rio events, and are set to feature three separate competitions, for CIS, Europe, and North America.

The action starts on April 22nd for the two biggest regions, Europe and North America. Both are set to last until May 17th. The CIS event starts on April 30th but ends on May 17th, just like the aforementioned duo.

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If you’re an avid fan of other esports titles, you’re bound to have interest in one of many esports events that are live at the moment. We’re talking stuff like the OWL, CDL, and regional championships in League of Legends. They are packed with matches on a daily basis so your esports betting endeavors won’t suffer one bit!

MAD Lions vs. HAVU Betting Predictions

Without further ado, let’s concentrate on the focal point of this piece, which is MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions. Obviously, we can expect a thrilling contest here because the side that loses is eliminated… and the side that wins advances to the grand finals where they have to square off against MIBR.

This is going to be an entertaining night of CS:GO – that I can tell you right away!

Can MAD Lions Find Their Stride?

What I can’t tell you right away is how MAD Lions are going to approach this matchup. We’ve seen them perform surprisingly well, but we’ve also seen them underperform like a bunch of savages. But, for the most part, they’ve been nothing but solid. However, one thing has to be pointed out – MAD Lions’ success in a match greatly depends on the cohesion between Bubzkji and sjuush. If this dynamic Danish duo is on equal wavelengths, there’s no stopping them. The likes of roeJ and acoR often make their presence known too — especially acoR which has been MAD Lions’ best player in the last match against HAV.

Need I remind you, HAVU ended up stomped on Mirage and Nuke. Yes, Mirage isn’t their best map, and Nuke has been somewhat shaky lately, but they 16-8 and 16-10 with atrocious team play wasn’t something we often see from the Finns. While I don’t think we’ll see another wipeout, I’ll definitely keep that match in mind before delivering my MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions.

HAVU’s Map Pool Depth is Sick

One of the things that go in HAVU’s favor is the map pool. When comparing three-months’ worth of stats, HAVU is superior on all maps except Mirage. Dust 2 is at 68%, Nuke at 69%, Train at 65%, Overpass at 71%, and Vertigo at 62%. In fact, the only map (not counting Inferno) on which HAVU have less than 50% wins is Mirage (43%). Map pool depth and current win streak are the biggest achievements HAVU can boast ahead of this match.

About HAVU’s Map Pool

However, there’s one thing we’re forgetting here! You see, HAVU’s map pool might seem as deep as they get, but it’s only because they’re rarely playing against better teams… On the other hand, we have MAD Lions who are frequently battling it out with some of the world’s best. That’s something we definitely need to take into account before we wrap our MAD Lions vs. HAVU betting predictions up.

If we scratch the map pool depth, what else remains in favor of HAVU. Not much – really. So yeah, while I do believe HAVU will put up quite the fight, as in this match shouldn’t be a blowout like the last one¸ I believe MAD Lions will come out on top. MAD Lions to win 2-1 at +210 is as risky as I’d go with this one. If you want less risk, a simple match-winner on MAD Lions ought to suffice.

MAD Lions vs. HAVU Betting Predictions

MAD Lions to win at -182

That’s it, fellas!

Thank you all for reading – I hope we win this one so we have more funds to work with for the grand finals!

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