Most Common Mistakes New Gamblers Make With Casino Bonuses

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Casino bonuses have flooded the online casino market with free money offers merely for joining an online casino. These offers draw both first-time online gamblers who may be on the fence and existing gamblers who are constantly looking for the best deals.

Existing customers also receive a fair share of these offers. Still, they have experienced the learning curve associated with getting something for nothing.

Don’t get me wrong; the casino bonus is an excellent way to increase your bankroll and extend your gambling time. However, like anything else, you’ll have to embrace taking the good with the bad.

Below are the most common mistakes new gamblers make with casino bonuses.

What Are Casino Bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are a tool used by casinos to attract and retain customers. These bonuses most commonly come in the form of “free money” that’s added to a player’s account upon registering a new account or making a deposit.

Sometimes, these bonuses are lucrative, with the casino offering to match your deposit up to 300%. Sadly, there are limitations to the casino’s generosity, and usually, there’s a limit on the amount they’ll match.

Still, these bonuses are an excellent way to bolster your bankroll. Now, we all know nothing is free, so expect to meet some conditions for the casino.

Many players fail to take time and understand exactly what they’re getting into beforehand. That may lead to problems and incredible frustration down the line.

Knowing the ins and outs of casino bonuses may save you time and money down the line. These bonuses are fantastic for the player, but you need to understand the dos and don’ts.

A Fundamental Misconception of Casino Bonuses

Many players lack a fundamental understanding of how these bonuses work. There’s no shame in that; many of the players receiving these attractive offers have never gambled in an online casino.

Well, over half are novice gamblers with little to no casino experience at all. I have talked to several front office executives at online casinos. They see the most considerable uptick in new customers from attacking areas with no land-based casinos.

Not surprising, but it’s a leap to assume all of these players are making regular trips to land-based casinos.

Most of the misconceptions around casino bonuses center around players assuming they may withdraw their deposits at any time they like. That’s far from the case; the casinos are forced into putting strict parameters on the bonuses to protect themselves.

It’s not a scam, the money is still in your account. And once you meet all terms of the bonus, the money is yours. However, without putting guards in place, the casinos will merely be handing cash out to anyone with a credit card.

Getting Greedy for Multiples

Anytime you have money involved, you’ll have people trying to beat the system. Greed is one of the greatest downfalls of humanity.

When some people see dollar signs, they begin to salivate while dreaming of ways to get something for nothing. They may try to get several offers from the same casino.

Other players may not be trying to do anything nefarious; they merely don’t understand the conditions of the offers.

One prime example is when a player sees an offer for a tiny bonus for registering an account. Upon logging into the real money online casino, they see a lucrative deposit bonus worth 200% of your qualifying deposit up to $500.

So, the player tries to take advantage because it’s a great bargain. Despite the player not wanting to defraud the casino in any way, it could appear that the player is trying to scam the system, thus negating one or both of the casino bonuses. It’s nothing personal; the casino can’t weed out the good from the bad.

All the information they have to go on is that someone is trying to stack bonuses. Shop around before you settle on a casino bonus, and make sure you pick the best reward to begin your online gambling career.

Attempting an Early Withdrawal

Attempting to make an early withdrawal is one of the most common missteps I hear about players making. Doing this can be flat-out heartbreaking for the player.

Your online casino bonus is going to have wagering requirements that players must meet before you may claim any of the money. That includes any winnings you’ve enjoyed.

Regardless of whether you’ve touched the extra money or not, the winnings are null until you’ve satisfied the casino’s terms.

Keep in Mind:

You should treat the free money like it’s what you’re playing with to begin. If you haven’t wagered enough to cover the minimum, the casino isn’t going to acknowledge your wins.

So, if you immediately win a four-figure jackpot, you’ll still have to meet the requirements before you claim your prize.

Losing any winnings due to misunderstanding the terms and conditions are enough to make you sick to your stomach. Fortunately, this can be avoided by clearly understanding the offer.

Trying to Pull One Over on the Casino

Trying to cash in on the same offer several times is tantamount to greediness. The casino offers several opportunities to cash in on cash bonuses.

However, you’re not going to be eligible to qualify on the same offer multiple times. The casinos have several safeguards in place to ensure that players don’t get the same deposit consecutively.

Suppose a player is able to slide under the radar and cash in. In that case, the bonuses and any winnings will be forfeited to the casino.

That’s not the extent of a bonus abuser’s troubles. The player is also likely to be banned from the casino wholly.

Habitual casino bonus abusers may quickly find themselves without a reliable and quality online casino to play.

Assuming All Games Are Eligible

You wouldn’t be the first player to assume all games are fair game regarding meeting the casino’s terms and conditions. On my first foray into the world of online casino gaming, I nearly made this exact mistake.

Fortunately, I knew the importance of pouring over every last word in the terms and conditions. I noticed that blackjack variants were only contributing a small percentage to meeting the wagering requirements.

So, it took me much longer than some other games to make eligible wagers that allowed me to make a withdrawal. It wasn’t a significant inconvenience because I knew the rules ahead of time and was able to plan accordingly.

Slots players should pay particular attention to games that may be excluded from qualifying bonuses. Online slot games have incredible RTP compared to their brick-and-mortar cousins.

That means the casinos are enjoying a house edge much closer to table games. It’s almost unheard of to find online slots with an RTP below 95%.

Make sure to pay close attention to the eligible games and any restrictions on games you’re likely to play. It’s not a terrible task to fight through enhanced conditions if you know beforehand what you’re facing.

Ignoring the Fine Print

There may not be a more significant step for online casino players to take than carefully reading each page of the casino’s terms and conditions.

Basically, any and all potential problems with online casino bonuses can be avoided by clearly understanding the rules.

Most players completely ignore the fine print. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone contract, a credit card offer, or an online casino; people assume the casino will cover all necessary information on the front page.

That isn’t the case at all, and it’s cost many players in the form of cash losses and headaches. Players can avoid all of the trouble if you’ll merely take 15 minutes to read through the casino’s fine print.

The time to do that is before you ever register an account or make a deposit. Once you’ve committed, it’s too late.

Trying to Beat the System

You may look at bonuses and think by increasing your average wager; you can quickly meet wagering requirements and decrease overall volatility.

Placing a Series of Large Bets Could Have You Way in Front of the Casino

We all understand that the longer you play, the more chance you have of having the math catch up and losing. However, the casinos are full of bright minds that think of every possible angle. So, they place strict limits on the max bet players can make.

In the end, this isn’t terrible for the player. Making wagers much more significant than your average won’t make long-term sense for the gambler.

You may fall into some dangerous gambling habits. The added adrenaline from the increased action can be addictive to some gamblers.


The most common mistakes gamblers make with casino bonuses can have a truly negative impact on your online gambling career. Luckily, the hazards of abusing the bonuses are easily avoided by paying attention.

The online casino bonus is a beautiful way to boost your gambling bankroll. Don’t take the above information and shy away from bonuses. It would be best if you used it to maximize your online gambling potential.

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