Most Popular Football Betting Sites for the 2021-22 Season

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Football season is coming up quickly with professional training camps beginning and college teams ramping up their preparations. That means that it’s a perfect time for those who like to wager on the action to prepare for all their real money action. With that in mind, we’re here to tell you all about the most popular football betting sites for the 2021-22 season.

There is no team sport that is more associated with people betting on the action. In the United States, professional football via the NFL is a weekend ritual beginning in September and rolling all the way through the winter months before culminating with the biggest of all wagering events, the Super Bowl. And college football ignites regional interest like no other sport, covering large parts of the country not quite covered by the NFL.

In the past, wagering on football was an illegal activity in most places in America (and many other nations.) But that has changed drastically over the last few decades with the proliferation of top wagering sites located on the internet. But finding the most popular sites that can also give you a good experience can be a tricky proposition.

Choosing Football Betting Sites

It can be intimidating getting into online wagering on football, especially the first time that you do an internet search and see how many sites that there are. You might find yourself overwhelmed by it all, but it gets easier when you have some resources to help. We’d like to be one of those resources with this article.

Simply choosing the first football betting site that you find can be extremely problematic because of the fact that you’re exposing your financial and personal information to them. It’s a choice that you have to take your time making. But the good news is that once you’ve picked a popular football site that you can trust, you can relax, make your wagers and not have to worry about anything else because the site will take care of it all.

With that in mind, we’re here to talk about the most popular betting sites for the 2021-22 football season.

We’ll go into depth into what makes these sites tick and we’ll also take a look at why they stand out above the rest. In addition, we’ll talk about football wagering on online gambling sites in general so that you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

The Most Important Qualities in Football Betting Sites

We’re going to give you our recommendations for the most popular football betting sites for the upcoming NFL and NCAA action. But it’s a good idea for you to know what goes into football betting at these sites. It can help you make the decision about who to choose if you’re stuck between a few sites as possibilities.

Personal preferences can certainly come into this decision, as you might have certain specific qualities that you want out the sites that you choose. But until you understand how it all works, you might not know how to identify those qualities. Here are the characteristics that will come into play, from when you sign up through making your bets to collecting your money.

Betting Variety

This is a big one because the structure of football is such that it offers the opportunities for many different types of wagers. First of all, you should want sites that cover as wide a swath of football action as possible. That means not only the NFL, but also college games from even small schools that don’t get a lot of national publicity.

It also means that you can make many different wagers on individual games or other aspects of football. Some of these bets include the following:

  • Moneyline: The moneyline bet is the basic bet in football, as it simply involves you picking the winner of a game between two teams. The moneyline is used to then balance out the two teams so that an equal number of wagers is placed on each team. You’ll also see moneyline odds incorporated in many other types of football wagers.
  • Spread: A football spread bet involves the underdog in the game having points added to their score for wagering purposes (or the favorite having points taken away, if you want to look at it that way.) The oddsmakers at the top football wagering sites will try to come up with a spread that is close to what the anticipated final score might be. With spread bets, the moneyline will be pretty even between the two teams since the spread will be the way that the oddsmakers balances out the teams.
  • Over/Under: Over/Under wagers in football, sometimes known as points or totals wagers, allow you to speculate on the action without worrying who might win the game. You’ll instead be trying to guess if the final score of the two teams, when added up, is more or less than the line provided by popular football betting sites. If you think it will be more, you’ll bet “over”, and if you think it will be less, you’ll bet “under.”
  • Futures: Futures wagers allow you to be ahead of time on some sort of football outcome. These bets usually aren’t involved with individual games but instead look at the bigger picture, such as who will win a Super Bowl or division. Once you make your futures bet, you’ll have your odds locked in, which can provide you with value you can’t get from other wagers.
  • Prop bets: Prop bets are those which include some aspect of football that isn’t tied to who wins or loses. They can be tied to individual players or even parts of the telecast. The biggest game for prop bets is the Super Bowl, which features prop wagers such as “Who will win the MVP?” and “How long will the National Anthem be?”

Since football action can be bet in so many different ways, you’re going to want a site that puts you in line for as many types of bets as possible. Make sure to check the site to see what they offer beyond just the most obvious wagers. And look for popular football betting sites that are diversified when it comes to the games that they cover.

Banking Versatility

It’s all right to be excited about wagering on football at top sports gambling sites. But you shouldn’t forget to look at practical matters. And the types of banking methods allowed at top gambling sites is certainly a practicality that you should consider.

If you get stuck using a method that you don’t really feel comfortable with using, it could dampen your enthusiasm for betting. The best of the popular betting sites for the 2021-22 football season do a great job of going beyond obvious methods such as credit cards. Most top sites now give you to opportunity to pay and be paid with cryptocurrency, which is well-suited to the online gambling experience.

Safety and Security

There are some states which have legalized online sports wagering and have sanctioned some sites to operate from within their borders. But many sites are located overseas in offshore locations, which means they aren’t regulated in any way. That isn’t a problem in and of itself, but it can be if you end up with an unreliable site.

Sports gambling sites that allow you to wager on football should at least be licensed in the locality from which they operate. And they should have a proven track record of keeping the accounts of their customers safe. That means that they have software in place to keep your money safe from any outside parties trying to hack into the account.

History and Reputation

The online sports gambling market is mature enough now that it includes some popular sites that have been around for quite some time. What these sites yield is a peace of mind that you can’t necessarily get from the sites that have just begun. You’ll know that the most experienced sites have handled bets for a long enough time that they won’t have any negative surprises waiting for you.

On top of that, the most popular football sites also have gained notoriety through the solid reputation they’ve built. Customer reviews go a long way to provide sites with both longevity and an established brand. If you hear a site’s odds quoted on a football telecast, it’s a good sign that they’re earned that accolade by their excellence with customers.

Bonuses for Wagering

Even if you’re an expert football bettor, chances are you might have some stretches where you’re struggling to win your bets. The oddsmakers know what they’re doing and it’s easy to run into a stretch of touch luck. That’s why it’s so important that you use the bonuses offered by the top sports betting sites so that you end up with a little bit of a boost to your bottom line.

There are many different types of bonuses that can be found at popular football betting sites, including:

  • Welcome bonuses that you get for signing up for a site
  • Deposit bonuses that can come any time you put money in your account
  • Free bets that you can make without running any risk of losing
  • Odds boosts that help you earn some extra points and give you a better chance of winning your wager

The best sites give you the chance to activate a wide variety of bonuses. That will help you lessen the house edge that can sometimes characterize football betting. And if you do happen to be winning, the bonuses will add to your profits.

Easy to Use Site

When you’re betting football, time can be of the essence, especially if you’re trying to make a bet right before a game begins. And, with the prevalence of live, in-game betting at top sites, you might want to wager on the fly. But that could be a problem if the site you’re using makes it difficult to get where you want to go.

Look for popular football betting sites that make it easy for you to get around the different pages of wagers. And makes sure that all of the links work and that the pages don’t take forever to load. The popular sites that we recommend all have interfaces that you can take for granted will get you where you need to go without much effort.

Mobile Wagering

This is another aspect that comes into play when you have to make a football wager at a certain time without delay. It’s not likely that you an always be in front of your computer so that you can make a bet. But if you have some sort of mobile component to your football betting, there won’t be anything to stop you from making all the bets you want.

Many Sports Betting Sites Have Dedicated Apps So That You Can Make Your Mobile Football Bets

And then there are others that simply provide you with a version of their main site that is scaled to a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. In any case, betting on the go on professional and college football game is only possible if the option is offered to you by the site you’re using.

Fast Payback

Imagine that you come away from a particular Sunday with a big parlay win that earns you hundreds of dollars on a small wager. The good feeling from that win can quickly turn to frustration if you find that you can’t get access to your winnings. That’s why you have to make sure that any popular football betting sites that you use for the upcoming 2021-22 season are known for fast payback.

Part of that comes from their ability to give you methods of payback that are conducive to fast payback. It’s also important that the site is quick to react to any requests for withdrawal you make. When you add it all up, you should be able to get your hands on your football profits quickly if you choose the right betting sites.

Customer Service

It’s always possible that you can have questions about bets being offered by sports betting websites. Or you might be a bit confused about the regulations surrounding a football bonus. There might also be occasions where you’re having technical difficulties with the football wagers you’re trying to make.

No matter the situation, you can rest a little easier if the site you’re using is known for good customer service. If that’s the case, the site will be quick to respond to your questions and will work quickly to rectify any issues you have. Don’t forget about customer service when you’re choosing your football betting sites this year.

Our Recommendations For Popular Football Betting Sites in 2021-22

Now that we’ve told you what you should be looking for from football betting sites, we’re here to help you make your decisions. Out of all the popular betting sites for the 2021-22 football season, these are the sites we recommend the most. Choose one of these sites and you’re likely to have a great experience with your betting in the upcoming season.


  • US Players: Yes
  • Bonus: 50 percent up to $2,500
  • Originated: 2001
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill

BetOnline does a nice job for football bettors with bonuses that are tied directly into the action. Too many sites get caught up with giving you perks on everything besides what you really want to bet. Here, you’ll get football-specific bonuses that make a lot of sense if you’re going to be focusing your wagers on the gridiron.

In addition, the site is pretty self-explanatory in terms of getting around and making your bets. Even if you’re relatively new to the site, you can find you way to your football wagers without too many issues. And you’ll also find it easy to access your account and to activate any bonuses that are coming to you.

BetOnline also gives you the variety that you need, in terms of both the kinds of football bets you can make and the way that you can pay for those bets. And it also provides casino betting action for real money if you want to have some action on the days when there aren’t any football games. You’re be all set if you went in this direction with your 2021-22 football wagers.


  • US Players: Yes
  • Bonus: 50 percent up to $3,000
  • Originated: 2011
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Check By Mail, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Bovada even if you haven’t done too much gambling online. That’s because it’s a site that is often cited by football commentators when they’re talking about betting odds. The only reason that happens is because Bovada is well-respected in the industry.

Part of that respect comes from the fact that football bettors know that there aren’t too many bets that are unavailable to them at this site. You can find clever prop bets as well as a wide selection of prop bets as well. That means that you’ll have betting opportunities aside from the games themselves.

And once you get to the games, Bovada has a nice selection of in-game wagering options that are constantly being updated. For those who like that real money wagering angle, you’ll really appreciate that they do this. In this case, the popularity of Bovada is well-earned.


  • US Players: Yes
  • Bonus: 100 percent up to $2,500
  • Originated: 1994
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

If you go to BetUS, you’ll see it being promoted by top former athletes. That kind of thing is evidence of the brand that they’ve built over more than a quarter-century of online betting opportunities handed out to customers. Those endorsers know a good site when they see one.

The fact that they have been doing it for so long really speaks well of BetUS. In the time that they’ve been inexistence, many other sites have entered the online sports betting arena with high expectations and have fallen by the wayside. Only strong sites can stay in business for as long as BetUS has done, and they’re thriving now as much as they ever have.

You’ll note above the wide variety of banking choices that you’ll have when you sign up for this site. With that in place, you’ll surely be able to find a banking method that is cost-effective and efficient for you. That goes a long way to ensuring a positive wagering experience on real money football bets.

  • US Players: Yes
  • Bonus: 50 percent up to $3,000
  • Originated: 2003
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Direct Deposit, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash

We told you above about the importance of having a mobile betting component so that you make your football wagers at any time, any place. In the case of, you’ll be getting a mobile component that features all of the football wagers found on their main site. In other words, you won’t be missing out on anything by betting with them on your phone.

The selection of football bets you can find at is quite impressive. Whether you’re betting on a college football game from one of the lesser-known conferences or are taking on the Super Bowl, you’ll be satisfied with the choices at your disposal. Make sure to also check out the vast array of bonuses that you can activate for your real money football bets.

When it times to collect your winnings, you’ll find that will make it easy for you to request your payback. And once you do, you’ll notice how quickly they respond and get your money out to you. From start to finish, you’ll find a smooth and pleasurable football betting experience at


  • US Players: Yes
  • Bonus: 100 percent up to $1,000
  • Originated: 2014
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Check By Mail

MyBookie is another one of those sites that has built a reputation that makes it known even to casual fans. The name of the site is right on point, because it’s a site that gives you a personal experience as you make your sports bets. You’ll feel like you’re dealing with friendliest neighborhood bookmaker ever when you sign up.

The customer service department is excellent in the way that they let you know about all of the wagering opportunities at your disposal when it comes to football bets.

You can easily find out about the different props, futures, parlays and the like when you inquire. Or you can simply do some surfing around the site, which is easy enough thanks to the interface.

You’ll also get odds for your football bets that are fair from MyBookie. That means you won’t need to shop around to different sites looking for lines more favorable for the games that you want to bet. Instead, MyBookie can be a one-stop shop for all that action.

10 Bet

  • US Players: No
  • Bonus: 100 percent up to £50
  • Originated: 2003
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, ecoPayz, PayPal

The last two sites on our list are not ones that can be accessed by players in the United States. But we fully realize that there are many fans of professional football located around the world. If you fall into that category, you’d do very well with 10 Bet as your site of choice.

Take a look at the banking options above and you can see that there are so many that you’re bound to find one that is effective for you. On top of that, the site does a nice job providing you with bonuses all the way through your time with them. Too many inferior sites load up on a welcome bonus but skimp for existing players, but 10 Bet doesn’t fall into that trap.

We also love the mobile site used by 10 Bet, one that doesn’t skimp on the bets you can make on the NFL and college football action. Variety is evident in just about every aspect of this site. That means that you won’t ever get hemmed into a bet or a situation that isn’t comfortable for you.


  • US Players: No
  • Bonus: 100 percent up to 300 (dollars, pounds, Euros)
  • Originated: 2006
  • Top Banking Options: Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, PayPal, ecoPayz

This site doesn’t cater to US players, but otherwise is near the top of the heap of sports gambling sites. You’ll see that there are a lot of enticing bonuses that cover different aspects of football wagering. That means more chances for you to win and more profits when you do.

Betway has been involved in online sports gambling for quite some time now, which means that you aren’t getting caught up in an operation that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Instead, they are well-versed in what football gamblers need, both in terms of types of bets and bonuses. They can certainly rival the sites that we’ve mentioned so far in that department, meaning overseas bettors will be pleased.

You’ll find that Betway is really easy to use as you make your way through the different types of bets and games available to you. That means you can get set up quickly and start with your wagering in a hurry. If you’re looking to jump in and hit the ground running with your football wagering, you’re in a good spot at Betway.


We hope that this article gives you a good starting point for choosing among the popular betting sites for the 2021-22 football season. If you start researching your choice now, you should be all signed up and ready. That means you’ll be ready from the opening kickoff for an outstanding season of real money football wagering.

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