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Odds on Kareem Hunt Playing in the NFL for Week 1 of 2019

Kareem Hunt is the hot topic of the NFL these days and not because of his on-field success, but for his despicable off-field actions. Currently, Hunt is on the commissioner’s exempt list for an assault incident that occurred in February where Hunt shoved and kicked a woman in the hotel he was staying at.

A week ago, TMZ released a video of the assault. The footage went viral and the Chiefs had no choice but to release Hunt from their team.

Over the last few days, two more incidents have surfaced regarding Hunt’s behavior. An altercation at a restaurant in June and another one at a nightclub in January. Both of these incidents are going to be factored into the NFL’s punishment of Hunt.

If you are an avid sports bettor and love NFL future bets, the following particular Kareem Hunt wager has made the rounds with online betting sites and caused quite the buzz:

Will Kareem Hunt Be a Member of a Team for Game 1 of 2019 season?

  • Yes +100
  • No -140

These particular NFL betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline.

On Monday, December 3rd, Hunt passed through waivers without any team claiming him. This means that he is a free agent and able to sign with whichever team he wants. However, due to being on the commissioner’s list, Hunt won’t be able to practice or attend games if a new team does sign him.

The 2017 NFL rushing leader is in a purgatory of sorts. No team can really figure out the risk vs reward with signing Hunt until they know what the NFL is going to do for punishment. From there, Hunt will have to show that he’s a changed man to warrant a spot on a roster. Can you imagine the backlash a team would get if Hunt hasn’t changed his ways?

More Fallout from the February Assault

On Wednesday, December 5th, the Cleveland Police Department announced that they will open an internal investigation into how the department handled Hunt’s case. Many pundits, critics and NFL fans are questioning as to why there was no arrest.

After watching the video, it’s hard to imagine why the CPD didn’t arrest Hunt. But, that’s not all. The Police cut off their body cam footage upon Hunt’s request and there’s no mention in their report about a physical confrontation between Hunt and the woman.

The NFL has also come away looking foolish and inept. Reports have circulated that the NFL never spoke to Hunt or the woman assaulted on video after this incident occurred. Furthermore, the NFL apparently didn’t even inquire into obtaining footage of the assault. They only spoked to a few friends involved in the incident and got some generic details about the assault from law enforcement.

Ultimately, the NFL was forced to appear interested in justice only after TMZ released the video. From there, they took the appropriate steps with disciplining Hunt, but not before showing how little they cared about getting to the bottom of things in February. In the post-Ray Rice era, for the NFL to still handle things like this, it’s absolutely appalling.

Hunt has been publicly lambasted and rightfully so. He admitted to lying to the Chiefs to cover up the incident and also shared how the NFL never interviewed him about the assault. Hunt has been removed from MADDEN 19 video game, which is just one small example of how society and businesses will view Kareem now.

The Chiefs have come away from this scandal looking like the only competent entity in this whole mess. They immediately released Hunt after the video and publicly stated how Hunt lied to them.

Will Hunt Be on an NFL Team in Week 1 of 2019?

Simply put, take the “Yes” option at +100 odds. Hunt will have all offseason to restore himself, get “help” for his behavior and show he’s a changed man. This is the NFL where talent trumps off-field behavior.

If the NFL suspends him for 6 games then he could get credit for being on the exempt list the rest of this year, which means he might only be suspended for Week 1 of 2019. Keep in mind though, the NFL could also hand out a lengthier suspension if they deem it appropriate.

For betting purposes, take the “Yes” option of this wager. However, if you were to take a poll on social media right now, the majority of people would want to see Hunt never play another down in the NFL again.

NFL Bet: Yes (+100)
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