Odds on Tom Brady Staying in New England, Are Raiders an Option?

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Tom Brady Superbowl Commercial And Tom Brady As Braveheart With Raiders Cowboys And Patriots Logos

Can you name the last time a 42-year old player was the most talked about free agent in the NFL? It’s never happened before in the history of this league. But, that’s what’s going on right now as 32 teams, millions of fans, and sports bettors from around the globe wait to see where Tom Brady will end up playing in 2020.

For the first time in his illustrious career, Tom Brady is going to be a free agent. However, with only a season or two left before he rides off into the sunset as the greatest quarterback of all-time, NFL betting sites have listed odds on where the GOAT could play at next season.

Let’s huddle up and examine Tom Brady’s future, see if there’s any substance to the rumors of Brady leaving, and try to win some cash on the back of Brady’s employment choices:

Tom Brady Fully Intends to Play in 2020

There was some confusion over the tweet posted above that Brady could be hinting at retirement. Fortunately for Brady fans, the tweet was a prelude to his Super Bowl HULU commercial which said he wasn’t done and that he will be back.

With Brady guaranteeing that he is returning for another season, the focus shifts to whether or not he will play for the Patriots in 2020.

If not, then what teams could be potential landing spots for the GOAT. The following prop bet via BetOnline attempts to address this uncertainty.

If Brady Leaves Patriots, Which Team Will He Play For?

  • Las Vegas Raiders (+300 )
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+400)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700)
  • Carolina Panthers (+900)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+900)
  • Indianapolis Colts (+900)
  • Cleveland Browns (+1200)
  • Miami Dolphins(+1400)
  • New Orleans Saints (+1400)
  • Chicago Bears (+1600)
  • Tennessee Titans (+1600)
  • Denver Broncos(+1800)
  • Washington Redskins (+2200)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+2500)
  • New York Jets (+2500)
  • Arizona Cardinals (+2800)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (+2800)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+2800)
  • Detroit Lions (+3300)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+3300)
  • New York Giants (+3300 )
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+3300)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+3300)
  • Atlanta Falcons (+6600)
  • Buffalo Bills (+6600)
  • Houston Texans (+6600)
  • San Francisco 49ers (+6600)
  • Green Bay Packers (+10000)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+50000)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+50000)
  • Seattle Seahawks (+50000)

Two thirds of the league can be ruled out in the Brady sweepstakes as they already have franchise quarterbacks. With that said, let’s examine the following 11 teams that are featured prominently in this prop bet or have been rumored in the past to be interested in Tom Brady:

No Chance Brady Goes There

Despite being listed high on this list of betting options, these teams have no shot at landing Brady if he decides to leave the Patriots:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700)

The Bucs will most likely move on from Jameis Winston as QB and will be in the market for a new starting quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over. This team has some great offensive weapons and a solid rush defense, but they’re several pieces away from being an NFC South contender, let alone a Super Bowl contender.

It’s Super Bowl contender or retirement for Brady and since he’s not ready to hang up his shoulder pads and cleats, teams like the Bucs are not going to land Tom Brady.

Carolina Panthers (+900)

With Cam Newton still on the roster and a rebuild on the way, there’s no chance that Brady goes to Carolina. They just hired a new head coach in Matt Rhule, parted ways with longtime tight end Greg Olsen, and stud linebacker Luke Kuechly retired. This is going to be a full rebuild in 2020.

The Carolina Panthers are not going to be a Playoff contender for at least a few years despite having some talented pieces on offense like Christian McCaffrey. Unfortunately for Carolina fans, Tom Brady won’t be heading south to be the franchise’s savior.

Cleveland Browns (+1200)

Perhaps, the most inept franchise in the NFL, the Browns landing Brady is a farfetched idea. In fact, I’m surprised they have odds this low as they should be further down the list and over +2000 odds.

The Browns have the longest Playoff drought, a polarizing young QB in Baker Mayfield, and a new coaching staff along with a new GM. This team has leadership issues from the top on down and is certainly not an ideal scenario for Brady.

If they had better management and ownership then this team would be more attractive especially with talented pass catchers like Beckham and Landry and a strong running game with Chubb. Unfortunately, the “Dawg Pound” is a hot mess in more ways than one and something that Brady won’t be a part of.

Miami Dolphins (+1400)

There was a funny quote circulating Social Media that started from an article looking at the possibility of Brady heading to Miami. It basically said that he would have a better chance at becoming the owner of the Dolphins than the starting quarterback.

That is hilariously true because this team was one of the worst squads in the NFL. Although they have a wealth of draft picks to rebuild their team in 2020, the Dolphins aren’t even a contender to be a winning team next season let alone a contender to win the AFC Championship.

Miami is better offer focusing on drafting players that can turn their team around rather than the pipe dream of landing Tom Brady.

Wishful Thinking for These Teams

I can see Brady wearing one of these jersey’s if I close my eyes and eliminate the other 30 ball clubs from possibility. In other words, it’s more fantasy or Madden than a reality that Brady goes to either franchise:

Dallas Cowboys (+900)

The Cowboys are in the midst of trying to figure out what to do with Dak Prescott who’s supposed to be their franchise QB. If they were to bring in Brady then they would lose Prescott who hasn’t even hit his prime yet.

It would be a nightmare for the Cowboys’ future if they let Prescott go in order to try and win a Super Bowl with Brady. Yes, they have the supporting cast to help Brady get to the Playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl, but they would be without any future QB prospect over the next few seasons.

The Cowboys have a better shot at winning multiple Super Bowls with Prescott as their franchise QB than the ageless wonder Tom Brady. Prescott guarantees a brighter long term outlook than Brady does. However, I wouldn’t put it past Jerry Jones to do something crazy like this.

Indianapolis Colts (+900)

The Colts have plenty of weapons on offense and a head coach that would tailor his system around Tom Brady. Additionally, the Colts play indoors which would also help Brady’s numbers during the season. Indy has a strong rushing attack, solid passing weapons, and one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

Additionally, they have a solid defense that would keep them in ball games. All of these ingredients would be perfect for Brady. And, current starting QB Jacoby Brissett was a former backup of Brady in New England.

The question that Brady and the Colts would have to ask themselves is whether or not this team would be a Super Bowl contender with Brady at the helm.

Although they have some talented playmakers on both sides of the ball, it feels like Indy still doesn’t have enough talent to compete with the top teams in the AFC like the Ravens and Chiefs. Once again, this is wishful thinking for a franchise and their fans.

Five Legitimate Options for Tom Brady

If Brady does leave New England via free agency, the following teams are realistic possibilities for landing the GOAT:

Las Vegas Raiders (+300)

What better way to kick off a new era in Raiders history than by bringing Tom Brady in as QB? He would become the face of the franchise and usher in Las Vegas’ newest sports franchise.

Head coach Jon Gruden is a huge fan of Tom Brady and the Raiders have been reported to be interested in Brady if he becomes a free agent. The silver and black are expected to heavily pursue Brady if he decides to test the market.

The Raiders have some talent on offense, a Top 10 rushing attack with Jacobs, a strong offensive line, salary space and draft picks. These are appealing aspects that could at least bring Brady to the table.

However, they are like the Colts where they still don’t have enough talent to compete against the best teams in the conference. I believe other teams on this list make more sense for Tom Brady.

Los Angeles Chargers (+400)

The Chargers are one or two players away from being a legit AFC contender. One key position that needs upgrading is the QB spot, which Brady could lock down for two years as they find a future prospect to learn under the GOAT.

Longtime QB Phillip Rivers is deciding on his future, but many pundits believe Brady would be an upgrade over Rivers at this point.

The Chargers have great passing weapons with Allen and Williams, which would be an upgrade over what Brady had with the Patriots. They also have a stud tight end in Hunter Henry who could become a security blanket for Brady as he desperately missed that with the retirement of Rob Gronkowski.

Additionally, the Chargers have a strong defense that would complement the Chargers offense. With Anthony Lynn getting an extension, a high draft pick, and some salary space, the Chargers could be a very appealing landing spot for “TB 12”.

Chicago Bears (+1600)

The Bears are literally a QB away from contending for the NFC Championship. They were a Playoff team two seasons ago but fell off in 2019 due to inferior QB play by Mitch Trubisky.

The Bears have an elite defense that’s on par with the Patriots and 49ers. Additionally, they have a strong running game and plenty of passing weapons at Brady’s disposal. Although Chicago committed to Trubisky for 2020, I would imagine they ditch that plan if Tom Brady was interested in playing for the Bears.

If Brady doesn’t stay in the AFC then the Bears would be the best option among NFC teams. They have a championship roster without someone to man the helm.

Tennessee Titans (+1600)

The Titans will most likely make Derrick Henry the highest-paid running back in the NFL this offseason. With that said, they will still have enough money to pay for a QB and if they don’t want to bring back Ryan Tannehill then Tennessee should make a big push for Brady.

Head coach Mike Vrabel is a former teammate of Brady and this team made it all the way to the AFC Championship game this year. They have young, talented receivers and a solid defense as well. Additionally, the Titans have a powerful offensive line that will keep Brady upright for most of the game.

I would say the biggest appeal for Brady has to be the running game, which is something that the Patriots have lacked the last few seasons.

Henry is a threat to break off long runs and to wear down opposing defenses late in the game. And, he sets the team up for play-action passes, which is something that Brady is a master at.

The Titans are built for the playoffs and to win ugly. They wouldn’t need Brady to win football games, but to manage and lead. This is a very appealing landing spot for Brady if he chooses to leave New England. With Brady at the helm, they could compete with the Ravens and Chiefs in the AFC.

Denver Broncos (+1800)

Despite having a young QB prospect in Drew Lock, bringing Brady in would be an upgrade and allow the Broncos to sit Lock behind the GOAT instead of Joe Flacco. It’s definitely a win-win scenario for Denver. But, would Brady even entertain this scenario?

Denver has a Top 10 defense, which would’ve ranked even higher if their offense controlled the clock more. They have talented, young passing weapons at the receiver and tight end position. Additionally, they have a solid run game that was inefficient due to poor QB play.

Brady could make this team a Playoff contender.

But, would they have enough talent to beat the Chiefs twice a year?

The Chargers seem better equipped to upstage the Chiefs for the division. Additionally, the Raiders would give Brady probably the most money in regards to salary and off-field endorsements.

I think the Broncos are a longshot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their name pops up in future Brady rumors.

New England Patriots Super Bowl 55 Odds

Currently, BetOnline has the New England Patriots listed at +1400 odds to win Super Bowl 55. This is in large part due to the uncertainty over Tom Brady’s future.

If Brady leaves the Patriots then you can expect these odds to rise. If Brady stays in New England then you can expect these odds to shrink probably in half.

In my opinion, I would take a flier on these odds right now with the hopes that Brady returns to the Patriots. It’s highly doubtful that these odds will ever get this high again in 2020 if Brady does return.

Will Tom Brady Be on the 2020 New England Patriots Roster?

  • Yes (-200)
  • No (+150)

As entertaining as it is to see Patriots fans squirm over Tom Brady’s uncertain future, I believe that the GOAT will be back with New England in 2020.

Reports have come out that the Patriots are willing to pay Brady $30 million dollars per season and most likely offer him a two-year deal, which is pretty much on par with what other teams would offer.

Knowing that the Patriots are willing to pay the money is a good starting point for Brady’s return.

However, New England would have to add talent around him in 2020. The key position that needs upgrading is the tight end spot. With Gronkowski retired, we saw how hard it was for Brady to find an open receiver. We also saw how hard it was for Patriots’ pass catchers to win one-on-one battles.

Austin Hooper or Eric Ebron would be fantastic options for the Patriots to go after. They immediately upgrade the tight end position and add another legitimate pass-catching threat to the mix.

The Patriots will also need to shore up the offensive line that had issues this past season. And, it might suit them to bring in another running back as their rushing attack was inconsistent throughout the year.

I believe that Brady will return to the Patriots and I feel that -200 odds actually offers value. The likelihood of him leaving is far less than what these odds indicate.

Brady Bet:Yes, he will be with Patriots in Week 1 of 2020 (-200)
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