Outright Betting on 2021 CDL Champs – Event Preview and Betting Predictions

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for betting on 2021 CDL Champs! The stage is set to kick off this Thursday, with fans across the globe eagerly awaiting the first clash. A quick reminder, the first clash, OpTic Chicago vs. New York Subliners, starts at 3 pm EST.

The whole event takes place from Thursday through Sunday. No worries, though, there are plenty of matches for us to explore. The vibrant Galen Center in LA is going to make for a fine location this weekend. Fingers crossed it lives up to our expectations!

2021 CDL Championship Preview – Interesting Facts

  • The 2021 CDL Championship starts this Thursday, August 19th. It runs through Sunday, August 22nd, packing 12 top-notch clashes for us to enjoy!
  • There’s $2.5 million in the prize pool. $1.2 million goes to the winning team, $650,000 to the runner-up, #300,000 to the third-place team, and so on.
  • Atlanta FaZe won the regular season with just seven losses and 34 wins. Toronto Ultra came in second, with just a slightly worse overall score.
  • The format is pretty straightforward and won’t be an issue for anyone looking to bet on 2021 CDL Champs. Down below, you’ll find more information on the tournament format.

Tournament Format

There’s nothing complex about the format. There are eight participants, and they’re dynamically placed into a Bo5 double-elimination bracket, based on their regular-season performances. The two top teams advance to the winners round 1, the four middle-of-the-pack teams advance to winners’ round 1, while the two remaining participants start off from the first losers’ round.

Yep, the losers’ round is the lower bracket! That means Florida Mutineers and Los Angeles Thieves don’t have room for any mistakes on 2021 CDL Champs.

  1. Atlanta FaZe
  2. Toronto Ultra
  3. Dallas Empire
  4. OpTic Chicago
  5. New York Subliners
  6. Minnesota ROKKR
  7. Florida Mutineers
  8. LA Thieves

Outright Betting on 2021 CDL Champs

Here’s a quick look at the five most probable winners and their respective outright winner odds:

  • Atlanta FaZe at +150
  • Toronto Ultra at +350
  • Minnesota ROKKR at +400
  • OpTic Chicago at +450
  • Dallas Empire at +550

Now, let’s say a few words about each of them and see which should be at the top of your Call of Duty esports bets this week!

Atlanta FaZe

Obviously, Atlanta FaZe is the first name on the team sheet! They dominated throughout the regular season, gathering 525 CDL points with 34 wins and just seven losses. They’re consistent; they’re ruthless, they take no prisoners!

Arcitys has been in the starting roster for almost a year now. Looking back at Atlanta’s results, it was the right move after all! Obviously, Simp is still the main contributor, though the rest of the team packs quite a bit of punch as well. However, at +150, betting on Atlanta FaZe might be the most logical option for outright betting on 2021 CDL Champs, but it’s not the most valuable one!

Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra played whopping 46 matches this season. Unfortunately, they failed to snatch the top spot from Atlanta FaZe. Looking back at the final standings, it wasn’t even close. Still, that doesn’t diminish the fact Toronto Ultra start from round 2, just like FaZe. They are waiting for the winner of Dallas Empire vs. Minnesota ROKKR.

How did they reach these heights? Well, it turns out replacing methodz was the right thing to do.

Insight went out, Methodz came in…  good results started rolling in right away. They’re yet to finish outside of the top three with Methodz in the roster. If they are to keep this tradition going in the winners’ round 2, they ought to put Atlanta FaZe (assuming they go through) into a tight spot.

Minnesota ROKKR

Even though they’re at +400, Minnesota ROKKR stand as a dark horse coming into this one. They could complicate our outright betting on 2021 CDL Champs picks, that’s for sure! Why is that? Well, it all comes down to their triumphant Stage 5 Major run.

A quick reminder, Priestahh and the boys didn’t just defeat Toronto Ultra in the finals, but Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago as well. Their run was outstanding, to say the least. They have every right to be at +400 here. If they manage to transition their Stage 5 Major momentum here, they’ll give Dallas Empire a proper run for their money in the first round.

OpTic Chicago

Next up, OpTic Chicago. Here’s another dark horse contender. At +50, outright betting on 2021 CDL Champs makes perfect sense for OpTic fans. The opener shouldn’t be too big of a deal for them. They’re playing against NY Subliners who haven’t been doing too well lately. Plus, the whole clayster returning drama ought to take a goal on their overall performances in 2021 CDL Championship.

Esports Bookmakers Agree on One Thing:

OpTic Chicago are the heavy favorites here! At -345, betting on OpTic to beat NY Subliners feels like a no-brainer. No matter who ends up in NY’s starting roster, Diamondcon or Clayster, I reckon OpTic Chicago will run away with the win. As for the second round, I wouldn’t want to be them, that’s for sure…

Dallas Empire

Finally, Dallas Empire! Vivid and the boys finished third, though they almost made it all the way to the runner-up spot. If they had played slightly better on Stage 5 Major, they would have finished second. But there’s no reason to cry over spilled milk—third place is good!

It doesn’t get them straight through to the second round, though. They have to outclass Minnesota ROKKR in the opening round. That won’t be easy! As stated earlier, Minnesota ROKKR excelled on S5 Major. They defeated Dallas Empire in the fourth round and went on to win the title. While this 2021 CDL Champs opening bo5 does give Dallas Empire the perfect shot at revenge, I doubt they’ll make something of it.

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