Popular Las Vegas Slot Games Continue to Bring in Major Revenue

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Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s biggest and best casinos. Recently, reports surfaced that shed light on how popular Las Vegas slot games have become in recent years. Today, I’ll discuss this report and talk about some of the best slot casinos in Las Vegas for 2021.

A lot has been happening in Las Vegas over the past couple of years. Fortunately, the city seems to be experiencing a major recovery right now.

Here’s a look at how casino slot games in Las Vegas are helping to fuel revenue growth!

Tourism Rates in Las Vegas Are Still Going Up

The events that began unfolding in March of 2020 took a devastating toll on the US casino industry. For months out of the year, all casinos around the country were completely shut down. Certain cities were affected massively by these casino shutdowns.

No US city was hit as hard as Las Vegas. When the casinos closed, tourism came to a screeching halt. This, in turn, affected a huge number of individuals and businesses that rely on tourists to stay afloat.

It took time for casinos in Las Vegas to reopen. Even after they did, these properties had to abide by intense health restrictions that continued to stifle tourism rates. Since the start of 2021, however, things have been steadily improving here.

Most of the rules set for Las Vegas casinos last year have now been removed. A huge number of individuals from around the country have been making the trip to Sin City to take part in the gambling and entertainment options. As a result of this tourism boom, monthly casino revenue in Las Vegas has been the highest it has been since the early 2000s.

I recently came across a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal that details which gambling options are managing to bring the state the most tax revenue. I was a little surprised at the findings. Below is a quick look at which games are helping to generate the most money right now.

Popular Las Vegas Slot Games Are Big Revenue Generators Right Now

There are more than 130 casinos operating in Las Vegas right now. The vast majority of these properties offer slot games to their patrons. Most also offer a variety of popular table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps.

It appears that slots are helping to bring in the most money in Las Vegas right now. Dating back to 2004, popular Las Vegas slot games have helped to bring in 61-68% of Nevada’s total gaming win. That is a staggering amount of money brought in from slot games in the state.

Beginning in 2010, casinos on the Las Vegas Strip began seeing the majority of their revenue come from table games. That has changed once again and slots are now the biggest revenue generators in the city. From July 1 of 2020 to June 30 of 2021, slot games have brought in 81% of the total gross gaming win for Clark County casinos.

This past June, slot games here managed to bring casinos $870 in gaming revenue. That beats the previous record set a month prior at $840 million. Scientific Games Chief Product Officer Rich Schneider, a longtime creator of popular slot games, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“You are going out to a casino, making a decision as a player to have an experience away from home, away from a computer screen or mobile phone. That physicality and engaging physical appearance of the game ends up being an important part of the emotional experience for the player,” he said.

It’s clear that slot games are back and more popular than ever. Some may now be wondering where the best places to play popular Las Vegas slot games are. Below are some of the best casinos offering slot games in the city right now.

Top-Five Las Vegas Casinos for Slots in 2021

Most of the world’s biggest and best casino-resorts are based in Las Vegas. Some of these properties have been around for decades. Others are just a couple of months old.

Millions of people around the US are still set to make a trip to Las Vegas before the end of the year. Based on the current trend, a large percentage of these visitors will want to play at a few slot games. Some of the casinos in the city are known for offering better slot options than others.

Below are five of the best casinos to find popular Las Vegas slot games this year.

Resorts World Las Vegas

I had to list the newest casino-resort in Las Vegas here. This past June, Resorts World Las Vegas opened to the public. At $4.3 billion, it was the most expensive gambling property ever built in the city.

Resorts World Las Vegas Is a True Complex

It features over 117,000 square feet of gaming space. As you might expect, there are a staggering number of different Las Vegas slots available for patrons here.

An incredible amount of money was invested to ensure that gamblers here enjoy themselves. I feel confident saying Resorts World Las Vegas is one of the best slot casinos in Las Vegas right now. It has everything needed for a fun and profitable night!

The Venetian Las Vegas

The Venetian opened to the public back in 1999. It has been one of the flagship venues for Las Vegas Sands over the years and has won a huge number of awards. It’s not the newest property in the city, yet The Venetian remains one of Las Vegas’ best casinos.

More than 120,000 square feet of gaming space currently exist here. This venue actually claims to boast the

“best, most extensive selection of slots and video poker machines in the city.”

That is tough to argue when looking at the options here.

Both penny slot players and high rollers will find what they are looking for here. There are many great options and the casino floor is designed in a way that is easier to navigate than others. It’s one of the best places to find popular Las Vegas slot games.

Circa Resort & Casino

Not everyone prefers to gamble on the Las Vegas Strip. Over in Downtown Las Vegas, Circa Resort & Casino recently opened its doors to the public. Much of the attention this venue has generated has been due to its incredible pool and sportsbooks.

Make no mistake, this casino also has some of the best slot games in the city. There is no shortage of options for gamblers here. Patrons will find all of the most popular options including Wheel of Fortune slots.

Many Las Vegas visitors claim that Circa Resort & Casino is now the best casino in Downtown Las Vegas. It offers great gaming and entertainment options. If you want to stay in this area of the city, consider checking it out.

Red Rock Casino Resort

Downtown Las Vegas is not the only area located off the Strip to offer popular Las Vegas slot games. Over in the Las Vegas Valley lies the Red Rock Casino-Resort. This property is one-of-a-kind and is likely the best gambling venue in this area of the city.

More than 118,000 square feet of gaming space exist here right now. That includes a huge range of slot games. The high-limit slot game area here is particularly fun for those looking to risk some real money on the machines.

Want to really escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still being able to play your favorite games? Consider the Red Rock Casino-Resort.

Caesars Palace

There are not many casinos in Las Vegas quite as iconic as Caesars Palace. This venue has played host to a huge number of major movies and television shows. Part of the reason for that is the massive casino floor available here.

More than 124,000 square feet of gaming space exists here. That includes the largest collection of slot games in the city. It’s easy to find the specific slot game that you are looking for.

There are a variety of different towers and room rates available. That means rooms are often available for a variety of budgets. It’s a great place to find the most popular Las Vegas slot games without breaking the bank.


Slots are more popular in Las Vegas right now than ever before. This trend is unlikely to change anytime soon, either. Developers are noticing the large uptick in slot play and are already working to come out with exciting new games for players.

Are you surprised to hear how much money popular Las Vegas slot games are bringing in right now? Let me know in the comments section below.

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