Prop Bets Following Tim Tebow’s Engagement: Marriage or Baby Carriage?

Last week, former NFL quarterback and current minor league baseball player Tim Tebow proposed to his girlfriend and she said ‘yes.’

Almost immediately, tabloids began claiming Tebow was in a “hurry” to marry his girlfriend as if his actions were somehow a bad idea. To those tabloids, and anyone who agrees with them, I would like to ask – if you had a chance to marry the 2017 Miss Universe winner, wouldn’t you be in a hurry to marry her?

Tebow’s fiancé is the former 2017 Miss Universe winner Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa. And yes, she’s stunning. The famous couple celebrated their engagement at Disney World and appeared to be overjoyed. Next month, Tebow will report to spring training with the hopes of making it to the Mets big league roster. Until then, the couple will have plenty of time to plan their wedding.

With the news of Tebow’s engagement, comes a few prop bets regarding the future of Tebow and his fiancé. Entertainment betting sites are now taking wagers on when Tebow will actually get married, when he may announce that his wife is pregnant, and if their first child will be a boy or a girl.

Will Tebow and Demi-Leigh Get Married in 2019?

On Wednesday, January 9th, Tebow invited Nel-Peters over to the family farm just outside of Jacksonville, Florida. He told Nel-Peters that they were going to have a belated Christmas dinner with his family and that he was going to give his father a new truck. Secretly, Tebow had been planning this wedding proposal and went to great lengths in order to make it “perfect.”

Tebow flew out Demi-Leigh’s family and close friends to celebrate the occasion. They were all hiding as the couple walked around the farm before Tebow got down on a knee and asked Nel-Peters to marry him.

After she said yes, South African singer Matthew Mole came out from behind a bale of hay and sang the couple’s favorite song. Then all of the family members and friends jumped out to celebrate.

From there, they would go out to have a nice dinner as everyone enjoyed this wonderful occasion. Both Tebow and Nel-Peters are excited to start their journey together and can’t wait to begin planning the wedding.

With that in mind, MyBookie has a prop bet on whether or not the couple will get married in 2019:

  • Yes (-400)
  • No (+240)

Choosing the “No” option is the safe play here, but the “yes” option seems more likely. A strong case can be made for a wedding this year as the couple has almost the entire year to choose the perfect date and plan for their wedding.

If you think about it, they haven’t been together for a long time (less than a year and a half), which means they don’t have a problem going with the good vibes and loving feelings. Both of them also publicly stated that they are eager to get working on the wedding.

To me, that doesn’t sound like a couple looking to wait to get married in the next year or two. No, it sounds like a couple wanting to get married in the near future, while having an amazing memory.

For this bet, I’m taking the “yes” option at -400. I feel that these two lovebirds want to officially tie the knot soon, in order to have little football players and models running around.

Tebow Bet: Yes they will get married in 2019 (-500)

Will the Couple Announce That They’re Having a Kid in 2019?

This one is a little bit more difficult to predict. There are many people, tabloids and critics who believe the rush to get married is because she’s either pregnant or they want to have a kid soon. Tebow is 31 and not getting any younger, while Nel-Peters is 23. Both of them have publicly stated that they want to have kids and they weren’t shy about it happening in the near future.

Now, if I were to do some fancy math here, if the couple had a lot of fun after the engagement party then we might be seeing a little Timmy before Halloween this year. However, if you know anything about Tebow, he has been steadfast in his faith and consistently walking out biblical principles that he believes in and lives by.

That means, I don’t see any kids coming in 2019, but that doesn’t preclude Tim from announcing this year that they’re having a baby if they get married soon.

Tebow is a very public figure and very passionate about his faith. Furthermore, Nel-Peters is also very committed to her faith, which she shares with Tebow. So, the odds of two Christians having a kid in 2019 have to go down some especially since it would require the possibility of creating little Tebows prior to marriage.

The only way that they could have a kid in 2019, according to their faith, is if they can get married before the end of March. With that said, there’s a small chance that they could announce after their 2019 wedding (if they have one this year) that she’s pregnant.

For this bet, by MyBookie, I’m going with the “No” option at -500 odds. I think it’s a safe play. The “Yes” option is listed at +300 odds, which is worth taking a flyer on if you like risks.

Tebow Bet: No he will not announce they’re having a baby in 2019 (-500)

Will the Tebows Have a Boy or Girl First?

The third and final prop bet is the easiest one of them all. Both the Boy and Girl options are listed at -120 odds, which means neither one offers greater betting value. With that said, it’s clear that their first child will be a boy.

This is Tim Tebow we’re talking about here and I can’t see any other outcome than his announcement of having a little Tim Tebow Jr. running around. There’s no science here, just Tebow’s dominant genetics.

Tebow Bet: The first child will be a boy (-120).

Final Words for the Tebow Haters

As a longtime Tebow fan, I’ve seen all sorts of haters attack Tim for his faith and lack of elite quarterback skills. But, Tebow has never let that stop him. He’s continued chasing dreams and serving others in need.

For a culture that celebrates murderers and other criminals, it’s rather alarming how people with morals, values, work ethic and a desire to help those in need are often shunned or cast aside. Tebow hasn’t changed since his days as a collegiate football star regardless of what his critics have said.

For those who continue to chastise Tebow for his faith and human decency, the dude is marrying a former Miss Universe winner, while she’s still in her prime. Let that sink in for a bit. Haters are going to hate, but Tebow gets the last laugh.

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