Pros and Cons of Using Casino Betting Systems in Sports Betting

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Sports Betting With Casino Betting

Betting systems are commonly associated with casino games. And gamblers often use staking strategies with games like blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Casino gambling systems work best with even-money bets in order to reduce volatility. This is the main reason why they’re so popular with table games—many of which have even-money wagers.

However, betting systems aren’t just relegated to casino games. They can also apply to sports betting when used in the right manner.

You stand a solid chance of success by focusing on sports wagers with -105 and -110 odds. After all, these odds are the closest that you’ll get to even-money sports wagers.

But before you use a casino-style betting system on sports wagering, you should consider the pros and cons. The following guide discussing some casino systems that work on sports wagering along with if they’re ultimately worthwhile.

What Are Some of the Available Casino Betting Systems?

The casino gaming world features numerous staking systems. With that said, you can spend lots of time learning and using different betting strategies.

For the purpose of this post, though, I’ll focus on a few of the most popular systems. Here’s a look at three famous staking strategies and how they apply to sports wagering.


Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert (1717-1783) created this system in the 18th century. The Frenchman’s goal was to win back losses without taking on considerable risk.

The D’Alembert starts with you betting at or around a sportsbook’s minimum wager (e.g. $10). You’ll also want to focus on bets with around -110 odds.

Near-even money wagers reduce the D’Alembert’s volatility. After all, betting systems are already risky enough on their own without adding +250 wagers to the mix.

You continue placing low-risk sports wagers until losing. Following a loss, your next bet should feature one additional unit.

You always add a unit after a loss when using this betting system. Meanwhile, you’ll remove a unit following each win until getting back to the minimum stake.

Here’s an example on how the D’Alembert works with 10% vigorish (-110 odds) involved:

  • Your unit size is $11.
  • Bet $11 and lose (-$11).
  • Bet $22 and lose (-$33).
  • Bet $33 and win $30 (-$3).
  • Bet $22 and win $20 (+$17).
  • Bet $11 and win $10 (+$27).


The Martingale is like a much riskier version of the D’Alembert. It requires you to double wagers following a loss.

You continue doubling bets until booking a win. At this point, you’ll be back to even and possibly have a small profit—depending upon the betting odds involved.

Here’s an example of the Martingale:

  • Wager $11 and lose (-$11).
  • Wager $22 and lose (-$33).
  • Wager $44 and lose (-$77).
  • Wager $88 and win $80 (+$3).
  • Return to the original $11 stake.


Created by famed mathematician Blaise Pascal, the Paroli is designed to win more money during a hot streak. It’s essentially the opposite of the D’Alembert and Martingale, which focus on winning back losses.

The Paroli calls on you to double wagers after a win. You keep doubling bets in this manner until experiencing a loss. At this point, you’ll go back to the minimum wager.


Gamblers set a cap on how long they’ll keep doubling bets after wins. Most commonly, they double wagers until three consecutive wins before reverting back to the minimum bet.

Here’s an example of using the Paroli:

  • Bet $11 and win $10 (+$10).
  • Bet $22 and lose (-$12).
  • Bet $11 and win $10 (-$2).
  • Bet $22 and win $20 (+$18).
  • Bet $33 and win $30 (+$48).
  • Return to the original $11 stake).

Pros of Sports Betting Systems

Staking systems provide a few unique advantages over wagering in a random manner. Here are some benefits that you’ll get out of betting strategies.

Entertaining Way to Place Bets

Real money sports betting is already entertaining in itself. It offers an opportunity to skillfully wager on sporting contests and, hopefully, win money.

Of course, anything can become mundane after so long. If you’ve been wagering on sports in the same manner for months or even years, then you might consider spicing things up with a betting system.

A betting strategy sees you place wagers in a specific pattern. It also has the potential to manipulate your short-term results one way or the other. For example, you might win far more money than normal with the Paroli during a winning streak.

Great for Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is one of the cardinal sins of sports betting. However, the Martingale and D’Alembert see you pursue losses in a more precise manner.

Both of these systems often win back losses for you. With the Martingale, for example, you only need a single win to recoup losses from a losing streak.

Capitalize on Hot Streaks

After going through a sports betting hot streak, you may look back and wish that you had wagered more. The Paroli ensures that you won’t have any regrets in this department.

It calls on you to double wagers following wins. You only revert back to the starting stake after three consecutive wins.

Of course, you’re putting previous winnings on the line after each successful bet. Therefore, the Paroli makes it difficult to bank wins. But the upside is that it also enhances hot streaks.

Cons of Sports Betting Systems

Betting systems aren’t foolproof strategies; otherwise, every sports gambler would use them until bookies ran out of business. You definitely want to take the following downsides into account before employing a system.

Systems Don’t Provide a Long Term Edge

The world’s best sports gamblers develop an edge over the bookmakers and continually exploit it for profits. They have enhanced knowledge of certain sports and the betting industry, which allows them to win over time.

If you’re truly passionate about sports betting, then you too might eventually develop a long-term edge. But you’re not going to accomplish this goal through a staking system alone.

Betting strategies merely manipulate your short-term results for better or worse. They don’t, however, replace the knowledge that you need for long-term profits.

Can Accelerate Losses

The bad thing about chasing losses is that it can lead to more losses. When things go badly enough, you could eventually lose your entire bankroll.

You don’t have to worry about this problem with the Paroli, which only requires risking more money after wins. But you’ll need to worry about this issue with D’Alembert and Martingale.


The latter is especially dangerous to your bankroll. Given that the Martingale requires doubling bets following losses, it can lead to a catastrophic total loss.

The D’Alembert, meanwhile, doesn’t require as much risk when you’re losing. But due to its slow progression, it can keep you perpetually chasing losses.

Weird Conversions on Wins

Betting systems are a little more difficult to use in sports gambling than with casino games. After all, your stake doesn’t equal the exact amount that you’re paid.

If you place an even-money roulette wager, for example, then you’re going to get paid 1:1. The casino makes its profits based on a house edge (2.70% in European Roulette).

Sportsbooks, on the other hand, earn money by taking vigorish (juice) from the losing side. When you bet $110 on -110 odds, then you’ll win $100 when successful.

This weird conversion between the stake and winnings isn’t impossible to overcome. However, it slightly complicates using casino staking systems in sports gambling.

Combine Betting Systems With Research for More Winnings

As covered in the “cons” section, a betting strategy alone isn’t going to guarantee profits. Therefore, you shouldn’t place random -110 wagers and expect to get rich through a system.

But great thing about sports betting is that, unlike with fixed-odds casino games, you can actually improve your odds through knowledge and skill.

You could use a powerful system like the Paroli or Martingale in combination with sports betting strategy. The end result might be even more success than you normally experience.

At the very least, you can shake things up and keep yourself entertained. After all, sports gambling is a grind, especially when you dedicate countless hours to handicapping games and building your knowledge.


Famous gambling systems like the D’Alembert, Martingale, and Paroli aren’t just for the casino. They can also be successfully used in sports betting.

The Paroli is good for adding extra winnings on top of a hot streak. It normally entails doubling your bets until reaching three consecutive wins.

The Martingale and D’Alembert are best for chasing losses. They’re good for times when you want to win consistently rather than win big.

Of course, many betting systems that are tailored specifically to sports gambling exist, too. Nevertheless, you might try one of the casino-style systems covered here as well.

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