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Different people learn best in different ways. Some people learn the fastest while reading about how to do something. Others learn the best by watching how someone else does something. And some people learn the best by jumping in and doing something.

The truth is that most of us learn things using some combination of these methods. Do you know how you learn best? How does this influence how you learn more about gambling and how you can increase your gambling knowledge?

I’ve been involved in education, including teaching at the college level, for many years. Because of this I understand how important it is to present important things as many different ways as possible to provide as many opportunities for different people to learn.

I also know how I learn best. I refer learning by reading first, which is why I own thousands of books. When I want to learn about something new the first thing I do is try to find a good book or two about the subject.

The second step for me is using what I learn in books or by reading articles is to try to do whatever it is. First I read and then I do. I make mistakes, but I try to learn from my mistakes and improve as I learn. I can learn from watching or hearing about something, but it’s not my main choice.

I share this information about the way I learn not to suggest it’s the best way. The reason it’s important is because I learned the best way for me, and I can use this information every time I want to learn something new.

When you determine the best way for you to learn you can use the information to help you learn things faster. If you prefer to learn by watching or listening, your first stop might be YouTube or a podcast. My wife doesn’t like to read, so when we want to learn something new she looks for a video while I’m looking for a book.

The point is that there isn’t a right and wrong way to learn. The important thing is to figure out the best way for you to learn, and then use this knowledge to improve your gambling skills.

Reading About Gambling

You have access to more written information about gambling than at any time in the past. Written gambling information and knowledge is growing every day and is bound to continue expanding into the future.

More books are available than ever before, and more pages are being published online very day. This has created a wonderful opportunity for everyone who wants to learn more about gambling. You can quickly learn which games give you the best chance to win, the best strategy to use in any gambling situation, and other important things like bankroll management and finding where the best odds are available.

Many people, especially the younger generations, are learning more by watching and listening than by reading. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with this, and I’m probably biased because I learned things when I was growing up by reading them. But I think that when you completely ignore reading when it comes to learning about gambling, or anything else, you run the risk of missing some important things.

If you don’t want to take the time to read an entire book, pick up a few magazines and read an article every day. Find good resources online where you can read articles. You don’t have to read books to benefit from gambling writing.

You can even get audio books for many popular books so you can listen to them when you drive or work out. While the world seems to be moving toward video and audio and away from reading, don’t let this deprive you from learning as much as you can by reading.

Watching Gambling Videos or Listening to Audios

I realize that watching and listening are two different things, but I’m including them in the same section here. They both involve listening, and one of them involves processing information as you see something. I’m in no way suggesting that learning best using visual and/or audio automatically makes the other a good way.

In my limited experience, audio and visual learners tend to use both, but if you don’t find this works for you, use what does work best for you.

The biggest online collection of videos is currently YouTube, and there are hundreds of thousands of videos about gambling on the platform. But there are also many other places you can find good videos about gambling. Do a search for gambling videos and you’re going to find more than you can watch in a lifetime.

The Same Is True for Podcasts

Gambling podcasts aren’t as popular as programs about some other things, but there are still plenty of options to help you expand your gambling knowledge. The main problem with podcasts is there currently isn’t a big main provider like YouTube for videos. Of course, there are some big players in the field like iTunes, so those are a good place to start.

One of the big problems is sifting through the things that aren’t valuable and don’t have the information you need. This is true for books and articles, but I find it much worse when I’m looking for a video. Many online videos about gambling are simply sales pitches and don’t really teach you anything. When you find a good video resource, look for other videos by the same person.

When I read a good book about gambling I put it on one of my shelves with other good gambling books. This makes it easy to find if I want to read it again or check something in it in the future. This is more challenging when you’re trying to collect good online articles, videos, or audio files.

I keep a folder in my book marks for all of the gambling articles, videos, and audios that I want to keep track of. This makes them easy to find in the future. I recommend doing the same thing, but make sure you back up your book marks so you don’t lose them if your computer or phone dies.

Practicing Your Gambling Skills

I strongly suggest that you include practice with every mode of improving your gambling skills. Once you learn something by reading, seeing, or hearing about it, spend some time practicing what you learned. The good news is it’s easier to practice than it’s ever been in the past.

You can practice many gambling skills at home using a deck of cards, set of dice, or other things you have around the house. You can play most casino games and poker for free online or on your smart phone. If you’re trying to improve your sports betting skills you can handicap games, look up the betting lines, and place your bets on paper and track your results.

Once you’re ready to put your new skills into practice using real money, you can gamble online or on your phone for small stakes. Most online poker rooms have tables with micro stakes, sometimes a low as a few cents per bet. Many online casinos have minimum bets as low as $1.

If you want to practice card counting you can use a deck of cards at home, play free online or mobile blackjack, or even buy special software that helps you learn how to count. I can’t think of any gambling games that can’t be practiced for free or inexpensively at home.

Take advantage of all of the ways you can practice what you learn by reading, watching, and listening. Practice helps you understand how much you’ve learned and teaches you how easy or hard it is to transfer what you learn into action.

When I set out to learn a new gambling skill I quickly map out a plan in my head.

Here’s an example of how I do this:

  1. Find the best two books on the subject and order them online. I buy many books used because they’re usually less expensive and a used book is almost always as easy to read as a new one.
  2. While I’m waiting on the books to be delivered I read as many articles online on the subject as I can find. I bookmark the best ones for future reference and follow links looking for other resources.
  3. Once the books arrive I read them and make notes. I compare the knowledge in the books with what I’ve learned reading online articles and write down all of the things I find important.
  4. I start practicing the new skills and knowledge as inexpensively as possible. When I was learning how to count cards I started with an old deck of playing cards I already had.
  5. Look for videos and/or audios to help round out my knowledge on the subject.
  6. Put my new skills and knowledge to the test in a real money environment.

You already know that my preferred method of learning is reading, so you can see how this influences my plan. But you can also see how you can easily adjust the plan to start with video or audio if that’s your preferred method of learning.

You should also notice that this exact method can be used to learn things in any area. I used this same method to learn how to write better and how to become a better euchre player. Once you learn how to use this method to expand your gambling knowledge, look for other ways to use it.

Combined Learning

Before closing this page out, I want to give you a final piece of advice. Just because you learn the best using one mode of learning, don’t completely ignore the other ways you can learn.

Even though I learn best by reading, I still watch videos and listen to podcasts or audio books from time to time. Sometimes I put something on audio as I’m doing something else and find that I pick things up even though I’m not concentrating on it at the time.

And if you don’t know how you learn best, try as many different learning modes as possible. Read a book and some articles about a subject, find a few videos on the same subject, and listen to a few audios on it. Then find someone to work with you by showing you how to do whatever you’re learning about, and then start practicing.

Keep doing this until you start seeing patterns to how you learn best and increase these areas and decrease the others.

One trick I learned many years ago when I’m trying to learn something is to take notes. When I write down things I learn they tend to stick with me better than when I don’t take notes. This works with every type of learning, and can be a good way to help you remember important points.

Remember that there isn’t a single best way to learn about gambling and increase your knowledge and skills that works for everyone. Find the best way for you to learn and then use this new knowledge to accelerate your learning process.


Have you determined the best way for you to learn more about gambling? If you follow the advice on this page it won’t take long to figure out the best way for you to improve your gambling skills. Once you figure out the best way for you to learn, don’t ignore the other ways. Mix in a few different ways of learning to improve your gambling knowledge and skills faster.

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