Reasons Why Craps Isn’t the Best Game for You

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Craps can be an exciting game, or it can be a game that you hate. It all depends on what you enjoy when you gambler.

While there are many good things about playing craps, in this article you’re going to learn about some of the reasons why you might not like craps.

Here some reasons why you might want to skip the craps table the next time you go to the casino. You’re also going to learn why online craps can be even more painful than playing in a land based casino.

You Don’t Want to Throw the Dice

I don’t know why anyone plays craps who doesn’t like to throw the dice. The entire game revolves around the roll of 2 dice, and it’s a big reason why many craps players enjoy the game.

Officially you can play craps without throwing the dice, as long as there’s at least 1 other player at the table who’s willing to throw them. Just tell the casino person running the game that you don’t want to throw the dice and the next person is given the opportunity.

If you don’t want to throw the dice because you’re afraid that you’re going to do something wrong or look silly, just announce that this is your first time. Don’t worry about making a mistake. As long as you can keep the dice on the table you’re going to be fine. And even if you do throw 1 of the dice off the table it’s not the end of the world.

If you still don’t want to roll the dice you might consider playing real money craps online or in 1 of the mobile casinos. The game is played the same, but the program that runs the game software takes care of all of the dice rolls.

You Don’t Want to Interact With Other Gamblers

Craps is a game that has a great deal of social interaction. It’s almost always the noisiest place in the casino with all of the gamblers cheering and yelling and groaning together.

In fact, at most craps tables if you don’t join in the fun the other gamblers are going to at the very least look at you funny. Some of them might even say something about it.

Craps gamblers also tend to work together to some degree. For example, most of them bet on the pass line so they all win or lose together. In the next section you’re going to learn that this isn’t the best wager, so if you play craps the best way you’re going to be going against most players.

If you have thin skin this can be uncomfortable, because some players are going to say something about it. I learned a long time ago to ignore obnoxious gamblers, but you have to be ready for this.

Even if you bet the same way everyone else does, a craps table can get loud. I don’t like a lot of noise when I gamble, so craps isn’t a game I play often in land based casinos. If you’re like me, you should probably skip the craps game.

You’re Looking for the Highest Possible Return

Craps has a few betting options that have a decent return if you stick with them. But there are 2 problems with this.

  • First problem – Most craps players don’t stick to the bet options that have the highest return. In addition to having a few good bet options, craps also has some bet options that have a return of less than 90% When you make bets with a return of 90% it means that you’re losing $10 for every $100 that you risk. This eats your bankroll at an alarming rate. In fact, many slot machines, which tend to have bad returns, offer better return rates than the worst craps wagers.
  • Second problem – Even the best craps bet combination isn’t as good as the return that you can get playing some other games in the casino.

Most blackjack games offer a higher return, as long as you use good blackjack strategy. Baccarat also has a bet option that has a higher return. And some video poker games also have a higher return, depending on the pay table and how you use strategy.

You Only Gamble Online

If you only gamble online, or in mobile casinos which are about the same as online casinos, craps might not be a game that holds your interest.

The main reason why many gamblers play craps is because it’s fun and exciting. Throwing the dice and interacting with the other craps players can be a great deal of fun. But you don’t get to do either of these things when you play online craps.

I find that online craps is extremely boring, and many other gamblers I’ve talked to find the same thing. All you do is press a button to roll the dice and there’s no social interaction.

In the next section I explain why you should only make 2 different wagers when you play craps, and this is how I always play. This gets boring quickly when I play online craps.

Of course, all online gambling games except slot machines and video poker are different. And most of them can get boring quickly. But the only difference between an online and live blackjack and baccarat game is there are no live people with you.

If you play craps because it’s exciting, you’re going to be disappointed when you play online.

You Want to Make More Than 2 Wagers

Craps tables have a number of betting options on every roll. You can bet on 2 different come out roll options, hard ways, place bets, totals, and many other things.

The problem is that only 2 of the available bet options are good. A couple others are decent, but not as good as the 2 best options. And all of the other bet options are terrible.

The first choice you have to make when you play craps is whether to bet pass or don’t pass. Most craps players use pass, but don’t pass is better. Don’t pass is the first of the 2 best that you need to stick with making.


A special bet option called odds or the odds is the only other wager you should make. It can only be made after a come out roll point is set. The odds wager is important to make because it doesn’t have an edge for the casino. This makes it unique in casino wagers.

If you want to have the best chance to win when you play carps these are the 2 wagers to make. If you’re looking for a game that offers more betting options, craps isn’t the game for you.

You Want to Chase Huge Money

If you play a casino game with a jackpot, like some slot machines, you can win $100,000 or more if you get lucky. Some progressive slot machines can return $1,000,000 or more on a single spin.

Video poker machines usually pay 4,000 coins for a big win. And if you enter a poker tournament and get lucky you can win big money too.

But you can’t win a huge jackpot when you play craps. This works in the casino’s favor. Craps tables have a small edge for the casino and the longer you play the more this small edge works against you.

This is the same way that all casino games work, but if you get lucky and hit a big jackpot you can overcome this edge. When you play craps you can’t win enough on 1 roll to make a big difference to your bankroll.

This Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t Play Craps

Other games like blackjack don’t offer jackpots either. But if you want to chase huge money, craps isn’t the game for you. Instead, look for a slot machine with a good jackpot or play video poker or find a different casino table game that has a progressive jackpot.


When you play craps in a live casino you’re forced to interact with other gamblers and people who work for the casino. You can minimize your interaction some, but you can’t avoid it altogether.

You’re also going to be encouraged to throw the dice. While you can pass the dice if at least 1 other gambler is playing, rolling the dice is a big part of the game.

Craps offers a decent return if you stick to a couple bet options, but if you want a great return you need to look elsewhere.

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