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The Rocket League competitive scene already had its fair share of treats in 2019. WSOE 4 and DreamHack Pro Circuit stand as the most notable tournaments thus far, even though there were several smaller ones including both NA and EU Renegade Cups. However, the biggest treat of the first half of 2019 is yet to start. Of course, I’m referring to the EU and NA Championship Series which will be starting next week. So, for all of you craving for that Rocket League betting dose, RLCS will be the go-to market for the next month or so. That said, if there are some of you who still aren’t tied to an esports bookie, I’m proud to present you with my list of the best RLCS S7 EU betting sites.

Where to Place Bets | Best RLCS S7 EU Betting Sites

If you still haven’t put a ring on an esports bookie, perhaps this short list of my best RLCS S7 EU betting sites will be right up your alley. They’re all relatively well-known, have rich online betting history and are known for providing a plethora of esports bet. In addition to all that, these RLCS S7 EU betting sites often have betting markets for lesser-known Rocket League tournaments such as those I mentioned earlier.

Here are the bookies I’ve been referring to:

For those of you looking to jump straight into the betting action, we recommend you check out these sites:

As stated earlier, these bookies are the best ones out there not just in terms of Rocket League but esports betting in general. Their virtues are endless, but the most important factors are their plentiful esports markets, great betting odds, and fast payout systems.

Additionally, they’re well-known for having generous welcome bonuses so that’s another thing to check out if you’re interested. Overall, with those six bookies, there’s really no need to look elsewhere. Each of them is able to provide you with the optimal Rocket League betting experience no matter if you’re living in the USA or somewhere else.

RLCS Season 7 Europe Preview | Interesting Facts

Before we go deeper into the betting side of the deal, let’s check out a few interesting facts regarding the EU division!

  • As you’ve all probably realized already, this will be the seventh season of Rocket League Championship Series. Thus far, the iBUYPOWER, FlipSid3, Northern Gaming, Gale Force, Dignitas, and Cloud9. We’re still waiting for a team that’ll lift the RLCS trophy for the second time. Keep in mind though, I’m only talking about the overall (RLCS Finals) champions, not counting the EU and NA regular season’s winners.
  • Rocket League Championship Series consists of regular seasons in two divisions topped off with the Finals that sees the best teams from both divisions battle it out against each other. Since Season 3, Oceania also had the chance to display its hottest Rocket League talent, while South America will start off from Season 7.
  • Typically, RLCS EU is scheduled for Sundays meaning it will start one day after the NA installment. On the 7th of April, to be more precise. It will consist of Bo5 round-robin group stage that’ll decide the six teams that’ll be going through to the playoffs. More on the format and schedule right down below.

Tournament Format

This upcoming season of Rocket League Championship Series (we’re talking both NA and EU divisions) will feature the exact same format as previous iterations. In other words, the competitions will consist of group stages and regional championships, which decide the Finals’ participants. Four from each division, of course.

When it comes to the group stage, we’ll get to witness thrilling best of five action with each team playing once against all seven remaining teams. This is the so-called round-robin group system which will decide the six teams that advance to the Regional Championship.

Regional Championship is scheduled for Sunday, 12th of May and will feature a total of six matches, two quarters, two semis, and one grand final and third-place decider match. We’re talking about a single elimination bracket here so there’s no room for mistakes. Oh, I almost forgot, all Regional Championship matches are going to be played as Bo7 contests so we’ll be up for quite a few thrillers here.

As mentioned above, only four teams from each division qualify for the Finals. Since first and second-place group stage teams go straight through to the regional championship semifinals, they’re basically safe as far as the Finals’ qualifications are concerned. Teams ranked 3rd to 6th, on the other hand, will have to win their quarterfinals match if they want to see the Finals’ action in June.

Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 EU Betting Tips

This offseason was a huge success for European Rocket League teams, after winning both WSOE 4 (FlipSid3 Tactics) and DreamHack Pro Circuit Leipzig (Dignitas). Generally, the top European teams are looking quite strong these days with a solid influx of young prospects coming up in the world.

Let’s start things off with Dignitas, a spectacular team that’s been ruling the world of Rocket League throughout 2018. Of course, Dignitas players already have their eyes set for the top of the food chain in 2019 as well. After narrowly losing the S6 Finals’ against Cloud9, their new roster will be looking to take it all back. For those of you who are not in the know, out went Kaydop and in came Yukeo. Despite the lack of proper Championship experience, Yukeo still seems like a solid all-around player. In fact, he’s been in fine form last month when Dignitas won the DreamHack Pro Circuit in Leipzig.

Let’s not forget about FlipSid3 Tactics either! Or Ex-FlipSid3, which is their new “orgless” name. Even though they ended up losing Yukeo, Speed seems to be a worthy on-loan replacement. He led ex-FlipSid3 to WSOE 4 throne after defeating some of the world’s best teams, Cloud9, NRG, and Dignitas. They’ll be a tough team to play against, that’s for sure!

On another note, Team SoloMid has finally entered the Rocket League stage after acquiring We Dem GIrlz’ roster. This marks yet another huge esports organization’s entrance to the competitive world of Rocket League, and with the ever-increasing popularity and prize pools, it surely won’t be the last. TSM’s chances of taking the EU throne aren’t as slim as most people think. Need I remind you, we’re talking about the bronze team from the World Championship and ELEAGUE Cup winners. With a bit of luck, they could go all the way here…


With all that in mind, Dignitas, Team SoloMid and Ex-FlipSid3 are, in my opinion, the top-two contestants. They will be tough opponents to beat which is why I believe they are the teams to bet on in the EU RLCS division. Why am I telling you this? Well, since you came here looking for the best RLCS S7 EU betting sites, you’ll surely want to see some betting tips as well.

RLCS S7 EU Betting | Value Picks

At the time of writing this article, most major esports betting sites still have no bets available for this tournament. However, we expect this to change in the upcoming days as the start date comes closer.

Once again, if you’re interested in the best RLCS S7 EU betting sites, make sure you check out the list at the beginning of this article.

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