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Rocket League might not be the most popular Esports option right now, but it’s definitely one of the most unique and interesting ones. I actually tuned in to a random Rocket League tournament stream on Twitch a year or two ago and was instantly reeled in. The skill required to make some of the plays is insane and there’s always action going on.

For you veterans of Rocket League who have been following the game for some time, the RLCS Season 6 Finals are going to be the sum of all the parts of the competitive year. The RLCS Season 6 Finals is the second RLCS season in this year.

This is what it’s all about – finishing first here will grant eternal glory to the winning team; not to mention a generous cash prize (more on this later). Who will take home the silverware, and who will be knocked out before they even start their campaign? Let’s take a closer look at this Rocket League Esports tournament and see what there is to know.

Where to Bet on RLCS Season 6 Finals?

Finding the perfect place to bet on a team in the RLCS Season 6 finals may seem difficult but it really isn’t. Besides, we’re going to provide you with a list of the best bookies with the best odds, so your search time will be drastically shortened.

After this list, you’ll find our segment about special bets which should provide even more excitement for the upcoming RLCS Season 6 Finals matches!

Here are the top US betting sites we recommend for betting on the RLCS Season 6 Finals:

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RLCS Season 6 Finals Preview

If you thought that the City of Sin holds only gambling and card games – you’d be wrong! We’re flying to Las Vegas this time around and the RLCS Season 6 Finals will be hosted in the Orleans Arena. The Orleans Arena can provide seating to 9,500 spectators. The venue itself is a multi-purpose one; meaning that it can host multiple different sporting events. It has also hosted JBA events (Junior Basketball Association) and we know how popular high-school and college basketball is in the US. In any case, if you’re looking to watch the event live, you won’t be disappointed.

RLCS is the top tier tournament for Rocket League teams. And we’re already in Season 6! Rocket League came out a couple of years ago but it has already reached new heights. The prize pool is impressive; sitting at $500,000. Of course, this is divided amongst teams but the winner of the tournament will get $200,000! Psyonix is the organizer of the event so you can be sure everything will go in order (as befits a professional organization such as Psyonix). The tournament starts today (2018-11-09) and ends in two days (2018-11-11).

Keep a lookout for the World Championship MVP player accolade. This is awarded to the best player of the tournament by RLCS administrators and analysts. The one who gets this accolade will receive an additional prize of $5,000! Not too shabby for being the best in the world, right?

RLCS Season 6 Finals Special Bets

Along with the regular bets, you’ll find at most bookies, there are also a few that feature a couple of special bets at times. As I said before, these bets are great for earning a little extra cash and they’re generally more fun than the usual ones. Keep in mind though, Rocket League special bets are quite rare so you’ll have to dig deep to find the bookies that offer them.

Total Goals Over/Under

Considering the fact Rocket League is basically football with cars, it comes as no surprise to see football-like specials at display here. The game revolves around goals so it’s only logical to see goal-related special bets. As its name suggests, this special bet will give you a rough estimate of goals and you’re supposed to bet whether the total score will be higher or lower than that number. It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, I’m happy you think that way!

Outright Winner

I am sure all of you are well-familiar with the concept behind Outright Winner bets. For those of you who aren’t – instead of placing typical Match Winner bets (further explanation on these can be found right down below) you are placing tournament winner bets. So – if you think Team A is going to win the entire tournament, your best bet is the outright winner one (pun intended).

Tournament MVP

In my honest opinion, this is the best Rocket League special bet of them all. And best of all – it is available across multiple Esports bookies. The odds are different though, so make sure you explore all options before depositing your money. As for the bet itself, it basically revolves around the MVP of RLCS Season 6 Finals. For those of you who don’t know – MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and that title will go out to one player, presumably after the grand finals match.

Match Winner

Let’s not forget about the traditional match winner bets! Even though they might not be as special as some of the others featured above, the match winner bet is very well-known and simple to figure out. Depending on the tournament stage, you will either have 2-way or 3-way match winner. Depending on whether or not a draw can be a legit outcome of a match. And that’s pretty much it – if you guess the winning team correctly you’ve won the bet!

Tournament Format

RLCS Season 6 Finals has an interesting format. It gives multiple second chances to teams who can’t find their footing in the first or second match. There’s no group stage which might seem weird for a tournament of this scale, but the current format is, in my opinion, pretty nice.

Okay, so first up we’ve got the round of 10. This is basically the ‘playoffs’ in a sense because only 4 teams must go through this round to reach the quarterfinals. The teams here are Evil Geniuses, Tainted Minds, PSG Esports, and Chiefs Esports Club.

Those who lose get into the losers’ bracket that has 4 rounds (without the losers’ final). That’s quite a lot of chances for teams, during every step of the way to the grand finals.

Teams that pass the round of 10 enter the quarterfinals. 6 teams are already there and they’re waiting for 2 of the winners from the round of 10.

Then we have the semifinals and the winners’ finals, but the story doesn’t end there! The winner of these finals will go through to the Grand Finals, and the loser will have a chance at redemption by going against the team that reaches the losers’ finals through the losers’ bracket.

This might sound confusing but when you go over it a second or even a third time, the picture crystallizes. One final piece of info regarding RLCS Season 6 finals is that all games are Bo5 except the Losers’, Winners’, and Grand Finals (these are Bo7).

RLCS Season 6 Finals Outright Winner Predictions

Out of the 10 participating teams, I can only see around 4 of them reaching the grand finals. There is no doubt that all teams and players here are talented and skilled enough. Let’s face it, if they weren’t talented and skilled, they wouldn’t be here now, would they? However, it still has to be said that some players just have that Rocket League pedigree required to take their team to the very top.

Tainted Minds, for example, are a very young Rocket League team. And yet, they reached the RLCS Season 6 Finals with no real problems. But, facing teams such as EG is a tall order. They might surprise us, but I think we need to give them another year or so to further hone their skills and cement their team chemistry. If roster changes don’t mess them up as they’ve done to many others…

On the other hand, G2 Esports has a pretty good chance of going through to the semifinals considering they are facing FLipSid3 tactics which are 3rd EU seed. While they do have a good track record against such teams, I doubt G2 has what it takes to also beat Dignitas who took the first place in EU.

On the other side of the bracket, we have NRG, Cloud9 and We Dem Girlz. You already know which one of these 3 teams has the highest chances of going through to the Grand Finals and it’s the boys in blue! Cloud9 is currently the top team in Rocket League, arguably so, but still… They did struggle against teams such as NRG and Team Dignitas but that’s all in the past. What’s important for them right now is that their side of the bracket is much easier. This makes their road to victory a bit simpler and I’m sure they won’t pass on an opportunity like that.

In the end, I will dare to say that Dignitas and Cloud9 are the most likely contestants to face off in the Grand Finals.

Dignitas have won RLCS Season 5 Finals and RLCS Season 6 Europe which gives them a tiny bit of extra experience regarding winning. Cloud9, on the other hand, came in 3rd at RLCS Season 6 North America, and 4th in RLCS Season 5 finals (losing to Dignitas 0:3). It’s going to be an interesting Grand Finals, that’s for sure! And hey, we might even see an upset, who knows?

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