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As most of you know by now, the first week of RLCS matches has been postponed due to PsyNet server stability issues. The new date hasn’t been revealed just yet, but we can expect to have it by the end of the week. Rocket League betting enthusiasts must be fuming here. Not only are they still waiting to see the first round of RLCS matches, but the bookies have stopped taking in new bets even though the matches haven’t been played yet.

RLCS S9 betting sites are keeping tabs on the situation at hand. At the time of writing, none of the top esports betting sites had RLCS betting options available. Outrights are gone too, just like the conventional stuff like match-winners and various specials.

RLCS markets are bound to come back, but we’ll probably have to wait until the new date is announced. As stated earlier, it’s bound to happen by the end of the week since the Week 2 matchups are scheduled for this Sunday.

Till then, the only thing we can do is talk about the best RLCS S9 betting sites, most prominent teams, and interesting facts about the bread and butter of Rocket League esports!

Best RLCS S9 Betting Sites

Typically, when talking about esports betting, people think of betting on CS:GO, Dota 2, or League of Legends. This makes no surprise seeing as these are the most popular esports titles in the betting sphere.

However, a new wave of esports is emerging, each having a loyal community that enjoys betting on esports. Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League are the prime candidates, enjoying organized, well-executed competitions and offering large prize pools to incentivize more esports organizations.

With that in mind, there aren’t that many esports sites that offer RLCS bets. Even though OWL and R6 enjoy are present on a multitude of betting platforms, Rocket League hasn’t lived up to the hype. On the bright side, RLCS S9 betting sites aren’t numerous, but they do have plenty of stuff to offer.

If you’re just starting out your betting career and you can’t find a proper place to bet on, our Rocket League betting sites piece should be your next stop.

RLCS Season 9 Preview

  • RLCS Season 9 is sticking to roughly the same schedule as the ninth season. In other words, EU matches are scheduled for Sundays while NA matches go on Saturdays.
  • The ninth RLCS season brings forth two extra teams in NA and EU regular seasons. Thus far, both leagues had eight teams, meaning there’ll be ten of them from now on. This ought to make both leagues that much more competitive!
  • There’s more money on the line too. NA and EU have just shy of $314,000 in prize money (each). South America and Oceania, on the other hand, have less than $100,000 combined.
  • RLCS betting sites don’t have match-winner nor outright bets at the moment. As stated earlier, this ought to change once we get more details on when exactly we’re going to see the first round matches.
  • Following recent rumors, RLCS S9 and S10 could be the final two seasons using the format we’ve all grown accustomed too. Epic Games, the new owner of PSyonix and Rocket League, could install a franchised system to RLCS, which could do a world of good to the league from the business POV.

In addition to these twenty Rocket League NA & EU teams, there are also twelve from South America and Oceania. However, the quality of teams from these two regions isn’t at the highest levels. Usually, they fill up the bottom portion of the Finals’ rankings. Let’s take RLCS S8 Finals as the perfect example – three out of four bottom-placed teams were from South America and Oceania.

Please Note:

The first round of matches was supposed to happen on February 1st and 2nd but was postponed due to server issues. We still don’t have new info on when exactly will the first-round matches take place.

Rocket League Championship Series: First Round Betting Picks

Since you guys are interested in RLCS betting sites, and you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, here are a few first-round betting picks for the upcoming EU and NA RLCS seasons:

Cloud9 vs. eUnited

Everyone expects a fantastic season from Cloud9! The legendary NA roster has been at the top of their game for a few years already, only to get stomped last season, together with another top-tier NA side, G2 Esports. Even though rumors suggested the end of the current Cloud9 roster was inevitable, the org managed to keep everyone at bay and are coming into the ninth season hoping for a proper comeback.

eUnited, on the other hand, isn’t exactly in the perfect form. They weren’t in the best of form last time out, finishing on the 9th-12th spot on the RLCS S8 Finals. Most recently, they had a terrible outing on Beyond Entertainment’s monthly event where they lost against Triple Commit right off the bat. From the looks of things, the age-old Cloud9 roster could use a refreshment. The only question is – who is brave enough to try and fill Torment’s, Gimmicks, And SquishyMuffinz’ shoes?

If Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez can bring forth new tactics and different strategical approaches to this C9 roster, there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll start their RLCS S9 campaign with a win. Best of all, you should get pretty good odds on them too…

Cloud9 vs. eUnited Pick:Cloud9

Ghost vs. Spacestation

Both of these teams have been a part of the NA-based merry go round, having made massive roster alterations in 2019 and early 2020. On paper, both sides look good, packed with talented players who play extraordinarily well in the current meta. However, one will start the season off with a win, and both must be hoping for the green emblem whenever the first round of matches pans out.

Ghost now has Allushin, Atomic, and mist, who signed for the NA-based organization on January 20th after firstkiller departed for Rogue. Spacestation Gaming, on the other hand, signed AxB and Sypical in April last year, followed by Arsenal in late June. They rounded off their roster alterations with Chrome as the new coach.

The best way to differentiate these two teams and their qualities is to take a look at their Beyond Entertainment Astronauts’ performance. Spacestation was eliminated right off the bat by a relatively unknown team while Ghost Gaming went on to beat the likes of Cloud9, Rogue, and G2 on their way to the first place. Keep in mind, though, the last time these two teams played, Spacestation won 4-1… but that was prior to mist’s arrival.

Ghost vs. Spacestation Pick: Ghost

Team SoloMid vs. Dignitas

Dignitas is a legendary-tier team, and RLCS S9 betting sites are well aware of it when making odds and esports-based risk management. However, even though they’re always among the best teams in the game, they haven’t played a single competitive match since the fatal loss against Renault Vitality in mid-December. That could be an issue… but not a major one, especially considering the fact the same can be said for TSM’s competitive endeavors too.

Team SoloMid entered the RLCS sphere by acquiring We Dem Girlz roster. Fast-forward one year, and they’ve managed to keep two vital figures of that roster, remkoe and Metsanarius. Mognus and Snaski (coach) have been brought in last month and will look to further boost TSM’s chances of having a blast in the first RLCS of 2020!

The real question here is whether or not Snaski and Mognus can do what it takes to revive TSM and bring them to another NA title? Perhaps the title is too much to ask for right off the bat, but this team is made for aiming high, right? All in all, I have to go with Dignitas here. The odds will be low, no doubt about that, but I guess it will work nicely in a heftier accumulator.

Team SoloMid vs. Dignitas Pick:Dignitas

Reciprocity vs. Singularity

As mentioned earlier, RLCS S9 betting sites have the entire ninth season of Rocket League Championship Series on hold at the moment. That said, don’t be surprised if you can’t find wagers for Reciprocity vs. Singularity. The best you can do right now is to sit back, relax, and keep on reading our RLCS S9 betting predictions!

Both of these teams went through massive changes in 2019. Both teams made full roster changes and now pack international rosters in which communication could be consistent issues. Ferra, Chausette45, and Fruity are the starting players for Reciprocity, all of who signed for the team in September 2019. Godsmilla, ThO. And noly are in charge of keeping Singularity’s vision safe and sound. They all signed in November but already played on a bunch of events together.

As for the actual picks, I have to go with Reciprocity here. Singularity’s new roster is looking good, but they’ll have to get a ton more practice in if they are to beat a heavyweight like Reciprocity. The odds will reflect Reciprocity’s superiority, so make sure you don’t invest too much as the return won’t be a hefty one…

Reciprocity vs. Singularity Pick: Reciprocity

Outright Betting on RLCS Season 9

First things first – most RLCS betting sites don’t offer outright betting anymore, despite the fact the first round of matches hasn’t been played yet. And, since that ought to change after we find out the date of the postponed first round, there’s something you need to know:

By placing bets on outright RLCS S9 winner, you are betting on the regular season, not the RLCS S9 Finals. Many Rocket League betting enthusiasts forget about this and end up wasting their money. In other words, keep that info in mind if you’re planning on investing some money on RLCS S9 long-terms.

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