Royal Wedding Betting: Will Donald Trump Attend Prince Harry’s Wedding?

by Taylor Smith
on December 8, 2017

Last week, it was learned that Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle in May of 2018. Believe me, nobody is more excited for this than your grandmother. It’s going to be a massive media circus when Princess Diana’s youngest son finally says “I do.”

There’s really no reason for the “royal family” to exist as such anymore, but these things are still events that generate tons of buzz. Back in 2011, Prince William’s nuptials with Kate Middleton was a dominant news headline for weeks, and they have since gone on to have 2 kids together.

That looks like a good enough intro, so let’s move on to the reason we’re all here: gambling! Much like the Super Bowl, a royal wedding is an event that bookmakers love. Bettors have the opportunity to bet on a variety of things, such as the color of the bride’s dress or which celebrities will show up. It’s all part of the spectacle.

Betonline has a number of royal wedding props already posted, so let’s go through them and identify some good betting values.

Who Will be Harry’s Best Man?

  • Prince William -5000
  • Charlie Van Straubenzee +400
  • Tom Inskip +600
  • James Matthews +1000
  • Patrick Adams +5000
  • Gabriel Macht +5000

Admit it, the only name on this list with which you’re familiar is Prince William. The other 5 guys on the list may as well be made up, for all we know.

First off, the terminology on this bet is way off. There is no “best man” at a royal wedding. Instead, they’re called “supporters.” So, Harry won’t have a best man, he’ll have a supporter. Harry “supported” William at his aforementioned wedding, and it stands to reason that Harry will turn around and return the favor and name William his supporter this time around. There’s a reason he’s a heavy favorite at -5000.

Charlie Van Straubenzee is one of Harry’s best friends, but this sort of situation seems to dictate that Harry shouldn’t choose one of his chums as his supporter. A couple of the other guys on this list are actors in the television series “Suits” that also features Harry’s fiancee. I have no idea why they would even be considered here, but there they are.

Just take William at -5000. He’s obviously going to be the choice.

Where Will Prince Harry Have his Bachelor Party?

  • Chelsea (London) +800
  • Kensington Palace +800
  • Las Vegas +1000
  • Edinburgh +1400
  • Berlin +1400
  • Barcelona +1800
  • Prague +2000
  • Amsterdam +2000
  • New York +2000
  • Botswana +5000

A bachelor party may sound like a weird thing to have before a royal wedding, but apparently, it’s going to happen. We just don’t know where. Prince William held a secret bachelor party of his own a few weeks before his aforementioned wedding in 2011. William and 20 of his closest friends enjoyed a weekend at a country estate in Norfolk, about 2 hours away from London.

Harry has garnered a reputation as a bit of a “bad boy” over the years, so there’s really no telling whether he’ll take the quiet route the way his brother did. Remember when he was photographed playing strip poker in Las Vegas? Pretty wild, indeed.

While Harry may ultimately choose the conservative route and do something similar to what William did, we like to think he’s got a bit more personality than that. Could he make a return trip to Vegas and do it big?

London seems like the natural choice, and it makes for a strong value here at +800. Harry could always go for something more lavish and extreme, but there’s certainly no shortage of hot spots in the British capital city for Harry to be entertained. We’re going with London on this one at +800.

Which Celebrities Will Attend the Wedding Ceremony?

  • Serena Williams -2000
  • David and Victoria Beckham -500
  • Barack and Michelle Obama -300
  • Paul McCartney +100
  • Justin Trudeau +100
  • Angela Merkel +300
  • Sean Connery +500
  • Simon Cowell +500
  • Boris Johnson +600
  • Hillary Clinton +1000
  • Piers Morgan +1000
  • Donald Trump +5000

Now that Harry is about to be sixth in line for the throne, he may not have as much pressure as his older brother did to invite powerful foreign heads of state to the wedding. The Obamas weren’t invited to William’s wedding simply due to concerns over protection costs for the American first family.

Will the current president get an invite? Neither Harry nor Meghan Markle sound particularly fond of Mr. Trump. During the 2016 campaign, Markle called Trump “misogynistic” and joked about moving to Canada permanently if he were to be elected. Harry has also reportedly called Trump “a serious threat to human rights.” So, Trump at +5000 sounds like a no. Sorry, Donald.

Despite the couple’s failure to attend Serena Williams’ wedding last month in New Orleans, Williams is expected to be among those invited to the royal wedding. Markle and Williams have been close friends for years. The reason for their no-show at Williams’ wedding was because Markle had a scheduling conflict. Barring a separate scheduling conflict, Williams seems like a lock at -2000.

The Obamas also have a relationship with Harry, and now that they’re out of the White House, perhaps they can make the trip across the pond to attend the festivities.

Prince William’s nuptials had several big names, but most of those were politicians. As far as celebrities, there weren’t a ton of noteworthy attendees. However, David and Victoria Beckham were among those that went. It stands to reason that they would be invited again for Harry’s big day.

Elton John attended William’s bash, so why couldn’t Paul McCartney attend Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Among those with a + next to their name, the ex-Beatle makes the most sense as a value bet.

Who Will Perform at the Wedding?

  • Elton John +100
  • Ed Sheeran +400
  • Adele +600
  • Joss Stone +750
  • Janelle Monae +1000
  • Drake +2500
  • Kanye West +5000

Several different choirs will surely play the wedding, but we’re more interested in which big-name performers will be asked to lend their voices to the event. Ellie Goulding performed at a dinner for William and Kate following their 2011 wedding.

It seems unlikely that any of these stars will perform at the wedding itself. A far more likely scenario would be for one of them to be hired to sing at a reception party, as was the case with Goulding in ‘11.

Ed Sheeran and Adele seem to be the most popular British stars going right now. Could either of them be there? Sure, why not? Frankly, we have no way of knowing whether these people will be involved in the wedding in any capacity. Sheeran said he would play at the wedding if asked, but he added that he has only met Harry once in the past. Not all Brits know each other, you know.

Sheeran makes for the best value bet on the board at +400. Adele reportedly once had the hots for Harry, but obviously, that ship has sailed. Still, she’s another interesting value here at +600. Other than Elton John (+100), we can scratch the other names off the list. Something tells me Kanye West won’t be anywhere near this thing.

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