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Royal Wedding Props: Will Harry be Clean Shaven?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that there’s another Royal Wedding coming up this weekend. Prince Harry is slated to marry American actress Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on Saturday, May 19.

Because her father is unable to attend the procession due to reported health concerns, Markle is set to take the unprecedented step of walking down the aisle unescorted. Markle will walk down the aisle of the chapel nave alone before being met by Prince Charles, Harry’s father, at the Quire. Yes, this all sounds extremely British.

Of course, no big event can go by without betting being involved, right? Gamblers can make the wedding far more interesting by getting in on some of the fun. Today, let’s break down a few Royal Wedding props, shall we?

Will Prince Harry be Clean Shaven?

  • No 4/7
  • Yes 5/4

Unlike his clean shaven brother, William, Harry has opted to don a beard recently. In fact, it’s difficult to find a photo of Harry and Meghan together in which he does not have some sort of facial scruff going.

While the odds favor a bearded Harry on Saturday, there is a longstanding rule in Britain’s military that says troops in uniform are not allowed to wear a beard. Harry served in the British army from 2005 to 2015, earning the rank of Captain in the process.

So, if Harry dons his military uniform for the proceedings, one would imagine he’ll comply with the old rule and shave the whiskers. If he opts for the more traditional tuxedo, however, the smart money is on Harry to keep the facial hair. From what we can tell, Meghan has never known him without said beard.

If we somehow hear ahead of time which outfit Harry will wear, you can bet accordingly. The military uniform does seem a bit more likely, so we may well see a clean shaven Harry on Saturday. I’ll go with yes at 5/4 here for value.

What Color Hat Will the Queen Wear?

  • Green 5/4
  • Yellow 2/1
  • Blue 3/1
  • Purple 4/1
  • Pink 5/1
  • Orange 14/1

For Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011, we saw Queen Elizabeth donning a yellow outfit complete with corresponding yellow headwear. Yellow is listed among the heavy favorites once again for Harry’s nuptials (2/1), but would she really wear the same color for both grandson weddings? Surely she has better fashion sense than that.

Over the years the Queen has been known to don all sorts of different color hats. A quick Google image search reveals that she seems particularly fond of the colors blue, purple and pink, with red making the occasional cameo every now and then.

Might she opt for red or orange in tribute to her grandson’s fiery red hair? Or will she look to be something of a foil by going for a cooler color like blue or purple? I’m going to make this prediction based on the highly scientific process of counting how many hats of a particular color I see the Queen wearing online.

Because blue is such a massive part of her wardrobe, I think there’s decent value on blue at 3/1 here. Purple (4/1) would be my second choice, followed by pink at 5/1.

What Make of Car will Meghan Arrive in?

  • Rolls Royce 1/4
  • Any other 5/2

It’s a Royal Wedding featuring British royalty, do you really think they’re going to roll up in a Ford Pinto? Back in 2011, Kate Middleton showed up at her wedding in a Rolls Royce, while William arrived in a Bentley. The 2 left the proceedings together in an Aston Martin DB6 Volante convertible. They certainly weren’t messing around.

While there’s no reason to expect Meghan and Harry to do everything exactly the way Kate and William did, it’s still a certainty that the bride-to-be arrives in some sort of expensive, high-end car. There’s value (5/2) in betting on it being anything other than a Rolls Royce, but Rolls Royce is such a heavy favorite at ¼ that it’s difficult to pull the trigger on that wager.

I think you can find better value on other bets, so I’m willing to pass on this one. For what it’s worth, I’d be surprised if the car turned out to be anything other than a Rolls Royce.

Artist of “First Dance” Song

  • Whitney Houston 4/9
  • Ed Sheeran 2/1
  • Elton John 9/4
  • Adele 10/1
  • John Legend 14/1
  • Alicia Keys 14/1

Here’s a brief list of Royal Wedding “first dance” songs and artists throughout the decades:

  • “They Say It’s Wonderful” performed by Lester Lanin (Charles and Diana)
  • “Your Song” by Elton John (William and Kate)
  • “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra (Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall)
  • “Sofias Brudvals” by Pelle Arhio, performed by Per Bredhammar (Prince Carl and Princess Sofia)
  • “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King (Prince Philip of Yugoslavia and Danica Marinkovic)

Interestingly enough, a song by the late Whitney Houston is a pretty heavy favorite to be Harry and Meghan’s tune of choice for their first dance as a married couple. Houston started as something of a long shot at 10/1, but she has gained heavy momentum as the week has progressed, and she’s currently listed at 4/9.

One would imagine the reason for Houston’s odds rising dramatically is that someone let the cat out of the bag. It would be fairly easy for that information to leak, so it seems as though someone in the know revealed that a Whitney Houston song is the choice.

Elton John is also expected to be present at the wedding after canceling a couple of shows in Las Vegas originally scheduled for this weekend. John is listed at 4/1 to sing at the nuptials, Another famous red head from the U.K., Ed Sheeran is listed at 2/1 to have one of his songs featured during the first dance.

John was a close friend of Princess Diana and was in attendance for Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton 7 years ago. There’s also a chance we see the Foo Fighters in some form or fashion. Lead singer Dave Grohl recently said, “I’ve saved the date. The performance was good. It’s nice to feel like a wedding band when everyone’s at tables eating tiramisu.” The Foo Fighters performed at Harry’s Invictus Games back in 2014.

Whitney Houston seems to be the choice here, so speculating on potential alternatives looks unnecessary.

Will it Rain During the Procession?

  • Yes 8/1
  • No 1/25

The Saturday weather forecast for Windsor, U.K. says it’s expected to be a sunny day with comfy temperatures in the high-60s and low-70s. There are clouds in the forecast for Sunday with the potential for rain on Monday, but Saturday looks clear with no chance of rain. So, no, it will not rain during the wedding.

In What Year Will Their Child be Born?

  • 2019 1/3
  • 2020 or later 11/5
  • 2018 33/1

Considering it’s mid-May, Meghan would already have to be pregnant for the couple’s first child to be born before the calendar flips to 2019. So, considering we have no evidence to suggest that, we can go ahead and write off 2018 at long 33/1 odds.

William and Kate didn’t wait too long to have their first of now 3 children. They were married in April of 2011, and the announcement of Kate’s pregnancy came 20 months later in December of 2012. Prince George was born in the summer of 2013, which means Harry’s brother waited over 2 years before their first child was born.

It’s also worth noting that Meghan Markle is actually older than Kate. Middleton was 29 when she got married, and Markle is 36. If they plan to have children, one would think they probably will not wait very long. When asked about potential plans to expand the family, Harry said, “One step at a time, and hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.” Meghan’s sister-in-law has also said that she plans to get pregnant “in her first year of marriage if she can.”

If they get to it quickly, 2019 looks like a reasonable due date for a child. There isn’t much value on 2019 at ⅓, so I don’t hate 2020 or later at 11/5, either.

What Will Harry Wear?

  • Military Uniform 1/12
  • Morning Dress 5/1
  • Suit and tie 33/1

There’s a trend with these family members wearing military uniforms to their weddings. Prince Charles donned the military garb when he married Diana, and William followed suit at his aforementioned 2011 marriage to Kate. Harry is proud of his military background, so it’s hard to imagine he’d break the trend here. Military uniform is a heavy favorite with good reason.

Will Prince William Attend the FA Cup Final?

  • Yes 3/1
  • No 1/5

Saturday is a busy day in the United Kingdom. The Royal Wedding is obviously the most important event of all, but there is also the matter of the FA (Football Association) Cup Final, set to go down at Wembley Stadium between a pair of English soccer giants in Chelsea and Manchester United.

Obviously, Prince William will attend his little brother’s wedding. William is Harry’s best man, as Harry was for William 7 years ago.

Of course, William is also the President of the Football Association. As such, he is expected to attend the final of the FA Cup and hand out the trophy and medals to the winners. The Prince has attended every FA Cup Final since taking the position.

The wedding is slated for noon, with the soccer match set to kick off at 5:15. The wedding chapel is about 24 miles from Wembley Stadium, so it would be an easy jaunt for William via helicopter if he decided to pull double duty. The FA hasn’t spoken yet regarding whether William will be in attendance, however, which puts his presence in doubt.

Considering William and Harry have been incredibly close for their entire lives, it’s difficult to imagine William leaving the wedding festivities to attend a soccer game. It’s not completely out of the question, but I’ll side with William passing on the FA Cup Final this year.

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