Shopping for the Best Super Bowl 53 Betting Lines

There are several factors that experienced football bettors consider when trying to maximize their bankroll and ensure long term profits when betting on football.

However, very few factors are more fundamentally important to sports betting success than line shopping. And, with Super Bowl 53 quickly approaching, shopping for lines is a must if you want the best chances at winning your SB LIII bets.

Line shopping, also referred to as comparing odds, is the process where football bettors examine available betting lines across multiple online betting sites.

This process is designed to help bettors find the best Super Bowl betting odds in order to maximize potential returns on each and every SB 53 wager.

How Do You Shop for SB 53 Lines?

Shopping for SB 53 lines is easier than it sounds. It’s like shopping for a new car or television. When participating in those consumer ventures, you will look at different stores and possible coupons to find the best deal. This is the same overall concept with Super Bowl line shopping. The goal is to find the best betting lines in order to get the best betting value, which can result in more winnings.

To start, football bettors need a main betting site that they use to begin the comparisons. From there, it’s best to hold 2-3 more accounts at additional sports betting sites in order to place Super Bowl wagers, if the lines and odds are better. When choosing additional sportsbooks, consider the following criteria before signing up:

  • User Friendly – a simple interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • Excellent Bonuses – make sure when you first sign up that the betting site offers bonuses.
  • Safe and Secure – always choose sites that have the best security available in order to protect your money and personal data.
  • Mobile Friendly – make sure the sports betting site has a solid mobile betting platform in order to access on smartphones and tablets.
  • Multiple Banking Options – never settle for online sportsbooks that don’t offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Plethora of Super Bowl Bets – lastly, the top notch betting sites have hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets and standard wager types. Make sure to choose one of these sites and not an internet sports book that limits your options.

Once you have several accounts set up, it’s time to shop for lines. Fortunately, makes it as easy as possible to compare up to date, live betting odds all from one site.

Our live odds tool allows football bettors of all experience levels to stay informed of the latest SB 53 betting lines and compare the odds all in one convenient location. It’s a must-have tool for any bettor looking to win money on this year’s Super Bowl.

What Are the Benefits of SB LIII Line Shopping?

The obvious benefits of line shopping are to find the best Super Bowl 53 betting lines that will increase your chances of winning and how much you win. This can be accomplished through the following methods.

Identify the Best Lines

Currently, Bovada has the Patriots listed as a 3-point favorite. However, the majority of other online betting sites have the Patriots listed as a 2.5 point favorite. That ½ point adjustment with the spread can be the difference between winning and losing a bet. At the very least, it can be the difference between winning and a push.

Conversely, if you think the Rams will win, then going with Bovada’s +3 line for the Rams makes more sense than going with other sites that have LA at +2.5 points. That means you won’t lose your money of the Patriots win by 3.

Find the Better Odds

In addition to identifying better lines, comparing betting odds across multiple sportsbooks can really improve your chances of better payouts and risking less. For example, most of the online betting sites have the Patriots favored by 2.5 points. However, they don’t all have the same odds associated with the spread.

Let’s say you want to choose the Patriots to win SB 53 and cover the spread. The next step would be to find the one site that offers the best odds for the -2.5 point spread. BetOnline offers the Patriots spread at -115 odds. That means you will have to risk $115 dollars to win $100.

However, after looking at other sites, we can see that 5Dimes offers the same Patriots spread, but at -107 odds. This means you only risk $107 to win $100. That’s $8 dollars less, which means you will be risking less.

Now, for some of you, $8 might not matter much. So, let’s look at the other side of the “coin” here. The Rams are +2.5 underdogs and Bookmaker has LA’s spread listed at -114, which means you risk $114 to win $100.

However, other betting sites offer the Rams spread at +100 odds. That means you risk $100 to win $100. That’s an even wager, which is harder to find these days. That’s also risking $14 dollars less. On a $1000 dollar bet, that’s risking $140 dollars less.

The differences in betting odds can be seen even more clearly with the Super Bowl moneylines. When comparing the Rams moneyline across numerous betting sites, we see a high of +125 to a low of +115. On a $100 dollar bet, that’s a difference of winning $10 more. On a $1000 dollar bet, that’s a difference of winning $100 dollars from $1150 to $1250.

As you can see, shopping for the best odds could provide more winnings.

Reduced Juice

For those that aren’t familiar with the term “juice,” it simply means the vig or commission that a sportsbook makes off each sports bet. We just touched on the odds above, which factor in the juice.

For example, many online betting sites have a standard -110 line for various football wagers. While other betting sites have standard -105 odds for football bets. This is a $5 dollar difference, which can add up when you place larger wagers.

For those looking to place a $1000 bet, you will be risking $50 dollars less on the -105 odds than the -110 odds. A $5000 Super Bowl bet could see a difference of $250 between sites that charge different juice amounts.

Shop Before Betting

It should be clear by now, before placing any wagers on Super Bowl 53, make sure to shop for the best lines and odds.

Whether you are an experienced bettor or just looking to add a little extra excitement to SB LIII, the main goal is to win your bets.

So, give yourself the best chance possible by shopping for the best Super Bowl 53 betting lines.

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