Six Invitational 2020 Betting Preview, Interesting Facts, and Betting Predictions

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The fourth Six Invitational installment is going live in a matter of hours. As usual, it brings forth the toughest Rainbow Six teams out there. Sixteen of them, to be more precise. There won’t be any lack of competitiveness, that’s for sure. There won’t be any lack of esports betting enthusiasts swarming in either, especially considering the recent surge in R6S popularity.

Best Six Invitational 2020 Betting Sites

Let’s be real here, betting on Rainbow Six Siege is not nearly as popular as betting on LoL, Dota 2 or CS:GO. Those three esports titles are the bread and butter of what the esports betting market has to offer at the moment.

However, games like Rainbow Six and Rocket League are leading somewhat of a new revolution in the niche, gathering massive communities whose members are eager to cash in on their niche knowledge. If you’re among them, but you don’t know where to start your Six Invitational 2020 betting campaign, you’re in the right place!

Six Invitational betting is experiencing rapid growth in popularity and esports betting sites had to adapt to the demand. What was once a buggy game packed with gameplay and balancing issues is now a fully-fledged esports title in dire need for a healthy betting community that could bring forth extra exposure and new sponsorship deals.

As for the best sites to bet on Rainbow Six matches, our short list of the safest esports betting sites ought to help you out. Not only does it feature some of the most secure esports bookies out there, but it also explains the basic terminology and can serve as a great introduction to the seemingly chaotic world of Rainbow Six betting.

Rainbow Six Invitational 2020 Preview

  • What started out as a small $100,000 event has now developed into a multimillion-dollar behemoth. Yep, as mentioned above, the Rainbow Six Siege esports is going up the ranks, and the newest Six Invitational event is set to feature whopping $2 million in prize money.
  • The event kicks off on Friday, February 7th, and will be the longest Six Invitational thus far, ending on February 16th. The location of choice – Montreal, Canada. The mesmerizing venue that’ll accommodate thousands of electric esports fans – Place Bell.
  • Sixteen teams will participate in Montreal, battling for the biggest share of the prize pol, battling for $1 million, to be more precise. Money is always a fine motivator, and there’s no doubt it’ll do the trick in Canada too!

Event Format

The event is set to feature two phases, the group stage and the playoffs. The group stage will take place during the first three days, consisting of four groups with four teams. All groups are double-elimination and all group stage matches are Bo3. The top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs will take place from Tuesday, February 11th to Sunday, February 16th. This phase will also pan out in the infamous double-elimination system with all matches (except the grand final) scheduled for Bo3 contests. The grand finals, of course, will be a Bo5 contest.

One last thing – the upper bracket winning team will have a one-map advantage in the grand finals to complement the lossless playoffs record.

Six Invitational 2020: Teams to Bet On

If you’d like to indulge in Six Invitational 2020 betting, but you haven’t brushed up on the recent competitive happenings, here’s a quick look into the teams you should be betting on when the event kicks off!

Team Empire

Despite failing to qualify for ESL Pro League S10 Finals, many still consider Team Empire to be the best R6S team in the world. And they’re probably not wrong, seeing as both ShepparD and karzheka are in great forms.

After failing to win last year’s Invitational (lost against G2 in the grand finals), there’s no doubt Team Empire’s players will have their eyes set on the main prize. Best of all – they haven’t been playing well recently, so there probably won’t be too much pressure on their soldiers… and we all know that’s when they shine.

At the moment, Team Empire is handing onto the second place that’s leading to ESL Pro League S11 Finals, with four wins, one draw, and two losses (against Rogue and ForZe). Rogue, led by in-form AceeZ, is still first, having two points more than Empire.

Team SoloMid

Team-SoloMid logoTeam SoloMid entered the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene in June last year, by acquiring the former Excelerate Gaming roster alongside Beaulo and Merc. Since then, the team went through several alterations and now features a solid mix of raw talent and much-needed experience. Pojoman and Geoometrics are the two newest additions. The 24-year-old Mexican is already running the show, averaging almost 1.30 rating in the first half of EPL S11 NA.

Merc has been the deciding factor for TSM, leading his team to 19 out of 21 possible points halfway through the season. Pojoman seems to be the weakest link, but knowing the amount of experience this fella has, it wouldn’t surprise me if he turns a completely new page on the Invitational.

All in all, Team SoloMid could be a strong contender in group B. However, we’re talking about arguably the toughest group on the event, featuring Rogue, Spacestation, NaVi, and TSM. I for sure wouldn’t want to be in there…

Team Liquid

Let’s take a trip down south and say a thing or two about the most promising Latin American organization, Team Liquid. Even though the region was dominated by Nip and FaZe, it seems as though Team Liquid is finally catching up with them.

Even though HSnamuringa isn’t showing off his individual brilliance, Team Liquid is holding its ground in the EPL S11 LATAM pretty well. At the moment, they’re in the second place with thirteen points, the same as NiP above them. However, the tensions are high in the LATAM region, with the first four teams separated by just two points; make that four for the first six teams.

If NESKWGA and Paluh can go on with their EPL dominance and successfully transition it to Six Invitational 2020, Team Liquid will be among the favorites. They’re in group C with Giants, MIBR, and their biggest EPL rivals, NiP. I’m expecting thrilling group C encounters from start to finish, to the joy of Six Invitational 2020 betting enthusiasts worldwide.


Rogue Esports LogoIf you’re interested in Six Invitational 2020 betting, betting on Rogue might be your best bet, pun intended! We’re talking about the best ESL Pro League S11 EU team at the moment. In fact, Rogue has been so good thus far that they are yet to lose a match. Yep, AceeZ and the boys have four wins and three draws. It’s not the ideal midseason result, but it’s still a lossless campaign worthy of the top spot.

According to Six Invitational 2020 betting sites, Rogue isn’t among the favorites to win this event. However, I’d like to argue that… and no worries, I will; down below in the outright betting section. For now, let’s just say this German roster has the upset potential needed for a proper surprise!

Outright Betting on Six Invitational 2020

Coming into this event, Team Empire proudly stands as the best R6S team in the world, according to! Even though the Russian organization failed to reach ESL Pro League S10 Finals, they’re still the number one team in the world. How so? Well, they had plenty of headroom prior to the ESL R6S spectacle, having won Six Major Raleigh, all three seasons of Russian Major League, as well as ESL Pro League S9 Finals in May 2019.

Judging by the overall quality of Empire’s roster and their ability to close out even the most difficult of matches, Rainbow Six betting sites see them as the clear favorites for taking the Six Invitational 2020 title. BetWay, you can read our BetWay Review here, has them at +280, which is quite flattering considering the closest contestants, Liquid and TSM, both sitting at +600.

Honestly, knowing all three of these teams, it can be anyone’s event. While +600 and +280 aren’t low odds by any means, they don’t possess that much value considering the qualities of certain middle-of-the-pack sides.

Can NaVi Build on Their ESL Glory?

Take NaVi as the perfect example – they were the surprising ESL Pro League S10 Finals champions after being in the R6S scene for less than a year. True, their road to the finals hasn’t been that difficult, but being consistent and winning such a major trophy takes a lot of skill. I have to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve gone with a solo ticket featuring NaVi to win Six Invitational 2020 at +1600. It’s a long-shot, I know, but I just couldn’t see +1600 on NaVi go to waste. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to convince you to bet on Natus Vincere to win outright here. All I’m saying is that there’s definitely more value on that wager than on, let’s say, Team Empire at +280.

Rogue Stepping up for the Occasion

Another prime candidate for the title is Rogue. At the moment, BetWay has them at +1000 which is a lot considering the form these guys are in. A quick reminder – they are yet to lose a single match in EPL EU, having four wins and three draws thus far. Rogue is at the top spot (two points above Empire) with seven rounds of matches still to go.

If the dynamic German duo, AceeZ, and risze continue their outstanding Pro League EU form, I could see Rogue taking the Six Invitational title. It’s a long shot, I know, but at +1000, it’s just another wager I can’t let go to waste.

Six Invitational 2020 Winner: Rogue (+1000)
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