StarLadder Major Berlin Challengers Stage Betting Picks

Esports betting is growing strong! And even though there’s plenty of new esports titles out there with massive communities, CS:GO is still among the most popular ones. We’re not just talking about the popularity of the game, but its betting sphere too, especially when there’s a huge event like the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 around the corner. The next installment of the CS:GO Major Championship is just a few days away, and our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks are here to tell you all about the eight opening matches!

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Event Information

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 kicks off this Friday, August 23rd, and will last until Sunday, September 8th. The event is split up in three stages, the Challengers Stage, the Legends Stage, and the Champions Stage. The first two stages are identical format-wise, with the only difference being the competing teams. Each stage features 16 teams battling for the top half placement in a Swiss-system format. The top eight teams advance to the second stage where eight Current Legends join them.

The final stage is a single-elimination bracket featuring eight best teams from the Legends Stage. All Champions Stage matches are best of 3 series and, since we’re talking about a single-elimination bracket here, there’s no room for mistakes.

StarLadder Berlin is Valve’s 15th CS:GO Major Championship, and the first ever in Berlin. The mesmerizing Mercedes-Benz Arena will be the host venue for the Champions Stage while Verti Music Hall will host the initial Swiss stages.

StarLadder Major Challengers Stage Betting Picks

For people looking to get the most out of their initial StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 tickets, our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks are a no-brainer. They feature the best info on all competing teams as well as crucial stats, past head-to-head matches and backstories leading up to their Challengers Stage fixtures.

Let’s take a closer look at all eight Round 1 matches! Keep in mind, though, stats in the tables reflect on the last few months of competitive play and are somewhat subjective (strongest/weakest maps and key players). That said, let’s dive right on in!

Vitality vs. Syman

In recent months, Team Vitality went from a top 10 outcast to one of the most prominent names on the competitive scene. The downfall of Astralis and the rise of Vitality happened at roughly the same time, and I would be delighted to see them square off against each other cometh the Legends Stage. However, Vitality has to reach the second stage, and Syman appears to be their first obstacle.

Stats Vitality Syman
H2H Matches 0W 1W
Recent Form 6W 4L 3W 7L
Strongest Map Overpass Overpass
Weakest Map Mirage Inferno
Last Roster Change December 2018 March 2019
Key Player ZywOo Perfecto

Team Vitality is currently the second-best CS:GO team in the world. Their recent trophy-winning performances, and late-playoffs finishes, pushed them into the limelight with only Team Liquid above them. Their 6/4 W/L form isn’t a good representation of their track record. Their scalps are fantastic: Astralis, ENCE, NRG, and even Team Liquid. If Vitality players are playing up to their potential, there are very few teams that can stand a chance against them.

Syman is not one of them. As far as the Challengers Stage teams go, I dare to say Syman stands out as the most likely contestant to end up with a clean 0-3 elimination. Coming into this event, Syman experienced a lot of issues within their region. In the last five matches, they only snatched a single win. It’s safe to say their opposition were all tier B teams. In fact, Tier C is more like it.

Still, take all that with a grain of salt when deciding your StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks. Syman defeated Vitality in their only head-to-head match… Just kidding! That match was played way back in 2018 and featured different rosters as well as a map that’s no longer a part of the official map pool. All in all, this ZywOo-based Team Vitality is a proper fragging machine, and I can’t see Syman taking more than a few rounds.

Vitality Winning Margin 11-15 Rounds at +110
Vitality & Under 26.5 Rounds at -182

NRG vs. DreamEaters

Next up, we have NRG vs. DreamEaters. NRG is currently ranked as the sixth-best team in the world and is right up there with Team Vitality as far as the best Challengers Stage teams are concerned. They have been a tough team to play against these last few months. With Ethan and Brehze doing their fair share of work, and CerQ doing his AWPing bits, NRG seems like a well-oiled machine that will most likely stomp over the DreamEaters.

Stats NRG DreamEaters
H2H Matches NA NA
Recent Form 6W 3L 1D 7W 3L
Strongest Map Train Inferno
Weakest Map Inferno Overpass
Last Roster Change June 2019 December 2018
Key Player Brehze Speed4k

DreamEaters is a surprising contestant coming from the CIS region. I expected Team Spirit instead, but S0tF1k and the boys made a huge mess on the CIS Minors. In come DreamEaters, a pretty static team that’s good across all departments but excels at none. Inferno is their map of choice, but I expect NRG to ban it straight away since it’s been one of their worst map choices in recent months.

In other words, NRG should have no issues in the banning phase. Their individual and team performance make them the superior team on all maps except Inferno. Knowing the form they’re in, I doubt they’ll allow DreamEaters a lot of breathing space.

The biggest issue here is finding CS:GO betting sites that offer the best odds on NRG winning margins. Make sure you don’t go with the first option you come across. Take your time, explore your choices, and compare all major esports betting sites. Once you’re satisfied with the odds, go for it!

NRG Winning Margin 6-10 at +100
NRG & Under 26.5 Rounds at -125

G2 vs. TYLOO

As we’re going through these StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks, the matchups will keep getting more intense. That’s because of the nature of the seeding system based on the HLTV World Rankings. In other words, the three following matches all have the potential to be neck and neck.

Stats G2 TYLOO
H2H Matches 4 W 0W
Recent Form 9W 1L 9W 1L
Strongest Map Dust II Mirage
Weakest Map Inferno Overpass
Last Roster Change March 2019 June 2019
Key Player KennyS Somebody

G2 vs. TYLOO is going to be an exciting match, that’s for sure. We’re talking about two teams that already played four head-to-head games. G2 is obviously the bigger team here, so it comes as no surprise to see them take all four wins. However, G2 hasn’t played a single competitive match in over a month. That ought to show in their first match against TYLOO.

The China-based team, on the other hand, played nine competitive matches in August and had just one loss (against ViCi). TYLOO players’ mindsets are already in full competitive mode while G2 players ought to feel a bit rusty at the start of the Berlin spectacle.

Individually, there’s no point in denying G2’s superiority. With in-form kennyS who’s bound to show all his might and shox as the supporting fragger, rusty G2 will still be a tough cookie to crack for the best Chinese CS:GO team.

G2 vs. TYLOO is going to be an intense match from start to finish. Depending on the leftover map (most likely Dust II), we could even see overtime. If not OT, then definitely a high-round count match. While I do give G2 a slight advantage because of their international experience, be careful with your picks as this could be anyone’s match. The rounds over bet seems like a much more viable option. Check out our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks for this match below.

Rounds Over 26.5 at -112
G2 & Over 26.5 at +175

North vs. INTZ

Talking about intense matches, North vs. INTZ won’t be any different. This will be the first head-to-head match featuring these two teams and it’s bound to be hectic. North is coming off mediocre performances within the last month. INTZ, on the other hand, is in a slump but could make a comeback in StarLadder Major Berlin 2019.

Stats North INTZ
H2H Matches NA NA
Recent Form 5W 5L 3W 7L
Strongest Map Inferno Train
Weakest Map Mirage Inferno
Last Roster Change May 2019 January 2019
Key Player Valde kNgV-

Over the last few months, valde has been the biggest virtue of North. He’s been dictating their games, developing new strats, and led his team to a semifinal finish in ECS S7 Finals in June. His fragging is also phenomenal, right up there with Kjaerbye. However, North hasn’t played a single competitive match in almost a month, and it could show in their opening game against INTZ. However, considering INTZ’s poor run of form, I doubt North’s lack of competitive action will stop them from stomping all over the weak Brazilian team.

Unlike North, INTZ has been very active in August. Unfortunately, their active mentality didn’t work. They lost four of their last Bo3 matches, taking only a single map. With just a few days to go until INTZ’s opening match against North, I doubt the Brazilians will get back to their feet.

That said, betting on North seems to be the ideal option here. The odds are pretty good, considering INTZ’s poor run of form, so there’s no need to go fancy with specials. For our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks, a simple match-winner on North should suffice.

North to Win at -400

FURIA vs. HellRaisers

Moving on with other StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks, we have FURIA vs. HellRaisers. This is yet another close encounter that pins the best Brazilian team (sorry MIBR) against a solid contender in CIS region… Or is it? Coming into this match, FURIA is the heavy favorite due to their impressive run of form in recent months. Just a reminder, FURIA reached the semifinals on DH Masters Dallas and grand finals of ECS S7 Finals where they lost against Team Vitality. The HellRaisers lost eight out of their last 10 matches.

Stats FURIA HellRaisers
H2H Matches 0W 2W
Recent Form 8W 2L 2W 8L
Strongest Map Nuke Overpass
Weakest Map Train Inferno
Last Roster Change October 2018 April 2019
Key Player KSCERATO Oskar

Yep, Oskar and the boys are not enjoying their gameplay at the moment. In fact, if it wasn’t for their IEM Katowice Major performance, I highly doubt they’d end up qualifying for Berlin. And I’m not just talking about their last 10 matches. The entirety of 2019 was one disaster after another for HR. Even though their roster refresh was packed with solid moves, I doubt they’ll do much against in-form FURIA.

Furia to Win at -250

Mousesports vs. forZe

ForZe is a solid, middle-of-the-pack CIS side coming into this tournament with excellent form. Xsepower has been at the top of his game as ForZe stomped everyone in their region. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll get more of the same against Mousesports. This new mouz roster looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to see their first game in Berlin. They might stomp on poor forZe and make their Challengers Stage presence felt.

Stats Mousesports ForZe
H2H Matches NA NA
Recent Form 6W 4L 9W 1L
Strongest Map Train Nuke
Weakest Map Nuke Overpass
Last Roster Change March 2019 September 2018
Key Player Woxic xsepower

The arrival of karrigan, woxic, and frozen (and coach Rejin later on) marked the beginning of a new Mouesports era. Last time out, chrisJ and the company failed to qualify for the Major, which was one of the biggest surprises echoing through the EU sphere. This time around, their Minor story was superb and they look to be set for the Legends Stage.

The qualification itself must mean a lot to ForZe as this is their first-ever Major. This is actually their first proper top-tier international competition. Experience is not precisely their strongside, and Mousesports ought to use that to their advantage.

As far as StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks are concerned, betting on Mousesports is the only way to go. If you’re feeling fancy, you might want to pair it up with a rounds under bet. It’s slightly riskier but possesses excellent value in my book.

Mousesports to Win at -167
Mousesports & Under 26.5 Rounds at +200

AVANGAR vs. Complexity

AVANGAR was one of Katowice’s breakthrough teams. Jame and the boys defeated FURIA, G2, and TYLOO for a place in the Legends Stage. They showed their prowess there too, beating NRG and FaZe but ultimately ending without a place in the last eight. In their Berlin opening match, they’ll face off against rebranded Complexity led by two new arrivals—oBo and SicK.

Stats AVANGAR Complexity
H2H Matches 1W 0W
Recent Form 6W 4L 3W 7L
Strongest Map Inferno Mirage
Weakest Map Mirage Dust II
Last Roster Change June 2019 June 2019
Key Player Jame oBo

One of NA’s hottest prospects, Owen “oBo” Schlatter, has established himself as the driving force of this rebranded Complexity roster. He arrived in June right before his 16th birthday and already has a series of excellent performances. If he manages to transition his form to Berlin, he could be Complexity’s lucky charm to a victory against AVANGAR.

As for the map pool, Mirage ought to be AVANGAR’s first map. Not only has Mirage been one of their weakest maps in 2019, but it’s also Complexity’s most energetic map. We can expect either Nuke or Overpass for this one. Either way, AVANGAR vs. Complexity is going to be anyone’s contest. This match is proper overtime material!

Total Rounds Over 26.5 at -125
Overtime at +375

CR4ZY vs. Grayhound

The last matchup of our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks is CR4ZY vs. Grayhound. Two lesser-known teams that are yet to make a proper mark on top tier international competitions. Grayhound is one of the top Oceania teams and has been for quite a while. CR4ZY, ex Valiance, is an up-and-coming EU team representing the Balkan region, known for their aggressive play style and wicked strats.

As far as the stats go, here’s how these two teams square up:

Stats CR4ZY Grayhound
H2H Matches NA NA
Recent Form 6W 4L 6W 4L
Strongest Map Mirage Inferno
Weakest Map Inferno Mirage
Last Roster Change November 2018 March 2019
Key Player HuNter Sico

Both teams have the same success throughout their last 10 matches, six wins, and four losses. However, the Balkan boys had tougher opponents since they had to go through the EU Minors to reach the Major. CR4ZY was the team that broke Fnatic’s superb record of playing at every CS:GO Major Championship held thus far. Grayhound, on the other hand, didn’t have any major scalps but was still pretty solid, winning the Asian Minor without much hassle.

Coming into this match, Grayhound will hope their newest addition, Sico, continues his splendid run of form. In the last three months, Sico gathered impressive numbers across roughly 30 maps (+144 k/d difference and 1.36 k/d ratio). Grayhound will need better numbers if they want to win against CR4ZY.

The Balkan squad won’t go down that quickly, though. Nexa, HuNter, and company are at an all-time high, finally reaching the Major and doing so by breaking a record as old as the competition itself. Even though their recent 10-match form doesn’t show it, their form is at its peak. As their name suggests, we’re talking about an aggressive, ruthless bunch that can duel, outpeek, and outplay the best of them.

It will be interesting to see the ban phase of this matchup. As you can see in the table above, these two teams have a proper mismatch in terms of most reliable and weakest maps. Dust II and Nuke seem like the most likely maps for this encounter. Both sides have been performing reliably, so this matchup might be a lot closer than most people think. Keep that in mind when making any StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks.

Total Maps Over 26.5 at -106
CR4ZY & Over 26.5 Rounds at +160
Overtime at +550


It doesn’t take a genius to realize what a spectacle this CS:GO Major Championship will be. In fact, all it takes is a good look at the list of first round matches and it all becomes pretty clear. That said, our StarLadder Major Challengers Stage betting picks weren’t easy to put together. There are several neck and neck contests. While I don’t expect any significant surprises early on, it will be interesting to see how this Swiss-system format pans out for the second round of matches.

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