StarLadder Major Legends Stage Betting Preview and Predictions

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Our Legends Stage betting predictions are here!

If you’re looking to get in on the thrilling CS:GO betting action during the StarLadder Major Berlin Legends Stage but have nowhere to farm for stats and other relevant info, you’re in the right place! Our in-depth take at the exciting Berlin spectacle ought to bring you right up to speed!

Before jumping straight to our Legends Stage betting predictions though, we’ll first go through the most popular esports sites and the reasons behind their popularity!

Where to Bet on StarLadder Major Legends Stage | Best CS:GO Bookies

For starters, numerous sites are offering vast numbers of betting options on CS:GO matches, especially during high-profile events such as this one. However, many of these places don’t offer an ideal CS:GO betting experience.

Whether we’re talking about below-average odds, inadequate customer support, or a train wreck of a website (navigation-wise), the results are always the same. These types of bookies can’t provide a substantial betting experience and will just drive you away from betting on CS:GO.

That said, if you’re looking for the ideal place to bet on StarLadder Major, our list of the best CS:GO betting sites ought to help you out.

Whether you’re an experienced esports betting enthusiast or you’re just starting out, that guide will do you a world of good.

Challengers Stage Recap

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Challengers Stage was a hectic one. We’ve witnessed a ton of surprises right off the bat, with the likes of Team Vitality and NRG, arguably the two favorite teams, losing against complete outsiders in the opening round of matches.

Even though these two CS:GO giants showed up for the occasion later on and successfully qualified for the next stage, their initial performances left much to be desired.

On the bright side, CR4ZY, an exciting Balkan team, was the biggest surprise, clinching the Legends Stage for the first time with 3-1 as the final score. It could’ve been 3-0, but North came out on top in the third round decider Bo3 after more than 50 rounds of pure thrill on Inferno.

Here’s the list of all eight teams that qualified via the Challengers Stage:

  • Vitality
  • NRG
  • North
  • Mousesports
  • G2
  • CR4ZY
  • DreamEaters

Here’s the list of organizations dubbed as the Current Legends:

  • Astralis
  • Team Liquid
  • ENCE
  • NaVi
  • FaZe
  • MIBR
  • Renegades
  • NiP

These 16 teams will compete in the next stage, and you can check out our Legends Stage betting predictions for their opening matches right down below!

Legends Stage Betting Predictions

Before we start going through the predictions, it’s important to note that all eight of these matches are packing top-tier teams. Some of them have come here through the Challengers Stage while others are a bit rustier (no competitive games in recent weeks) since they have the privilege of being the Current Legends.

Despite the lack of competitive matches for some of these teams, we can still expect neck and neck matches throughout this phase of the event. Hopefully, our Legends Stage betting predictions will be on point and do you a world of good as far as your betting picks are concerned.

That said, let’s dive right into the StarLadder Major Legends Stage betting predictions!


ENCE vs AVANGAR is the opening Legends Stage match featuring two solid contestants. Before IEM Katowice Major, these two teams were in the tier-B section with no real international aspirations going forward. However, ENCE made a breakthrough in Poland, becoming the biggest sensation in the history of CS:GO and almost going all the way. AVANGAR, on the other hand, was a substantial surprise too, reaching the Legends Stage but ultimately failing to qualify for the last eight.

Recent Head-to-Head Wins 1W 1W
Last Five Matches 3W 2L 3W 2L
Most Picked Map Train Mirage
Most Banned Map Cache Nuke
Key Player(s) sergej, allu qikert, jame

As far as individual qualities go, these two teams are pretty neck and neck. Allu and sergej on one end, qikert and jame on the other. Teamwork-wise, ENCE seems like a much better competitor, especially looking back at their recent campaigns in Chicago and Dallas where they almost went all the way on both occasions (both grand finals losses against Team Liquid).

It will be interesting to see which map these teams go for. As you can see in the table above, Train and Mirage are their favorite picks, but I doubt we’ll see them in this Bo1 matchup. Instead, I believe we’ll either see Vertigo or Dust II, not because these two teams are particularly good at them, but because they’ll both look to outban their opposition’s picks in the banning phase.

Either way, ENCE is the favorite team for Legends Stage betting predictions. Despite the fact they didn’t have a proper competitive match since mid-July (whereas AVANGAR played five CLS matches last week), sergej and allu should lead their teams to their opening-round victory.

ENCE Match Winner at -223

Astralis vs DreamEaters

Moving on with our Legends Stage betting predictions, we have Astralis vs DreamEaters. The former best CS:GO team in the world is coming up against a total outsider that managed to defeat two Top 10 teams in the Challengers Stage and will be looking for more of the same in the Legends Stage. Astralis would be one hell of a scalp for this tenacious CIS side.

Stats Astralis DreamEaters
Recent Head-to-Head Wins NA NA
Last Five Matches 3W 2L 3W 2L
Most Picked Map Inferno Inferno
Most Banned Map Cache Nuke
Key Player(s) dev1ce Krad

However, I really can’t see that happening. Even though Astralis is nowhere near their brilliant track record from 2018 and early 2019, they’re still a level (even two levels) above teams such as DreamEaters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle or underestimate the DreamEaters. They did a fantastic job in the Challengers Stage, but I firmly believe their run of form will end pretty soon.

Teams like Astralis are too big of a bite for Krad and the company. Mediocre displays by NRG and Vitality helped DreamEaters make a sensational CLS qualification. However, Astralis is Astralis… And the Great Danes won’t give much breathing space for this, at times very aggressive, CIS side.

However, with match winner odds on Astralis at -667, I really can’t recommend this unless we’re talking about a lengthy accumulator. Otherwise, you might be better off with a small stake DreamEaters at +375 and hope for one of the biggest upsets right in the opening Legends Stage round.

If you’re not afraid of CS:GO special Bets, total rounds under 26.5 might be the ideal bet value-wise. At -167, it seems like the perfect solution for everyone who feels the match winners just aren’t worth the hassle here.

Astralis Match Winner at -667 (for accumulators)
Total Rounds Under 26.5 at -167

NRG vs Renegades

NRG vs Renegades is the next matchup we’re going to be discussing here. As most of you know, NRG had a proper rollercoaster in the Challengers Stage after experiencing a massive shock in the opening round. Luckily for all NA fans, brehze and the boys managed to pull themselves back together and qualify for the Legends Stage with style. Coming into this phase of StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, NRG’s first obstacle is Renegades. How will these two teams square off in this best of one matchup?

Stats NRG Renegades
Recent Head-to-Head Wins 21W 10W
Last Five Matches 4W 1L 1W 4L
Most Picked Map Overpass Mirage
Most Banned Map Dust II Overpass
Key Player(s) Brehze jks

Well, I am certain NRG will go 1-0 here. Renegades are a solid team, no doubt about that, but their performances in recent months leave much to be desired. They are nowhere near the form they were in during the Katowice Major, and I reckon they’re solid 0-3 Pick’em material as far as Legends Stage betting predictions go.

Even though jks and jkaem are doing their best, the rest of their team isn’t budging, and it’s showing off big time. NRG, on the other hand, had their Berlin shock early on and they managed to overcome it, meaning their mental game will be on point coming into this match.

Another reason why I believe NRG will dominate Renegades is the sheer number of head-to-head wins they have. Additionally, their map pool is much deeper than that of Renegades, leaving the Aussies with very limited map selection going forward.

NRG Match Winner at -250

Liquid vs CR4ZY

Without a doubt, Liquid vs CR4ZY is the beauty of the opening round of Legends Stage matches. The best team in the world goes up against an up and coming challenger with high expectations. It’s no secret that this CR4ZY side desires to reach the Champions Stage after a historical success in the Minors and the Challengers Stage. However, can the Balkan boys overcome the most robust team in the world?

Stats Liquid CR4ZY
Recent Head to Head Wins NA NA
Last Five Matches 5W 0L 4W 1L
Most Picked Map Inferno Mirage
Most Banned Map Train Overpass
Key Player(s) EliGE huNter

According to stats and recent performances (and the quality of their recent opponents), Team Liquid should see this one through without too many issues. EliGE, NAF, and the rest of the boys in blue are proper forces to be reckoned with, and they’ve shown that multiple times in 2019. They finally broke their second-place curse and dethroned Astralis off the rankings, establishing themselves as the team to play against.

However, I’d like to argue in CR4ZY’s favor here. We’re talking about an insanely aggressive team with unpredictable map movement and seemingly crazy rotations that ought to confuse Liquid, especially because Liquid has a severe lack of competitive play in recent weeks. Of course, their boot camp should take care of such issues, but in my books, no amount of training and boot camp sessions can do as good of a job as proper competitive play.

And, my oh my, CR4ZY got a fair share of competitive play last week. Coming into the Challengers Stage, not many people expected them to go through. I was pointing out their individual brilliance and crazy in-game tactics as possible Challengers Stage sensations… And let’s just say, I was right.

Coming into their opening Legends Stage match against Liquid, I’m going with CR4ZY for this one. A lack of competitive play, an in-form opposition, and a best of one contest create the perfect mix for a potential upset story.

Additionally, match winner odds on CR4ZY are pretty solid at +280. They’re viable for both single bets and accumulators, making this match a proper beauty for both entertainment and esports betting.

CR4ZY Match Winner at +280

Vitality vs North

Ahhh… Vitality, the most robust Challengers Stage team that almost got eliminated by total outsiders. If it wasn’t for ZywOo’s brilliance, I think this Vitality roster would already be packing their bags and heading home. However, with two consecutive wins in their last two matches, Team Vitality is on an upward spiral and have the chance of snowballing straight through to the Legends Stage.

Stats Vitality North
Recent Head to Head Wins 2W 4W
Last Five Matches 3W 2L 4W 1L
Most Picked Map Overpass Inferno
Most Banned Map Train Cache
Key Player(s) ZywOo Kjaerbye

Vitality’s first Legends Stage obstacle is North, a promising Danish team that went 3-0 in the Challengers Stage after beating CR4ZY in what was the most nerve-racking CLS matchup. How will these two teams square off in their opening Legends Stage match? Well, CS:GO betting sites point Vitality as slight favorites coming into this matchup.

However, I’d like to argue in North’s defense for these Legends Stage betting predictions. Their Challengers Stage performance was brilliant and much better than their French counterparts. Furthermore, their head-to-head matches pan slightly in North’s favor, adding another reason to bet on the Danes.

As far as Legends Stage betting predictions for this particular match are concerned, I’d advise you to stay away from the typical match winner bets. Instead, go for something like total maps over 26.5, which yields better value and should come through knowing both individual and team-based strengths of these two teams.

Vitality vs North is going to be a close match, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another overtime nail-biter. That said, here are my picks:

Total Maps Over 26.5 at -134
Overtime at +350

FaZe vs Mousesports

FaZe vs Mousesports is going to be another neck and neck match that could go either way. Even though FaZe Clan is the stronger team on paper, StarLadder Major bookies point Mousesports as the favorites. And rightly so, Mousesports went 3-0 in the Challengers Stage while FaZe Clan didn’t have proper competitive matches in quite a while. Moreover, their recent campaigns were pretty lousy, too, further boosting bookies’ claims of Mouz as the favorite side in this equation.

Stats FaZe Mousesports
Recent Head to Head Wins 21W 24W
Last Five Matches 2W 3L 5W 0L
Most Picked Map Mirage Mirage
Most Banned Map Nuke Overpass
Key Player(s) NiKo ropz

How will NiKo perform against his old team? Well, even though his last competitive action was a long time ago, I still believe NiKo will be the best fragger in this match. His mechanical skills, peeking abilities, and game sense will be of crucial importance for FaZe. Despite all that, I still fancy Mousesports’ chances of winning this one.

Their head-to-head matchups back my claims, with Mousesports being more successful with 24 wins against FaZe’s 21. Knowing these two teams, they’ll most likely end up playing on their most energetic map, Mirage. While FaZe Clan’s Mirage performances did drop in 2019, they’ll still be threatening. On the other end, Mousesports’ aggressive plays and patient CT sides ought to swing this match in their favor.

Mousesports Match Winner at –167
Mousesports Winning Margin 2-5 at +140

NaVi vs G2

Moving on with our Legends Stage betting predictions, the next match we’ll be discussing is Natus Vincere vs G2 Esports. The Frenchmen had a solid Challengers Stage campaign and managed to qualify without too much hassle. Even though they lost their third-round decider against Mousesports, victories against ForZe, DreamEaters, and TYLOO were enough to send them through to the Legends Stage. Now, they’re here, and NaVi is their first obstacle? Can kennyS find his form once again and conquer the world’s best fragger, s1mple?

Stats NaVI G2
Recent Head to Head Wins 22W 22W
Last Five Matches 3W 2L 3W 2L
Most Picked Map Train Dust II
Most Banned Map Cache Mirage
Key Player(s) s1mple kennyS

I think he can! Once again, I believe the lack of competitive play will be the deciding factor. NaVi didn’t play a single competitive match in almost two months, and that ought to show against G2. The French side, on the other hand, will come into this match guns blazing thanks to brilliant CLS performances last week.

At the moment, these two teams are all squared in terms of H2H matches. Additionally, there’s a massive mismatch in terms of their map pools, so I’m eager to see how the banning phase pans out. Unless we see Mirage as this Bo1’s map of choice, I reckon G2 will emerge as the winners and head onward to Round 2 with 1-0 as their score.

G2 Match Winner at +110


The last Legends Stage betting predictions we’re going to discuss revolves around MIBR vs NiP. On a regular occasion, MIBR would be the heavy favorite coming into this match. However, with coldzera out of the equation and zews (coach) stepping in as the temporary replacement, I fancy NiP’s chances of going 1-0 here.

Stats MIBR NiP
Recent Head to Head Wins 3W 2W
Last Five Matches 2W 3L 2W 3L
Most Picked Map Mirage Overpass
Most Banned Map Nuke Inferno
Key Player(s) FalleN, fer f0rest

It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure! With zews playing instead of Coldzera, MIBR did lose a fantastic, mechanically-impeccable fragger. But they got a great supporting player who can both lead and provide a reliable number of frags. If, of course, he focused on his aim during the boot camp.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, on the other hand, has roster issues of their own. Golden will be a stand-in for Plopski who is ineligible to compete for NiP since he already played for Team Ancient in the qualifying stages. Needless to say, this could impact NiP’s performance in Berlin, and could potentially result in a 0-1 against MIBR.

With both teams suffering from roster issues, I reckon this match could go either way. That’s why the ideal option here is to go for a prop that isn’t based around the match outcome. Of course, I’m referring to total maps over which sits comfortably at -145!

Total Maps Over 26.5 at -145

Outright Betting on StarLadder Major Berlin 2019

As usual, we’ll wrap our Legends Stage betting predictions with some outright betting tips!

Coming into the Legends Stage, not much has changed as far as the outrights betting odds are concerned. Most Challengers Stage favorites went through (except FURIA), and we’re going to have more than a fair share of exciting matches going forward.

As far as outright picks are concerned, I’d suggest you wait and see how the first round of matches pan out, especially if you’re thinking of betting on the likes of Astralis and Team Liquid. They’re considered the main favorites to win StarLadder Major, and their opening matches seem rather tricky. They’re going up against CR4ZY and DreamEaters, Challengers Stage underdogs that proved their worth and are coming into the Legends Stage with high expectations.

If you’re looking for dark horse picks, CR4ZY and FaZe Clan seem like ideal options. They possess exceptional value and could shape up to be excellent Champions Stage contestants, if they manage to qualify, of course.

Alongside outrights, BetWay offers a vast number of specials for you to explore. We’re talking individual, player-based specials, round-per-round wagers, and a ton of additional props to spice up your watching experience.

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Legends Stage is going to be a real spectacle, so make sure you don’t miss out on the exciting esports betting action provided by some of the best CS:GO bookies out there!

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