StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Picks, Betting Sites, and Quarterfinals Analyses

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Since most of you are already starting your StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting endeavors, it’s only logical we provide some insight into the upcoming set of quarterfinals matches. No worries, they start on Thursday, meaning there’s still time to place your bets.

What is there to say about the upcoming playoffs? Well, judging by the Legends Stage action, anything could happen. The heavy favorites struggled to advance, with some of the lesser-known teams wreaking havoc and putting up excellent displays. Overall, the Legends Stage was packed with surprises, and it was rather tricky nailing down correct CS:GO bets.

However, all playoffs matches will be played as Bo3 contests, ensuring a much lower chance of upsets. There aren’t any massive underdogs coming into this phase, but still…

We will give you proper insight into all four matches as well as an in-depth look at stats, recent games, and the overall forms of the teams in question. Furthermore, it will also feature StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting picks and advice for esports betting enthusiasts on how to approach each quarterfinals match bet.

Where to Place Bets | Best StarLadder Major Quarterfinals Betting Sites

The biggest issue troubling many esports betting enthusiasts is finding proper CS:GO betting sites. Even in this day in age, finding the optimal betting platforms can be challenging. The main reason behind this is the sheer abundance of lousy betting sites that don’t offer a worthwhile StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting experience.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of information, fake online reviews, and fishy websites that are only in it for the money. If you want a proper betting experience during the final stage of StarLadder Major Berlin, make sure you check out our comprehensive guide on the best CS:GO betting sites!

It might not feature the most extensive array of options, but you can rest assured those featured are the crème de la crème of what the CS:GO betting industry has to offer at the moment. You won’t be disappointed!

Champions Stage Preview | Interesting Facts

  • G2 and FaZe Clan are the biggest disappointments of the Legends Stage. They were both eliminated by Renegades, a team many thought wouldn’t go too far considering their form (or the lack thereof) in recent months.
  • The biggest surprises of the Legends Stage were Renegades and AVANGAR, two lesser-known teams that showed off excellent tenacity and reached the Champions Stage with proper style. They are obviously the underdogs coming into their quarterfinals matches, but who knows, perhaps they’ll pose as robust teams going forward.
  • There are only eight teams left at this point in the competition. They’re set to face tight Bo3 contests until the very end, with hopes of reaching the grand finals and making a proper name for themselves.

Tournament Format

After two Swiss-system format phases, the StarLadder Berlin Major switches to a single-elimination bracket with no room for mistakes. As stated above, only eight teams remain in the competition at this point, meaning the Champions Stage playoffs kick off with the quarterfinals. Additionally, all matches are Bo3 from now on, meaning chances of upsets are much lower than what was the case with Bo1’s in the first two stages of the event.

StarLadder Major Quarterfinals Betting Picks | Champions Stage

If you’re interested in StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting, this is the section you’ll learn the most from. It will go through all four quarterfinal matches and thoroughly analyze past performances, head-to-head matches, best/worst maps, and individual fragging potential. Hopefully, all these stats will give us enough concrete info to guide our StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting picks!

ENCE vs. Renegades Betting Predictions

The first StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting pick revolves around the opening Champions Stage match between ENCE and Renegades. Even though many predicted both of these teams wouldn’t make it past the Legends Stage, they’re both here and ready to make their presence known. However, only one will advance to the semifinals, and it’s my job to analyze their past form and assess their individual expertise (and experience) coming into this match.

Stats ENCE Renegades
H2H Wins 2W 3W
Legends Stage Form 3W 0L 3W 2L
Most Picked Map Train Mirage
Most Banned Map Cache* Overpass
Current Ranking 3rd 16th
Key Player(s) allu, sergej jkaem, Liazz

As you can see in the above-featured table, ENCE is currently ranked as the third-best team in the world, after passing the Legends Stage without a single loss. Their near-perfect matches against AVANGAR, MIBR, and Vitality pushed them forward, making them the heavy favorites in their quarterfinals match against the Aussies.

ENCE esports CSGO Team Logo

Renegades, on the other hand, are among the biggest surprises of the Legends Stage. Not only were they in terrible form ahead of the Berlin spectacle, but their initial two matches left much to be desired. Sure, both NRG and AVANGAR pulled away with the slightest of wins, but at the end of the day, a win is a win and Renegades had three Bo3s ahead of them to try and clinch the impossible. As you all know by now, they got back on winning ways by defeating DreamEaters, shocked the scene by eliminating FaZe, and created one of the biggest surprises by knocking out heavy favorites, G2.

Despite excellent displays across their last three matches, the Aussies will play against ENCE, a team which is one level above everyone Renegades has faced thus far. Both individually and team-based, ENCE is a more robust team. The tenacious Finns don’t make silly mistakes like FaZE and don’t rely too much on individual performances like G2. Allu and the boys should see this one through pretty quickly, probably without even needing the third map.

ENCE vs. Renegades Betting Predictions

  • ENCE Match-Winner at -350
  • Correct Score ENCE 2-0 at -125

Team Vitality vs. AVANGAR Betting Predictions

Even though Team Vitality’s path to the Champions Stage wasn’t as straightforward as they’d hoped for, the best French team is here with ZywOo and the boys craving to make a proper statement and reach the semifinals. AVANGAR is probably the opponent they hoped for. While I’m not trying to underestimate them, realistically speaking, they are the weakest team in the Champions Stage alongside Renegades. Can they make a surprise, just like they did in that Bo1 against Team Liquid?

Stats Vitality AVANGAR
H2H Wins 2W 1W
Legends Stage Form 3W 1L 3W 1L
Most Picked Map Overpass Mirage
Most Banned Map Train Nuke
Current Ranking 2nd 15th
Key Player(s) ZywOo jame

I doubt that’s going to be possible in a Bo3. Plus, Vitality plays the game much different than Team Liquid, and they already beat AVANGAR in May during ESL One Cologne. Yes, AVANGAR took the W during ECS Challenger Cup, but that match was nowhere near the importance of ESL One Cologne, not to mention the upcoming Major quarterfinals.

Team Vitality Logo

What I’m trying to say here is that this Vitality roster is going to come into this match guns blazing! This is one of the biggest stages on the pro CS:GO scene and AVANGAR just doesn’t have the capacity nor international experience that can counter Vitality’s machinery. Even Jame, who’s been absolutely brilliant in the Legends Stage, won’t be enough to turn this one in AVANGAR’s favor, especially when we take into account ZywOo who’s bound to show up for the occasion and show the world that he’s better than post-prime s1mple.

Yes, I’ve said it… ZywOo is better than s1mple and I reckon he’ll be the driving force leading Vitality to the semifinals and likely into the grand finals as well! That’s why, alongside the low-value match-winner betting tip, I’ve also pointed out an interesting player special for those of you who like high-risk high-reward wagers.

Team Vitality vs. AVANGAR Betting Predictions

  • Team Vitality Match-Winner at -400
  • ZywOo Map 1 Most Kills at +280

Astralis vs. Team Liquid Betting Predictions

Moving on with our StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting predictions, it’s time to focus on the most anticipated qf matchup that’s already being dubbed as the “grand finals before the grand finals.” Yep, Astralis vs. Team Liquid meet in the quarterfinals, and only one of these two CS:GO giants will be able to advance to the semifinals. Which of these two teams will prevail? Well, the table suggests Astralis to be the front-runner, but Team Liquid shouldn’t be taken for granted!

Stats Astralis Liquid
H2H Wins 23W 6W
Legends Stage Form 3W 1L 3W 2L
Most Picked Map Inferno Inferno
Most Banned Map Cache* Train
Current Ranking 4th 1st
Key Player(s) device EliGE

Team Liquid can’t deal with Astralis when it comes to the grand finals of notable events. In fact, their entire 2018 came down to an abundance of losses against the Great Danes, all of which happened in the grand finals. Liquid’s semifinals curse was real, and Twistzz and his blue boys did their best to put an end to it.

After a terrible elimination in Katowice (ENCE in the quarterfinals), Team Liquid started their magnificent run, winning seven trophies in three months, with Intel Grand Slam S2 being the biggest (and the most lucrative) one. With Stewie2K onboard, it seems as though this Team Liquid roster is finally capable of winning significant events. With that, they ought to be capable of defeating Astralis, too.

Team Liquid Logo

The last few H2H encounters went in Team Liquid’s favor. Ever since Astralis entered their post-Katowice slump, Team Liquid emerged as the dominant force, and there seems to be no stopping them. However, this is Astralis’ chance for redemption. They can continue where they left off in 2018, eliminating Team Liquid out of top-tier events and doing so in the most brilliant of fashions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only way out of this slump is to take down Team Liquid in a crucial contest…

The stakes are very high, there’s no doubt about that. Even though Astralis looked to be the better team throughout the Legends Stage, I still have to go with Team Liquid here for my StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting prediction. EliGE is looking unstoppable, and the rest of the roster plays well off each other, creating opportunities, making perfect rotations, and often winning seemingly impossible scenarios through wicked mind games. They’re the best in the business as far as these things are concerned, and for me, a simple match-winner bet on Team Liquid ought to do the trick. If you want to be all fancy, going with Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112 might be a worthy investment as well.

Astralis vs. Team Liquid Betting Predictions

  • Team Liquid Match-Winner at -134
  • Total Maps Over 2.5 at -112

Natus Vincere vs. NRG Esports Betting Predictions

The last StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting prediction revolves around the fourth and final qf matchup, Natus Vincere vs. NRG Esports. We’re talking about two exciting teams bearing completely different approaches to their matches. If you’re an esports betting enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this one is going to be a particularly tricky wager to decide. The stats favor NaVi, but recent results swing in NRG’s way, nicely spicing up this closing qf contest.

Stats NaVi NRG
H2H Wins 4W 0W
Legends Stage Form 3W 2L 3W 0L
Most Picked Map Inferno Overpass
Most Banned Map Cache* Dust II
Current Ranking 6th 5th
Key Player(s) s1mple Brehze, CeRq

There’s nothing much to say about NRG’s Legends Stage performance, really. Brehze, CeRq, and the boys swept through the competition, beating both Astralis and Team Liquid on their way to secure the playoffs without a single loss. They played perfect CS:GO, and I’m not even exaggerating. Their rotations, duels, peeks, and individual performances were all top-notch. Despite facing the toughest opponents on the entire event, the newly rebranded NRG clinched win after a win, displaying stellar performances throughout the stage.

Natus Vincere CSGO Team Logo

On the other hand, NaVi had a fair share of underwhelming performances and barely made it through to the Champions Stage. To be honest, they were really lucky to pull back on level terms on Inferno against the mighty CR4ZY. The biggest reason for their lackluster performances in Berlin was the complete absence of s1mple. The 21-year-old Ukrainian fragger, often dubbed as the world’s best CS:GO player, failed to show up for the majority of his team’s five Legends Stage matches.

Chances are high he won’t show up against NRG. Even though he’s one of the best in the business, he’s been struggling with inconsistency lately. His Berlin displays leave much to be desired and, in my books, open the door for NRG’s semifinals run. It’s going to be a close match, that’s for sure, but I’m confident NRG will continue their stellar run of form in Berlin and clinch the semifinals without too many issues.

Natus Vincere vs. NRG Esports Betting Predictions

  • NRG Match-Winner at -143

Champions Stage Betting Specials

For our StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting picks, I’m going with ENCE, Vitality, Liquid, and NRG. Alongside those match-winner bets, I also pointed out several props such as correct score and player specials.

However, the good folk over at BetWay (feel free to check out our BetWay Review) went out of their way to feature a BetWay Boost for the upcoming StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting options.

Here’s what they’re offering:

  • ENCE and Vitality Both to Win at +100
  • NRG and Liquid Both to Win at +300

These are basically two double bets with decent value considering the qualities of all four favorites. The stats are suggesting all four of these teams should win, and betting on these BetWay Boosts might just be the ideal solution for people who aren’t fans of above-featured props.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it as far as our StarLadder Major quarterfinals betting picks and match analyses are concerned. With the first two quarterfinals matches starting on Thursday, fingers crossed we get to see more exciting CS:GO matches packed with tight contests and nerve-racking overtimes!

You can watch the live action here.

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