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The first two series of ECS Season 7 EU & NA are behind us, BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo is behind us, and the Katowice Major already seems like a distant memory. The world of competitive CS:GO is moving on, but luckily we have another sweet tournament to talk about. StarSeries Season 7 starts in just a couple of days and it’s packed with high-quality teams promising great matchups. So, if you’re here for some good old betting information, we’re proud to present the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites!

Where to Bet | Best StarSeries Season 7 Betting Sites

Finding the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites seems easy enough, eh? Well, I’m sorry but that’s not how things work in this industry. If you want the very best, a simple Google search won’t do you any good. Instead, it will further complicate the matter, or worse, lead you to CS:GO betting sites of questionable quality.

However, I got just what you fellas need! The very best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites that ought to sweep you off your feet with their generous odds and numerous betting options for this CS:GO tournament. Oh, and if you’re a new member, you might even be eligible to sweep great welcome bonuses.

For those of you looking to jump straight into the betting action, we recommend you check out these sites:

Yep, these are the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites at the moment. It’s a mixture of well-known names in the online betting industry coupled together with a few young hopes featuring innovative approaches. Whatever your choice may be, you can rest assured these online esports bookies will give you the betting experience you deserve!

StarSeries Season 7 Betting |Interesting Facts

Now that we got the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites out of our way, let’s focus on the actual tournament here. StarSeries, esports event organizers that have already captivated millions of CS:GO fans from all over the world. However, I’m sure many of you don’t know StarSeries hosts tournaments for other esports too. Well, that’s one interesting fact for you right there… and here are several additional ones which ought to catch your attention.

  • A couple of years ago, StarSeries decided to transform their group stage into a best of three Swiss system format consisting of 16 teams. This news was followed by a ton of skepticism, but it the end it turned out to be a stellar choice. In fact, SS S7 features the same format for the group stage which just goes to show how satisfied they are with the changes.
  • After almost conquering the Katowice Major and doing a splendid job in Sao Paulo, ENCE Esports is set to compete in StarSeries and make their mark in China. Judging by the quality of the competing teams, their task will not be an easy one. Still, the resilient Finns might surprise us all yet again.
  • CS:GO esports scene is continuing its rapid growth and the prize pools of the biggest tournaments are a good indicator. StarSeries tournaments started off with $100,000, $150,000 and $300,000 but have come up in the world and are now featuring $500,000. Talk about growth, huh?
  • While we’re mentioning hefty prize pools, let’s not forget about the fact StarSeries is set to host the next CS:GO Major which will have $1,000,000 in prize pool money. It will be held in Berlin and played during late August and early September. Don’t forget to tune in since CS:GO Majors are the best tournaments as far as CS:GO betting is concerned.

Tournament Format

As mentioned earlier, StarSeries Season 7 will feature the same best of three Swiss system with 16 group stage teams. Only the top half advances through to the playoffs with the remaining teams being eliminated.

Regarding the playoffs, they’re set to kick off on April 5th and will feature three rounds with a total of seven matches. First two playoffs rounds, quarterfinals and semifinals, are set for best of three matchups. Grand finals, on the other hand, will be played in a best of five format, hopefully delivering a proper CS:GO spectacle. With Astralis out of the picture, it will be really interesting to see which team emerges victorious in a Bo5 scenario.

StarSeries Season 7 Teams Overview

StarSeries Seasonal events (not to be mistaken with SS Invitationals) always featured 16 teams battling for the main prize. The same goes for the seventh season, which brings forth a ton of top-tier teams ready to battle it out against each other. However, Astralis, the most dominant CS:GO team will not be competing on this tournament. Team Liquid is out of the picture too. However, despite the absence of the top two CS:GO teams at the moment, I still believe StarSeries Season 7 will be a joy to watch.

With all that in mind, let’s check out six most notable that will be competing in Shanghai on the StarSeries Season 7 CS:GO tournament!

ENCE Esports

ENCE Esports have captivated everyone’s hearts during IEM Katowice Major. They’ve shown us incredible tenacity, resilience, and both individual and team-based skills, making them well-worth the grand finals finish. Astralis did end up mercilessly obliterating them in the grand finals, but the story of ENCE lives on!

They’ve done themselves justice in Brazil too, on the BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo tournament where they finished off at the third place. Not a spectacular performance by any means, but still one that promises good things for this Finnish CS:GO team. If they play their cards right, they might just see this one all the way through…

FaZe Clan

In all of their glory, FaZe Clan is an unbelievably strong CS:GO team. Their individual strengths are unparalleled, with the likes of NiKo, olofmeister, and GuardiaN, all of whom have the ability to decide matches in a whiff.

Despite that, though, FaZe Clan has been struggling recently. The end of 2018 was a terrible period, and the start of 2019 isn’t going according to their plans either. Sure, they had somewhat of a decent performance at the Katowice Major, but other than that, their track record isn’t as bright as it should be. They are still among the favorites to win StarSeries Season 7, but it’s going to take a lot more than pure individual skill to beat the likes of Natus Vincere, ENCE, MIBR and others.


North is having a proper blast out there. True, they missed out on the Katowice Major after suffering a defeating against ViCi Gaming, but have started a great win record since then. I’m referring to the ECS Season 7 Europe Week 2 which North surprisingly won and qualified for ECS Season 7 Finals. Truth be told, the competition wasn’t as fierce as it was on the 1st Week’s tournament, but North still had to go through the likes of AVANGAR, Vitality, and to qualify for the main event.

Needless to say, this will be a huge wind in North’s sails. Valde is on a roll, playing increasingly better with each passing game. Gade, aizy, and Kjaerbye are solid too, with cadiaN being the weakest link at the moment. If he manages to snap out of it, I reckon North will be a tough team to play against in the playoffs.

Natus Vincere

The popular Ukrainian/Russian CS:GO team, Natus Vincere, have had a solid run on the Katowice Major. They might’ve gone all the way if it wasn’t for that surprising defeat against ENCE Esports. Despite that, NaVi looked mighty out there, losing only to ENCE and Team Liquid, both of which have surpassed them in the CS:GO global team ranking table.

Coming into this tournament, Natus Vincere is considered among the favorites. With Astralis and Team Liquid out of the picture, there are just a handful of remaining teams that could pose as threats to this NaVi roster. Since StarSeries Season 7 brings forth only Bo3 encounters, the upset potential has been brought down to the very minimum. In such conditions, I expect great things from Natus Vincere. That said, betting on NaVi to win outright sounds like a great idea. Even more so considering the odds are at roughly +275 to +290, depending on the website.


MIBR’s new roster was (and still is) promising a lot of things. Their Major performance was left with more questions than answers since they got eliminated by the almighty Astralis. Other than that match, MIBR looked quite good. They were aggressive most of the time, cautious when needed. Overall, their strats and in-game calls were on point for the most part.

However, their next test (BLAST PRO Series) saw them play in front of their own fans. However, it’s safe to say Coldzera and the boys failed to deliver. Believe it or not, MIBR got eliminated without a single win even though the majority of CS:GO esports community (including me) saw them as one of the main favorites to take the title. Hopefully, MIBR players will get back to their winning ways and produce spectacular matches we’ve come to expect from them. That said, I just can’t see them not reaching the playoffs in Shanghai.


Alongside ENCE, Renegades was the second biggest surprise of the Katowice Major. The boys from the land down under made a proper name for themselves, entering the Champions Stage and taking one map away from Astralis. We’re talking about the only map that Astralis lost on that entire tournament, mind you.

But what’s so special about Renegades? What’s the main reason behind such great results on the Katowice Major? Well, for starters, the entire team played on a brilliant level, rarely making mistakes and making every round count. Be it eco, anti-eco or a full-blown buy, Renegades players were playing like their lives depended on it. Hopefully, we can expect the same kind of dedication and motivation in Shanghai. There’s a lot of money on the line and the quality of teams is at an admirable level, so I firmly believe Renegades will at least go through to the playoffs.

Match Betting on StarSeries Season 7

At last, we’ve come to the final part of this article Yep, we’ve gone through the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites, most interesting facts regarding the tournament as well as format and team overviews. It’s time to share the last bits of information with you regarding first-round match betting options and most probable outcomes.

North vs NRG

Let’s start off by saying that this is going to be one heck of a matchup. And it’s coming right off the bat in the first round. I already mentioned North will be coming to Shanghai with a positive mindset from their ECS S7 EU Week 2 triumph. On the other end, NRG has done exactly the same, winning the second week’s tournament in the NA division and securing their place in the $500,000 finals. That’s exactly the reason why I believe North vs NRG will be such an awesome matchup.

In all honesty, this one could go either way. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend betting on the standard match-winner bets. Instead, I reckon over 2.5 maps looks like a great choice here. Judging by all I’ve seen from these teams in the last few weeks, both NRG and North will take their map picks, carrying the match to the third map. There’s no other way to see it, really. But, since I have to choose a side here, I’ll give a slight advantage to NRG simply because Brehze and Ethan are having a blast out there.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – NRG @-106

ENCE vs Spirit

I already said a great deal of things about ENCE – the entire roster is in great form, they’re incorporating great in-game strats combined with consistently overpowering individual skills. Generally speaking, Sprout seems like a worthy opponent, but I doubt their efforts will be rewarded here. At the time of writing this, ENCE to win this match stands at -667 so it’s not that good of a deal. However, ENCE to win 2-0 stands at roughly -160 which is more up my alley. As a part of an accumulator, of course.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – ENCE 2-0 @-160

FaZe Clan vs paiN

Despite all the problems FaZe Clan has been dealing with recently (in terms of their performances), I still doubt they’ll slip up against paiN. Truth be told, paiN players, mainly biguzera and tatazin, have been playing well during the last three months… but I really doubt that’ll be enough for them to conquer FaZe Clan.

If this was a best of one matchup, then we could perhaps expect an upset. However, over the course of two and possibly three maps, FaZe Clan shouldn’t make a mistake right off the bat. NiKo is still at the top of his game, with rain and GuardiaN not being too far off either. Olofmeister and AdreN have been struggling recently, but they’re the type of players that can get back to their usual greatness in a matter of a single match. And that’s exactly what we expect from them in Shanghai.

As for the actual StarSeries Season 7 betting tips regarding this matchup, betting on FaZe to win won’t yield you too much profit. At the moment, it sits at awful -1200. 2-0 win at -250 seems like a more plausible solution, although I won’t be betting big on it.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – FaZe Clan 2-0 @-250

TYLOO vs Renegades

This matchup is going to be a rather tough contest, much more than people tend to think. Even though Renegades made great impressions in Katowice, TYLOO isn’t to be taken for granted here. Sure, the Australian team is considered a slight favorite here, but the China-based side won’t be a pushover. BnTeT is playing well, and so are Summer and Somebody, enough for TYLOO to make a stand against the Australians.

If you want to take things safe with this one, then Renegades to win at -188 should suffice. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in a riskier bet, try going with Renegades to win 2-1 or total maps over 2.5. The latter seems like a good compromise, be it a single or an accumulator bet, standing at -110 at the moment.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – Renegades @-188

Fnatic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas had a solid run in Brazil, beating both MIBR and FaZe Clan but failing to snatch more against ENCE, Liquid, and Astralis. Overall, their performance was solid, building upon their IEM Katowice display. Fnatic, on the other hand, are in a world of trouble. They’re currently ranked as the 15th team in the world, with a lot to work on before they can get back to the top 10. Poor Katowice Major performance, poo WESG performance, poor ECS S7 EU performance – things really aren’t looking good for Fnatic.

With that in mind, I believe they’ll continue their poor run of form against Ninjas in Pyjamas. Both Swedish teams have a rich history so, as far as the match quality is concerned, you can expect a proper spectacle. However, in terms of the outcome, F0rest and the company ought to win this one.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – Ninjas in Pyjamas @-150

MIBR vs Panda

MIBR is having a tough strain of performances and it all started on their home soil at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo. Not only did they end up losing all five of their group stage matchups but the BLAST Pro Standoff as well. It was an excruciating experience for the Brazilians, no doubt about it. However, knowing the individual strengths of their players, I reckon they’ll jump right back up to their usual selves. In fact, they might be the team to bet on during StarSeries Season 7. With in-form Coldzera and fer, and Astralis out of their way, MIBR could make it all the way here. If they manage to pull themselves back together, that is.

As for their matchup against Panda, I really do believe MIBR will show all their might. That said, I expect a quick and easy 2-0 victory. Such an outcome stands at -300, a solid basis for a lengthy accumulator bet. On the other hand, Panda could very easily surprise MIBR on at least one map. If you think this is more likely to happen (and I can see where you’d be coming from, considering HZ’s recent form), then Over 2.5 maps at +240 might be more your cup of tea.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – MIBR @-300

BIG vs Vitality

Both of these teams played well on the Major, but ever since then, neither of them has shown their brilliance. BIG has lost five out of their last six matches, and the opposition wasn’t even that packed with top tier teams. Vitality, on the other hand, has a slightly better track record. The French fraggers managed to defeat the world’s favorite team, ENCE, on the ESEA MDL S30 EU.

Looking at the last head to head match between these two teams (happened during IEM Katowice), Vitality emerged victoriously, but only by a whiff. As far as this match is concerned, we’ll probably see a similar matchup like the one we’ve seen in Poland. BIG will fancy their chances but, even if it goes to the third map, Vitality should see this one through. ZywOo is on sick form too, and that’s another reason to go with Vitality with this one, even though the odds aren’t exactly the greatest.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – Vitality @-225

Natus Vincere vs Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming has won four out of their last five matches on the IEM Sydney 2019 China Qualifiers, beating the likes of TYLOO, Panda, and 5POWER without too much hassle. On the other hand, NaVi players have been on a huge competitive break ever since their defeat against ENCE in the semifinals IEM Katowice Major match. Yep, they haven’t played a single official competitive match since then, something that might phase them come the first match round of this tournament.

So, for all of you interested in StarSeries Season 7 betting sites, you must be keen on betting on this tournament. If that’s really the case, then you shouldn’t take this information for granted. I’m well aware that, on paper, NaVi is a much better team here… but matches aren’t won on paper. Vici Gaming will fancy their chances here, and with a bit of luck, they might even see this one through. Almost a month of not playing competitively in the middle of the season might make a toll on NaVi. If it does, there’s not a doubt in my mind zhokiNg and aumaN will make it count.

StarSeries Season 7 Betting Tip – Vici Gaming @+450

Best StarSeries Season 7 Betting Sites | Summary

That about covers it all, right? I mean, we’ve gone through the best StarSeries Season 7 betting sites, interesting tournament facts, team overviews, and StarSeries Season 7 betting tips. There couldn’t possibly be anything else?

Well, there is!

If you’re a beginner and you’d really like to bet on StarSeries Season 7 matches, don’t hesitate to take a look at our comprehensive Esports Betting Guide. It features a ton of stuff catered towards beginners, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If that guide is too broad for your taste, we got another one specifically made for CS:GO betting. If that’s more up your alley, go ahead and check it out. That said, if you’re just starting out I guarantee these guides will help you get a grip on how things work in the esports betting industry.

With those words, I’d like to thank you all for reading and wish you the best of luck in your StarSeries Season 7 betting endeavors.

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