Super Bowl 52 Props: Every Bet Online You Need to Consider

by Kevin Roberts
on January 31, 2018
All odds that are referenced in this article were taken from Bovada at 12:19 pm CT on 1/29/2018. These odds may have changed since the time of this writing.

One of the best times of the year for sports bettors has officially arrived with Super Bowl media week. Bettors have already had ample time to wager on who will win the Super Bowl 52 showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, but the one-week countdown leaves precious little time to cash in on a litany of Super Bowl 52 prop bets.

Those specials are only going to intensify as the week trudges along, as players will drop interesting quotes, lines will move and fans will see more and more wagers hit the top Super Bowl betting sites.

If you haven’t found a reliable place to bet on the Super Bowl just yet, there is still time to do so, with these sites probably taking the cake online right now:

While those are some of your best bets to wager on Super Bowl 52, there is a wide net being cast when it comes to Super Bowl props this year.

Pretty much every sports betting site has at least a few Super Bowl 52 prop bets to take a gander at, while many differ on the odds, as well. That means you’ll probably want to do a good amount of hunting before finalizing any and all bets.

That’s a lot of work, though, so I opted to look over the top Super Bowl wagering sites myself and find all of the best prop bets you’re going to want to consider throwing money at. In addition, I’m even offering my take on each wager. Let’s dive in:

Eagles vs. Patriots Odds

First, let’s not completely gloss over the game itself. Bovada is a pretty good baseline betting site to kick things off with, but keep in mind they are far from the only spot to bet comfortably on Super Bowl 52.

Point Spread

That being said, Bovada does offer solid value with a -4.5 point spread in favor of the Patriots. The Eagles return a little value (-105) if they can keep this game tighter than many expect. This game opened with a -6 edge going to New England (largest since 2009) but has dipped slightly.

Right now -4.5 is the universal spread no matter where you look online. I’m sure a few of the sites will change that during the week to provide incentive to choose them over other books, but for the moment you’re not getting any added value in this betting category.

This game is tough to peg, but the Patriots have been the favorite to win all year and could be shooting for a repeat. I expect them to win and largely due to not trusting Nick Foles, I favor them with this spread.

The Pats are a decent bet to win this one by a touchdown or more, so covering 5 points and returning strong value (-115 at Bovada) makes them a pretty solid wager.

Pick: Patriots (-4.5) 

As a fun side bet, you can actually wager on whether or not analyst Al Michaels will refer to the said point spread.

  • Yes (+110)
  • No (-150)

This is just a tease into the array of Super Bowl props this year, as virtually everything can be tied into betting. That being said, I doubt Michaels dives into the world of betting when calling the big game.

Pick: No (-150)


The second big wager up for grabs is this game’s Moneyline, which has the Pats actually providing some value as -175 favorites at Bovada. That really isn’t a bad price for a Super Bowl favorite, while you’d be hard-pressed to get anything close to that when it comes to the Pats as favorites during the regular season.

Anything under -200 makes the Pats viable in this spot, while the Eagles (+155 at Bovada) really don’t offer enough upside to move the needle for me.

The good news is if you’re looking for a little extra incentive to jump on Philly as straight up underdogs, there are other Super Bowl betting sites that will give you reason to side with them. Here are some sites that are pushing the Eagles via inflated odds:

  • (+160)
  • (+170)
  • (+172)
  • BetOnline (+178)
  • (+178)
  • GTbets (+178)

There are always going to be more sites and I can’t possibly list them all, but the message is clear; everyone is competitive when it comes to what they’re offering for betting on Philadelphia.

Again, I need even more value for this and I also think New England wins. Still, there is some value here and if the Eagles win, GTbets and other sites are offering a big enough line to at least consider it.

On the flip-side, Bovada offers one of the best Moneylines if you’re down for spending on the Pats. New England makes a lot of sense heading into Super Bowl 52 and a -175 price at Bovada looks pretty appealing on paper.

Pick: Patriots (-175)


The last main bet for Super Bowl 52 is the Total, which is presently set at 48.5 at Bovada. Again, this is going to differ depending on what site you decide to wager on, and as I mentioned, that could be one thing that actually decides where you wager.

Ideally, you just have a long list of dependable sports betting sites and you can pick and choose which props you spend money at and where.

For the Total, I’m not seeing much versatility. Almost every site lists this game at 48 or 48.5. I’m inclined to bet the Over here, just because New England doesn’t have an elite defense and they do have a potent offense.

The Eagles can force turnovers and get after the quarterback, but they’re running into a dangerous offense led by the best quarterback to probably ever play the game.

I doubt the Eagles shut Tom Brady down, while the tight spread suggests for at least some of this game, you’re in for a competitive match.

Due to that, I’d side with the Over, but steer away from Bovada when it comes to this specific wager.

Pick: Over 48 (-110)

National Anthem Specials

Now that the basic Super Bowl 52 wagers are out of the way, it’s time to dive into the best Super Bowl 52 props you’re going to find online. Brace yourselves, because there’s a heaping pile of them.

I’ll get the process started with the National Anthem prop bets, which features famous pop singer Pink taking on the Star Spangled Banner before the game kicks off.

Bovada arguably leads the way with Pink prop bets, as they’re touching on numerous categories and offering competitive odds. Here are the top Pink specials you’ll find at Bovada:

National Anthem Time

Pink is known for her power in her voice, so I wouldn’t be too shocked if she stretched this performance out a bit. The National Anthem can range from just over a minute to around 2 minutes, so there is a lot of wiggle room here.

Bovada currently lists the odds as such:

  • Over 2 minutes (-150)
  • Under 2 minutes (+110)

I think Pink could challenge the Over here, but over the last decade, the average comes in a tad Under. She’ll come close, but I’d chase the value to get your Super Bowl betting started.

Pick: Under (+110)

For a second pregame bet in the singing category, head over to to wager on how long Leslie Odom Jr. will take for America the Beautiful (-115 for over/under 80 seconds).

There’s more action to be had with Odom, too. BetOnline offers two extra wagers involving whether he wears a coat (Yes -260, No +200) and whether he dons a tie (Yes +125, No -165). I’d just chase the value here or simply avoid these bets.

You can also attach a unique time scoring drive bet to this wager, as Bovada asks if any scoring drive will be shorter than Pink’s National Anthem performance (-130 for yes, -110 for no).

Pink’s Hair Color

Pink was previously booked to sing the National Anthem for Super Bowl 52 and that was before her favorite team advanced to the big game. Needless to say, the singer was quite excited about it:

Pink is a Pennsylvania native and public Eagles supporter, so it stands to reason she’ll be donning some shade of green or white (or both) in her hair. Here’s where that ranks in Bovada’s odds for this wager:

  • White/Blonde (-200)
  • Pink/Red (+400)
  • Green (+400)
  • Blue/Purple (+700)
  • Brown/Black (+900)

I love the options here and I also really like bets that give you outs. That makes four of these very appealing due to the versatility of your bet converting.

That being said, I don’t see Pink donning anything close to Patriots colors on her head and brown/black is a little drab. I’m looking at the first three options, with Green taking the cake.

I would have to agree that green hair doesn’t really pop and she may opt to just wear Eagles clothing as an alternative option. Still, she’s known for expressing herself with her hair color and the value is clear to see at +400.

Pick: Green (+400)

Pink Airborne?

Another interesting bet is whether or not Pink will be airborne in some fashion ahead of singing the National Anthem.

Lady Gaga was on top of the stadium before getting her halftime show started last year and other singers have really dialed up the theatrics in the past, but that doesn’t tend to happen at the National Anthem. The odds seem to agree with that logic, too:

  • Yes (+300)
  • No (-500)

Singers are usually ready to go down on the field when singing the Star Spangled Banner and I highly doubt it’ll be any different for Pink.

Pick: No (-500)

Pink Mistake?

There is always a chance a singer has a gaffe during a performance. Pink isn’t Ashlee Simpson, but she’s still human and this is a live setting. Regardless, are you willing to throw down serious cash she’ll miss a word or say something wrong?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-700)

It’s interesting and would be quite the score if something happened live, but it’s pretty random and rarely actually happens. Pink is a professional, so I’d either avoid this bet or toss a small amount on the “no” side.

Pick: No (-700)

Eagles Shoutout?

As mentioned, Pink is from Philly and is an Eagles fan, so there is a very good chance she makes her loyalties known before or after singing the National Anthem. Bovada seems to think it’s possible, with the odds of Pink saying “Eagles” fairly plausible:

  • Yes (+150)
  • No (-200)

The prop actually includes “during” the anthem as part of the bet, but that’d be pretty unprofessional for her to do. She needs to gear up for singing in front of a national audience, too, so I’m betting against her saying anything at all before she starts singing.

The after is where this bet comes alive. Pink is not a shy or bashful individual. If her love for the Eagles is really profound, I absolutely can see her shouting out “go Eagles” after finishing the song. The odds aren’t bad here, so I’m willing to aim high and vote “yes”.

Pick: Yes (+150)

Donning the Eagles?

Above all other National Anthem specials, this might be the one I like the most. Some of these are toss-ups, but whether Pink actually says anything about the Eagles or not, I like the chances of her at least wearing some Philly apparel.

I like the outs here, as Bovada allows people to wager on whether Pink will be wearing a shirt or hat with the Eagles on it. Here are the odds:

  • Yes (+170)
  • No (-250)

I doubt Pink will be wearing an Eagles hat just because people usually don’t wear hats during the National Anthem, while she’s not one to cover up her usually vibrant hair. I do see her wearing some type of Eagles apparel, though, and I’m guessing a jersey of some sort leads the way.

There is value in this bet and it’s pretty likely to convert, so I’m going hard on the “yes” here.

Pick: Yes (+170)

Coin Toss

Betting on the Super Bowl National Anthem is fun, but a timeless classic is betting on the opening coin toss. It’s literally a 50/50 bet if you look at the law of probability, while past seasons have churned out competitive results.

In the previous 51 Super Bowls, tails has won out slightly more, beating heads in a 27-24 face-off. Here’s how Bovada scores the odds for this seemingly 50/50 prop:

  • Heads (-105)
  • Tails (-105)

As history has shown, this can literally go either way. Most betting sites agree as they’re not giving any wiggle room on either side. It’s either heads or tails and that’s it and the odds clearly reflect that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hunt for more value, though. From what I’ve seen, Bovada actually offers the best odds (-105) on either side, but a few other sites have this bet at -110. Obviously, you’re going to want to go with the site that pays you more.

For the actual bet, I think it’s time for heads to play a little catch-up.

Pick: Heads (-105)

I know what you’re thinking; this is a boring bet and the Super Bowl coin toss doesn’t deserve its own section. Thanks to sites like, however, it truly does.

My Bookie and are two other Super Bowl betting sites that are issuing a few extra coin toss prop bets. The value isn’t insane, but they’re still worth a look. Here are the bets at My Bookie, with the yes/no sides returning -110 in terms of odds:

  • Coin Lands Heads or Tails
  • Eagles win coin toss vs. Patriots win coin toss
  • Coin toss wins Super Bowl, yes vs. no
  • Player calling coin toss is correct, yes vs. no

As mentioned, also gets in on this action, but they offer a little more betting value in some spots.

Other sites could also dream up a few other coin toss props and offer other odds, so be sure to hunt around if you’re interested in maximizing your upside with these wager types.

Pregame Specials

Beyond the coin toss and National Anthem, there are actually a lot of engaging Super Bowl props to consider this year. I don’t want to brush over the cream of the crop, so let’s break the best ones down, starting with the top wagers you’ll find at Bovada:

Color of Bill Belichick’s Shirts at Kickoff

This is a Super Bowl betting staple anytime the Pats are involved. Belichick is known for being gruff, but he’s also known for wearing hoodies with cut off sleeves and switching up his wardrobe.

Bovada offers some solid options and even better odds:

  • Blue (-150)
  • Grey (+130)
  • Red (+1000)
  • White (+1000)

SB Nation actually broke Belichick’s record down based on his attire back in 2014 and some type of apparel with the grey color seems to dominate all others.

One good idea is to simply look back at Belichick’s apparel just in Super Bowl games.

Last year he wore blue, he wore blue in Super Bowl XLIX and he also wore blue in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Super Bowl XXXVI. He wore grey in Super Bowl XXXIX and Super Bowl XLVI, while his only time wearing red in the Super Bowl (XLII) was in a loss.

Overall, Belichick is 3-0 donning blue in the Super Bowl, 0-1 wearing red and 1-2 wearing grey. If he’s at all superstitious, something tells me he’ll roll with a blue shirt this year. I like the value in grey and a flier bet on red could be fun, but blue is probably the safe play.

Pick: Blue (-150) 


Everyone was watching Tom Brady’s hand ahead of and during the AFC title game. It was truly a spectacle and even kind of embarrassing how much the media covered it.

It was valid to a point, of course, as Brady being at less than 100% could hurt the Pats. He is expected to be fully healthy ahead of the Super Bowl, but there is still a slight chance he protects himself from re-injuring his hand.

Bovada is giving odds for the possibility of Brady wearing a bandage to cover his previously injured hand:

  • Yes (+170)
  • No (-200)

Any type of cut to a hand can be delicate, but by the time Brady hits the field in Minnesota, he’ll be over two weeks removed from his injury. He’s also had his stitches removed, which suggests he’s fully recovered:

There is value in betting on the bandage being on Brady’s hand, but it might not be hitched to enough logic. It sounds like Brady’s hand injury is now a thing of the past, so I probably wouldn’t go too hard after the “yes” side of this one.

Pick: No (-200)

In-Game Wagers

On to the actual game, am I right? There are a ton of Super Bowl props to look at and there are even much more beyond the game, but half of the fun consists of making money while you watch the biggest game of the year.

Prop bets are how you do that for the most part and the list of potentially profitable props is borderline endless. I can’t possibly list every in-game wager from every bet, but I’ll certainly touch on the big one and some of the more unique options:

Who Will Score the 1st Touchdown?

What better way to kick off the Super Bowl 52 in-game prop bets than to bet on who scores the game’s first touchdown? Touchdown fiend Rob Gronkowski leads the way (+750) and this is just one of many scoring prop bets in this game.

Just the touchdown props alone would make for an insanely long-winded article, so I won’t dive into those. The versatility here is impressive at Bovada alone, though, with over/under bets, team specific and player specific wagers all being included.

As for the 1st touchdown of the game, I’m down for chasing a little value. James White (+1400) is a huge part of New England’s offense and scored three times last year, so why not have him return elite value with the first score here?

Pick: James White (+1400)

Remember, there are a ton of Super Bowl touchdown prop bets to look at, so if there is something specific you’re searching for, take a gander at the previous link. A lot of the top betting sites will be offering these, too, so don’t be afraid to shop around for the best overall bet.

Flea Flicker Attempt

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-300)

Will Any QB Top 400 Yards?

  • Yes (+300)
  • No (-500)

Brady vs. Foles Passing Yardage

The biggest of all of the quarterback proposition bets is which passer puts up more yardage during the Super Bowl. Brady obviously leads the way, but the question is if he will edge out Foles by over 26 yards through the air:

  • Tom Brady by 25.5 (-155)
  • Nick Foles within +25.5 (+125)

This is just one of many QB props, but it’s probably my favorite and feels obvious. Brady excels in the Super Bowl and has put up over 320 yards in each of his last two stops in the league’s title game.

I don’t know if Brady gets 300+ yards here, but I do think he safely tops whatever Foles does.

Pick: Brady (-155)

Most Receiving Yards?

Continuing with the position-specific player props, bettors can also try to predict which receiving options will fare the best this year. The main bet here at Bovada pits the top receiving options against each other in competition for the most yardage through the air.

Here are the listed options and their odds:

  • Rob Gronkowski (+300)
  • Brandin Cooks (+400)
  • Zach Ertz (+400)
  • Alshon Jeffery (+500)
  • Chris Hogan (+700)
  • Nelson Agholor (+700)
  • Torrey Smith (+700)
  • Danny Amendola (+700)

All of these options are viable, but Amendola stands out the most. He has been flat out wrecking for the Pats in the playoffs thus far and he’s going to be needed in this matchup.

Cooks, Hogan, Agholor and Smith all offer upside as guys that can break games wide open, but Amendola has the quickness and route-running chops to carve out yardage, whether he breaks a huge play or not. The value associated with him is also fantastic.

If you don’t like Amendola, that’s fine. I’d take a flier on at least one of the options listed at +700, simply because they offer the most upside and all feel like realistic threats.

Pick: Danny Amendola (+700)

Remember, if you happen upon one of these position props, note that there are many more waiting to be found at Bovada and other sites.

Most Rushing Yards?

For the running side of things, Bovada lists this prop pertaining to who will rack up the most rushing yards in Super Bowl 52. Eagles masher Jay Ajayi leads the way:

  • Jay Ajayi (-150)
  • Dion Lewis (+140)
  • LeGarrette Blount (+500)
  • James White (+1200)
  • Rex Burkhead (+1200)

This is an interesting bet, seeing as Philly has a stout run defense and the Pats do not. Both of these teams are very good at running the football, though, so virtually everyone here is in play.

I’d say the numbers and talent side with Ajayi, but Lewis is absolutely in play and offers more value. Matchup aside, he’s probably going to be on the winning side and the game script likely favors him more.

Pick: Dion Lewis (+140)

Will a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown Happen?

The same goes for the defensive side of the football, as Bovada’s featured prop is whether a defensive or special teams score will happen in Super Bowl 52. This is just one of many defensive props, but it’s probably the best one:

  • Yes (+190)
  • No (-230)

There has been a healthy pattern of defensive or special teams scores in Super Bowls recently. Part of that is just the need for big plays with special teams units coming up big, or elite defenses making a bigger impact in games.

Philly is a very aggressive defense and the Pats have a favorable matchup defensively against Nick Foles. I don’t love the value here, but I do like the chances of one DEF/SP score coming to fruition.

Pick: Yes (+190)

Overturned TD?

This one could end up being a classic part of the Super Bowl, as there were a few controversial calls that benefited New England this year. An Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown was overturned and I’m sure New York Jets fans haven’t forgotten.

But will something like that happen in the Super Bowl?

  • Yes (+150)
  • No (-200)

I would like to think the referees will really be on top of their game here, but even if they are, calls are incorrect all the time. On top of that, every single touchdown is reviewed if it’s originally called a score on the field, so given the value and amount of reviews, I’m inclined to target the upside of this bet.

Pick: Yes (+150)

Half-Time Prop Bets

Once the game gets underway, you’re going to have access to some live betting opportunities and from there, you’ll go to second half betting. Before that, however, you’ll want to finalize wagers concerning the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

How Many Times Will “Wardrobe Malfunction” Be Mentioned?

Since Justin Timberlake is back this year for the first time since his infamous wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson, it makes sense Bovada and other betting sites want to know if the commentators will give it a callback. The question, of course, is how exhaustive will they be?

  • Over 1.5 (+300)
  • Under 1.5 (-500)

I absolutely think the analysts have to bring this up at one point, but I can’t imagine them wasting a ton of time digging in the past here. After all, this was an embarrassing moment in Super Bowl history and it’s not like the league is going to be showing old footage.

I can totally see someone dropping a “I hope we don’t see another wardrobe malfunction again” crack, however.

Pick: Under 1.5 (-500)

How Many Times Will Janet Jackson be Mentioned?

Again, I find it hard to believe the programmers completely blip over history in their own game, so Janet Jackson’s name is bound to pop up at least once. Heck, maybe she’ll even show up at the actual show:

  • Over 1.5 (+150)
  • Under 1.5 (-200)

Jackson’s producer said not to bet on her showing up, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make an appearance in name. Whether or not someone says “wardrobe malfunction” remains to be seen, but she is a big pop star and was part of Timberlake’s initial infamous act.

I do think you’ll hear her name once, but it’d be a bit tacky to saturate the show with re-hashing of the past.

Pick: Under 1.5 (-200)

Will Someone Say “Nipplegate”?

Here’s another wager along the same lines at Bovada, but it might be going over and beyond some light humor or paying homage to the past.

Again, the NFL doesn’t see Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction as a highlight worth spending much time on, and it’s likely their paid analysts won’t toe the line too much.

  • Yes (+500)
  • No (-900)

Nipplegate is a catchy term, but this is a family production and there’s no reason to bring it down with unnecessary talk of past errors. Don’t bet hard on this one.

Pick: No (-900)

Justin Timberlake’s Shoe Color

If you weren’t aware already, Justin Timberlake was long ago announced as the headlining act for the Super Bowl 52 Halftime Show. Here Bovada wonders what color his shoes will be when he steps out onto the field:

  • White (-120)
  • Black (+200)
  • Brown/Beige (+700)
  • Blue (+1000)
  • Green (+1000)
  • Red (+1200)
  • Yellow (+2000)

I’ll admit I have no real gut call here, but Timberlake is a man of style and believe it or not, he’s rather classy when he performs. I doubt he lights it up with colorful shoes, so I’d favor darker colors.

I don’t hate the value with black (+200), but brown shoes (+700) also offer interesting upside.

Pick: Black (+200)

Donning a Hat?

As said, Timberlake is a man of style and he rarely passes up a chance to make a strong impression. He’s been known to wear hats and flashy outfits, so it could make sense for him to come out with a hat on:

  • Yes (+110)
  • No (-150)

I tend to get the fedora vibe from Timberlake and the value isn’t bad here, so I’ll pounce on the “yes” side.

Pick: Yes (+110)

Prince Cover?

Justin Timberlake is a man of many tastes and he also likes to pay homage to the great performers. That’s probably why Bovada has a bet involving a Prince cover:

  • Yes (-140)
  • No (EVEN)

There’s really no way of knowing what Timberlake’s setlist is going to include, so I’m not grasping at straws here. This is a bet I’d stay away from, or I’d just take the even money.

Pick: No (EVEN)

NSync Reunion?

Bovada’s last interesting Halftime Show prop involves Timberlake’s old NSync bandmates. He’s worked hard to distance himself from that boy band persona for years, but it wouldn’t be all that crazy to see him bring his pals back for a fun twist:

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-300)

I actually like the logic here. One short segment involving one of the most successful boy bands ever could be some fun, while NSync obviously delivered a ton of hits. It doesn’t have to be the entire band, either, so this is a good one worth chasing.

Pick: Yes (+200) 

The fun doesn’t stop here, as several sites have other Super Bowl Halftime Show prop bets to target. BetOnline has a few engaging ones, as you can also wager whether Britney Spears will show up (Yes +500, No -700), as well as the rest of Timberlake’s performance attire.

First Song

Once you get past all of the odd Timberlake props, you can cap things off with his entrance song. BetOnline offers a long list of options with some very appealing odds:

  • Filthy (+110)
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling (+220)
  • SexyBack (+400)
  • Rock Your Body (+450)
  • True Colors (+600)
  • What Goes Around Comes Around (+650)
  • Like I Love You (+700)
  • TKO (+800)
  • Mirrors (+1000)
  • Cry Me a River (+1400)
  • Senorita (+1400)

You could make a case for most of these, but a few stand out as unlikely fits for the entire show. Cry Me a River is a revenge song and a bit too dark and slow for an up-tempo show.

I’d bet that one doesn’t even make the cut while starting the show off with it would be a horrifying gaffe. Instead, whatever song Timberlake opens with, it’s going to be extremely popular and probably upbeat to get the crowd into the show.

I like the logic and value associated with Can’t Stop the Feeling, while SexyBack and Rock Your Body are viable flier bets.

Pick: Can’t Stop the Feeling (+220)

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Probably the biggest prop in any Super Bowl is gauging who will win the MVP award. This is the last prop to be converted following the game and depending on who you pick, it can also be the most rewarding.

Quarterbacks on the winning side tend to take home the trophy, so Tom Brady understandably comes in as the easy favorite at Bovada and pretty much every top Super Bowl betting site. Take a look at the full list of options and odds, per Bovada:
Bovada Super Bowl MVP Odds
There are a lot of options here (and value). In terms of sheer upside, I really like the idea of chasing guys like Chris Hogan (+6600), Nelson Agholor (+6600) or even taking a stab at some fliers on the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive players do not win the Super Bowl MVP all that often, but two have done so in the last four Super Bowls and guys like Mychal Kendricks (+20000!) offer staggering upside.

As fun as it is to go back and forth here, the Pats are probably winning and Brady is going to be the reason why. He doesn’t offer a big payday without laying some fat bricks down, but he makes the most sense.

Pick: Tom Brady (-115)

While Brady feels like the right call, don’t just stay at Bovada without hunting around. The pricing for Brady and the other options differs from site to site, after all.

Will Tom Brady Win Both MVPs?

A separate wager that you might as well just attach to the Super Bowl prop is whether or not Brady also secures the regular season MVP award.

Logic certainly suggests Brady will do just that, as he’s presently favored to win the MVP. Here are the odds for Brady to “double down”:

  • Yes (-120)
  • No (-120)

Injuries to Carson Wentz and others probably allow for this to happen, but Brady got his team back to another title game while putting up over 4,500 passing yards and 32 touchdowns.

Brady is probably going to win both awards, so you may as well profit from it.

Pick: Yes (-120)

Super Bowl MVP Thank You

Once the Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady wins the award, he’s bound to talk a bit and hand out his thank you’s. The most likely options for any Super Bowl MVP winner are God, their family and their teammates:

  • Teammates (+200)
  • God (+300)
  • City (+700)
  • Coach (+700)
  • Owner (+1000)
  • Family (+1600)
  • None of the Above (+200)

Since I think Brady wins this, I’m going to go ahead and roll with the teammates option. Brady is at least on the surface a selfless guy, so he’s going to talk about how other people helped him accomplish things.

Brady has always been a staunch supporter of his teammates and it’d be relatively shocking if he didn’t thank them first.

Pick: Teammates (+200)

I think this is probably the route to go across the board, but in the event Brady does not win Super Bowl MVP, you’re going to wants some outs. I think the next two best bets are God and the fans. The fans aren’t listed here, so perhaps a run at “none of the above” is in order. 

Stolen Jersey

If you recall, Tom Terrific had his jersey stolen in last year’s Super Bowl, so as a fun throw-in bet, Bovada is giving you some serious upside if you think it happens again:

  • Yes (+1000)

There is only one bet to make here. Either you think it will happen or you can move along. Considering it happened before, something tells me Brady will be a little more careful the second time around (or 8th, technically).

If I’m betting on Super Bowl 52, this is one prop I’d probably avoid.

Celebrity/Misc Props

While there is so much to bet on when it comes to the actual Super Bowl that I can’t cover it all in one sitting, there’s still loads of props outside of the game itself.

There is the celebrity, media and political aspect to this game that is embedded into its fabric. Because of that, most sports betting sites will allow a litany of celebrity and miscellaneous Super Bowl prop bets to wager on:

Temperature Outside of Game

This prop doesn’t have to do with anything I just said, but it also has nothing to do with the game, seeing as Super Bowl 52 is in the Minnesota Vikings’ dome.

  • Over 1 (-150)
  • Under 1 (+110)

Because fans and players aren’t really going to feel the effects of the cold outside, it’s possible you won’t hear much about it. Still, the weather is always a fallback topic and it actually is worth noting because the dome makes it a non-issue.

The over/under is low here and I like the value plenty with the Over.

Pick: Over 1 (-150)

Tom Brady’s Age Mention

Prepare for a laundry list of random pop culture prop bets, because the Super Bowl is full of them. One targets conversation about Tom Brady’s age, seeing as he’ll be 40 years old heading into the big game:

  • Over 1.5 (-280)
  • Under 1.5 (+185)

This is a bigger deal than normal, as Brady actually enters Super Bowl 52 as the oldest starting quarterback to ever suit up for the big game. On top of just being an old guy playing in the league’s title game, a win would break the record Peyton Manning (age 39) in Super Bowl 50.

Pick: Over 1.5 (-280)

Carson Wentz Mention

The Philadelphia Eagles were arguably the best team in the league for much of the season due to start quarterback Carson Wentz. He’s sidelined with a torn ACL, but it’s going to be awfully tough to keep him out of in-game conversations:

  • Over 1.5 (-175)
  • Under 1.5 (+135)

I know Wentz isn’t playing in this game, but he’ll be watching from the sidelines and was a massive part of Philly’s success this year. There’s no way his name isn’t mentioned at least a few times during the broadcast.

Pick: Over 1.5 (-175)

Gisele Bundchen Sightings

Wentz is going to be a key part of the color commentating to a certain degree and I’m sure the programmers will want to spice things up with some drama involving Tom Brady’s wife, too.

  • Over 1.5 (-120)
  • Under 1.5 (-120)

Bundchen has been pointed out in the stands in past Super Bowls and depending on just how intense the game is, I can see it happening more than once.

Pick: Over 1.5 (-120)

Robert Kraft Sightings

I know Wentz and Bundchen draw more interest, but bettors can also bet just how much Patriots owner Robert Kraft is seen on television.

Super Bowl programming tends to show owners, whether because they’re nervous during a close game, move from the booth to the sidelines or simply are part of an ongoing conversation.

Kraft’s over/under is a bit steep here, of course:

  • Over 2.5 (-200)
  • Under 2.5 (+150)

This is a high Over to hit, but Kraft is part of the three-headed dragon in New England. I’d imagine he’ll be referenced several times and it’d make sense for the broadcast to show a live feed of him watching the game.

Pick: Over 2.5 (-200)

Terrell Owens Mention

T.O. faced the Patriots over a decade ago, so it’s possible he could be discussed during the game or heck, maybe he’ll be at the game. Due to this, Bovada wonders if he’ll be brought up during the game:

  • Yes (+120)
  • No (-160)

I don’t really see the connection here, but the fact that Vegas has the intuition to list these Super Bowl 39 prop bets makes me think that the programmers for this year’s title game might, as well.

If you’re shooting for just one Terrell Owens mention during the game, I don’t hate the value with this bet.

Pick: Yes (+120)

Donald Trump Mention

The POTUS isn’t among the favorites of the public, but he’s still the President of the United States. He could be weighing in on the Super Bowl just in general, but he also has ties to the Patriots on various levels.

Due to that, he’s bound to be brought up at some point during the Super Bowl 52 broadcast. Right? Vegas isn’t so sure. Just check the odds at Bovada:

  • Yes (+110)
  • No (-150)

Keep in mind this isn’t about Donald Trump tweeting or some storyline that could pop up before the game rolls around. This is just the analysis, unprompted, bringing Trump up during the game.

I actually like the value associated with the “yes” side, just because Trump is friends with a bunch of the New England brass. The odds are good and he only needs to be discussed one time to return solid value.

Pick: Yes (+110)

Donald Trump Tweets

Speaking of Donald Trump, I’m sure the loyal friend of all things Patriots will be tuning into the game in some fashion.

Considering he’s active on Twitter, it stands to reason he could give some shout outs to his pals during the game. Bovada ponders how many times he might do exactly that:

  • Over 5 (-140)
  • Under 5 (EVEN)

To me, this over/under is obscene and the only reason it’s being pumped up so much is Trump’s connection to the people in it. Perhaps Trump gets overly active during the game on twitter, but I’d side with the under here.

Pick: Under 5 (EVEN)

Competitive Sightings/Mentions

Bovada is one site that is offering an interesting prop where you can bet on which people will be mentioned or shown on television first.

There are a bunch of person vs. person wagers that allow you to bet on who will be seen or talked about first. They all carry similar odds (-130 vs. -110) and are as follows at Bovada:

  • Robert Kraft (-130) vs. Jeff Lurie (-110)
  • Bill Belichick (-130) vs. Doug Pederson (-110)
  • Tom Brady (-230) vs. Nick Foles (+155)

The latter is the lone bet of this group (again, they consist of various wagers, too) that offers elite value. I doubt the programming shows a career backup in Foles ahead of the way more marketable Brady, but you never know.

Rocky Statue Sighting?

Rocky helped shine a light on Philly and now it can work the other way around. This is just the Eagles’ third-ever crack at the Super Bowl, so there are several narratives that could demand the broadcast team to show an image of the Rocky Statue:

  • Over 1 (+110)
  • Under 1 (-150)

The main angle here is that Rocky is an underdog story and the Eagles are an underdog story, as well. The only problem here is this is a neutral setting for Philadelphia, so it doesn’t make much sense to drown the program with shots of this statue.

I’m not sure it happens twice, but I do think it could happen once. I think you can aim high here and hope the analysts really take this “underdog” narrative and run with it.

Pick: Over 1 (+110)

Gatorade Color

A classic Super Bowl prop bet caps outlook at some of the best miscellaneous props, and that’s what color the Gatorade will be when it’s inevitably poured all over the winning coach:

  • Lime/Green/Yellow (+225)
  • Orange (+300)
  • Red (+400)
  • Clear/Water (+400)
  • Blue (+400)
  • Purple (+1000)

First off, you probably need to come to terms with who you think is going to win this game. If it’s the Eagles, there is a decent chance the Gatorade will be green and if New England wins, colors like red and blue stand out as interesting options.

Probability is important to note here, too. In past years, blue has popped up just once, yellow has gone on a coach twice and clear/purple/orange all tie with four.

I think logic suggests orange is probably the best play, but given New England is the favorite, I’ll aim high here with purple.

Pick: Purple (+1000)

There are also a few straggler bets over at like how long the game will take, what the total viewer numbers will be and what the Nielsen rating will be for the broadcast.

Those aren’t very exciting props and they don’t offer much upside, but if you feel you know, head over there and place a bet.

Super Bowl 39 Callback

This category might be the main reason I love Super Bowl props; you just never know how creative the sportsbooks are going to get. Here Bovada and other sites are giving a callback to Super Bowl 39, which featured this same matchup between the Eagles and Patriots.

Pretty much everything has changed on both sides since then, but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still around. Regardless, there could be enough ammo here for a few props to be converted if done right:

Clips Over/Under of SB 39

The first wager for this section has to do with actual footage that would air during Super Bowl 52. The title game programming won’t bypass an opportunity for random in-game analysis that has nothing to do with the game, so I fully expect to see this pop up at least once:

  • Over 2.5 (+150)
  • Under 2.5 (-200)

The question here, of course, is whether or not Super Bowl 52 is boring enough to allow this to happen three times. I don’t see it. Most of the players from the first game are retired or at least not playing for these teams anymore.

I think you will see a callback clip once for sure and maybe twice. Pushing for the Over seems like a reach, though.

Pick: Under 2.5 (-200)

Super Bowl Vomit

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is notorious for vomiting during Super Bowl 39 and Bovada wonders if the commentators will give it a nod during the game:

  • Yes (+170)
  • No (-250)

This was a pretty iconic moment in Super Bowl history, but this wouldn’t make much sense. Forcing McNabb’s vomit incident into the broadcast would come off a bit childish and wouldn’t align with anything in the actual game.

Pick: No (-250) 

I told you this was going to be fairly exhaustive. Finally, I’m done running through some of the best Super Bowl 52 prop bets you can find online. Honestly, my findings are not where you should stop, as there are still props that I didn’t touch on and until the Super Bowl starts (and truly, even after), there are only going to be more specials to be added online.

Basically anything the top sportsbooks think you’ll want to bet on, they’ll consider putting up with some odds. I’d mostly start gauging which bets feel relatively safe and which obscure or impossible to peg bets are worth aiming high at.

Ultimately, these props aren’t about winning big. They’re about having fun and enhancing an already fun weekend of football. Hopefully, I helped shed some light on this year’s props, showed you a wager or two you didn’t even know about, or at least reference a site that allows you to bet safely and confidently.

No matter what you decide to do, I wish you luck in your Super Bowl betting endeavors. Enjoy the game!

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