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Super Bowl 53 Odds: Who Will Win it All Next Year?

All odds that are referenced in this article were taken from Bovada at 11:44 am CT on 2/5/2018. These odds may have changed since the time of this writing.

Super Bowl 52 was every bit the tense showdown Vegas hyped it up to be. It was always going to be difficult to buy into that with Nick Foles as a prominent fixture of the showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, but he was arguably the best part.

A title game littered with interesting narratives did not disappoint, as the Eagles and Pats combined for the most offensive yardage in a Super Bowl before the fourth quarter even started. Tom Brady diced up the Eagles en route to over 500 passing yards – breaking his own record set a year ago in the process.

New England couldn’t get their sixth Lombardi Trophy once the dust settled, but they stormed back all game after falling into a 15-3 hole and nearly pulled off the comeback win for the second year in a row.

Ultimately, the Eagles got the job done and handed sports bettors another underdog champion. In addition, Philly brought home a Super Bowl win for the first time in franchise history.

If that feels like a lot to digest, you’re not the only one with their head spinning. It was an insane game and could very well go down as the best ever.

Super Bowl 53 Odds

Despite the madness, the best bookmakers aren’t wasting any time looking ahead to the 2018 NFL season.

An amazing Super Bowl 52 showdown could easily give way to an even better run next year and Bovada and the other top Super Bowl betting sites understandably want to get the action started as soon as possible.

The Patriots lost, but Bovada loves them as the top favorites again going into next season, while the list up top is an interesting one. Here’s a full rundown of everyone’s odds for Super Bowl 53:

  • New England Patriots (+500)
  • Green Bay Packers (+900)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (+900)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+1200)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1200)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1800)
  • Los Angeles Rams (+1800)
  • New Orleans Saints (+1800)
  • Atlanta Falcons (+1800)
  • San Francisco 49ers (+2000)
  • Carolina Panthers (+2500)
  • Houston Texans (+2500)
  • Seattle Seahawks (+2800)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+2800)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+2800)
  • Denver Broncos (+3300)
  • Indianapolis Colts (+3300)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+3300)
  • Oakland Raiders (+3300)
  • Baltimore Ravens (+4000)
  • Detroit Lions (+4000)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4000)
  • Arizona Cardinals (+5000)
  • New York Giants (+5000)
  • Tennessee Titans (+5000)
  • Washington Redskins (+5000)
  • Buffalo Bills (+6600)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (+6600)
  • Miami Dolphins (+6600)
  • New York Jets (+6600)
  • Chicago Bears (+10000)
  • Cleveland Browns (+10000)

The Patriots make sense as the favorites for next year. They’re pretty much the first team Vegas likes every year and they’ve been to the Super Bowl two seasons in a row and three times over the last four years.

New England is constantly at least in the AFC title game and they seem to be the cream of the crop in their conference no matter what happens. They’re joined by the team that just beat them, as the Eagles tie for second place with the Green Bay Packers.

All of this is slightly odd. It’s always weird to see a champion not be the favorite, while Philly could be the same team but return with a healthy Carson Wentz under center. That’s scary, so bettors need to look at the extra +400 in odds there.

Green Bay continues to get an absurd amount of love for a squad that is basically below average sans Aaron Rodgers. I like them on the surface, but there is some risk here.

If A-Rod is healthy, then sure, the Packers have a chance. However, they did not look good without their star quarterback and their defense has been in shambles for years.

Bad Change?

There are arguments to be made for or against the top three teams, but a lot of change could negatively impact several teams.

The Raiders hired Jon Gruden to run their team, the Washington Redskins kicked Kirk Cousins to the curb and the aforementioned Packers re-did most of their coaching staff and front office.

Will Gruden be able to turn the Raiders into a formidable title threat? Can Alex Smith get the Redskins where Cousins couldn’t? Will the big changes in Green Bay be enough to fix the Packers’ ailing defense?

All of these questions make these teams interesting franchises to watch, while several other teams have major question marks.

Minnesota is one in particular that stands out. At the moment they literally don’t have a quarterback under contract for 2018.

The Vikings will have to do some deep digging to correctly gauge which passer they bring back to run their offense next year. If they choose poorly they could drop from a title contender to a team that misses the playoffs, altogether.

Denver, New York, Arizona, Kansas City, Buffalo, Washington and Cleveland should also all have a new signal-caller under center in 2018. Will the change help or hurt their offenses and will each respective franchise do enough elsewhere on their rosters to rise up the ranks?


Bettors also need to worry about pretenders. The Dallas Cowboys probably lead the way, as there is a strong case to be made that Dak Prescott got exposed during Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension last year.

If Prescott isn’t the top shelf passer Dallas thought he was, the Cowboys could be in a lot of trouble. In addition, Dallas does not have an elite defense. Even if the Cowboys are as good as ever offensively, it’s possible Dak and Zeke can’t overcome their inconsistent defense.

The 49ers are also getting a little too much love just because of a late-season run with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm.

Jimmy G seems to be their franchise guy and they’re better with him, but the NFC West (and NFC in general) is tough. Even if the Niners sniff the playoffs, bettors don’t see to be getting enough value for hitching their wagon to a team that has been largely terrible lately.

Best Values

Depending on how you look at certain teams, they can dance a fine line between being a pretender and an amazing value from a sports betting perspective.

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, here are the best overall values:

  • Patriots (+500)
  • Steelers (+1200)
  • Falcons (+1800)
  • Seahawks (+2800)
  • Jaguars (+2800)
  • Colts (+3300)
  • Redskins (+5000)

New England is here so often that this is such an awesome price. The AFC actually got worse in recent weeks, too. The Chiefs were one of their top threats and they traded away a steady arm in Alex Smith.

There is no way in knowing what this team will look like with Patrick Mahomes under center, and if they regress, they could make New England’s path to Super Bowl 53 that much easier.

The Steelers and Jaguars are still realistic threats, of course. Jacksonville probably should have beaten the Pats in the AFC title game and with a defense as good as theirs, they deserve a little more respect than +2800.

Pittsburgh offers less value, but they remain stacked offensively. If they can figure out how to replace Ryan Shazier (back) and their defense can bounce back, they’ll again be a legit title threat.

Indy isn’t a team bettors should completely ignore, either. This was a yearly playoff threat with a healthy Andrew Luck running the offense and he’s expected back in 2018.

With the likely addition of offensive guru Josh McDaniels as head coach, the Colts could be a stud running back and some defensive changes away from making a title run.

Over in the NFC, I’m a little shocked at how disrespected the Falcons and Seahawks are.

Atlanta was the best team in the NFC two years ago and remains ridiculously stacked on both sides of the ball. They survived the 28-3 collapse and a general Super Bowl hangover to make the playoffs and they got ousted by the eventual champs.

Atlanta wasn’t as good as they should have been, but if they can get back to what worked in 2016, they could be as dangerous as ever.

The same goes for Seattle, who lost a lot of key bodies due to injuries and also have struggled to formulate a reliable rushing attack ever since Marshawn Lynch left. If they can beef up their ground game and rediscover their defensive identity, this team could make Vegas regret handing them +2800 Super Bowl 53 odds.

One other team that could return immense value is the Redskins. Alex Smith isn’t on Tom Brady’s level, but he’s a steady passer and proved in 2017 he can help an offense soar. He’s giving stability and consistency to the Redskins, who have solid coaching and viable cores on both sides of the ball.

Washington is perhaps 1-2 key pieces away from being very dangerous on defense, while they already have a plethora of offensive weapons for defenses to worry about. If they can add one go-to receiver, Smith may have enough ammo to push this team back into the playoffs and make a run for a title.

The long-running worry with Smith has been that he’s been too conservative, but looking back at his career, that seems to have been more to do with his coaching than his actual talent.

Washington has had some success with big quarterback moves in the past, but this has the makings of their best yet. If they can surround him with the right pieces and allow him to let it rip, this could end up being the biggest move of the offseason.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 53?

It’s obviously very early in the process. The Super Bowl literally ended less than 24 hours ago and all 32 NFL teams are subject to huge changes through free agency and the draft.

The Eagles could repeat with Wentz back at the helm, the Pats could bounce right back and win again or one of the other teams to make it to the conference title game (Vikings or Jaguars) could complete their process.

It’s possible someone could come out of nowhere like the Eagles did this year, the Falcons did the year before and a lot of teams have been doing. That’s the route I’m going with initially, aside from tossing a little money on New England, as well.

In terms of betting value, upside and positive movement, I like the Packers at the moment. It’s incredibly tough to rule Green Bay out with a healthy Rodgers running the show, while the Packers finally made big off the field moves to address some questionable scouting and atrocious defense.

Green Bay looked quite strong after a 4-1 start in 2017 and if A-Rod never went down, it’s interesting to wonder what might have been. In the process, Green Bay saw some young defenders mature and they grew more balanced with an improving running game.

If the positive momentum sticks, Green Bay could already be better than a lot of people think they are.

The Packers already have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball and arguably the league’s best passer. If they can add a little more speed and land an impact defender or two in free agency or the draft, they may finally have enough to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2010.

Pick: Green Bay Packers (+900)
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