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Donald Trump seems to like sports. As of this writing, the 45th President of the United States has been in office for 1,096 days and counting. He has spent 244 of those days at various golf courses. Golf is a sport…technically!

The office of the president has been intertwined with sports for quite some time. Presidents have always made it a point to attend the annual Army-Navy football game, and countless presidents have thrown out the ceremonial first pitch at Major League Baseball games over the decades.

Over the last few months, President Trump has been seen at a number of different sporting events. In addition to his usual appearance at Army-Navy in December, Trump also attended the 2019 World Series between the Nationals and Astros.

He was also spotted on the field at the College Football Playoff National Championship Game between LSU and Clemson earlier this month. That came just a couple of months after he saw the same LSU Tigers topple the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa back in November. Shortly after the World Series he was spotted at a UFC event in New York City.

As is the case with seemingly everything about this president, though, he has also been embroiled in his fair share of sports-related controversies since taking office in 2017. The subject of teams visiting Trump at the White House is a story that seems to pop up every time a team wins a championship.

Trump also hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinions when it comes to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and he infamously got into a verbal kerfuffle with the loquacious LaVar Ball after Ball’s son got into trouble over in China with the UCLA basketball team.

He also bought an entire buffet’s worth of fast food in honor of Clemson football’s White House visit following their 2019 national title, which seemed like a fun thing.

Whether Trump makes an appearance at Super Bowl 54 next month in Miami remains to be seen. POTUS is a Florida resident these days when he’s not in Washington, but oddsmakers are skeptical that he’ll make a point of attending the year’s biggest sporting event.

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with prop betting over the years. This year, NFL betting sites like BetOnline seem to have outdone themselves. There are limitless prop bets pertaining to Super Bowl 54 already online for your perusal. Several of those listed at BetOnline involve the current president. Let’s dive in and have some fun.

Will Trump Attend Super Bowl 54?

Outcome Odds
Yes +450
No -850

While Trump obviously has no qualms with trying to get as much media coverage as humanly possible, presidents haven’t often been seen at the Super Bowl. George H.W. Bush is the only president known to have actually attended a Super Bowl in person. The 41st president was in Houston to see the Patriots’ epic comeback against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Of course, that was in February of 2017, 25 years after Bush’s term in the White House came to an end.

Ronald Reagan performed the ceremonial coin toss for Super Bowl 19 during his presidency, but he did so via a satellite feed from Washington. Richard Nixon apparently wanted to draw up some plays for Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins to run in Super Bowl 6, but he didn’t attend the game, either.

While the value on Trump attending the Super Bowl at +450 is appealing, it doesn’t sound as though he’ll be making an appearance at Hard Rock Stadium in early February.

Will Trump Attend Super Bowl 54?

No (-850)

Will Trump Tweet During Super Bowl 54?

Outcome Odds
Yes +110
No -150

We have established that Donald Trump likes sports. We can also say with a good degree of certainty that Donald Trump also likes Twitter. Trump has issued 47,994 missives from his beloved @realDonaldTrump Twitter account since joining the platform in March of 2009.

He’s gotten himself into a bit of hot water as a result of his tweeting habits over the past few years, but he has never been bashful about voicing his opinion via his preferred social medium.

While Trump has been known to tweet at all hours of the day or night, Super Bowl Sunday hasn’t been a particularly active day for him since taking office in 2017. POTUS fired off just 3 tweets on Super Bowl Sunday last year during the Patriots’ easy win over the Rams. 2 years ago, he tweeted to congratulate the Eagles on their upset victory over the Pats after the game was over.

Trump did tweet during Super Bowl 51, however, commenting on New England’s aforementioned comeback victory over Atlanta.

It’s also worth noting that there is a very strong chance that the Senate’s impeachment trial of Trump will be taking place during the Super Bowl. While one would imagine very few people around the country will actually be tuned into the impeachment proceedings that day, we know at least one set of eyeballs will be focused on Capitol Hill.

There’s a lot going on right now. The Iowa caucuses are also scheduled to take place the day after Super Bowl Sunday. We know that will be on Trump’s mind, as well. I’d side with the value here and bet “yes” on Trump tweeting during the Super Bowl at +110. The prop doesn’t mention whether Trump has to tweet about football specifically, so this looks like easy money.

Will Trump Tweet During Super Bowl 54?

Yes (+110)

Will Trump Predict the Winner Before Kickoff?

Outcome Odds
Yes +500
No -1000

With the impeachment proceedings and his reelection campaign in full swing, I’m not sure how much Trump actually cares about the result of Super Bowl 54. While he may have a fleeting interest in the game like the rest of us, he has enough on his plate these days to where I can’t imagine he’s going to be spending a lot of time breaking down the Xs-and-Os of Chiefs-49ers.

In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump also isn’t someone that likes to be proven wrong. In fact, he is more than happy to go to great lengths in an attempt to prove that he has never actually been wrong about anything in his entire life. If he somehow is wrong about something, it’s surely somebody else’s fault.

One thing worth noting is that Fox will be broadcasting Super Bowl 54. Trump has long had an affinity for the network, and vice versa. Trump sat down with now-disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly before Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl 51 less than a month after his inauguration. Just a few days ago, it was reported that Trump will be interviewed by Fox again for Super Bowl 54.

O’Reilly obviously won’t be back in that chair considering he was fired just a few months after that interview, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wonder whether the new interviewer will conclude the discussion with a softball question about which team will win the game.

If you want to take a low-dollar shot at “yes” for +500 here I don’t think it’s the dumbest idea. The safer play is obviously “no” at -1000, but the Fox interview could give him a platform to make such a prediction.

Will Trump Predict the Winner Before Kickoff?

No (-1000)

Will Trump Tweet “Latinos” After the Game?

Outcome Odds
Yes +500
No -1000

Trump has struggled to generate much support from non-white voters over the past several years. Things don’t seem to be trending in a positive direction for him in that regard, either. Take this evidence from a recent Washington Post op-ed on the subject:

Here’s what the facts really show: Trump’s job approval rating among blacks averages a mere 13.3 percent in three of the most recent polls that release breakdowns by race. Trump received an average of only 9 percent of the black vote against Joe Biden in surveys in four key swing states conducted by the New York Times and Siena College in November. And a recent Washington Post/Ipsos poll of blacks found Trump’s position to be even worse.

This poll is the only recent public poll that interviewed only black voters, and thus has a lower margin of error for them than the other polls mentioned above. It found Trump had only a 7 percent job approval rating and gave him only 4 percent of the vote against Biden.

Trump has polled better with Latino voters, but his support in recent polls among such voters is still down around just 25 percent nationally. This came up during the 2016 election, when he was desperately attempting to court as much support among minorities as he possibly could. Whether he went about it the right way is certainly up for debate:

Yeah…probably not! Anyway, politics make people do weird things.

Super Bowl 54 is in Miami, so it will understandably have a bit of a Latin flair. The halftime show will feature Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, which certainly makes plenty of sense. 70 percent of Miami’s population is Hispanic, with 54 percent being Cuban-Americans.

Could Trump use the Miami Super Bowl as a springboard to try and garner more support among Latino voters? Perhaps, but I’m not necessarily anticipating a reprise of the infamous Taco Salad Tweet, either. Take the safe odds that come with “no” for this prop.

Will Trump Tweet “Latinos” After the Game?

No (-1000)

Will Trump Congratulate the Winning Team on Twitter?

Outcome Odds
Yes -145
No +110

This looks like one of the better Trump-related props on the board in terms of betting value. You can get “yes” here at -145, which seems like the smart play. We know Trump has shown an affinity for the Patriots in the past, but he didn’t hesitate to congratulate the Eagles on Twitter after defeating his beloved Pats in Super Bowl 52.

While Trump has engaged in his fair share of battles with the NFL over the past couple of years, pro football teams have largely abstained from engaging in the White House visit controversies. While some players from Super Bowl-winning teams have declined to join their teammates at the White House during Trump’s term, we have not seen an entire team decline the visit. The Patriots (twice) and Eagles have gone to the White House, as scheduled, as the 3 title-winning teams during Trump’s tenure thus far.

Trump’s loyalties are pretty obvious when it comes to sports. He has clearly shown favor to teams that happen to play in states that he won during the 2016 election. Trump won Missouri, home of the Chiefs, for example. Trump obviously lost California, and he has made no bones about his problems with the state ever since. Based on that, I’d imagine Trump would prefer Kansas City to win Super Bowl 54.

However, Trump does have an outspoken supporter on the 49ers roster in Nick Bosa. The standout rookie defensive end has even been on the right end of a Trump tweet in the past.

This is all to say that I think Trump will congratulate whichever team wins the game on Twitter. He may have declined to congratulate San Francisco if the Niners didn’t have an outspoken Trump supporter like Bosa on the roster, but that obviously isn’t the case. Whichever team wins will be on the receiving end of a congratulatory tweet from POTUS.

Will Trump Congratulate the Winning Team on Twitter?

Yes (-145)

Will the Winning Team Visit the White House?

Outcome Odds
Yes -150
No +110

As mentioned, it would be quite a surprise if an NFL team declined the president’s invitation to the customary White House Super Bowl celebration. While some may think of San Francisco as a city full of Trump-hating liberals, one would imagine Bosa isn’t the only pro-Trump person on the 49ers’ roster.

Lots of players relish the opportunity to visit the White House regardless of who happens to be occupying the Oval Office. And understandably so. Others may decline the invitation because they don’t agree with the job the president is doing. That’s also understandable. This is America, after all. People are allowed to have opinions.

The winning team will visit Trump in the White House. Some players will surely pass on the trip, but the “yes” side of this prop will almost surely cash at -150.

Will the Winning Team Visit the White House?

Yes (-150)

Which Will Be Higher?

Option Odds
Yardage of Longest Completion in Super Bowl -200
Trump’s Approval Rating on 2/3/20 +150

Donald Trump has retained a favorable approval rating among those in the Republican Party despite a seemingly endless array of controversies during his term. That’s a big reason why he’s a massive favorite to earn the party’s presidential nomination later this year.

His national approval rating is a different story, though. FiveThirtyEight’s constantly-updating poll numbers have Trump’s current nationwide approval at 42.3 percent. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, is sitting at 53.5 percent.

Super Bowl 54 will feature a pair of the best offensive teams in the NFL. NFL stats categorize a “big play” as a pass play that gains 25 or more yards. The Chiefs, led by former MVP Patrick Mahomes, made 42 such plays during the regular season. That was the second-most in the league, trailing only the Buccaneers’ 54. The 49ers, meanwhile, ranked third in the same category with 39 such plays.

San Francisco is a more run-heavy offense, as we saw during the NFC Championship Game. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw just 8 passes in the game, while the Niners offense ran 42 run plays. The Packers couldn’t stop Raheem Mostert and the running game, so the 49ers just ran the ball down Green Bay’s throat all day long.

While the Niners would prefer the ground game, the team still has big-play threats in the passing game like Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. Mostert has also shown the ability to be a difference-maker in the passing game. We know what the Chiefs are capable of with Mahomes running the show, especially with speedsters like Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman stretching the field.

Trump’s approval rating has been hovering in the 40 percent range for the vast majority of his presidency. One would imagine he’ll remain in that vicinity by the time February 3 rolls around. The over/under for Super Bowl 54 is set at 53.5, so oddsmakers are expecting no shortage of points to be scored. It would be legitimately shocking to see a snoozefest like the 13-3 score we saw in Super Bowl 53 last year.

Big plays will be made. It’s not a certainty, but I feel pretty comfortable in assuming that we’ll see a pass play of 42 yards or more in Super Bowl 54. Trump’s approval rating is unlikely to budge much between now and then.

Which Will Be Higher?

Yardage of Longest Completion in Super Bowl (-200)

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