The Super Bowl 54 Viewer’s Guide for Sports Bettors

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Super Bowl 54 is almost here and there’s a lot of moving parts before, during and after the game. But, don’t worry because we’ve put together this viewer’s guide designed to make life easy for sports bettors looking to have a smooth TV experience and winning some Super Bowl bets.

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 54 kicks off at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, February 2nd, live from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida.

How Many Times has Miami Hosted a Super Bowl?

This will be the 11th time that Miami has hosted a Super Bowl game, which is the record for most times a city has hosted the NFL Championship.

Which TV Station is the Super Bowl On?

FOX TV will broadcast this year’s Super Bowl. Last year it was CBS and they will have it again in 2021. NBC will get the broadcasting rights in 2022.

Who is Calling the Game?

Since the Super Bowl will air on FOX, the network will roll out their “A-team” in Joe Buck and NFL HOF quarterback Troy Aikman. The duo will be making their 6th Super Bowl appearance.

Additionally, Erin Andrews and Chris Myers will be sideline reporters while Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino handle rules for the game, penalties, and controversial calls.

How Many People Watch the Super Bowl?

Last year, CBS reported that over 98.2 million people watched the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl 53. However, the 2015 Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks produced a rating of 114.4 million viewers which is the most all-time.

How Much Money Will Be Wagered on Super Bowl 54?

Industry experts expect that this year’s Super Bowl will generate at least $300 million dollars in Nevada as a projected 22 million adults will bet on the game.

However, those numbers will increase when experts factor in the other dozen states that have made sports betting legal over the last year. Super Bowl 54 should generate the most money wagered in the history of this game.

How Much Does a Super Bowl Commercial Cost?

One of the most exciting things about the Super Bowl is the commercials. In fact, ¼ of viewers say it’s the best thing about the Super Bowl. Last year, that couldn’t be truer. Super Bowl 53 was so boring that we were waiting for commercial breaks to get some excitement.

For this big game, companies roll out their best commercials due to how many people watch the game. With this particular matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers, I would expect Super Bowl 54 to crush 100 million viewers and companies to get over big with their creative ads.

With that said, a Super Bowl commercial will run at least $5.6 million dollars for a 30 second spot. FOX is projected to make over $400 million dollars in revenue from commercial ad sales.

Who is the Home Team?

A few years ago, the NFL made a rule change to determine which team will be the Home team in a Super Bowl. Since the game is played at a neutral site, the Home and Away teams have to be decided on beforehand.

The NFL’s solution was to make the AFC team the Home team during the even years and the NFC team the Home team during the odd years.

Since Super Bowl 54 is an even number, the AFC representative Kansas City Chiefs will be the home team.

Which Team is Favored to Win?

According to most NFL betting sites, the Kansas City Chiefs are favored to win this game as they are a -1.5 point (-111) betting favorite with a moneyline of -125 odds. That means you will have to risk $125 dollars to win $100 if you decide to wager on the Chiefs moneyline.

The 49ers are the underdogs as they’re getting +1.5 points (-109) and have a moneyline of +105.

Do Favorites Always Win the Super Bowl?

In previous Super Bowl matchups, the Favorite has gone 34-19. However, they haven’t done as will against the spread as favorites are just 24-25-3.

In the last 18 Super Bowls, the Underdogs have gone 13-5. They’re 9-3 ATS in the last 12 games. As mentioned above, the San Francisco 49ers are considered the Underdogs for this Super Bowl matchup.

As an Underdog, Jimmy Garoppolo has gone 9-2 ATS and 8-3 SU in his brief career. It’s no wonder that some fans have nicknamed him “Captain Underdog.”

How Many Times have the 49ers and Chiefs Played in the Super Bowl?

The San Francisco 49ers have played in six Super Bowls and have gone 5-1 on the biggest stage. However, they lost their last trip to the Super Bowl seven years ago when they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Kansas City Chiefs have played in two Super Bowls and have gone 1-1. Their last trip to the Super Bowl was 50 years ago when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

How Many Times have the Chiefs and 49ers Played Each Other?

These two teams have played against each other 13 total times with the 49ers holding a slight advantage at 7 to 6.

However, it’s been the Chiefs who have owned the series over the last handful of games. Kansas City has won three of the last four meetings and five of the last eight.

The last time these two teams played against each other, the Chiefs beat the 49ers 38 to 27 at Arrowhead Stadium.

Who are the Head Coaches?

Andy Reid is the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and he will be making his 2nd Super Bowl appearance. He led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2005, but they lost to the Patriots.

Kyle Shanahan is the man in charge for the San Francisco 49ers. This will be his first Super Bowl appearance as a head coach. However, he was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons when they lost in the Super Bowl to the Patriots in 2017.

On a side note, Kyle Shanahan and his father Mike Shanahan are the only father-son duo to have ever been a head coach in the Super Bowl.

Is Andy Reid the Best Bye Week Coach?

A lot has been made over the years about how well Andy Reid’s teams play after coming off a bye week. The numbers back up those claims that he’s the best coach following a bye week.

Currently, Reid’s teams are 18-3 SU following a bye week during the regular season. His teams are 4-2 SU in the Playoffs following a bye. Reid’s teams are 22-8 ATS after a bye week. It’s hard to argue that Reid’s not the best bye week coach in the league today.

Who’s Singing the National Anthem?

The talented Demi Lovato will be singing the National Anthem for Super Bowl 54. There are National Anthem betting odds for how long her rendition will last. Currently, the Over/Under is set at one minute and 57 seconds. Nine of the last 10 National Anthems have gone Over.

Who Will Call the Coin Toss?

Per the NFL rules, the Away team gets to call the coin toss. This year that means the San Francisco 49ers will get to make the call on the coin toss.

Tails has come up in 28 of the 53 Super Bowls played. In recent years, it’s gone 14-8 over the last 22 Super Bowls including hitting in five of the last six games.

Do the Coin Toss Winners Also Win the Super Bowl?

Unfortunately, it appears that losing the coin toss will give the team a better chance at winning that getting the coin toss call correct.

The winning coin toss team has only won 24 of 53 Super Bowls, which means the losing team has won 29 of them. Furthermore, 10 of the last 15 teams to lose the coin toss have gone on to win the Super Bowl including the last five games.

Are There Any Shows to Watch Before the Super Bowl Begins?

Yes, there is. Over on Animal Planet at 3 PM ET, the 16th annual Puppy Bowl will be played as Team Ruff takes on Team Fluff. Get a complete Puppy Bowl preview and prediction for the cutest game on earth.

Who’s the Halftime Performance?

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will co-headline the Super Bowl halftime show. This will be each singer’s first appearance. Neither of them will be paid.

Will This Game Have More Points than Last Year’s SB 53?

Yes, Super Bowl 54 will have at least three times as many points as last year’s snooze fest. Most online betting sites have this game listed as an Over/Under of 54 total points.

In my breakdown of the big game, I actually believe that these two teams will easily hit the Over as they cruise past 60 total points. Needless to say, there will be a lot more action on Super Bowl Sunday than last year’s history making low scoring Super Bowl.

Will the Super Bowl Winning Team Score 30 Points or More?

Over the last 40 Super Bowls, there have been 24 games where a team has scored over 30 points. On those occasions, the team with 30 or more points has won 22 times.

The last time a team that scored over 30 points lost a Super Bowl was two years ago when the Patriots lost to the Eagles in a thriller.

Who’s the Frontrunner to Win the Super Bowl MVP Award?

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the odds on favorite to win the MVP award for Super Bowl 54. He’s listed as a +115 betting favorite followed by Jimmy Garoppolo at +275. Quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl MVP award in 28 of the 53 all-time Super Bowls.

Defensive players have won the Super Bowl MVP award on 10 occasions. This year, 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa has the best odds for any defender at +2000.

Tight Ends could be a huge factor in Sunday’s big game as the two best at the position will square off. 49ers TE George Kittle has +1000 odds to win the MVP and Chiefs TE Travis Kelce has +1600 odds.

The only running back to keep an eye on is 49ers stud Raheem Mostert who’s listed at +550 odds to win the MVP.

The smart play for this wager is to take Patrick Mahomes as he’s been on an incredible tear in the postseason.

Red is the Primary Color

For the first time ever, both Super Bowl teams feature red as their primary color. Since the Chiefs are the Home team, they will get to play in their dark red uniforms while the 49ers will most likely play in their white uniforms with red numbers and outlining.

Are There Any Teams That Have Never Made the Super Bowl?

There are currently four teams that have never played in the Super Bowl before: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Browns were a 2019 preseason favorite to make the Super Bowl for the AFC. Unfortunately, they failed miserably.

Did You Know that the Super Bowl is on Groundhog’s Day?

For only the second time ever, the Super Bowl will land on Groundhog’s Day. The first time was in 2014 when the Broncos played the Seahawks.

How Much does a Super Bowl Ticket Cost?

On average, a Super Bowl 54 ticket will cost you roughly $7,400 dollars. That’s the most expensive ticket in the last six Super Bowls.

How Much do Players Get Paid for a Super Bowl Appearance?

Last year, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and their players made an average of $118,000 dollars. That doesn’t include any bonuses in their individual contracts for making and winning the Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams were the losing team and their players made an average of $59,000 per player.

Those totals are in addition to what the Players made in the Playoff rounds prior to the Super Bowl where players get $29,000 for a Divisional Round game and $54,000 for the Conference title game.

Who is the Highest Paid Player in Super Bowl 54?

Jimmy Garoppolo is the highest paid player in this year’s Super Bowl with a 2019 salary of 27.5 million dollars. He signed a five year, $137.5 million dollar contract in 2018 which included $74 million dollars guaranteed.

The second highest paid player is Frank Clark. The Chiefs defensive end will make $20.8 million dollars.

Are Super Bowl Parties Still a Popular Thing?

Super Bowl parties are still a popular event for football and non-football fans. reports that nearly 27% of all Americans will attend a Super Bowl party this year. If you are trying to put together last minute plans for a Super Bowl party then check out our tips on how to make it a successful one.

Will There be Political Commercials?

Unfortunately, there will be at least one too many political commercials during Super Bowl 54. With 2020 being an election year, you can bet that there will be multiple commercials calling for viewers to vote one way or another.

Are There Really Donald Trump Prop Bets for SB 54?

While we’re on the topic of politics, we might as well address the crazy fact there are dozens of prop bets available for President Trump. From Tweeting to White House visits, sports betting sites have prop bets on this country’s man in charge.

Will Trump Attend the Super Bowl?

No sitting President has attended a Super Bowl. And, while Trump definitely colors outside of the traditional lines, I highly doubt he will attend the biggest annual sporting event in this country. Unfortunately, there aren’t any betting sites offering a wager on this possibility.

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