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Eric Church and Jasmine Sullivan and Super Bowl LV Logo

The National Anthem is not only a proud American tradition that we learn as children, but it’s also a cherished moment prior to the start of sporting events throughout the country. Yet, no rendition of the anthem is performed on a grander stage than at the Super Bowl.

This year, Super Bowl 55 will feature a duet performance for the National Anthem as country music singer Eric Church will team up with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. It’s the first time since Super Bowl 40 that a duet will perform the country’s most hallowed song.

Super Bowl betting sites have released numerous prop bets for SB 55’s National Anthem. Let’s take a look at these Super Bowl prop bets and see if we can shoot off some fireworks with our winning predictions.

Length of US National Anthem

  • Under 2 minutes 0 seconds (-150)
  • Over 2 minutes 0 seconds (+110)

One of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets is the duration of the National Anthem. Along with the coin toss, this wager receives a ton of betting action.

Before we can make our wager, let’s take a look at the last 15 Super Bowl National Anthems to get an idea on how long they went:

  • SB 40: Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin went 2:08
  • SB 41: Billy Joel went 1:30
  • SB 42: Jordin Sparks went 1:54
  • SB 43: Jennifer Hudson went 2:10
  • SB 44: Carrie Underwood went 1:47
  • SB 45: Christina Aguilera went 1:54
  • SB 46: Kelly Clarkson went 1:34
  • SB 47: Alicia Keys went 2:35
  • SB 48: Renee Fleming went 1:54
  • SB 49: Idina Menzel went 2:04
  • SB 50: Lady Gaga went 2:09
  • SB 51: Luke Bryan went 2:04
  • SB 52: Pink went 1:53
  • SB 53: Gladys Knight went 1:57
  • SB 54: Demi Lovato went 1:55

As you can see, nine of the 15 performances came in under 2 minutes. Last year’s rendition by Demi Lovato made it three in a row where the artists came in under 120 seconds.

This year, it might be a bit trickier. For starters, we’re going to see a duet sing the National Anthem for the first time since Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville at Super Bowl 40. That year, the duo pushed the anthem to two minutes and eight seconds.

Currently, there’s not much known about Eric Church’s past anthem performances, but Sullivan has sung the National Anthem at a sporting event before. She sang it at a NHL outdoor Stadium Series event between the Blackhawks and Wild in 2016. She clocked in at 1:38.

There are factors to consider for this prop bet like how they will sing the lyrics. Will they take turns? Will Church provide backup? Will Sullivan’s soulful voice carry out notes longer?

The Under 2 minutes option is the sizable favorite for this prop bet, but I am going with the Over 2 minutes for this wager. I believe the duet will push this performance beyond 2 minutes. Plus, I like the value with the +110 odds.

Length of US National Anthem: Over 2 minutes 0 seconds (+110)

Jazmine Sullivan Show Cleavage During Anthem

  • Yes (-175)
  • No (+135)

At the hockey game, Sullivan was dressed warmly due to the temperatures. But, this year’s Super Bowl will be in Tampa Bay and the weather is expected to be comfortable. So, I expect Sullivan to wear an elegant dress that will accentuate her assets along with her vocal talents. Go with the “Yes” option.

Jazmine Sullivan Show Cleavage During Anthem: Yes (-175)

Forget/Omit a Word in The US National Anthem

  • No (-5000)
  • Yes (+1200)

Just like the players on the field bring their “A-game,” the artists performing the National Anthem do so as well. With that said, I can’t remember a time where a performer forgot or omitted a word.

It’s all about acing this performance and being a part of sport’s biggest annual spectacle. These talented singers won’t forget anything!

Forget/Omit a Word in The US National Anthem: No (-5000)

Any Scoring Drive Less Time Than Anthem Length

  • Yes (-350)
  • No (+225)

For this prop bet, we’re examining whether or not a SB LV scoring drive will take less time than the two minute National Anthem.

Last year, there were four scoring drives that were 2:48 or less. In fact, all three of the Chiefs 4th quarter touchdowns came within 2:40 or less. Their final TD of the game only took 13 seconds and it sealed the win for KC.

With the Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers having explosive offenses and a willingness to throw the ball deep down the field, it’s hard to imagine that one team won’t score in less than two minutes.  Although there’s no value, take the “Yes” option for this prop bet.

Any Scoring Drive Less Time Than Anthem Length: Yes (-350)

Player to Be Shown 1st During Anthem

  • Tom Brady (-130)
  • Patrick Mahomes (-110)

The National Anthem is a time where we honor our country and pay respect to those who gave their lives for our freedom. With that in mind, we’re also taught to pay our respects to our elders and Tom Brady will become the oldest player to start a Super Bowl in NFL history.

Take Tom Brady for this prop bet as he’s the living legend of football right now and I believe CBS will cut to him first.

Player to Be Shown 1st During Anthem: Tom Brady (-130)

Player to Be Shown 1st During Anthem

  • Travis Kelce (-130)
  • Rob Gronkowski (-110)

Since we’ll see Tom Brady first, it only makes sense that the broadcast pans down the Buccaneers sideline before going over to the Chiefs.

Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady were standing right next to each other soaking in another Super Bowl appearance. Take Gronk for this prop bet, but for Kelce to have the better game.

Player to Be Shown 1st During Anthem: Rob Gronkowski (-110)

Coach to Be Shown 1st During Anthem

  • Andy Reid (-130)
  • Bruce Arians (-110)

Andy Reid is making his third Super Bowl appearance and his second straight. Bruce Arians is making his 1st Super Bowl appearance as a head coach as he’s been in the big game before as an Offensive Coordinator.

Bruce Arians

Keeping with the theme of the two prop bets above, I’m taking Bruce Arians for this wager. I see Tom Brady and the Bucs’ sideline being shown first, so it only makes sense that we catch a glimpse of Arians before heading over to Mahomes, Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs sideline.

Coach to Be Shown 1st During Anthem: Bruce Arians (-110)

Any Player Kneel on Sideline During Anthem

  • No (-2500)
  • Yes (+800)

Over the last few years, sports have become a major platform for protesting and demanding social justice, change and unity. This past season saw plenty of various forms of protest due to severe social injustices.

With that said, the Super Bowl hasn’t really been a stage where we’ve seen forms of player protest. I don’t see any player kneeling during the Super Bowl’s National Anthem this year.

Any Player Kneel on Sideline During Anthem: No (-2500)

Any Player Raise Fist on Sideline During Anthem

  • No (-3000)
  • Yes (+900)

Like the prop bet above, raising a fist is a sign of protest and standing up for social justice. It has been a symbol for change. Although we’ve seen players doing this in the past, it’s become less prevalent over the last few years. Go with the “No” option as I don’t believe any player will do this at SB LV.

Any Player Raise Fist on Sideline During Anthem: No (-3000)
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