Survivor Ghost Island: Who Will Win Season 36?

by Kevin Roberts
on March 23, 2018
All odds that are referenced in this article were taken from BetDSI at 4:55 pm CT on 3/22/2018. These odds may have changed since the time of this writing.

Season 36 of Survivor is already well underway, yet viewers and die hard fans of the hit series can still place wagers as to who will outwit, outplay and outlast the rest of the competition.

The field has already taken a big hit, which actually impacts the most recent Survivor odds at BetDSI.

Stephanie Johnson (previously holding +450 odds to win) was ousted after her trip to Ghost Island in the most recent episode and four worthy competitors came and went before her. Before her exit, the likes of Stephanie Gonzalez, Jacob Derwin, Morgan Ricke and Brendan Shapiro were voted out.

The tribe spoke, but it really wasn’t until Shapiro’s surprise exit that the notorious back-stabbing and/or shock value element of the show really shined through.

Still, the two contestants that previously had the best odds to win (largely due to likability and strength in challenges) have been eliminated in each of the past two episodes.

That not only signals the gloves are coming off from here on out, but it could cloud who the true favorites are to win this thing.

Survivor: Ghost Island Odds to Win

The crazy thing is the 36th installment of possibly the greatest social experiment in television history is really just getting started.

Take a look at the most recent odds per BetDSI to see where everyone tentatively stands (Johnson and voted out contestants omitted):

  • Michael Yerger (+700)
  • Kellyn Bechtold (+800)
  • Wendell Holland (+900)
  • Libby Vincek (+1000)
  • Jenna Bowman (+1250)
  • Angela Perkins (+1300)
  • Sebastian Noel (+1500)
  • Domenick Abbate (+1750)
  • Laurel Johnson (+2000)
  • Donathan Hurley (+2500)
  • Bradley Kleihege (+3000)
  • Chris Noble (+3500)
  • Desiree Afuye (+4750)
  • Chelsea Townsend (+7500)
  • James Lim (+7500)

This is a very fun list, as I’ve watched every episode personally and there are several different personalities and strategies forming.

Some players you’ll find yourself easily rooting for and others probably don’t deserve to be here. There are also others that may be tough competitors, but either have made grave mistakes or have flaws to their game.

Winning this whole thing takes more than just strengths, smarts or luck. It takes all of that and then some.

Top Threats

Odds aside, the biggest contenders remaining seem to be Yerger (+700), Perkins (+1300), Noel (+1500), Abbate (+1750), Noble (+3500) and Afuye (+4750).

This isn’t to say nobody else can win this. However, anyone who is going to make it to the finale needs to be able to manipulate people while gaining trust, they usually need to make some sneaky power move, they need to be good in challenges and they also need to be a little lucky.

If you’re looking for favorites with the tools to make it happen, these are probably your best bets.

There is already a target on a lot of people’s backs, too.

Wendell Holland carries solid +900 odds, but he and Abbate hung themselves out to dry not too long ago. The winds have died down for their exit a bit, but of the two, I think Wendell is the most at risk.

Several players could be in trouble in the very near future, while one of Chris Noble and Domenick Abbate can’t be long for the show. Noble is one of the strongest competitors, but the tribe has long been aware of his prowess.

The two have been gunning for each other for day one and once their tribe falters and/or the merge renders tribes useless, either could be on the chopping block.

These are two of my favorite bets, simply because Noble is an elite competitor and Abbate has a better story and has a lot driving him.

Sebastian Noel and Michael Yerger are two very interesting favorites that you absolutely want to consider wagering on, but you may want to do so with some reservation.

Both are excellent teammates and could easily go the distance, but they also carry red flags. Yoerger has already previously lied about his age on the show, while Noel doesn’t seem to have the best social game.

In a game where you need to prove your worth, build and maintain alliances and also be a little sneaky, the player that continues to stand out the most is Abbate.

A construction worked and reformed family man, Abbate has a great story and can both convince people to align with his strategy and he’ll also hold his own in challenges. Only time will tell if he’ll hold on and actually score the win, but I think most of the tribe members will deem him as a less of a physical threat than Noble and others.

If Abbate can hold onto his residency and his connections until the merge arrives, I think he’ll be a very real threat to go the distance. Once in the finale, it’ll be very hard to build a winning argument over Abbate. The best part? If he makes it to the end, he’s returning elite value at +1750.

Pick: Domenick Abbate (+1750)

While I really like Abbate here based on his game, story and the competition, keep two things in mind as the show goes on.

First, that the Ghost Island odds can and will change in the near future. The current Survivor odds at BetDSI are already a bit outdated and I’m sure they’ll be current soon.

Secondly, things can change so quickly from episode to episode. Even if Abbate is knocked out in the very next episode, there are still so many viable options to consider that both have a very real shot at winning and also return taggering value.

That’s the kicker here, too. This is still extremely early in the process. Usually it takes a good amount of time before you get a great feel of who is going to last despite not being great at challenges, who can build the best social game and who will simply get lucky and coast.

Abbate doesn’t seem like someone who will coast, but he also isn’t the strongest competitor. That should mean that the target on his back will be smaller so long as elite athletes like Noble and others remain in the game.

If he can just hold his own and avoid a social collapse, he fits the mold of someone that can make it to the end and nab the win.

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