Taking Esports Betting Principles to Traditional Esports

by Mark Perry
on October 24, 2017

As the football season moves along, the SuperBowl is on everyone’s mind. If you are into esports betting, then you probably don’t care. This apathy is not entirely founded. If you like esports betting for the esports, then you may not find anything of interest betting on traditional sports. However, if you are into esports betting for the money, traditional sports can be a meal ticket.

Traditional sports have viewership in the millions, and their fanbase is built on decades of tradition. One of these traditions, of course, is betting. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, the World Series or the Triple Crown, books will be open from Vegas to Manhattan. This is where the true high rollers come out, and the betting gets fun. If you want to take advantage of this, your experience from esports betting can certainly help. In this article, we’re going to go over how to take what you’ve learned from esports betting to traditional sports.

Getting Your Head In The Game

One of the principles of next level betting is learning the game, of course. For esports fans, this is fairly easy. We all have dreams of playing esports competitively – we may even be actively pursuing them. This helps immensely when we are betting on the game, as it allows us to bet thoughtfully if you will. We can go beyond being a spectator and make educated guesses on who will win and how. If we are a Hearthstone player, for example, we are likely to see our best returns when we bet on Hearthstone. We know what strategies are popular, and have seen them develop. You know the players inside and out, as you have devoted time to studying the game. This inside and out knowledge takes our betting to the next step.

This same idea translates to traditional sports betting.

We cannot expect to make good bets if we are betting entirely blind.

To avoid this, we have to devote time to learning the games we are betting on. For some of us, this will be easy. You may have grown up watching, or even playing, sports. However, the esports betting community has a small crossover with the traditional sports community. If you are one of the people who have never seen a football game in your life, the good news is that it isn’t difficult to develop a passing knowledge of the game – but it is time-consuming.

We can largely use the same media to connect with traditional sports as we do with esports. While we won’t find a soccer game on Twitch, you will find players and fans bombarding Twitter at all times of the day. Additionally, Reddit has grown into a great place to find thoughtful and analytical discussion on any and all traditional sports. For example, if you are looking to bet on the Super Bowl, you can get a grasp of the game from /r/NFL. From there, you can develop a better understanding of each individual team by looking into their subreddits.

Of course, this information will fall flat if we don’t know how the game is played. If you are reading this, if you are interested in esports betting, this is where you are most likely to connect with traditional sports. In the video game era, it is unsurprising to learn that many, if not all, traditional sports now have a video game. FIFA, Madden and the NBA 2k series are all fantastic ways to learn the games from the player’s perspective. You can take control of any position, and learn all of their responsibilities. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that you can learn the plays and when to call them – you can learn the game from the coach’s perspective. While Amaz plays his game with digital cards, while Day9 places units in Starcraft, a coach plays a game with real people. They control what happens in between plays, which is where most of a sport takes place. When we can see from their perspective, we can bet intelligently.

Traditional Sports, Esports and the Outgroup Bias

While we’re discussing the tools we can use to connect with a traditional sport, one of the biggest hurdles is allowing ourselves to connect with that sport. For many esports fans and esports betters, sports likely had no impact on our lives at best, and a negative impact on our lives at worst. The biggest issue here often begins when we are in our formative years – high school, specifically – where Hearthstone players probably weren’t “cool.” This can create what psychology calls an outgroup bias.

Simply defined, an outgroup bias is a negative bias developed against a group that we are not inside.

In this case, we begin to feel negatively about things that we feel are “cool,” because we aren’t. Sports is one of these things that we may wrongly vilify because we fail to give it the try that it deserves.

If you are betting purely for fun, then I do not expect you to challenge your beliefs for seemingly little reason. However, if you are an esports better looking for more opportunity to make money, you should attempt to develop an appreciation for traditional sports. The best way to do this is to treat it as a bonding experience. If a friend or loved one is a particularly zealous fan of a sport, ask them questions. Watch games with them. You may have to fake it a little at first, but you will likely find yourself enjoying it.

Understanding The Vocabulary

If developing an understanding and appreciation of the game is difficult, then this will be incredibly easy in comparison. eSports betting vocabulary is derived from traditional sports betting. We will go over betting vocabulary in further depth in a coming article, but those of you who are already familiar with terms like “handicap,” “totals,” and “spread,” will be able to walk into traditional sports betting with no issue.

As we’ve discussed previously, esports and traditional sports aren’t all that different. Because of that, it’s easy for an esports betting fanatic to pick up the advanced techniques of traditional sports betting.

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