Team Liquid | Favored To Win SuperNova Malta 2018

Perhaps not the most prestigious tournament in late 2018, SuperNova Malta still deserves its fair share of coverage. Primarily because it will serve as sort of a warmup tournament before the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals. 4 out of 8 teams competing in Malta will compete in Odense too, so that’s something you need to be wary of. Especially in terms of betting on the outright winner. While talking about that, it has to be stated that there are several favorites to Win SuperNova Malta 2018.

As the title above suggests, Team Liquid is the clear favorite to win this one. With betting odds ranging from 1.80 to 1.90, it goes without question that this American team seems like the safest bet. And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today since I know a lot of people reading this are in it for the bets. So, without further adue, let’s kick things off with my brief info on which bookies to use for betting on this tournament!

Where to Bet on SuperNova Malta 2018 | Betting Odds Analysis

I won’t just show you the list of my favorite bookies for CSGO betting but I’ll also guide you through the nicest picks. It won’t take too long, no worries…

Note – betting odds are prone to change so don’t freak out if they don’t match the current ones.

As you can see, BetWay has Team Liquid as clear favorites with -112 betting odds on their outright win in this tournament. The situation is roughly the same with other top-tier esports bookies too. Team Liquid seems to be everyone’s favorites to win SuperNova Malta 2018.

HellRaisers is the second pick with BIG and NRG waiting in line right behind them. +550 on HR and +600 for BIG and NRG respectively. Obviously, these 3 teams are the biggest threats to Team Liquid. NRG more so than the others as they’re going to face off against each other in the group stage… and we all know how their last match during the ECS Season 6 finals finished.

But, enough of me babbling about these betting odds. You’ve seen them which means we can move onto the next section. That’s the one most of you are interested in, right?

Favorites to Win SuperNova Malta 2018 | Team Liquid

As you could’ve seen above, Betway (one of the world’s most popular esports betting sites) lists Team Liquid as clear favorites with odds on their outright win being set at -112. That’s why, in this part of our favorites to win SuperNova Malta 2018 article, we are going to discuss whether or not you should bet on TL to win this. Additionally, we will also discuss the biggest threats on their way to the grand finals.

Team Liquid Looking Strong

Even though their performance during ECS Season 6 Finals wasn’t up to par (failed to advance from the group stage after suffering 2 defeats right off the bat), Team Liquid is still considered as the best North American CSGO team at the moment. MIBR is knocking on the door with amazing results so we’ll definitely have to check them out later on. For now, let’s focus on Team Liquid and their most recent form!

IEM Chicago

IEM Chicago was a proper blast for everyone involved with Team Liquid. Against all odds, they made their way to the Grand Finals match where they went up against the dominant Astralis team. While all TL players played at their very best, not even the home grounds advantage couldn’t help them make a notable impact against the Danes. Still, this IEM Chicago performance promises great things from such a tenacious, versatile and well-organized team.

ESL Pro League S8 NA

Looking at the entire ESL Pro League S8 North American league, it has to be said Team Liquid played pretty well. They finished as the 3rd seed to qualify for the upcoming ESL Pro League S8 Finals where they’ll be playing against the very best teams out there. However, their post-IEM Chicago performance in this tournament wasn’t the greatest. Out of 4 matches (2 against compLexity and 2 against Ghost), TL managed to secure only 2 wins (1 against each).

ECS S6 Finals

Just a week after those final ESL Pro League S8 NA matches, the craze called ECS S6 Finals started and, my oh my, Team Liquid players weren’t looking impressive at all. Their first match was against North, a lousy performance all across the board resulting in a 12-16 defeat. This put TL in the so-called Elimination Match where they played against NRG… only to lose the second match which kicked them off the tournament before it even began.

Biggest Threats

Now I’ll guide you through the teams which are right next to Team Liquid in terms of Outright Winner betting odds. There are just 3 notable teams so let’s dig right into it!


During the course of last cca 30 days, HellRaisers were having huge oscillations. They went from defeating NaVi to being defeated by Windigo twice in a row. Let that sink in for a second. Luckily, they managed to find their form later on, securing 2 important wins against G2 Esports to cement their spot in the ESL Finals.

Coming into SuperNova Malta 2018, I just can’t see HellRaisers with a decent shot of winning it. If they did not work on their consistency, a huge problem that was occurring in the most crucial of times during these last couple of months, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go out in the group stage.


It’s safe to say BIG did surprisingly well in their ESL Pro League S8 endeavor. They qualified for the main event as the 3rd EU seed. Right after Astralis and NaVi. Yes, the competition in EU was tough but this BIG roster did their best and here they are! Like I said in the introductory paragraph, BIG is one of 4 teams that’ll be using SuperNova Malta as sort of a training tournament.

With that in mind, you can expect them to perform at their best in Malta, especially once they face HellRaisers, potential ESL Pro League S8 opponents. The scariest fact about BIG at the moment is their run of success against (arguably) the second best CSGO team at the moment – Natus Vincere. They’ve defeated them once during IEM Chicago and twice during ESL Pro League S8 EU. Somehow, I reckon those 3 matches will be in all of their group stage opponents’ pre-match talks.


Perhaps not exactly the favorites to win SuperNova Malta 2018, NRG is always a tough team to face. In their last 5 matches against Team Liquid, they managed to capitalize 4 times. 4 Consecutive times, to be more precise. It seems as though NRG’s playstyle, positioning and in-game tactics work wonders against Stewie2K and the others.

The latest example of their matchup dates just a few days back during their ECS Season 6 Finals Group B matchup. As you all know, NRG emerged victorious on both Mirage and Overpass. The latter happened with quite an ease too. Due to all this, I consider NRG as the biggest threat to Team Liquid’s shot at winning this one.

With that said, that +500 on their outright win seems like a good deal for a smaller bet.
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