5 That 70’s Show Actors That Should Appear on The Ranch

by Michael Stevens
on January 27, 2017

Ashton Kutcher’s return to regular television has been regarded as a success in Netflix’s The Ranch, as the former That 70’s Show star teamed up with Danny Masterson to form an immediate hit. Already two successful seasons deep with Netflix, The Ranch is primed to last for quite some time.

How Long Kutcher wants to keep it going will be anyone’s guess, but with the show’s early success, he’s already digging into his history to enhance it. Per reports, Kutcher has been quite open about loading up The Ranch with more actors from his previous hit show, That 70’s Show.

On top of Kutcher and his old pals getting together to simply have a good time doing what they love, the added familiar faces can only aid in the growth of The Ranch’s fan base. The question, of course, is which other That 70’s Show presences can we hope to see on new episodes of The Ranch?

We’ve already seen three. Kutcher and Masterson star together in The Ranch and the duo got Wilmer Valderrama on the show recently. Debra Jo Rupp, who played Kitty on That 70’s Show, is also slated for a role on a show that is already mapping out season three and four.

The plan is supposedly to “get them all” eventually, but which ones do we want to see the most? Let’s go over our five favorite picks:

Tommy Chong (Leo)

Danny Masterson said in an interview that part of the appeal of The Ranch and doing a show on Netflix was that the actors could do “whatever they want” with their show. Perhaps part of that process will be including legendary actor Tommy Chong, who was a hilarious stoner in his 65 episodes on That 70’s Show.

Chong could take on a similar role – which would be far from a stretch – as he finds time to reunite with two of his tightest pals from That 70’s Show. Chong would be an effortless fit, too, as he can play a wide range of characters, from Sam Elliott’s brother to a drifter or ranch hand. Whatever role he would get, it’d surely be a raucous hit.

Mila Kunis (Jackie)

Considering Kunis is married to Ashton Kutcher and played his iconic girlfriend Jackie on That 70’s Show, it’s arguably just a matter of time before she appears on The Ranch. Kunis has displayed some pretty solid range over the last few years and continues to devote her voice to the ever popular Family Guy.

Kunis was a hit in the movie Bad Moms and would be a welcomed addition to The Ranch, possibly as a former love interest of Kutcher’s character. More recently, Kunis has been busy raising her two kids with Kutcher lately and for whatever reason may not have had the time or energy to take on a role with the show to this point. Going off of Kutcher and Masterson’s long-term goals for The Ranch, however, that could change in the near future.

Laura Prepon (Donna)

Prepon has already reportedly been approached by Kutcher and co., and it sounds like it may only be a matter of time before the show carves out a role for her. Just how much she can appear on The Ranch is open for debate, as Prepon has a burgeoning movie career and has a major recurring role on fellow Netflix hit series, Orange is the New Black.

As long as OITNB keeps going strong, it would make sense for Prepon to be busy with her work there. Prepon has sounded open to getting back into some comedy, however, and provided her schedule opens up, it looks like she could team up with her old crew at some point again in the near future.

Kurtwood Smith (Red)

The man we all know as Red is getting up there in age a bit, but he still has the same sass and drive that made us love him in That 70’s Show. Exactly what character he could be on The Ranch down the road is unclear, but going over his acting resume, it looks like he’s a lot more versatile than fans probably even realize.

Smith could play a number of roles and would probably slide in perfectly with the ranching life, but what would be better than a crabby, disapproving mentor role like we saw out of him for years on That 70’s Show? The answer? Probably nothing.

Topher Grace (Eric Forman)

Nothing would beat the return of Forman, as an endless list of jokes could be touched on again that made That 70’s Show such a classic. Grace has been extremely busy with a career in feature films, but he probably wouldn’t mind a return to the sitcom scene.

Arguably the best character That 70’s Show ever had to offer, Grace’s rubber face and carefree style made him a TV show icon and would probably allow him to fit in effortlessly on The Ranch. It’s a little unclear what his relationship status is with the That 70’s Show cast, as he was the lone actor to skip the final season of the show.

Provided Grace is still on good terms with Kutcher and Masterson, though, his eventual appearance on The Ranch is both inevitable and sure to be uber-hyped.

The beauty here, of course, is The Ranch isn’t just about slow-playing a That 70’s Show reunion. It’s that it’s a great, light, funny show and is done in a very unique way, while also still paying homage to the old sitcoms with the laugh tracks.

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