The 15 Highest Paying Online Slots of 2021

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The online casino craze is sweeping the planet. The incredible bonuses and convenience of online casinos are seeing players sign up in record-shattering numbers.

Playing your favorite games online means you save a significant portion of your gambling bankroll that would otherwise go towards travel and accommodations. Online casinos have truly legitimized the world of online casino gambling.

Still, there are gamblers that question whether the games are fair or not. Well, the RTP for online slots is just as good and often better than what you’ll get from brick and mortar casinos.

Here are the 15 highest paying online slots of 2021. You’ll be able to extend your bankroll and win more often with these player-friendly games.

1 – Mega Joker

Mega JokerOne of the most significant benefits of playing online slots is the enhanced return to the player. Online casinos don’t have nearly as much overhead as their land-based counterparts.

This leads to much better RTP in the online realm. Mega Joker gives players an opportunity to play online slots longer than ever imagined.

The game has an impressive RTP of 99%. That means you should see a $99 return for every $100 you put into play in the long run. Mega Joker is also an incredibly entertaining game for a classic slot game. This three-reel game has a total of five paylines and is a basic presentation of slots.

But when you factor in the possibility of hitting the jackpot with the RTP, Mega Joker may be your best bet in 2021.

2 – 1429 Uncharted Seas

1429 Uncharted Seas isn’t your great grandpappy’s slot machine. This unique online slots game has five spinning reels and 25 paylines.

Players can play for as little as $0.10 per payline and up to $100 per payline. That ensures 1429 will fit easily into the bankroll of any gambler.

The game’s 98.6% RTP is among the highest you’ll find, and the game is loaded with bonus features. These come in the form of many free spins that are unlocked and add up to some significant wins.

3 – Dracula

DraculaOoh Aah Dracula is a unique online slots game. The styling is part 1980s arcade game and part video slots.

This game features an insanely high maximum RTP, but the number varies from 96% to 99%. This variance typically means that only the highest denominations will enjoy the top RTP.

You should easily be able to wade into a game at close to 99%. Still, it’s in your best interest to check the game’s RTP before you play. The denomination range is $0.10 to $500 per payline, and with a total of 10 paylines, it may get expensive.

4 – Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is another vampire-inspired online slots game. The game features five reels for a total of 25 paylines.

Blood Suckers has a fantastic RTP of 98%. The game also has desirable gameplay features, and the graphics are incredible.

Not to mention, Blood Suckers offers a ton of free spins for players to enjoy, and the game starts at $0.25 per payline.

5 – Bob: The Epic Viking Quest

Bob: The Epic Viking QuestBob: The Epic Viking Quest comes in with an RTP of 98%. You’ll join Bob on his quest for riches.

It’s incredibly easy to be swept up in the story aspect of Bob. What separates this game from the competition are the bonuses.

Bob: The Epic Viking Quest is loaded with free spins and bonus games. Once triggered, these games tend to spit out significant wins in a matter of seconds.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you suddenly find yourself dancing around the living room as your bank total begins to spin faster than a yo-yo.

The game has an impressive 25 paylines to play. So, with $0.25 per payline, you’re in for about $5 per spin. There are cheaper games to play, but it’ll be hard to have more fun than this online casino gem.

6 – Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly is a favorite among many casino gamblers. Most of us played the game as children, and it remains a favorite as adults.

Monopoly Big Event should be a favorite for all slot lovers. This brilliant game has an exceptional RTP that starts at 96% and goes up to 99%.

Players will have a ton of easily recognizable content and exciting bonus games to keep them engaged and entertained. Monopoly Big Event needs to be at the top of your list for preferred online slots.

7 – Wolfpack Pays

Wolfpack PaysDid someone say paylines? Wolfpack Pays is an exciting game that has a total of 245 paylines. Still, you can play the game max lines for as little as $0.45 up to $80.

Having so many paylines in play almost guarantees that you see at least a small return on every spin of the reels.

Wolfpack Pays gives real money online slots players a 97.75% RTP which will keep you in the game for as long as possible—especially considering the low buy-in.

8 – Devil’s Delight

DD is much more than meets the eye. The graphics are a bit cartoonish, but they grow on you.

More important than the little cartoon devil characters are the magnificent game features. Devil’s Delight offers you an excellent 97.7 RTP.

The game features 20 paylines and has five reels, but it’s the extras that make this game great. The multiple bonus rounds will transform your living room or office into a buzzing casino floor.

9 – King’s of Chicago

King's of ChicagoThis mobster-themed game has a fantastic RTP of 97.8%. It also provides a unique twist to online slot games.

This game uses electronic playing cards to build hands that determine your payout. King’s of Chicago isn’t full of exciting bonus games, but the free spins come in spades.

Players can earn up to 30 free spins at a time. These free spins can add up to significant gains for you.

I’d love to see the mafia aspect played up a tad more. In future iterations, it would be great to see bonus levels added that incorporated this angle.

10 – Magicious

Magicious is a straightforward and efficient game that’s extremely friendly for the player. The game’s 97.6% return to player is enough to draw players to the magician’s stage.

The game features a magician and their lovely assistant that reveal symbols with a swift abracadabra. This game doesn’t give you any free spins, and there aren’t any bonus games.

Still, the 20 paylines and low minimum wagers are the perfect way to make a small chunk of cash last for hours.

11 – Simsalabim

Simsalabim is another magician-themed game with a high RTP. The game pays back 97.5% of every cent paid into the game.

Unlike the previous magical game, this instant classic features free spins and bonus games galore. The game starts at just $0.01 per payline or $0.25 per spin and goes up to $250 per spin.

12 – Hot Ink

Hot InkHot Ink can lead you to some cool wins. This game has been around the block, but players keep spinning the reels in this tattoo-themed online slots game.

You’ll get an astonishing 97.5% RTP in Hot Ink. What’s more impressive than the solid return is the ridiculous number of paylines.

The game has 1,024 paylines available. When you hit a significant win and all light up in unison, the heart starts pounding. Hot Ink is loaded with free spins and bonus games to keep you interested for hours at a time.

13 – Wild Orient

This excellent game has five reels and 243 paylines for you to put into play. Wild Orient features dozens of visually stunning symbols with many beautiful images from around the Orient.

This is another real money online slot game that features a 97.5% RTP. However, that alone doesn’t make it worthy of your time.

Orient Express will occasionally dump 15 free spins in your lap, and these spins will be loaded with the 3x bonus. During these rapid-fire spins, you’ll see a massive improvement to your bank.

14 – Supernova

SupernovaSupernova may be the most visually stunning of the high RTP real money online slots. This game has a unique 3×3 layout but still offers an outstanding 27 paylines.

This futuristic game also has a pair of bonus reels that determine your bonus. These bonuses can be from 2x up to 10x.

The minimum bet is only $0.20 and goes up to $50. Supernova is one of the most exciting games on the list, and the 97.5% RTP makes it an excellent choice for online gamblers.

15 – Arabian Rose

Arabian Rose rounds out the list with another 97.5% return to player. The game is five reels and 40 paylines of excellence.

Plus, Arabian Rose will check many of the boxes for any slot enthusiast. You’ll get a high RTP, wild symbols, free spins, and excellent graphics in this beautiful game.

The magic lamps and flying carpets will have you in the mood for a bit of genie magic in your bid for a massive jackpot.


The 15 highest paying online slots of 2021 provide players with much more than just the ability to hold onto most of their money.

These games offer the same benefits and exciting features that you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip, only with a much better return on investment.

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