The 2019 Puppy Bowl Betting Preview: Odds, Predictions and Lots of Cuteness

by Rick Rockwell
on February 1, 2019

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On Sunday, February 3rd, puppy lovers all over the globe will witness arguably the greatest canine athletic competition going today –Puppy Bowl 15. Ok, maybe not the greatest, but certainly the cutest canine competition. This annual event takes place a few hours before Super Bowl 53, so if you can’t wait for some captivating football action then tune in to Animal Planet beginning at 3 PM ET.

About The Puppy Bowl

The first Puppy Bowl aired on February 6, 2005, and was inspired by the annual Yule Log Christmas program that features some adorable puppies and kittens at Christmas time. Since its inception, the Puppy Bowl has undergone many changes to make the game more competitive and entertaining. The NFL could learn a thing or two from the Puppy Bowl’s commitment to high quality competition.

Starting in 2015, Puppy Bowl XI, the big game changed to a team vs team format with Team Ruff vs Team Fluff. The puppies were separated into two different teams and each dog had a colored bandana to represent the team they were on.

Ultimately, the Puppy Bowl is held to promote pet adoption and to raise awareness for animal cruelty. All of the puppies that participate in the show are available for adoption.

Puppy Bowl XV Betting Odds

The following Puppy Bowl betting odds are courtesy of 5Dimes:

  • Team Ruff -6.5 points (-120)
  • Team Fluff +6.5 points (-120)

Team Ruff comes into this contest as the favorite. There has been some betting action on team Fluff throughout the week because Team Ruff was once favored by 7.5 points, which matched their spread from Puppy Bowl XIII. However, in that game, Team Ruff was blown out in a major upset. Last year Team Fluff went from a small favorite of -175 to a massive favorite of -975 as the game grew closer. Most likely due to a non-puppy leak of the results.

Recent Puppy Bowl Results

Since the format changed to feature teams playing against each other, there has only been 4 Puppy Bowls and each team has won two games apiece:

  • Puppy Bowl X1: Team Ruff 87 – Team Fluff 49
  • Puppy Bowl XII: Team Ruff 70 – Team Fluff 44
  • Puppy Bowl XIII: Team Fluff 93 – Team Ruff 38
  • Puppy Bowl XIV: Team Fluff 53 – Team Ruff 47

Puppy Bowl 15 Starting Lineups

This year’s Puppy Bowl features 93 dogs from a total of 51 animal shelters. Additionally, two of the puppies are considered “special needs.” All of the “paw-ticipants” are 16 to 20 weeks old. The following rosters are courtesy of Animal Planet, where you can view a photo gallery of all the starters:

Team Fluff Starting Roster

The defending champs will feature the following starters:

  • Ace (Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel)
  • Astro (Lab Retreiver/Husky)
  • Brady (Chihuahua/Russell Terrier)
  • Brooklyn (Neapolitan Mastiff/American Staffordshire Terrier)
  • Bumble (Lab/Chow Chow)
  • Clara (Corgi)
  • Dawn (Beagle/Dachshund)
  • Flora (American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer)
  • Foles (American Staffordshire Terrier/Akita)
  • Gallagher (Saint Bernard)
  • Lola (Shar Pei)
  • Maisey (Labrador Retriever)
  • Marisol (Miniature Poodle/Catahoula)
  • Melody (Maltese)
  • Remington (Beagle)
  • Scooter (Cocker Spaniel/Chihuahua)
  • Smudge (American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog)
  • Will (Old English Sheepdog/Doodle)
  • Ziggy (Boston Terrier)

Team Ruff Starting Roster

This year’s odds on favorite to win PB 15 features the following starters:

  • Alexander (Great Pyrenees)
  • Bee (Chihuahua/Pekingese)
  • Bella (Shih Tzu/Chihuahua)
  • Bugsy (Sato/Greyhound)
  • Emmitt (Australian Cattle Dog/Boykin Spaniel)
  • Flo (Chihuahua/Maltese)
  • George (Chihuahua/Miniature Poodle)
  • Hank (Labradoodle)
  • Harry (Shih Tzu/Chihuahua)
  • Moses (American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow)
  • Pirate (English Springer Spaniel/McNab)
  • Pistachio (Maltese)
  • Scotch (Chihuahua/Shih Tzu)
  • Shy Boy (Lhasa Apso/Miniature Poodle)
  • Sierra (American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow)
  • Violet (Chihuahua/Miniature Poodle)
  • Whitney (Siberian Husky)

Puppy Bowl Rules of the Game

Above all else, this game’s top priority is the safety of the puppies. Typically, there are several representatives from the ASPCA on hand, multiple veterinarians, and at least 60 personnel members to shoot the Puppy Bowl and maintain order.

Unlike the NFL, the Puppy Bowl is littered with instant replays to bring all of the exciting four-legged action from the game. Touchdowns are typically scored when a puppy drags a football into the end zone. Time outs can be called when the water dishes are empty.

Penalties are assessed when the puppies use the football field as a bathroom. Thankfully, Animal Planet edits out this portion of the event. There are clever penalty names called ruff sides, dog collar tackle, and paws interference. Additionally, puppies can get flagged for “terrorizing the ref” and “pancacking.”

Who Will Win Puppy Bowl 15?

Team Ruff won the first two (team based) Puppy Bowls and come into this contest the betting favorite. However, Team Fluff has won two straight canine championships and look to pull off the upset like they did two years ago.

It’s easy to see why Team Ruff is the favorite, they have both the size and speed advantage. Additionally, they have the experience advantage as well.

Team Fluff’s biggest dog is Gallagher, an 18 week old St. Bernard, who can hold his own with anyone from Team Ruff. He’s a one dog offensive line. Unfortunately, he will have his paws full with Team Ruff’s size and strength. Watch out for the tandem of Whitney, an 18 week old Siberian Huskey, and Alexander, a 17 week old Great Pyrenees. They bring the pain when rushing the QB or stuffing the run.

One of my MVP candidates for Team Fluff is Astro, a Labrador retriever that has all the makings of a scoring machine. Astro reminds me of a gadget player that can do anything on the field. Team Fluff will need this and more because Team Ruff features a dog that could turn the entire game upside down in blink of an eye. Bugsy, who is part greyhound, has been seen training by chasing cars down the street. Team Fluff has no dog capable of matching Bugsy’s speed. We might have to see Team Fluff double cover Bugsy or roll the coverage over toward wherever the speedster lines up.

Team Ruff also has the veteran leadership of Harry, the oldest dog in the game at 25 weeks. Harry is a wise Shih Tzu/Chihuahua that will most likely be the field general for his team. Team Fluff has the youngest dogs in the game with Smudge, an American Staffordshire Terrier/Bulldog, and Clara, a Corgi, both 13 weeks old. Smudge has the distinct look of a pig, which Team Fluff may use to their advantage with some of their trick plays.

Flora could be Team Fluff’s secret weapon as she has a decent blend of size, speed and strength. She’s just the type of bitch that this team needs to spark their defense. But, will it be enough?

Sadly, I believe this game is going to be a blowout. I think that Team Ruff has too much size and speed for Team Fluff to handle. We could be seeing a doggy disaster by time it’s all said and done.

I’m taking Team Ruff to win 68 to 39, easily covering the spread and recapturing the championship.

Puppy Bowl Bet: Team Ruff -6.5 (-120)

Which Puppy Wins the Lombarky Award?

Each year, the Puppy Bowl hands out the Lombarky Award which is given to the MVP of the game. The following is a list of my top 3 Lombarky Award candidates for each team:

Team Fluff Candidates

  • Astro from (Labrador Retriever)
  • Brooklyn (Neapolitan Mastiff/American Staffordshire Terrier)
  • Flora (American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer)

Team Ruff Candidates

  • Bugsy (Sato/Greyhound)
  • Moses (American Staffordshire Terrier/Chow Chow)
  • Whitney (Siberian Husky)

There’s a very good chance that we could see two dogs really contend for this award. Since I have to pick one, I’m going with Bugsy. As long as he can hold onto the ball, he’s going to threaten all scoring records for this prestigious puppy game. My runner up is Flora, she has the look of a champion. Unfortunately, she’s saddled with an inferior roster.

Final Thoughts on Puppy Bowl XV

Get your peanut butter ready because that’s the secret to getting those adorable close ups with the puppies. They put peanut butter all over the cameras in order for those dogs to show off their cuteness. Keep in mind, this game is actually filmed in October, but the results are kept under lock and key, guarded by half of these puppies. If you see the lines start moving dramatically, it’s because there was a leak. And, no, it wasn’t due to one of the competitors.

The Puppy Bowl is a great way to get your Super Bowl 53 party warmed up with some wholesome fun, adorable action, and canine competition. In the end, it’s all about pre-gaming the Super Bowl and ordering the pizza as everyone in the room “ooohs and ahhhs” the puppies.

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