The 4 Best Restaurants in Macau

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4 Best Restaurants in Macau

Macau has earned the reputation for being one of the great gambling meccas of the world. Known as the “Las Vegas of the East,” Macau is not only quite an impressive gambling city, it is also a world leader when it comes to cities with the largest economies.

With casinos like City of Dreams and Lisboa Casinos, you can expect that a place with such an extensive entertainment and casino industry is probably going to have some pretty amazing places to eat.

Of course, you’ll have the types of establishments that drive tourists, But here, I’d like to focus more on some of the places in Macau that are also treasured among the locals.

Here are four of the best restaurants in Macau.

1 – O Santos

Macau is more than just a casino city, it’s also a place where East met West over 400 years ago to produce the world’s first fusion food: Macanese cuisine.

Macanese cuisine is a unique blend of both Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking techniques, making for a taste that is sure to excite the palettes and taste buds for people of all different cultures.

In fact, if you’ve ever been to an Asian-fusion restaurant in the United States, you’ll have some idea of what you’re getting into. But the food here is definitely a bit different because of the Portuguese influence.

One famous restaurant in Macau that both locals and tourists alike seem to adore is a place called O Santos. O Santos is a family-friendly restaurant where guests can appreciate some of the best Portuguese and Macanese food that can be had in the East.

Given how far the Portuguese influence spread in Southeast Asia, that’s quite a statement!


Although the establishment is relatively small and usually pretty crowded, any Macau local will tell you that the crowd and the wait are both well worth it. It’s a great place to bring friends and family, so make sure you come hungry and are ready to try some food that’s different from what you may be used to.

The food at O Santos is super fresh, cooked to perfection, well presented, and includes an exquisite and traditional taste of Portuguese meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. The tourists and locals alike seem to gravitate toward the octopus salad as well as their codfish.

Aside from great food, O Santos also has a pretty extensive wine list, namely Portuguese wines from Douro and Alentejo. So, sip on your favorite red wine, chow down on some octopus, and have a dining experience that is sure to be unforgettable!

Apart from tastes, you’ll always be able to count on the staff at O Santos being warm and helpful, and the owner is usually roaming around offering his aid in making the restaurant move more smoothly. You can tell that the owner really cares about your experience and wants it to be the best.

If you’re in central Taipa, specifically in Rua do Cunha, make sure that you stop in for lunch at O Santos. You won’t regret it!

2 – Casa do Porco Preto

Another popular restaurant in Macau that features some pretty amazing Portuguese dishes is a restaurant called Casa do Porco Preto.

The food at this place is so authentic and so tasty that most people will tell you that eating at Casa do Porco Preto is the same experience as eating at a local restaurant in Portugal. So, if Portuguese food is your thing, this is the place to go.

Casa do Porco Preto truly is a special treat in Macau. You can easily find dozens of Portuguese restaurants all over Macau, Taipa, and Coloane. But of them all, most people say that Casa do Porco Preto is the place that really stands out from the rest.

Casa do Porco Preto offers amazing Portuguese food—period. The Portuguese have been known for their rich tastes and gastronomy, but unfortunately, they have been overshadowed by the culinary traditions of their famous neighbors—France and Italy.

At Casa do Porco Preto, there is so much more to the experience than just a taste of their amazing cuisine. The Portuguese obviously love good food, and the simple joy of cooking and eating permeates all aspects of their life and culture.

You will know what I mean upon being seated at your table at Casa do Porco Preto. The service is very warm and welcoming, just like the vibe that permeates Portuguese culture. If you want to feel like you’re getting home-cooked meals, this is the place to go!

Most of the food here is made with simple ingredients that are impeccably prepared. All of the flavors are fresh and wholesome, emphasizing fish, meat, olive oil, bread, tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Try the grilled black Iberian pork ribs or the arroz de pato for an unforgettable meal!

3 – Lai Heen

Sitting in The Ritz-Carlton Macau is a restaurant that is definitely more upscale than the previous places on this list so far. Lai Heen is a Michelin-star restaurant that truly lives up to its lofty location in one of the nicest hotels in Macau.

The Ritz-Carlton in Macau does quite an excellent job of showcasing luxury at its absolute finest. If you choose to make it your resort of choice while traveling to Macau, it will be nearly impossible to not feel like royalty.

On the 51st floor of the resort sits Lai Heen, one of the finest restaurants that you’re going to find in Macau.


Lai Heen serves a more innovative form of Cantonese cuisine, and its guests can enjoy the famous native fusion cuisine while enjoying the dreamlike space that makes Lai Heen such a sought-after restaurant.

The walls hold space for a variety of different pieces of contemporary artwork along with all sorts of different hand carved pieces.

The best way to describe the vibe is modern elegance. There are five elegant private dining room spaces to choose from, and the menu at Lai Heen features a number of different signature dishes made by Lai Heen’s chef, Chef Jackie.

If it’s your first time dining there, most people would probably recommend the Deep-Fried Codfish Fillet or the famous Pan-Seared Superior Bird’s Nest with Crab. Lai Heen has boldly earned its place on this list of best dining spots in Macau.

4 – Lotus Palace

The last spot that I recommend making time for while visiting Macau is a highly-esteemed restaurant known as the Lotus Palace.

Located on Level 3 of The Parisian Hotel, Lotus Palace is a smart and casual traditional-style Chinese cuisine haven that gives its guests the romantic vibe of being right in the middle of Paris, France.

Do you like seafood? Lotus Palace serves a varied selection of different fresh seafood, from signature dim sum to spicy hot pot.

Whatever your expectation might be, based on consistent positive reviews from previous guests, I can guarantee that Lotus Palace will top whatever experience and taste your heart and mouth might desire.

This restaurant has an extremely spacious and modern environment, so it’s perfect if you’ve traveled to Macau with your whole family, a large group of friends, or even a business gathering.

It’s worth noting that when considering the quality of food in this “Paris meets China”-style restaurant that the prices for each dish are actually pretty reasonable.

Some other favorite dishes featured at Lotus Palace include their scallops and spring rolls, as well as a stew with mixed dried seafood and truffle. They put a unique spin on all sorts of pan-Asian and Cantonese favorites. And don’t leave without trying their hot pot!

The exceptional level of customer service and premium-quality food and ambiance continue to bring customers back to Lotus Palace again and again. Please don’t miss out on another one of the best restaurants in Macau.


Hopefully, after reading this, you will take interest in exploring the unique tastes that Macau has to offer. With Macau being one of the first places to introduce fusion cuisine into the world, you can count on the fact that the chefs of the last 450 years have gotten Cantonese cuisine down to an exact science.

Have you visited Macau and been to an amazing restaurant that I have left out? I know that there are dozens of other unique opportunities and restaurants that are easy to forget when trying to put together a list of the best spots.

If you know of any others, please drop a comment down in the section below that includes your thoughts and suggestions.

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