The 7 Best Gambling Gifts for the Casino Gambler in Your Life

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Gift Box Chips

Holidays, birthdays and special occasions have often brought an unnecessary stress on me. I place so much pressure on myself to offer my gift recipients a gift that shows thoughtfulness and as importantly is useful.

I am sure we have all had gifters remorse before. You buy a gift spur of the moment for a special person in your life and when the moment to bestow comes it hits you that an error has been made. Often these feelings are totally irrational, and the gift is warmly received.

Putting the extra thought into a gift certainly can make it even more special to the one receiving the gift. I’m reminded of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Walt is invited to the posh birthday party of his former business partner. While Walt sees his friend opening new guitars and other pretty high-ticket items, he becomes resistant, slightly embarrassed to have his gift opened before the other guests.

When the gift is opened it reveals a simple pack of ramen noodles, not exactly a new Fender. However, his friend is blown away and nearly drawn to tears. The birthday boy is sent back to a time when the mansion he calls home today was but only a distant dream and 2 broke friends would survive on a $0.33 meal while working insane hours.

If you have a special person in your life that is a casino gambler, I’m here to help. Hopefully, these 7 gifts for the casino gambler in your life can remove some of the stress of gift giving.

1 – Lucky Charms

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of cereal to start the day?

Kidding, unless your casino gambler is also a big fan of marshmallows for breakfast.

Any gambler could use a little bit of extra luck regardless of their chosen game. Even the professionals wouldn’t dream of hitting the tables without their favorite charm.

There are a plethora of options available for you to select. There are staples in the luck game like the horseshoe, 4 leaf clover and rabbit’s foot (though this one may be archaic). All of which have been thought to bring luck to the bearer for centuries.

Then there are the outside the box lucky charms. Really, this could be anything that has a sentimental value to the owner. When my daughter was born, I gave my wife a small stone flat on both sides engraved with a special saying. Not long ago I was asked to retrieve something from my wife’s purse and found the stone in a pocket. That was a $4 investment that she still carries with her every day.

So, while I don’t have a special formula for what route to go. I can assure you that the casino gambler in your life could use a little luck Like they say, “I’d rather be lucky than good”.

2 – Home Team

Texas Hold ‘Em has soared in popularity the last 2 decades. ESPN airs the World Series of Poker every year and the multi day event is must watch TV for the casino gambler.
Poker Set
It isn’t always feasible to make it to your favorite casino for a game. Unless you’re a professional gambler or live near a casino it’s likely only a few times a year.

So, why not give the poker player in your life the gift of year-round poker games. You can purchase complete poker sets with cards and all the chips you could need from any big box retailer and it won’t break the bank.

Some manufacturers offer custom poker chips that can be embossed with a name or even printed with an image,

Although if you really want to make an impression, UK game maker Geoffrey Parker can set you up for a smooth $7.5 million

3 – Gamble Boxes

This is a pretty ingenious concept. How many times have we had a good night at the tables or hit a small jackpot on slots and gone to bed with “house money” only to give it right back the following day?

Gamble Boxes to the Rescue

These small personal safes are as simple to use as they are in concept. Simply leave the key at home, take the gamble box to the casino with you and when the gambling day has come to an end, deposit your winnings in the box.

The box won’t be able to be opened until you get home to the key. So, that $200 you won playing real money blackjack is sure to make it home with you.

These typically come as a cash box the casinos themselves use and are very basic in appearance. So, I encourage you to bust out the paint or sharpies and unleash your creativity by personalizing the gift.

4 – Trippin’

I would not be disappointed if my sister endowed me with a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I can’t think of a single casino gambler in my life that wouldn’t jump at a free trip to a casino.

One wonderful benefit of giving this gift is that the gambler in your life won’t be making this trip alone. That’s right, pack your bags and go enjoy the gift of giving.

Obviously, this is a somewhat pricey option. I do want to point out that it is approximately $7,498,000 cheaper than a nice poker set. So, why not splurge?

5 – Take a Look, It’s in a Book

Depending on the game preferences of the casino gambler in your life there are hundreds of books that are sure to pique interest.
Slots Books
While for slots players there aren’t really strategy guides a book on the history of slots could be a great read. Maybe a coffee table book with pictures of the most unique and beautifully designed slot machines is the gift for the win.

The table game players have nearly endless options on the subject. You are certain to find something for even the most discerning gambler. You may choose a book on the history of baccarat, your casino gambler’s favorite poker player or strategies of blackjack.

These are only a few options available to you. Retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are stocked to the gills with wonderful books on any casino gambling topic that strikes a fancy in any gambler.

6 – Casino Gift Cards

Casino gift cards make a wonderful surprise for any casino gambler. These wonderful and easy to use little cards may be used for anything from a relaxing spa experience complete with massage to a round of golf with friends.

While these may seem impersonal at first look. There is really nothing that will be more universally appreciated by all casino gamblers.

If you are wondering what casino to buy a gift card from, I suggest asking the gambler in your life. Personally, if I’m staying at Aria in Las Vegas, I rather not make a trip down the strip just to burn a gift card.

7 – Slot Machine

I was completely surprised at the affordability of owning your very own slot machine. As with other options on this list, when it comes to slots there are a ton of options.

For budget conscious gift givers there is an abundance of scaled down, largely plastic versions of slots complete with lights and sound. Amazon has what appear to be decent options starting under $30.

Now, if the casino gambler in your life has more of a purist taste, then eBay has some budget friendly options. I found several working slot machines that match the size and shape of what you get in popular casinos in the $125 range.

Of course, if there’s a budget-based option there has to be a peak of ostentatious sensibility.  Take a peek, and you’ll see that some slot machines will set you back as much as a new midsize sedan.


I don’t know what the best gambling game for the casino gambler in your life is. My hope is that this list helps you make that decision more easily.

I have covered some basics and with a little consideration on your part, a little cash in your pocket and the right occasion I’m confident that you will blow away the casino gambler in your life. Just remember to not take it too seriously.

I believe 100% of the pressure associated with gift giving is self-imposed. Giving gifts is one of the most rewarding endeavors and you’re now armed with tools to make the special day a little more special.

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