The 7 Best Tips for Getting More Casino Promotions

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Most people who are familiar with casino gambling are aware that casinos promote themselves aggressively. Savvy gamblers can use these casino promotions to reduce their costs or even show a small profit.

If you’re interested in finding tips for receiving the best casino deals and promotions, this is the post for you. Below, you’ll find the seven best tips for getting the most casino promotions.

1 – Join EVERY Slot Club

You should, of course, join the slot club wherever you’re playing. This is such common sense that it almost goes without saying.

The slot club (or players club) is how the casino tracks how much you gamble. They use this information to award you with rebates. Think of the slot club as being a frequent flyer club where you earn points every time you bet instead of every time you fly.

It costs nothing to join the slot club. It also has no effect on your probability of winning. Don’t believe anyone who tells you different.

In fact, think about it logically for a minute. Casinos WANT you to win. If you don’t win, you won’t play. And in the long run, with lots of players making lots of bets, they profit regardless of whether you win in a single session or not.

They have no incentive to discourage your use of the slot club card. They WANT to track your behavior.

Privacy issues are beyond the scope of this post, but know this—you do have to give the casino your contact details. They’ll probably ask for your phone number, email address, and mailing address. And they’ll use this information to market to you.

Membership in the slot club is free, but you agree to get advertising from the casino in exchange for these perks.

2 – Use Your Slot Club Memberships Intelligently

I don’t know about you, but MY momma always told me I’d better shop around.

This is as true of casinos and slot clubs as of anything else. The perks of belonging to one slot club over another vary. Your priorities should help determine your choices.

Here’s an Example:

Some slot clubs do a great job of offering you travel benefits and lodging. Other slot clubs prefer to focus on giving you cashback or other comps, like meals.

On top of that, the rewards might be different or better if you bring a lot of play to the casino. It’s always a good idea to ask for a casino host and see what they can do to maximize your promotions.

Use some common sense, too. If you’re a low roller with a limited budget, it makes more sense to concentrate your play at a single casino so that you can see the rewards for your play faster.

Also, don’t make the mistake my buddy Peter made at the Choctaw Casino. He got really excited about his tier levels in their players club. He started gambling more just so he could “level up” and get bigger perks.

The problem with that approach is that the casino is offering greater perks because they know you’re going to lose more money than those perks cost. It doesn’t make sense to lose another $1000 a year just so you can get free valet parking.

3 – Get a Fun Book

You should also try to get a fun book (or multiple fun books). You might be wondering, “What’s a fun book?” It’s a book of coupons for use at one (or usually multiple) casinos.

These coupons entitle you to free slot machine spins, match play benefits, table game match plays, and coupons for discounts on the casinos’ other offerings. You can get meals and shows for pennies on the dollar using these fun books.

Where do you get fun books? Well, you can ask your travel agent if you use one. You can also find them for sale on the internet. Some casinos offer them as a perk when you sign up for their slot club.

Basically, just ask the hotels or casinos you’re patronizing where to get a fun book. This is one area of your life where it doesn’t pay to be bashful.

Heck, they’re easy to find in Las Vegas. Any place that caters to travelers usually has a rack full of coupon books available within easy reach. This includes the car rental office, the hotel lobby, and any of the visitor information centers throughout town.

4 – Be Flexible With Your Dates

Empty Casino-Row-of-Slot-Machines

Casinos have slow dates and busy dates. For example, Las Vegas casinos are traditionally busier on Friday and Saturday night than they are on other nights of the week. You’ll see this reflected in the room prices.

But you’ll also see it reflected in the kinds of rewards you’ll get from the casinos. Most casinos have slow periods where they want to incentivize gambling. With this goal in mind, they’ll offer double or triple rewards during those time periods

If you can arrange to gamble during those time periods, you can get double or triple the comps that you would otherwise. It’s well worth being flexible.

5 – You’ll Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar

If you’re playing at gambling machines, the card tracks your play to the penny. You’ll just earn comps based on how much you gamble.

But when you’re playing table games, the pit bosses and dealers rate how much action you’re bringing to the table by watching your average bet. They award points to your card accordingly.

Since these are people you’re dealing with, they only have a certain amount of flexibility when making estimates. Being nice to the pit boss and the dealer might mean the difference between getting comps at a rate of $10 per bet or at $20 per bet.

Of course, if you’re flat betting $10 per hand at the blackjack table, that’s what you’ll be estimated at points-wise.

But if you’re ranging your bets between $10 and $30, the pit boss might give you more credit if you’re friendly and tip well.

The other factor the casino looks at is how much time you’re spending at the table. If the pit boss likes you, he might round up instead of down when estimating what 20 minutes of play looks like. You’re better off if he puts you down for half an hour than if he puts you down for 15 minutes.

6 – Online Casinos Also Offer Promotions

The most common promotion available at an online casino is the signup bonus. You’ll see a casino’s signup bonus advertised heavily on their home page, no matter which casino you’re considering. They usually express this bonus as a percentage of your deposit that they’ll match. They’ll also have a maximum dollar amount attached to it.

For Example:

A casino might offer a 200% signup bonus worth up to $4000. This means that if you deposit $100, you get 200% of that deposit amount added to your account as a bonus. That’s a $200 bonus.

That sounds like a good deal, right? Deposit $100, but you get to play with $300? The best bonus would be if you deposited $2000. You’d get a $4000 bonus and have $6000 to play with.

The only drawback to these kinds of bonuses is that the casino requires you to make a certain minimum amount of wagers before allowing you to withdraw money. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these online casino bonuses create a situation where you can win money as a sure thing.

Once you account for the wagering requirements and the house edge, the casino expects to win money from your bonus offer, not lose money.

7 – Free Chips and Free Slot Machine Spins at Online Casinos


Matching bonuses are the most common online casino promotions, but some casinos are more aggressive with their offers. Some of them will offer you a free chip to play with just for signing up at the casino. This is usually a small amount, but you don’t have to make a deposit to get that amount.

Some casinos offer a free $5 chip, while others might offer a free $25 chip. A variation on this is to offer a new player a few spins on a specific slot machine for free. You might, for example, get 25 free spins on a slots game of the casino’s choosing.

These offers come with the same kinds of wagering requirements as the matching bonuses, but they can still be a lot of fun to take advantage of.


Getting more casino promotions is a worthwhile goal for any casino gambler. These seven will work for anyone, high roller or low roller.

What tips and tricks regarding casino promotions can you offer?

Please leave a message in the comments with your personal experience related to casino freebies.

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