The 9 Best Buffets in Las Vegas

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Food is something we can’t live without. Finding a restaurant in Las Vegas can be challenging with all the options available. One thing you’ll find in abundance in Las Vegas are buffets. Buffets are popular all over the country because they offer an array of different dishes and are all-you-can-eat.

Buffets are everywhere you look. Most people see buffets as a good choice for two reasons. First, there are multiple different dishes available, and secondly they are often a better value than a typical restaurant. With most buffets being cheaper than other restaurants found on the strip, it’s no wonder you can find a multitude of buffets.

Most of the larger resorts have their own version of a buffet. Some of them have themes by which the food choices are based. You can find combination buffets that have a variety of culture based food or just your typical American style buffet.

Whatever kind of food you’re craving you can find it on a buffet. If you’re looking for a chance to try foods that you’ve never had before and probably wouldn’t order in a restaurant for fear of not liking the dish, then the buffet is a perfect chance to try everything and not feel like you wasted your money.

Let’s see what buffets are available and if we can find one that makes your mouth water and stomach grumble.

1 – Wicked Spoon Buffet

The Wicked Spoon Buffet is found in the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino. The restaurants décor is modern yet elegant which almost makes you feel as though you’re in a high class restaurant.

This buffet offers some unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. The buffet is set up in sections like most other buffets. It starts with the salad bar. The salad portion of the buffet is different than what you would expect. On their salad bar you won’t find dressings, lettuce, and all the fixing for a delicious salad. Instead, you’ll find ready-made salads such as chickpea salad,  an array of pungent cheeses, hummus and pita slices.

The Wicked Spoon has the customary carving station where you can get delicious cuts of prime rib and pork cut to your specifications and cooked to your liking. At the carving station you can also find some strange selections to try such as roasted bone marrow.

Surrounding the carving station you’ll find side dishes along with other dishes for you to try. The buffet has a seafood station with all types of seafood. There is also an Asian station, Italian station, and a dessert bar.

The dessert bar is usually the most popular section of the buffet. You will find a variety of cake pops, cookies, and so much more. There is a sundae station where you can choose from a selection of creamy Italian ice cream then top it off with all kinds of different toppings. This buffet has something for everyone and even some things that you probably never thought you’d ever see on a buffet.

2 – Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet is found at Caesars Palace Resort and Casino. This buffet has an array of different foods for you to choose from. With multiple culture based sections, this buffet offers all kinds of different dining options all in one place.

You can choose from Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or American foods. You can try all of the foods from one section or get a little from each to satisfy all your food cravings. At the Mexican station you will find authentic foods such as enchiladas, refried beans, rice, and some spicy tamale.

If you love Asian food you can find all your favorites at the Japanese and Chinese stations. If you prefer, you can stick to the all American buffet where you can get your favorites. You will find perfectly prepared prime rib, rib sticking good mac and cheese, and creamy buttery mashed potatoes.

A seafood station is also available with fresh oysters, crab legs, and shrimp. There is a pizza station where you can choose from an array of slices with all kinds of toppings. For soups and all types of cheeses, you can stop by the deli station.

This buffet offers you a chance to get all your favorites in a single sitting or to get small sample style “minis” to try new and unusual dishes. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or want gluten-free foods, this buffet has plenty for you as well. They want to make sure there is something for everyone and they have done an amazing job. So eat to your heart’s content but be sure to save room for dessert.

3 – Studio B Buffet

Studio B is a warm and inviting dining experience with top of the line foods and service that can’t be beat. When you arrive at Studio B, inside The M Resort, you’ll be greeted by name and seated the minute there’s a table available.

As you enter the dining area you’ll be amazed by the rich combination of cream, brown, and gold décor. At the back of the dining room you’ll find bay windows which give you an incredible view of the city while you eat.

Throughout the dining area you can see 116 video screens where there are all kinds of videos playing. The videos include hotel promotions, Food Network shows, and live in house cooking demonstrations from their show kitchen. The cooking demonstrations are guaranteed to catch your attention.

Once you’re seated you should just take a minute and look around to take it all in. Yes, this is a buffet but the way it’s all laid out is incredible. The dining area is huge with seating for 600 people. There are many different food stations for you to choose from.

As you look around you’ll find a corner bar where you can order your favorite wine, beer, or a nice warm cider to go with you dinner. The servers are very attentive. If pop or juice is what you’re looking for all you have to do is ask. You can also have a delicious Irish coffee, hot chocolate, or espresso prepared by the barista if that’s what you’re craving.

When you’re ready to go and get your food you can choose from foods from all over the world. If you love the Asian food you can get some of the best sushi, or nigiir at the Japanese station. If you’re more of a Chinese food fan, you can get popular favorites such as Sweet and Sour Chicken or spicy General Tso’s chicken.

If you’re a Mediterranean fan grab some hummus or stuffed grape leaves. There are also incredible Mexican food choices. You can make your own nachos or get delicious chimichangas. Take a trip to the Italian station to get perfectly prepared pasta dishes and wood fire pizzas that are going to make your taste buds rejoice.

For those who love salads, you can make a stop at the salad bar where you’ll find Caesar and wedge salads along with fresh fruits and a multitude of artisan breads. The sides for you meal are just as important as the main dish so take your time and find your favorites. You can get all forms of potatoes, vegetables, and mac and cheese just to name a few.

Other stations available include multiple carving stations with meat choices that range from barbecued ribs, pork chops, and turkey. The seafood station has clams, mussels, and tilapia to quench your cravings. Once you’ve eaten, make sure to save enough room to make at least one trip to the dessert station. There you will find a variety of crème brulees, lava cakes, and tiramisus. If you prefer, you can grab a couple cookies or crepes and pair them with a cup of homemade gelato.

Studio B has everything you’re looking for and with the attentive staff, you’re experience here is going to change how you look at buffets forever.

4 – Bellagio Buffet

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is one of the most well known on the strip. Their buffet lives up to the reputation that the hotel is known for. It isn’t the biggest buffet you’ll find on the strip, but when you come to this one you’re sure to find unique dishes.

The décor is designed to resemble a small village with plants and lamp posts to complete the theme. As you get your food you’ll feel like you’re traveling through a whole new world.  The colors are vibrant and there is the beautiful art on the walls.

Even though the buffet isn’t the largest one on the strip, you’ll still find a variety of foods to enjoy. You can start at the salad bar which is perfect for those health conscious eaters. There you will find tofu glass noodle salad; spinach with bacon and goat cheese, or you can build your own salad and top it with all your favorites.

Check out the seafood station and try some green lipped mussels, salmon roulade, or smoked trout. If you’re not a seafood fan try the carving station and get a nicely cut and cooked prime rib steak, or the rotisserie chicken that’s to die for.

For the kids there is a pizza station that has a variety of different slices, or they can build their own tacos at the taco station. After eating all these amazing foods don’t forget to make a stop at the dessert station. Get a waffle cone filled with white chocolate parfait or another one of their delicious confections.

5 –Carnival World & Seafood Buffet

At the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino you’ll get a unique experience when you enter into the Carnival World and Seafood Buffet. The buffet is set up to give you an experience similar to what you would see on a cruise ship.

You have two dining options. There is a dining area that keeps you right in the mix of the buffet or if you prefer a quiet experience you can request to have one of the booths that is sectioned off in a more secluded area.

The biggest draw for this buffet is the teppanyaki station. Here you choose the ingredients and watch as your food is prepared before you. There are all different kinds of meats and other ingredients to make an incredible Japanese dish. If you don’t eat meat you can design a dish that includes tofu instead.

The buffet offers over 70 different selections in addition to the teppanyaki station. They have Italian, Mexican, and American dishes. When you’ve finally settled in to eat, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the entire globe just while getting your food. Sit back and let the flavors and the atmosphere of this buffet give you an incredible dining experience.

Make sure to make a stop at the seafood station where you can get some of the best seafood on the strip. Get a fresh shrimp cocktail, or stack your plate full of shrimp, oysters, and ice cold crab legs. Seafood lovers are going to be in heaven when they get a look at this incredible station.

Don’t leave before you’ve made a stop at the dessert station where you can get fresh homemade pies, cakes, cookies, and other delicious pastries. The gelato is a must with its many different made from scratch flavors. There are even sorbets available for the lactose intolerant crowd.

For a delicious and fun dining experience give Carnival World and Seafood Buffet a try.

6 – Paris Le Village Buffet

Enter an authentic French village with food stations that represent all kinds of provinces in France. At the Paris Hotel you can find this amazing collection of delicious French cuisine. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported all the way to France when you walk through the doors.

You’ll find all your favorite French food within these walls. Their buffet is divided into regions. Each region offers one or two of their specialties.

The one station that you’re sure to be drawn to is the crepe station. At the crepe station you can choose between savory and sweet, and watch as the professional crepe chef whips you up a creation that comes to life. When you taste your delicious creation and let the flavors take over your mouth, you will savor this unique food.

If you’ve never had the chance to go to France and experience real authentic French cuisine you should take this opportunity to delve into a whole new world. I bet by the time you leave you’ll be a fan of this amazing buffet and are going to be coming back for more.

7 – Feast around the World Buffet

The Green Valley Ranch Resort offers up a nice open airy dining area to induce a comfortable setting for you to enjoy your food. This buffet is one of the locals favorites.

This buffet has six different cooking stations where you can watch your food being prepared before your eyes. At these stations you can get Italian, American, Chinese, and Mongolian food prepared to your specifications.

You’ll also find staples of the buffet world such as prime rib, mac and cheese, and a complete salad bar. Don’t forget to stop at the dessert bar before you leave. The best part of the buffet is that it gives you an incredible place to get all you can eat for an affordable price. You don’t have to choose just one type of food here. You can choose from just about anything you can think for under $20.

8 –Cravings

Cravings is The Mirage’s addition to the sea of buffets found on the strip. Here you can peruse 11 different food stations and eat in a modernly designed colorful dining area. Start your experience at Cravings with a stop at the charcuterie station and snack on some meat and cheese while you decide what other stations you’re going to visit.

You can have a salad prepared for you with all fresh ingredients. Then you can choose between Italian, Chinese, and Latin stations that serve dishes that can’t be found on other buffets. Most buffets serve an Americanized version of foods from other countries, but that is not the case at Cravings.

At Cravings, you get to choose authentic food from each station. The Chinese station is divided up into specific stations for noodles, sushi, and authentic Chinese meals. The Italian station includes a soup station, pizza station, and ravioli station. The Latin food station takes you on a journey through Latin America with all different kinds of food choices.

The dessert bar at Cravings includes all the sweets you can imagine. So come and enjoy this unique combination of authentic cuisine.

9 –The Buffet at Wynn

The Wynn Resort is one of the most elegant hotels on the strip. It has taken the usual casual feel of the buffet and given it a more elegant appeal. When you eat at The Buffet at Wynn you’ll have a whole new experience. With the airy and bright feel of the dining area and the beautiful marble accents you might just forget you’re at a buffet.

This buffet features over 120 different dishes prepared in small portions so that you can try a little bit of everything. Some of the dishes that set this buffet apart from the others are: Frank Sinatra’s spaghetti and meatballs made from his family’s own recipe, the Guinness braised short ribs, the made to order Peking duck and fresh sushi.

You can also find unique choices such as street tacos that you watch being prepared on a huge rotating griddle. Try the salmon in truffle sauce or the duck cassoulet that you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll also find all your favorites being prepared at the different cooking stations. Build a dinner full of new and old favorites that you’ll never be able to combine anywhere else but at the Wynn.

Make sure you save room for dessert because you don’t want to miss out on the 39 different options available. You can choose from unique gelato flavors, cakes, or pastries. If your looking for something a little healthier there are sugar free options as well.

The best part of the dessert station is the chocolate fountains. You can choose from white, milk, or dark chocolate. You can dip marshmallows, fresh fruit, or everyone’s favorite rice crispy treats with the decadent goodness.

A trip to The Buffet at Wynn might be on the expensive side, but well worth every dime because you’re guaranteed to walk away from here full and happy with at least a couple new found favorite dishes.


Las Vegas is popular for different reasons. The food in Las Vegas comes in many different varieties. You can eat at a café on the street or at one of the upscale restaurants found in the resorts and casinos. You can even find chain food restaurants on the strip.

When you’re in Las Vegas you’ll  want to experience something that you won’t find anywhere else. The best way to do this is to go to one of the many buffets available. Each buffet is different and each one puts it’s own unique spin on things.

You’ve probably eaten at buffets that have multiple options to choose from, but rarely do regular buffets include international cuisine. At your local buffet you’re going to find mostly American food with a few dishes like pizza, or tacos, but the buffets in Las Vegas are completely different.

When you go to a buffet in Las Vegas you get real choices. Depending on where you go, you can get Asian, Italian, Indian, Mexican, and American food choices all in one location. Each of these buffets that I’ve told you about have multiple cuisines to choose from and each one has put their own spin on it.

You can even find some buffets that are specific to a certain region of the world such as the one found in the Paris Resort and Casino. These buffets are geared to the travelers looking for a new experience or those who are here and wanting food that reminds them of home.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you try at least a couple things you’ve never had before because really isn’t that the whole point in going to a buffet?

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