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If you pay attention, you know that most gamblers lose money. This makes sense, because if they didn’t there wouldn’t be any casinos where you could gamble. It’s rare for gamblers to only play one game, and most of them that do are slots players. Slots are some of the worst games you can play in the casino when it comes to losing money.

When you combine all of this information it should tell you something important. The way to guarantee that you lose more money than you need is to keep doing what most gamblers are doing. If you’re playing several different games and/or spending most of your time playing slots, you need to start doing something different.

Here’s a detailed argument for specializing when you gamble.

Focus Your Effort

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying about being a Jack or all trades and a master of none. This is one of the most costly things you can do as a gambler. When you try to play many different games and participate in more than one gambling activity you end up being average in a bunch of different areas.

The problem with average or even slightly better than average, is in gambling it means you’re losing too much money. Instead of focusing on one thing, and becoming the best you can possibly be, you end up just like almost every other gambler.

Imagine what you can accomplish if you focused all of your energy mastering one form of gambling and/or one game. Instead of just knowing how to play and some basic strategies, you could become a true master of one area.

Most gamblers don’t bother taking the time to learn more about a game than how to play. They never look up the best strategy or learn about the house edge. The good news is that you’re reading this right now, so there’s hope for you.

At least you’re trying to find out ways to improve your gambling results. Now that you’re working on improving your gambling knowledge and skills, it’s time to pick one thing to focus on so you can master it. You’re going to learn more about your best options on this page.

Time Saving

When you focus all of your energy on one specific area of gambling, you save a great deal of time trying to learn about everything. Instead of reading dozens of books about many different gambling activities, you can read the best two or three books about your area of specialization.

The same is true when you read articles online or watch videos or listen to audios about gambling. When you specialize you save time.

You’re going to find that it doesn’t take as much time as most people think to become an expert when you specialize. If you can set aside 30 minutes a day to work on your area, you’re going to become an expert in a short amount of time.

If you work 30 minutes a day for a year, that’s over 180 hours. You can learn how to be a winning card counter, or poker player, or sports bettor in that time. And you can continue building your knowledge over time.

It depends on your goals, but you might even be able to write a book about your specialty in time. The way people become experts is by studying and learning. The only thing standing between you and expert status is focus and dedication.

Casino Game Specialization

You have several choices when choosing where to specialize in gambling. In this section and the nest two sections I’m going to explain what your best options are, why they’re the best options, and teach you how to get started.

Casinos have many different games, but if you’re going to specialize you only have two choices. Of course, you can specialize in any area you want, but if you want to have a realistic chance to win and you’re going to spend time on being a specialist, you might as well work on something that can make you money.

Your First Good Option Is Video Poker

When you specialize on video poker you learn which variations give you the best chance to win, which pay tables are the best for each variation, and how to use the best strategy to win.

At first this is going to seem a bit overwhelming, but once you learn how video poker machines work you can quickly become an expert. Start with the most popular video poker variations, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. As you learn more you can start learning about more video poker variations.

The other good option is blackjack. You can use a strategy card and a good understanding of the rules to play blackjack with a house edge between .25% and .5%. This is the easiest way to get started with a game with a low house edge.

But the reason why I really like blackjack as an area of specialization is because you can learn advanced strategies that allow you to overcome the house edge. If you become an expert at blackjack you can gamble with a long term edge. This is completely different than most gamblers.

Sports Betting Specialization

Many gamblers bet on sports, but it’s not enough specialize in sports betting. If you want to win, you need to specialize on a specific area of sports.

This leads many gamblers to think they can focus on one sport and become an expert. While you might be able to bet on one sport and make a profit eventually, you need to start in a more specific area.

Here’s an Example:

You’re a football fan so you want to become an expert and make money betting on it. Instead of betting on college and pro football, you decide to focus on the NFL. But you’re still struggling, so instead of becoming an expert on the NFL, you focus on just the teams in the NFC east.

If you decide you want to specialize on NCAA football, you pick one conference to become an expert on. And instead of focusing on one of the most popular conferences, you pick a medium sized conference so you can find even more value when you evaluate games.

Once you learn how to dominate one small area you can start becoming an expert in other small areas. And you can use this same tactic for any sport, or even for betting on horses or dogs.

Poker Specialization

Poker is another good area to consider specializing in. You can pick from several different variations, like Omaha poker and Texas holdem, and there are many other ways to specialize.

Each form of poker is offered in limit play, and either pot limit or no limit, or both. Omaha is offered in high only and high low split. You can play most forms of poker in cash or ring games, single table tournaments, and multi table tournaments.

You can also play poker at stakes ranging from pennies when you play micro stakes online up to thousands of dollars.

Pick one poker variation, limit or pot limit/no limit and either cash games, singe table tournaments, or multi table tournaments. Set a small range of buy in amounts, and then focus 100% on becoming the best player you can within this small area.

Keep learning about strategy and working on improving your game until you become a master.


Your path is clear if you want to improve your opportunities to win when you gamble. You have to immediately become a specialist. It doesn’t matter what area you choose to specialize in, as long as you start right now.

If you choose to specialize in a casino game, blackjack and video poker are your best options. If you play poker, pick a game and format and learn how to dominate it. And if you bet on sports pick a sport and a small percentage of that sport to become an expert.

Gambling specialization is the secret key to long term profits.

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