The Best Betting Sites for Esports Championship Series Season 7 North America

by Pavo Jurkic
on March 8, 2019

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Now that the IEM Katowice Major has been done and dealt with, it’s time for us to turn to the next top tier event scheduled to start next Monday. As some of you already know, I’m referring to Esports Championship Series Season 7 regional leagues. North American region, to be more precise. The Katowice Major saw a huge surge in CS:GO betting and the trend ought to continue with the ECS. That said, today we’ll be checking out the best ECS Season 6 NA betting sites along with general information about the tournament, most notable teams and their chances of qualifying for the Finals.

It’s also worth mentioning that this year’s regional ECS tournaments have certain changes to their format. There are still just four teams from each region (need I remind you, ECS features only EU and NA teams) going through to the finals, but the qualifying process has been drastically altered. More on that later. For now, let’s focus on the betting side of the story and check out the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites. After all, that’s what all of you are here for…

Where to Place bets | Best ECS Season 7 NA Betting Sites

If you’re just starting out with CS:GO betting, chances are you don’t have a go-to bookie to place your bets. I know for a fact things are quite tricky out there, especially nowadays with such a high level of competitiveness in the esports betting industry.

However, there’s no need to worry about that since you’ve come to the right place! You won’t need to endlessly search for a proper CS:GO betting site and potentially stumble upon a sketchy one. Instead, you can just take a closer look at the table below and choose one of the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites out there.

When it comes to CS:GO betting sites featured on this list, you can rest assured they’re the top of the bunch. Each and every single one of them is a great all-around choice, with great betting odds, generous bonuses, fast payout times, and skilled customer support staff. That said, there’s really no reason to look elsewhere as far as ECS Season 7 NA betting is concerned.

If you want more information on this topic, make sure you check out our in-depth CS:GO Betting Sites Guide.

ECS Season 7 NA Betting Preview |Interesting Facts

As is the case with every other CS:GO tournament, this one also has several interesting facts to write home about. Let’s check them out real fast, before moving onto the tournament format changes down below.

  • The first regional ECS Season of 2019 starts on Monday, March 11 and ends on Thursday, May 9. The total prize pool of all five series amounts to $125,000. $25,000 per each, to be precise.
  • Last season, NRG and Renegades were absolute units, winning thirteen and losing just 5 matches. Unfortunately, Renegades couldn’t compete at the S6 Finals due to visa and scheduling conflicts so their spot went to the fifth-placed This season, driven by their majestic IEM Katowice performance, I’m sure they’ll want more of the same… with hopes of actually competing at the Finals this time around.
  • Instead of playing a total of eighteen matches across 6 weeks, ECS Season 7 NA will see a completely different schedule. We’ll talk more about it down below. For now, let’s just say the stakes will be much higher right off the bat. With a new competition system, there will be no room for mistakes, especially for teams that want to qualify quickly to lift some pressure off themselves.

Tournament Format

Like I explained above, this year’s ECS sports a completely revamped tournament format that ought to make things much more interesting straight off the bat. Instead of focusing on a traditional league-like competition we’ve all gotten used to, both ECS S7 regional tournaments will feature five series of knockout-style competitions.

We’re talking about fully-fledged single-elimination brackets with best of three matches played across the board. That said, upsets will be brought down to a minimum and we can expect only the best and most consistent teams to qualify through to the Season Finals.

Qualification Process

Up until ECS Season 7 regional qualifiers, teams played a total of eighteen matches spread across six match weeks. Only the four best teams from each of the two regions made their way to the Season Finals. The placements were ranked according to the overall win-loss ratio after the last match week.

Now, the qualification process is drastically different. The winners of the first three knockout series automatically qualify for the Season Finals. The fourth team, however, will be decided after the last (fifth) knockout series, according to the number of their total winnings.

This alteration has brought down a lot of fuss in the community, with people suggesting the last two series won’t be nearly as competitive as we’d come to expect. I for one am not worried.

Especially considering the fact we’ll get to enjoy Bo3 matches all across the board, further spicing up the enjoyment and allowing us bettors to slap down high-value accumulators with much less risk than before.

Obviously, the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites are well-aware of this news and they’ve already started working on the specials, even though the first series’ draw hasn’t been officially announced yet.

ECS Season 7 NA Teams Overview

Now that we’ve gone through the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites alongside a couple of interesting tournament facts, let’s focus our attentions towards the competing teams. As you all know, there are eight teams competing in both EU and NA iterations of ECS qualifiers. Only the top half in both regions advance to the finals.

As far as North American region is concerned, here are the teams I think will qualify within the first three tournament series:

Team Liquid

I know some of you are looking for the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites solely for the purpose of betting on Team Liquid. After a disappointing effort on the IEM Katowice Major Champions Stage, boys in blue will have to redeem themselves and hopefully take the first ticket to the ECS Season 7 Finals.

Need I remind you, they lost against the Finns (ENCE) in a brilliant fashion and were eliminated much before anyone thought they’d be. Don’t get me wrong, Team Liquid was still among the best performing teams on the tournament and going out in the quarterfinals still means they’re among the top eight teams in the world.

However, given the fact they’ve acquired Stewie2K in order to make a push towards Astralis’ level, quarterfinals finish is somewhat of a disappointment. Then again, the team didn’t have a lot of time to sync up and prepare. That said, I’m certain we haven’t yet seen the best of this Team Liquid roster.

As for Team Liquid’s ECS aspirations, anything but a lenient qualification in one of the first three stages will be yet another disappointment for the best NA team in recent times.


Made in Brazil haven’t disappointed their fans in Poland. Their brand-new, all-Brazilian roster created a proper scare in the Legends Stage after losing to Cloud9. Luckily for zews (new MIBR coach) and the company, they managed to get back to their winning ways and defeated compLexity, G2 and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Overall, their IEM Katowice Major performance was on par. MIBR got eliminated by Astralis in the semifinals after a tough contest on Overpass, and a not so tough one on Inferno. In all honesty, that was to be expected. If there was a team on IEM Katowice that could’ve defeated Astralis in a Bo3 contest, it was none other than Team Liquid. Unfortunately for them (and luckily for Astralis), ENCE took care of the boys in blue before they could reach the Great Danes.

When it comes to ECS Season 7, MIBR will definitely be looking to qualify within the first three series, allowing them to work on their team cohesion and in-game strats during the remaining two. If they can accomplish this, I can see them as one of the biggest contestants on the Season Finals as well. They’re looking strong and could actually be the second-best team at the moment, right after Astralis…


Let’s start off by saying that Renegades, alongside ENCE, were the biggest surprise of the IEM Katowice Major. It seems as though the land down under really does hide a whole bunch of esports talent. Haters will say jkaem is the main reason for their Katowice Major success, but I’d argue jks, AZR, and Gratisfaction were just as important.

Overall, Renegades have shown a great dose of tenacity and resilience. They were compact when needed and aggressive when necessary, not allowing teams to crack down on their plays. Renegades showed their best during the Challengers stage in which they beat AVANGAR, Ninjas in Pyjamas and ENCE (2:0).

They’ve continued their stellar track record by defeating ENCE (once again), FaZe Clan and Vitality. They even took a map against Astralis which is a great achievement in its own right. In fact, that’s the only map Astralis lost on the entire tournament.

With all that in mind, it’s safe to say Renegades have good chances of qualifying for the Season Finals. Perhaps this year they’ll actually be able to compete and not give away their spot to Cloud9. Not hating on C9, just saying!

ECS Season 7 Betting | To Qualify for The Finals

And finally, we’ve come to the last chapter of this article that’s going to focus on a special CS:GO bet available on the best ECS Season 7 NA betting sites. That said, if you’re interested in betting on the teams to go through to the Finals in June, then make sure you keep on reading!

As explained above, there are several teams which seem like true contestants for qualifying to the ECS Season 7 Finals, so it’s definitely going to be a tightly contested competition. Once again, there are four open spots on the NA side of the deal. Three of them go to the first three series’ winners. The fourth one goes to the first non-qualified team with the most winnings.

That said, I believe the three series’ winners will be the bunch portrayed above – Team Liquid, MIBR, and Renegades. Yep, I’ve put Renegades in front of NRG. Thanks to their brilliant performance at the Katowice Major, jkaem and the boys are now considered a force to be reckoned with. Not just in NA but internationally as well.

As for the fourth Finals’ contestant, it will most likely be a dead race between NRG and compLexity. Cloud9 should be up for grabs too, but with flusha out of the picture I doubt they’ll see this one through. He was their catalyst, their clutch talisman… but after that nasty round against FaZe Clan, the poor NA legend was already one leg through the exit door.

eUnited and Rogue will have their chances, but if they continue their awfully bad track record (in terms of consistency), I doubt they’ll make the most of them.

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