The Inaugural Flashpoint Season | Lower Bracket Finals Predictions

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The inaugural season of Flashpoint hasn’t lived up to its expectations. The event that Thorin hyped to absurd measures lives in ESL Pro League’s shadow. And it’s nothing surprising considering the fact a brand-new IP in the world of CS:GO events wanted to go toe to toe with ESL’s golden goose right off the bat.

One thing led to another, ESL Pro League secured all top-tier teams, and Flashpoint had to make do with brand-new orgs in the CS:GO scene as well as a bunch of tier-B organizations with little to no fanbases.

From the betting point of view, Flashpoint hasn’t been that brilliant either. However, the numbers aren’t catastrophic, but that’s more due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of other sporting events more than anything else.

That said, we’re proud to continue our Flashpoint coverage. After dissecting the first few group stage matches, we’re back with Flashpoint betting predictions based on the final three lower bracket matches. Even though they might seem irrelevant at first, they feature teams that haven’t qualified yet, so they’ll have to bring forth their A-game if they want a chance of snatching their playoffs tickets.

But first, before jumping to Flashpoint betting predictions, let’s check out where exactly you can place your esports bets!

Where to Place Flashpoint Bets | Best Esports Betting Sites

Finding proper esports betting sites was a pretty difficult task a few years back. Nowadays, however, there are numerous options, most of which are capable of providing an entertaining esports betting experience.

If you want concrete examples of good bookmakers, please take a closer look at our comprehensive esports betting sites page. It’s a must-read for beginners and people who aren’t yet set on a permanent betting platform.

One thing I need to point out here is the sheer brilliance of joining multiple esports bookmakers. Not only will you get more bonuses from them, but you’ll also be able to compare the odds and get the best possible returns off your accumulators.

That said, even if you do have a somewhat solid esports betting sites at the moment, joining another one from the aforementioned page is a good idea.

C0ntact vs. FPX Betting Predictions

The first of our Flashpoint betting predictions is based on the C0ntact vs. FPX matchup. It’s the lower bracket finals of group C featuring the rerun of round one match in which C0ntact took the big W. In fact, all three of our Flashpoint betting predictions for today are reruns of round one matchups, how about that!?

When it comes to actual predictions for this particular match, I’ll tell you what I’ll be going with right away. My money will be on C0ntact match-winner, which is at -167 at the moment. Yep, I’m a simple match-winner esports betting enthusiast, what can I say?

Why am I going with C0ntact here? Well, for starters, C0ntact has a much better roster, both individually and collectively. They have more experience too, a ton more than the new FPX roster. Talking about the FPX roster, they can’t even be put in the same basket with players like OttoNd and espiranTo. We’re talking about folks who’ve played at the grandest of CS:GO stages (the Major), and that experience ought to shape up how this match plays.

Long story short – even though this new FPX roster showed some tenacity against Chaos, I still think C0ntact is out of their reach. So yeah, if you’re thinking of betting on this match, going with C0ntact at -167 is probably your safest bet. Pun intended!

Flashpoint Betting Predictions

C0ntact to win at -167

Gen.G vs. Dignitas Betting Predictions

Koosta and the company will be hoping they can snatch a win against Dignitas and mess up their playoffs plans. At the moment, both teams have 60 points and need to clinch the phase two finals to secure their spot in the playoffs. Yes, theoretically, they could go through with an L too, but that bears too many calculations to be a viable scenario for either of the two sides.

On paper, I’d say Dignitas is the better side of the two, but Gen.G has definitely shown us more than the Scandinavian side. Driven by impressive performances from koosta and automatic, and supported by BnTeT, Gen.G is a difficult team to play against. However, f0rest and GeT-RiGht should never be taken out of the equation. We’re talking about two experience players, CS:GO veterans, whose experience and game sense can be the deciding factor in any match.

I’d really love to go with Dignitas for this one, but their most recent head to head match was an absolute catastrophe for GuardiaN and the Swedes. Instead, what I’ll go with is a juicy total. More precisely, total maps over 2.5, which currently sits at -106. Not the greatest value, I know, but it’s still worth the hassle within a medium-size accumulator.

Flashpoint Betting Predictions

Total Maps over 2.5 at -106

Cloud9 vs. Envy Betting Predictions

The final match of our Flashpoint betting predictions is Cloud9 vs. Envy. This match starts before the aforementioned two but is the trickiest to guess correctly so I’ve saved it for the final pick. Why is it so tricky? Well, on one end we have Envy, a team that desperately needs to win this match. On the other end, we have Cloud9 which is (arguably) a better side but are playing this match without any sort of pressure since they’ve already qualified for the playoffs.

As far as map pool depth goes, Envy could be slightly better than Cloud9. Their recent win against the boys in blue perfectly depicts exactly that. That, combined with the fact they need to win this match could be enough for MICHU and the boys to come out on top.

In fact, it’s enough for me to give them the advantage. At +155, match-winner on Envy is a good choice. But, if you want to further spice things up, correct score 2-1 for Envy at +340 looks outright superb! It’s a bit risky, I know, but it’s a darn good value you shouldn’t miss out on!

Flashpoint Betting Predictions

Envy to win 2-1 at +340

Flashpoint Betting Predictions | Teams to Advance

We’re almost done with our Flashpoint betting predictions for today. More precisely, we’re done with all three lower bracket matches, but there’s still one more thing we need to discuss. As the title suggests, we’re going to be discussing which teams are going to advance to the Flashpoint Season 1 playoffs.

At the moment, four teams are already in the playoffs. They are as follows:

  • MIBR
  • MAD Lions
  • Cloud9
  • HAVU

Theoretically, all remaining teams except Copenhagen Flames are still in the competition. However, as thing stand right now, I reckon the four remaining playoffs spots will go to:

  • C0ntact
  • Dignitas
  • Team Envy
  • Chaos

There’s still enough room for a few surprises, so you better get ready for today’s matches!

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