The International 2019 Betting Sites, Predictions, and Outrights

It’s a well-known fact that Dota 2 The International events are the most lucrative and prestigious esports events out there. They are watched by millions of fans worldwide and feature the biggest prize pools in the esports industry by far. Not only do people love watching them but betting on them as well. The International 2019 betting aspect is as solid as they come, with Dota 2 betting sites going out of their way to come up with the best coverage during these events.

The total prize pool of this year’s The International amounts to a whopping $32,000,000. Last year’s iteration had over $25,000,000. The reason for such a huge prize pool lies in the fact that Dota 2 The Internationals are crowdfunded events. They’re partially crowdfunded, to be more precise. Valve splashes out $1,600,000, a small part of the prize pool. Everything else is funded through in-game Battle Pass purchases.

Enough about the prize pools, let’s focus on the stuff that actually matters. Let’s focus on The International 2019 betting and check out the most popular esports betting providers!

Where to Place Bets | Best The International 2019 Betting Sites

Finding good online betting sites should be the first thing on everyone’s bucket list ahead of the event. Luckily, there’s still a bit of time to go so you don’t need to hurry.

But what’s the best way of finding the best The International 2019 betting sites?

Well, a good starting point would be to check out our in-depth Dota 2 betting sites guide. That post features a heap of useful info on bookies that are bound to have great TI9 coverage. Additionally, it explains the crucial factors when choosing which bookie to join and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding Dota 2 betting.

Don’t think you shouldn’t explore your options just because you already have an account on a good esports betting site. Joining multiple The International 2019 betting platforms is actually a good thing. You’ll have the ability to compare the odds and coverages, potentially increasing your returns on each slip. This is especially true for accumulators since the differences in returns on two different bookies are often miles apart.

TI9 Preview |Interesting Facts

Since we’re talking about the grandest of all esports stages, it’s only logical to take a closer look at some of the most interesting facts surrounding it.

  • The dominance of players from China seems to be disappearing from the Dota 2 scene. TI8 featured 27 players from China while TI9 features “only” 18. It’s still by far the highest population with the Philippines taking the second spot with only half the players.
  • As stated above, The International 2019 sports slightly more than $32,000,000 in prize money. While the official prize distribution has not been announced yet, we can expect the winning team to go home with roughly $15,000,000 in their pockets. Yep, that’s the all-new record as far as the esports industry is concerned.
  • The TI9 group stage kicks off on August 15th and will last four days, followed by three days of pause before the main event. August 20th is the focal date here. That’s when the main event action kicks off and brings forth the crème de la crème of competitive Dota 2.
  • The ninth iteration of The International will be held in the grandiose Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. The venue has a capacity of 18,000, just enough to pack a ton of Dota 2 enthusiasts.

The International 2019 Betting | Team Overviews

If you’re interested in The International 2019 betting, this is the section you should pay the most attention to. Team overviews, notable names only, ought to shed a lot of light on the forms and expectations of TI9 participants. The 2018/2019 season was a hectic one, and the top spot has a couple of well-established contestants. If you want to learn more about them to potentially up your The International 2019 betting odds, make sure you skim through the following sections.

Team Secret

Let’s start off with Team Secret, seemingly the most dominant team in this DPC season. After winning two Majors (Chongqing and Paris) and finishing the season with more than 14,000 points, the best EU team will fancy their chances of lifting the biggest Dota 2 trophy out there. But it won’t be easy.

Last time out, Team Secret was stopped by Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. This time around, they have zai and Nisha, two individually brilliant players that’ve done their fair share of work for Team Secret this season. Puppey is still at the helm, leading his team forward and setting the game’s pace in virtually every match. True, they had several scares this season but it’s nothing that huge to suggest their run of form will end.

Team Secret is the team to play against in Shanghai, and I’m sure all home teams will want their scalp. Even though they’re the favorites coming into the grandest Dota 2 event, Team Secret will have to put in a lot of work to go all the way. That said, for all of you looking for Dota 2 The International 2019 betting tips, don’t think that betting outright winner on Team Secret is an instant win. While it is the best option in terms of probability, there are several others that fare much better as far as risk-reward ratio goes.

Team Secret to win outright at +235


Let’s face it, Vici is the strongest Chinese team at the moment. Their Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019 performances were outright spectacular, landing them on the third place with two Major trophies to their tally. Even though their consistency wasn’t exactly on point for the entirety of the season, their glimpses of brilliance were more than enough to establish them as a strong contestant ahead of TI9.

In terms of The International 2019 betting tips and predictions, outright winner on Vici might actually be the best solution in terms of risk-reward. After all, TI9 will be held in Shanghai, Vici’s home soil, and that ought to be a huge plus for Paparazzi, Ori, and the rest of the bunch.

We can’t talk about Vici without mentioning rOtk, their head coach. He’s been the spokesperson for the team as well as its cornerstone, especially considering the fact the majority of his players don’t have that much experience in professional waters. rOtk, on the other hand, has been in the pro sphere ever since its start, participating in several TI’s, and almost winning one in 2014. He is the mastermind behind Vici’s success this season and will definitely be a big part of their TI9 story in Shanghai.

Vici to win outright at +375

Team Liquid

Whenever there’s a discussion on the best Dota 2 teams, Team Liquid always seems to near the top bunch. The same goes for the 2018/2019 DPC season. Their overall result was pretty solid, accumulating almost 6,000 points and having two second-place finishes in the last two Majors of the season. It’s safe to say their form is increasing with each passing match, but there’s still a lot more room for growth cometh the Dota 2 spectacle in Shanghai.

There was a big change in Team Liquid near the end of the season. As most of you already know, MATUMBAMAN left the team in June. In came w33, taking up the mid role with his Meepo and Invoker skillset. This means we’ll see more of Miracle- in the carry role. Hopefully, the 22-year-old monster of a player can do himself justice on the upcoming TI9.

As far as their title aspirations go, they always seem to be in the conversation. The only question remaining ahead of the upcoming TI9 is how well W33 can sync up with his teammates. Sure, his debut on the EPICENTER Major was astonishing, with Team Liquid snatching the second-place after failing to defeat Vici Gaming in the finals. Overall, +450 seems like worthy The International 2019 betting value considering the form TL is in.

Team Liquid to win outright at +450, the most dominant CIS team, started their DPC 18/19 season with a proper banger, winning the Kuala Lumpur Major right off the bat. Their excellent run of form continued to Chongqing Major and DreamLeague 11 where they finished off as the runners-up. However, the final two Majors weren’t all that magnificent for the Russian bears. Terrible performance in Paris and lethargic displays on home soil (EPICENTER Major in Moscow) leave a lot to be desired.

Coming into TI9, obviously has very high aspirations. Even though they had their ups and downs throughout the season, their overall quality and unpredictability are the strengths other teams need to be wary of. If RAMZES666 and No[o]ne play at their best, can defeat any team out there, and it would make for some interesting The International 2019 betting. On the other hand, if these two star players don’t show up for the occasion, can easily lose to any team out there as well.

Since they missed out on ESL events as well as several other smaller-scale competitions this season, we haven’t seen that much from besides their Major performances. That said, their unpredictability could definitely be their strongest virtue coming into this event, and that could factor into some The International 2019 betting outcomes. Plus, their roster has remained intact, meaning they won’t need extra time to sync everything up. Even though their track record against EU teams isn’t that good, the fact that they’re too difficult to scout and draft against might just prove to be the winning combination for the Russian bears. to win outright at +550

Evil Geniuses

Now, we’ll be talking about the best North American Dota 2 team at the moment (according to the Dota Pro Circuit rankings, at least). Led by Arteezy and SumaiL, EG had an all-around satisfactory season. They ended up in fourth place right behind the three Dota 2 giants, Secret,, and Vici. However, their performance in Moscow was anything but solid. They failed to survive the group stage which marked their worst Major finish this season.

On the bright side, this EG roster is showing great consistency with three podium finishes. Unfortunately, all three podium finishes yielded bronze medals, meaning their third-place curse lives on. Come to think of it, it isn’t really a curse as much as their inability to overcome the crème de la crème of professional Dota 2. The likes of Team Liquid, Team Secret, and seem to be the only real issues for this EG roster.

If G2 can transition their consistency to Shanghai, and if they can finally do their magic against the toughest opponents, perhaps this NA team will have a shot at taking the Aegis. It’s a long shot, I know, but SumaiL and the company ought to have their eyes set at the grandiose trophy. Considering all that, +800 on outright winner EG seems like a good small-stake option for The International 2019 betting.

Evil Geniuses to win outright at +800


Last year’s heartbreak for PSG.LGD ought to be a motivator to step things up for TI9. Now, they’ll be playing on home soil as one of four China-based teams on this Major. The home crowd will definitely have someone to cheer for, that’s for sure.

There aren’t too many TI8 rosters that were left intact ahead of TI9 and PSG.LGD is one of them. Solid across all fronts, this roster has both individual brilliance and teamwork required to lift the Aegis. Can they do it in front of their own fans, though? Obviously, this is going to put a lot of pressure on these youngsters, and a big part of their TI9 displays will revolve around the question of whether or not they can show up for the pressure-packed occasions.

Thus far, fy was twice in the touching distance of TI trophies. Can the third time really be the charm for this 24-year-old Chinese superstar? Well, if his team’s DPC performance is any sign of things to come, I don’t think fy will be up for a treat. PSG.LGD experienced a proper rollercoaster of campaigns, failing to reach a single Major grand final in five attempts. Two fourth places and three lackluster displays leave a lot to be desired. That said +800 on PSG.LGD doesn’t seem like that good of a deal for The International 2019 betting.

PSG.LGD to win outright at +800


And finally, we have to say a couple of words about the last year’s The International champion, OG. Need I remind you what a wonderful Cinderella story their triumph was. It was mesmerizing, one of the best underdog stories in the history of Dota 2. Heck, it was one of the best in the history of esports! However, now that the dust has settled and we’re standing at the end of 18/19 DPC season, it’s safe to say OG failed to impress and justify their position as titleholders.

The start of the season was outright atrocious. They didn’t participate in the first three Majors which should’ve been an immediate red flag. However, as soon as the 19-year-old Australian carry, ana, returned to the team, their performances had a somewhat noticeable renaissance.

They got a hold of the final two Majors, MDL Paris and EPICENTER, hoping to snatch a ticket for the upcoming TI. Even though their matches weren’t packed with exciting action nor brilliant individual displays, they went home with 900 points to their names, already feeling the TI tensions. Basically, the only tournament they played with the full starting roster (ana and n0tail), they had a somewhat reasonable placement. Everything else was outright awful, making me think +1200 is way too low a value considering everything OG showed this season.

OG to win outright at +1200

Outright Betting on TI9

As said above, Team Secret is the number one favorite to win the upcoming TI. So, if you want to indulge in The International 2019 betting on outright winners, +235 on Team Secret seems like the optimal choice. However, the best European team will have a lot of competition from their own region, although China-based teams seem to be no pushovers either.

PSG.LGD and Vici seem like the perfect teams that could mess up European plans. After all, they’re playing on home soil in Shanghai, meaning their organizations are likely to put them under greater pressure.

For those seeking greater value in terms of The International 2019 betting on the outright winner, Liquid and seem like the most plausible options. +450 and +550 are reasonable odds and yield solid long-term value.

Additional TI9 Long-Term Specials

Online betting sites featuring esports in their markets are known for going out of their way during the biggest esports events such as The Internationals. That said, Betway seems to be the front runner in The International 2019 betting department. They’re featuring a whole heap of additional TI9 long-term specials including region of winner, event specials, to reach the finals, and a plethora of compendium specials.

If you’re into long-term specials but you don’t know much about the bookie itself, our Betway Review ought to bring you up to speed.

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