Dota 2 The International 2019 Lower Bracket Round 3 Betting Picks

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The International 2019’s group stage is done and dusted with last year’s finalists taking top spots in both groups. OG and PSG.LGD have 11 wins and three draws between them. These are the only two teams who still haven’t lost a single match in the competition. The first few rounds of the main event are over, too. PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming and OG vs EG are the upper bracket R2 matchups. The LB side of the deal features Royal Never Give Up vs Team Liquid and Infamous vs Team Secret. Both matches are going to be pretty difficult to predict, so bear that in mind when you make your TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks.

Where to Place Bets | Best The International 2019 Betting Sites

The International 2019 is the most significant and lucrative Dota 2 event this year. With over $33 million in prize pool money and 18 motivated teams, it’s no surprise to see a flourishing The International 2019 betting scene. Yep, Dota 2 betting sites are among the most popular ones in the esports sphere. The Internationals bring forth massive demand and, more often than not, the top esports bookies go out of their way to provide their users with extensive coverage.

If you’re on the lookout for good esports bookmakers, make sure you refer to our comprehensive Dota 2 betting sites guide. With a ton of information and details on Dota 2 betting, it ought to come in handy during TI9.

TI9 Lower Bracket R3 Betting Picks

Now, we’ll start with the fun stuff—TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks. Round 3 is the first of two LB rounds featuring two matches. The last two have only a single game, nicely poised with upper bracket losers and lower bracket champions.

There’s one thing you need to keep in mind when making your TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks, and that’s the teams’ paths to R3. Moreover, I’m not just referring to R3 but all following rounds as well. More matches could mean more fatigue… And we all know what a surplus of fatigue can do to players. Just look at what Alliance iNSaNiA did against Royal Never Give Up in LB R1.

As always, make sure you get the highest possible value on your bets. Never settle for lower odds and be prepared to search (and compare) far and wide until you find the ideal bookie. Value bears utmost importance, especially in later stages of events where every match could go either way.

With that in mind, let’s focus on both TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks and assess all four contestants.

Royal Never Give Up vs Team Liquid Betting Picks

RNGU is going to be Team Liquid’s first real test on the main event. Both Fnatic and TNC Predator failed to threaten Liquid’s chances of advancing further in the lower bracket. This time around, in-form RNGU—a team that many predicted to get eliminated in the group stage—will fight tooth and nail to create yet another upset.

Royal Never Give Up is one of TI9’s most significant sensations thus far. They’re a potential dark horse chock-full of promising players who managed to overcome one of world’s best, After defeating VP, can RNGU establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the lower bracket or will Team Liquid do a quick job with them?

The latter seems like a much more plausible scenario. Even though Team Liquid’s group stage displays weren’t up to their usual standards, they got back up to their feet at the start of their LB adventures. And that’s nothing unusual, as we’ve already seen TL enjoying their 2018/2019 LB endeavors.

Setsu and Monet have been crucial for RNGU’s group stage success. Fans are now expecting them to show up against Team Liquid and lead their team onward. Unfortunately, their (at times) passive plays and somewhat limited hero pools is what ought to decide this match. Despite Team Liquid’s lack of group stage ruthlessness, they’re still a level above RNGU and should make their way to the fourth LB round. Here are my picks for Dota 2 betting sites.

Total Maps Over 2.5 at +100
Match Winner Team Liquid at -250

Infamous vs Team Secret Betting Picks

The second LB R3 match we’re going to discuss is Infamous vs Team Secret. These two participants have been decided just a few hours ago but since there’s not that much time to go before the start of their match, we’ve got to be fast with our TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks.

Team Secret is the heavy favorite to win this one. At most Dota 2 betting sites, the odds for them to win are as low as -700, which just goes to show you their superiority over the competition. Despite drawing three matches in the group stage, the most dominant Dota 2 team in recent months is back in action, and I reckon they’ll conquer the LB all the way.

Even though Infamous wasn’t the favorite coming into the LB R2 match against Newbee, their resilience and teamwork is what lifted their spirits and elevated their gameplay. The third round, just like the second one, was a proper 40-minute thriller but Infamous players controlled it from the very start. The banning phase went in their favor and there was nothing Newbee could’ve done to prevent a disastrous finish.

As for TI9 lower bracket R3 betting picks regarding this matchup, betting on Team Secret seems like the ideal solution. Many people still consider them as the heavy favorites to win this one despite having to go through the lower bracket. However, match-winner betting odds at Dota 2 betting sites aren’t worth the money, so I suggest you either go for the exact score (Team Secret 2-0) or total maps under 2.5.

Total Maps Under 2.5 at -223
Correct Score Team Secret 2-0 -182

Outright Betting on The International 2019

There are lots of matches to go until the grand finals, so it’s no surprise to see esports betting sites offering a ton of outrights on TI9. If you love experimenting with Dota 2 long-terms, there’s still enough time to pursue them, so let’s check out the most dominant TI9 teams thus far.

Even though Team Secret and Vici Gaming came into this event as heavy favorites, their performances thus far leave much to be desired. Last year’s finalists, OG and PSG.LGD, emerged as the most robust group stage competitors and are still going strong in the upper bracket. Vici and EG are their obstacles, with the UB looking much like the last year’s TI9 iteration. The only difference is that it’s Vici Gaming instead of Team Liquid.

Looking back at their group stage displays, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a rerun of last year’s finals. OG and PSG.LGD are likely to meet there. Heck, the more I look at the lower bracket, the more I think we’ll see reruns of both UB Finals and Grand Finals. Who will emerge victoriously? Well, I’m afraid it’s a bit too early to call that one.

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