The Most Beneficial Promo Codes for in 2019

For gamblers who are looking to make the most out of their wagering capital, it’s important to know how to search for the most lucrative bonuses offered by the best online gambling sites. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best 2019 MyBookie promo codes for that popular gambling site. Using these codes will help improve your gambling bottom line at the site.

The start of a new year is a time when many gambling sites get aggressive with their efforts to secure new customers and make sure existing customers stay on board. On the one hand, they probably are working with a fresh budget and coming with fresh initiatives when the calendar changes over. That means that customers can enjoy the benefits of all the novel promotions.

You also have to consider that it is an extremely busy time for bettors. After all, the Super Bowl is just around the corner at the beginning of February, and that’s the biggest betting event of all. More than that, many sports are in the height of their seasons, meaning that there are a lot of betting opportunities all over the worldwide sports map at this time of year.

As a result of all this, you have the perfect storm of betting sites who are looking for customers and customers who are looking for betting sites. The value that can be had from the most competitive sites is really something that a bettor can’t pass by. And MyBookie is certainly one of those excellent sites.

One of the ways that MyBookie and other sites draw in customers is by offering promotional, or promo, codes. These codes aren’t as popular as they once were in the online gambling world, having been replaced by bonuses which don’t require the input of a code. But they still exist, and MyBookie actually makes pretty extensive use of them.

With that in mind, we’ve filled this article with some of the best deals that you can get at the MyBookie site at this time in terms of 2019 promo codes. We’ll also take a look at how bonus codes work and the requirements and restrictions that come along with them. And, for good measure, we’ll also talk about MyBookie’s connected site MYBCasino and detail all of their current promo codes.

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How Promo Codes Work

You may not realize it if you’re just starting out in your online gambling exploits, but online casinos are all about offering you extras and bonuses to get your business. After all, if you grew up believing the notion that the house always wins, you might wonder why these casinos would have to do anything other than offer the casino games and sports betting opportunities to make money. They could just sit back and let the winnings roll in, or so you’d think.

In actuality, the competition for the gambling money out there is too ruthless for them to sit back and not aggressively woo potential customers. It seems like every day a new casino or sportsbook is forming online somewhere. When you consider the overhead that these sites also have to come up with, they need as many bettors as possible, hence the bonuses.

From the gamblers’ perspective, these bonuses are crucial. After all, most casino games have a built-in house edge, meaning that you are bound to lose more often than win on average, even if you play the games expertly. Sports wagering is also a game that the online establishments usually win, unless you are savvy enough to beat the lines on a regular basis.

With bonuses, however, you can have a reasonable expectation of not only breaking even but even coming out ahead. Promo codes are one way that these possibilities can be realized. And they’re pretty simple to understand and use.

All you need to do to use a promo code is to have an account with the site in question. At some point you will be asked to input the code. Once you do, the bonus that you’ve earned will automatically be applied.

In most cases, the bonuses will take the form of gambling money awarded to the customer that is a percentage of the amount that has been deposited. Or it could mean free wagers or a no-risk wager. Regardless of how the promo code promotion is set up, you are essentially coming out of these promotions with something extra without having to do anything besides type in a few numbers and letters.

As a result, you can start to make up for the money that you might lose because of the house edge. Promo codes are, in many ways, the online equivalent of the promotions and bonuses that are awarded to those people who have club cards at actual brick-and-mortar casinos. You can take advantage of them, but you need to understand how the restrictions work.

Explaining Rollover in Promo Code Giveaways

Most promo codes, and that includes the best 2019 MyBookie promo codes, come with regulations attached to them. Otherwise, they would be abused by savvy hustlers out there. Think about it: They could grab a promised bonus, pocket it, and close out their account, never to be heard from again.

That’s why most promo codes come with what is known as rollover requirement.

A rollover is a way to ensure that you take the bonus offered and then use it to gamble at the site.

Usually, any rollover requirements must be met before you can withdraw any money that is associated with the bonus in question.

Rollovers are usually expressed in terms of a number followed by the letter “x.” The “x” is another way to say “times,” as in multiplication. So if you see that a rollover is 20x, that means that it is 20 times.

When calculating rollover, you have to first add up the amount that is being deposited and the amount of the bonus. So let’s say that an online site is offering a bonus of 50 percent on $100 deposited. That would mean that the total that you’ll be working with when applying the rollover is $150, which would be $50 of bonus plus the $100 deposited.

Now let’s say that the rollover for that promotion is 20X. 20 multiplied by 150 equals 3,000. That means that the rollover requirement is $3,000. And that is the total amount of bets that you must place before you can withdraw any of the funds associated with that bonus.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to lose $3,000. You can take some of the winnings that you get from your wagers and bet that. If you have some success, the amount that will actually come out of your pocket could be much less or even nonexistent.

But the rollover assures that you will wager at the online site in question. Most sites will also require that you deposit a minimum amount to get the bonus. By the same token, they will also usually restrict the total of the bonus to a certain amount as well.

The Best Promo Codes at MyBookie Right Now

Now that you have all the information on how bonus codes work and what it takes to parlay them into some winnings, we can take a close look at the best 2019 MyBookie promo codes. All you need to do is sign up for an account so you can take advantage of them.

75% Sports Reload (Promo Code: SEASON75)

One of the ways that promo codes are often used is to entice current gamblers whose accounts may have grown dormant to get back to their wagering habits. This MyBookie promotion is just that kind of deal. By using the above promo code, sports bettors can get 75 percent added to their deposit.

The minimum deposit for this promo is just $45, while the maximum value that you can get out of it is $1,000. This promotion is restricted to sports wagering only. But, considering what a busy time of year it is for sports aficionados, the timing of it couldn’t be much better.

50% Signup Bonus (Promo Code: MYB50)

As opposed to the previous MyBookie promo code that we examined, this one is aimed at first-timers. After all, many people might be reluctant to actually begin making sports wagers online. Seeing this kind of bonus can put some of those folks over the hump.

This promo works on a deposit of at last $100. Your rollover requirements for this one are 5x to 15x. And you can only use this promotion on a one-time basis, but that’s all you’ll need to hit the ground running with some wagering on sporting events from all over the world.

25% Reload Bonus (Promo Code: MYB25)

This is similar to the first bonus that we listed. The rollover requirements are 5x to 15x, which is a reasonable amount considering the 25 percent boost. You can spot the differences between this deal and the 75% Reload above in the minimums and maximums associated with this one

In this case, the minimum deposit comes in at $100. And the maximum bonus amount is $500. The scale is just a little bit more modest on this MyBookie offer, but it’s still a great way to get something a little extra to help your wagering exploits.

150% Casino Bonus (Promo Code: MB150)

One of the many reasons that we recommend MyBookie to online gamblers is because it offers a nice mix of betting opportunities. While it is known for its sportsbook, the site also caters to those who like the casino experience with a wide selection of games. This promotion, in particular, is aimed at the casino side of operations.

In this case, the minimum deposit to be eligible for a 150 percent bonus is $100 and the maximum value is $750. The rollover requirement is 40x. That might seem steep when you compare it to the sports bonus requirements above, but it is not out of character for casino games where you can churn through your betting action in a much more economical fashion.

Top 2019 MYBCasino Promo Codes

As promised above, we are also going to take a quick look at some of the available promo codes for MYBCasino. This is a site that is affiliated with MyBookie, but it concentrates on casino games ranging from Blackjack and Roulette to slot machines and video poker. Let’s take a look at how some of these bonuses stack up.

200 Percent Sign-Up Bonus (Promo Code: MYBC200)

Thinking of trying your luck at an online casino? MYBCasino has you covered with this outstanding offering. You can get 200 percent of your initial deposit to wager on their wide selection of games.

Of course, you have to deal with a 30x rollover requirement. Considering that you can max out with a bonus of $1,000, that isn’t too unreasonable. Your minimum deposit needs to only be $100 to take advantage of this one.

100 Percent Reload Bonus (Promo Code: 100MYBC)

Here is another example of a promo that is intended for people who are looking to add to an existing bankroll. In this case, MYBCasino is essentially matching you dollar for dollar with a 100 percent bonus. It’s like you’re doubling up without the risk involved.

In terms of rollover, you are looking at a 30X requirement here. The minimum deposit that qualifies is $100, while the maximum amount that you can receive as a bonus is $1,000. If your MYBCasino account is a bit underfunded at the present time, you can quickly beef it up by writing down this promo code and using it as soon as possible.

50 Free Spins (Promo Code: MYBSPINS)

Are you fond of the so-called one-armed bandits? Well, you can partake in them online as well, and this slot machine bonus courtesy of MYBCasino is a nice way to do it. 45 free spins are yours with a minimum deposit of just $45.

The specific brand of slot machine for which you can use the free spins is one that is selected by MYBCasino each week. And you have to roll over your winnings from the free spins 30 times before you can collect, while the maximum from the promotion that you can cash out once that requirement is met is $300. Still, getting free spins in the world of slot machines is always a good thing.


As you can see, promo codes are still very much in fashion at MyBookie and MYBCasino. These are just the top 2019 promo codes that we’ve listed here. Dig a little deeper into each site and you’re likely to find even more bonuses to love at these two highly recommended sites.

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