The Most Common Gambling Mistakes I See in the Casino

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Casino Gambling Mistakes

There are few more exciting and entertaining ways to pass an evening than playing in the casinos. This is probably why casino gambling has become a popular pastime with many people around the globe.

You can find casinos filled with players in nearly every corner of the world. These casinos and the players inside come in every size and shape imaginable.

Yet, so many continue to make the same errors trip after trip. The lucky ones either learn their lesson or quit altogether before things become worse.

Below are the most common gambling mistakes I see in the casino. Avoiding these costly pitfalls will, without question, enhance your casino experience.

Playing the Bigshot

The cornerstone of any successful gambling career is bankroll management. A successful gambling career can take several different forms.

For some aspiring gamblers, the benchmark of success could be becoming a millionaire and quitting their day job to gamble on their favorite games. An admirable goal, but I assure you there are easier ways to make a million dollars.

Others may consider a successful gambling career one that is sustainable and enjoyable. This type of career is suitable for most gamblers and should be the goal for every casino gambler.

All too often, I watch players walk into the casino with a few thousand dollars. Within an hour, they are headed toward the exit. How could they lose so quickly? 

Possibly they have the worst luck on the planet. However, if you’re gambling within your means, you should easily be able to gamble all night without going broke.

It’s because some people walk into the casino and want to be a big shot. They want to throw down sizable bets in an effort to impress their fellow gamblers or even their friends.

There are many schools of thought on how much of your bankroll should be in play at any given time. For most casino games, I prefer to keep that number at or below 5%.

Sure, I may not get a massive win by betting a third or more of my cash on a single hand. However, I won’t lose it all either.

Buying Into Betting Systems

Evading the common gambling mistakes has a lot to do with mitigating risks. That makes the next mistake on our list a bit tricky.

After all, betting systems will sell you how they mitigate or flat out negate your risks by eliminating losses. Yet, that’s usually the opposite of what these systems involve.

I’m not saying there aren’t systems out there that work. Counting cards is a guaranteed way to make a long-term profit on blackjack. Assuming you aren’t found out before you cash in and banned altogether.

Basic strategy will lower the house edge but never promises massive returns.

Casino Gambling

Suppose you had a surefire way of beating the casinos at their own game. You’d make far more money in the casinos where you’d essentially be printing your own money.

Selling your system would only alert the casinos to your presence and have them scrambling to tip the scales back in their favor. Which they would do in pretty short order.

However, selling a betting system to hapless gamblers is immensely profitable. Often these methods sound bulletproof on the surface but dig only slightly, and the flaws emerge.

Stay away from betting systems. Especially those that require any form of monetary investment. You’ll be better off putting that money in your gambling bankroll.

Throwing Good Money After Bad

We’ve all heard the casino cliches about chasing losses. You may not be apparent of precisely what that looks like or how many different forms can take.

Chasing losses doesn’t mean quitting when your behind. If everyone in the casino stopped as soon as they were losing, casinos would be about 90% empty for the majority of the day.

Chasing losses is when a player will dramatically increase their wager amount when down. I was guilty of this frequently as a young casino gambler, and it drove me to have a negative view of casinos and their games.

The key to successful casino gambling is consistency. That includes maintaining a consistent bet amount throughout your session.

Casino games all have their own odds of winning, and if you’re losing early in a session, there’s a decent chance you could hit a winning streak at some point. So, you want to stay in the game for as long as possible.

Never attempt to double up your losses by piling a stack of chips on a single hand or game.

Overstaying Your Welcome

I can’t tell you the shockingly high number of times I’ve been on the table with a giddy gambler that was up against hundreds or thousands of dollars. The excited player is usually gushing about their lucky streak or being on a heater.

I congratulate them because I’m genuinely happy for them, but it is a different story on the inside. I’m screaming at them with the total consciousness of my inner being to walk away.

Casino gambling is first and foremost a numbers game. The odds will always fall in the casino’s favor in the end.

Given a long enough length of time, this is unequivocal. You are going to lose money in the casino if you play out your welcome.


It’s easy to become swept up in the action when you’re winning. Usually, we’ve been kicked around enough that quitting while we’re winning is the last thing any of us want to do.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a strict win limit before you head into the casino. Typically I have a hard win limit of 50% of my bankroll.

So, if I walk in with $1000 and find myself up $500 at any point, I walk away. The same can be true if I carry in $10,000 or $200.

By getting out when I’m ahead, I guarantee that I don’t see my winnings vanish on the rare occasion they show up in the first place.

Only Knowing Half of the Story

One of the most cringe-worthy things I see in casinos is misinformed or ill-advised players.

They may know to avoid the slot machines in favor of blackjack. However, they land on a table that only pays 6:5 for blackjack or doesn’t employ the basic strategy.

Playing the right game with the wrong rules is as bad as playing the worst games. The same can be said for ignoring the basic strategy of any casino game on the planet.

When gamblers rush to the tables without knowing how the house edge affects their bottom line, they’re wasting money. 

The same can be said for players that play real money roulette on an American roulette wheel instead of a European wheel. Every dollar counts in the casino. Although the player wisely chooses to place even money bets, the increased house edge will ensure that they lose more quickly.

Taking Advantage of the Free Drinks

Casinos are famous for their complimentary booze. Players have a seat at their favorite game. The casino serves them a few complimentary cocktails as they lose $20 a hand at blackjack.

Seems fair to me, and I would imagine most of you agree. However, if you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ve no doubt seen the casino patrons that have taken the free drinks too far.

Getting inebriated on the casino floor can have a number of different outcomes, and none of them are any good.

For starters, there are financial implications. When we consume alcohol, our inhibitions diminish, and our judgment decreases. This leads to increases in wagers and simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Then there are the possible legal issues that could come about. Casinos feel like huge parties where the rules don’t apply.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, security in the casinos is far more stringent than your average corner bar.

Keep the free booze to a minimum in the casino. If you must have some cheap drinks to get the night going, try keeping the alcohol in your room and save it for after you’re finished gambling for the day.

Thinking Casino Gambling is a Quick Fix

Thinking that casino gambling is an easy way to improve your financial situation is one of the most common mistakes I see people making.

If anything, gambling is much more likely to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. Gambling outside of your means may have catastrophic consequences.

You should never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose. That’s how the casino operates.

You pay to play the games, and occasionally you take a few small wins, but in the end, the house is the big winner.

Gambling is a form of entertainment and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t go to a concert and begin throwing money at the band because you prefer the songs to make you feel different.

Neither should you head into a casino and expect to walk out with rent money.


I’ve been guilty of almost all of the most common gambling mistakes I see in the casino at some point in my gambling career. Luckily, you can learn from my mistakes and avoid these common mistakes altogether.

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